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What is Climate Justice? General Facts Who is affected? 1 2 3 3

What Is Climate Justice?
Climate Justice refers to how Global Warming disproportionally affects certain populations and peoples of the world. People of color, lowincome, indigenous communities, and people living in the Global South are often the first affected by climate

What is being done?

change, despite the fact that statistically these people contribute to climate change the least. These communities are often affected by compromised health, financial burdens, and social and cultural disruptions, and are many times hit the hardest by extreme natural disasters, heat related illness and death, infectious diseases, respiratory illness, and rising energy costs.

Divest Harvard: Fact Sheet No. 3

July 2013

especially in developing countries newint. here are a few main ones 1. produced 60% of the world’s carbon emissions • Approximately 182 million people in sub-Saharan Africa alone could die of disease directly attributable to climate change by the end of the century • A 1 meter rise would displace 10 million people in Vietnam and 8-10 million in Egypt • During the Pliocene period. by the 2030s.Main Issues: There are many ways people are affected by climate change. and their countries and other countries will be forced to accommodate them 5.000 deaths worldwide – from malaria. glaciers melt and there are droughts. Food Crisis Lack of water and changing climate will affect many farming peoples’ livelihoods. including many US East Coast cities and areas occupied by more than 250 million people in China • It is estimated that less than 1/10th of climate funds disbursed so far have been to help developing countries which bear the brunt of climate impacts to adapt • According to the World Bank. Natural Disasters The number of extreme natural disasters continues to rise due to rising temperatures.org . Disease Many populations suffer diseases caused by pollutants. Migration Those who live near coast lines will be forced to move due to rising sea levels. and countries and communities with the least amount of infrastructure are affected most 4. This conservative estimate is equivalent to a 9/11 attack every week • An estimated 90% of all those killed – and 98% of those affected – by natural disasters live in Asia and Africa. leaving less fresh water available General Facts: • The World Health Organization estimated that in 2000 climate change was causing 150. diarrhea and flooding. Lack of Water As the temperature rises.3°C warmer. sea-levels were 25 meters higher. 23 of the world’s richest countries. Developing countries are most at risk because they lack the resources and capacity to prevent or mitigate the worst effects • Between 1850 and 2007. when the world was 2°C . and that result in the wake of natural disasters 2. home to only 14% of the world’s population. 40 percent of the land used to grow maize in subSaharan Africa will be unable to sustain that crop because of droughts and heat 3. malnutrition. About 1 billion people live within a 25-meter rise in today’s sea-level.

along with over 90% of the total economic losses Droughts.org -0.45 China 0. including violence against women Damages from 2.71 Japan 0.5°C Degrees of Warming Estimated percentage of GDP India 4.93 and largely depend on natural resources for their livelihoods and income Africa 3.50 United States 0. sea-level rises and fiercer storms will cause severe hardship in areas that are already poor or were emerging from poverty 75% of the world’s poor live in rural areas People of Color (in U.S.) African American children are six times more likely to die from asthma than other children Women (Globally) Women are more likely to die during natural disasters than men Sixty-eight percent of African Americans live within 30 miles of a coal plant -.95 Eastern Europe 0. floods.83 Which areas are currently most affected by Global Warming? • Bangladesh • Sudan • Caribbean • Australia • Siberia • Tuvalu • Great Barrier Reef • Alps • Britain High-Income OPEC 1.65 .22 Russia cato. heat waves.91 OECD Europe 2.one of the biggest sources of carbon pollution in America African Americans living in Los Angeles are more than twice as likely to die during a heat wave as other residents of the city Climate change leads to increased illness and disease and women are the primary caregivers for the sick Global warming increases the likelihood of armed conflict.Who is Affected? Demographic of people most affected by Global Warming Impoverished (Globally) Developing countries have 98% of the seriously affected and 99% of all deaths from weather-related disasters.

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