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Polytechnic University of the Philippines College of Law st 1 Semester, AY 2013-2014 Atty. Dahlia B.


Legal Research and Thesis Writing

A. LEGAL RESEARCH June 18 & 25 July 2 I. INTRODUCTION A. Philippine Legal Evolution B. The Philippine Court System II. SOURCES AND CLASSIFICATION OF LAW A. Sources of Law B. Structure of Government 1. Executive CONST. Art. VI CIVIL CODE, Art 7 i. Chevron Philippines, Inc. (Formerly Caltex Philippines, Inc.) vs. BCDA, G.R. No. 173863 ,September 15, 2010. ii. Republic vs. Hizon , G.R. No. 130430, December 13, 1999. iii. Victorias Milling Company vs. SSS,G.R. No. L-16704,March 17, 1962 2. Legislative CONST. Art. VII CIVIL CODE, Art 7 3. Judiciary CONST. Art. VIII CIVIL CODE, Art 8 i. Evangelista vs. Sistoza, G.R. No. 143881, August 9, 2001. Sps. Benzonan v. CA, et al.,G.R. No. 97973, and DBP v. CA, et al, G.R. No 97998, Jan. 27, 1992. ii. Marbury vs. Madison. 1 Cranch (5 U.S.) 137, 2L,Ed. 60(1803) iii. Angara vs the Electoral Commission, G.R. No. L-45081, July 15, 1936 C. Classification of Law 1. Statute Law 2. Case Law

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July 9 &16

III.RESEARCH IN STATUTE LAW A. Concept, Scope and Classification of Statute Law B. Statute Law Materials 1. Constitution 2. Treaties and Other International Agreements 3. Statutes Proper LEGISLATION IN THE PHILIPPINES a. Presidential Issuances b. Administrative Rules and Regulations c. Charters of Local Government Units (LGUs) d. Legislations of Local Government Units (LGUs) e. Tribunal / Court Rules f. Legislative Rules C. Citation of Statute Law 1. Constitution 2. Session Laws a. Public Laws, 1900 to 1934 b. Commonwealth Acts, 1935-1945 c. Presidential Decrees, September 21, 1972 to Feb 20, 1986 d. Batas Pambansa July 23, 1984 to February 1, 1986. e. Executive Orders, February 23, 1986 to July 26, 1987. f. Republic Acts 1946 to 1972; July 27, 1987 to date. 3. Codes 4. Bills, Resolutions And Committee Reports a. Congress of the Philippines, 1946-1972; 1987 b. Batasang Pambansa, 1978-1986. 5. Treaties And Other International Agreements 6. Presidential Acts a. Executive Orders b. Proclamations c. Administrative Orders PRESIDENTIAL ACTS UNDER MARTIAL LAW: d. General Orders e. Letters of Instructions f. Letters of Implementation g. Letters of Authority 7. Opinions of the Secretary Of Justice 8. Administrative Rules and Regulations 9. Ordinances 10. Court Rules

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July 23, 30 IV.RESEARCH IN CASE LAW A. Concept, Scope and Classification of Case Law B. The Philippine Court System C. Case Law Materials Conventional Decisions Decisions of the Supreme Court 1. Official Repositories of Decisions of the Supreme Court a. Advance Sheet b. Official Gazette c. Philippine Reports d. Philippine Reports (Reprints e. Jurisprudencia Filipina 2. Unofficial Reporting of Supreme Court Decisions a. Philippine Decisions b. Philippine Reports Annotated c. Philippine Reports Annotated (Central) d. Supreme Court Reports Annotated (SCRA) e. Supreme Court Decisions (SCD) f. Philippine Law and Jurisprudence (PHILAJUR) g. Supreme Court Unpublished Decisions (SCUD) h. Supreme Court Advance Decisions (SCAD) i. Supreme Court Excerpts (SCEX) j. Summary of Supreme Court Rulings k. Citations: Excerpts of Supreme Court Decisions l. The Sandiganbayan Reporter m. The PCGG Reporter Decisions of the Court of Appeals Miranda, et al. V. Imperial (77 Phil. 1066) 1. Appellate Court Reports 2. Advance Sheets 3. Official Gazette 4. Court of Appeals Reports 5. Court of Appeals Reports Annotated Decisions of the Sandiganbayan Decisions of the Court of Tax Appeals Decisions of the Regional Trial Courts Decisions of the Metropolitan Trial Court, Municipal Trial Courts and Municipal Circuit Trial Courts Subordinate Decisions 1. The Senate Electoral Tribunal and the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal 2. Administrative Agencies Exercising Quasi-Judicial Powers i. Agencies with implied quasi-judicial powers ii. Agencies with express quasi-judicial powers

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D. Citation of Case Law 1. Case Names 2. Case Reports 3. Unofficial Reports V. SEARCH BOOKS / LAW FINDERS A. Introduction B. Legal Textbooks C. Legal Encyclopedia D. Law Dictionaries E. Legal Digests and Indexes F. Legal Periodicals G. Citators VI. COMPUTER ASSISTED LEGAL RESEARCH (CALR) A. Internet and On-Line Services B. CD-ROM: Lex Libris C. Philippine Websites Philippine Online Legal Research Sites 1. www.supremecourt.gov.ph 2. www.chanrobles.com 3. www.lawphil.net August 5 and 12 VII. CASE BRIEF VII. APPLICATION A. Legal Opinion B. Trial Memorandum

B. THESIS WRITING (INTRODUCTION) August 19 and 26 I. INTRODUCTION II. PLAGIARISM A.M. No. 10-7-17-SC (February 8,2011) III. FORM A.M. No. 11-9-4-SC III. LANGUAGE AND GRAMMAR Elements of Style by Strunk, W. Jr, and White E.B. (any edition) ( visit Project Gutenberg online, www.gutenberg.org)

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IV. CHOOSING YOUR THESIS TOPIC V. PARTS OF A LEGAL RESEARCH (THESIS) A. Abstract B. Table of Contents C. Introduction D. Research Question E. Methodology F. Legal Framework G. Literature Review H. Content Analysis/Findings I. Summary and Conclusions J. Bibliography September VI. FIRST CRACK AT THESIS WRITING A. THESIS PROPOSAL WRITING How To Write A Thesis Proposal (http://www.ldeo.columbia.edu)

Suggested References: 1. Rodriguez, R.B. (2002). LEGAL RESEARCH. Manila : Rex Book Store. 2. Santos, Antonio. Basic Information for Legal Research in the Philippines. 3. Gupit, F. (1993). A GUIDE TO PHILIPPINE LEGAL MATERIALS: A TEXT ON PHILIPPINE LEGAL BIBLIOGRAPHY, PHILIPPINE LEGAL HISTORY, PHILIPPINE LEGAL SYSTEM, LEGAL PHILOSOPHY, METHODS OF LEGAL RESEARCH. Manila : Rex Book Store. GRADING SYSTEM: 30% Recitation 20% Quizzes/Classwork 20% Midterm Exam 25% Final Exam 5% Attendance

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