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Tissue Contouring System

Tissue Contouring System

Clinically Superior Results and Increased Productivity!

Exceptional cutting precision Stops bleeding caused by tooth preparation Fast healing

How to make everyday procedures simpler and clinically superior

PerFect TCS II, a high frequency electrosurgery system, helps manage soft tissue with greater efficiency, greater precision and less bleeding than the common dental scalpel t Removes unwanted tissue with ease t Reduces chair time by simplifying operative procedures and maintaining hemostasis t Provides exceptional cutting precision for superior clinical and aesthetic results t Allows uneventful healing
Using the Straight Knife electrode to stop bleeding in gingival sulcus

Control bleeding with a touch of the electrode t PerFect TCS II quickly stops bleeding caused by tooth preparation or cord placement with just a few dabs of the electrode t The procedure continues without delay no more waiting or extra appointments

Other clinical applications: t Widening gingival sulcus t Crown lengthening t Exposing impacted teeth t Incising abcesses t Removing hyperplastic gingiva t Frenectomy Coagulation in gingival trough
Pre-operative Post-operative

Using the Long Loop electrode to remove occluding gingiva

Using the Straight Knife electrode to restore gingival symmetry

Gain access to caries quickly and efficiently t With PerFect TCS II, you can quickly remove gingival tissue occluding carious lesions t Restorations even with composites may begin immediately because the operative field is blood-free

Contour tissue with unparalleled precision t With PerFect TCS II, you can shave fine, paperthin layers of tissue even in hard to reach areas t Facilitate impression taking, cementation, and aesthetic procedures by removing redundant tissue with little or no bleeding





Subgingival access and visibility

Aesthetic contouring of gingiva


Tissue Contouring System

PerFect TCS II

The state-of-the-art electrosurgical system for precise and efficient tissue contouring
Solid state circuitry eliminates warm-up time Single control for easy mode selection and intensity adjustment Swivel cord connector improves handling Waterproof footswitch for hands-free electrode activation Dispersive electrode completes energy ow path


13A S60





Ordering Information
PerFect TCS II 100V Cat. No. S8100 115V S8115 S8115T 230V S8230CE S8230CT S8230T S8230UK 240V S8240 S8240T Cat. No. S6010A S7010A S6011A S6012A S6013A S6014A S6015A S6016A S6017A S6018A

8 pcs. Autoclavable electrode sheaths for infection control Electrode Sheaths Complete Set S6011 thru 6018 Set of 3 - S6011, 6012, 6015 Coag Ball 45 Straight Knife 45 Tapered Knife Straight Round Loop 45 Long Loop Straight Long Loop 45 Diamond Loop 90 AP 1 1/2 Qty. 8 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

Included Components PerFect TCS II Unit 115V Cord Assembly S6008CE Electrode (Set of 3) S7010A Dispersive Electrode S213 Handpiece Holder S7001 Introductory DVD Owners Guide Technical Data Measure: Weight:

Qty. 1 1 3 1 1 1 1

108 x 159 x 222 mm (4.25 x 6.25 x 8.74 in) 2.4 kg (5.3 lbs)

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