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India General Knowledge Quiz GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ,INDIA QUIZ Folketing is the parliament of which country?

Denmark In the Disney film 'A Bug's Life' what type of an insect was Flik? Ant Which actress made her debut in the 1971 film 'Hulchul'? Zeenat Aman According to Hindu mythology who was the father of Budha? Chandra What is the provision of Article 1 of the Indian Constitution? Name and territory of the union Which month of the Gregorian calender derived its name from the Roman republican calender month named after the god of doorways and beginnings? January Which dog breed is known by the nickname plum-pudding dog? Dalmatian "The only deposit of which gemstone in South America occur near Bogota, Colombia?" Emerald Which fort was built by Adil Shah of Bijapur in Goa? Chapora Fort Which album won the Best Album Grammy Award in 2003? Come Away With Me GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ "According to Hindu mythology, who took the twenty-seven daughters of Daksha as his wives?" Chandra Who was the last Asian tennis player to win an ATP Tour singles title? Paradorn Srichaphan Which of these characters in the Asterix comics makes or shapes iron with his bare hands? Fulliautomatix The Tibetan version of which of these is depicted through the dance drama Aji Lhamu? Ramayana During which dance is the special skirt 'Kumin' worn? Manipuri The human body contains an average of 4.5 grams of which element? Iron Which of these ghats was built by King Vikramaditya in memory of his brother Bhatrihari? Har ki Pauri Which famous person resided in the Anashakti Ashram in Kausani? Mahatma Gandhi Who donated the golden dome of the Jwalamukhi Temple of Himachal Pradesh? Akbar Which animal is said to eat snow in winter? Yak

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Mestizo is a ethnic group of which country? Mexico Which planet is closest in temperature to Earth? Mars Kullu Natt is a dance form of which Indian state? Himachal Pradesh "In the war of the Mahabharata, who killed Chitrasena, Satyasena and Sushena, the sons of Karna?" Nakula Ananas comosus is the scientific name of which of these fruits? Pineapple Which festival is locally known as 'Ookayand' of 'Ukyam'? Phulaich "Which inventor singly or jointly held a world record of 1,093 patents?" Thomas Alva Edison Which king built the Gujri Mahal in Hissar Haryana for his gujjar queen? Feroze Shah Tughluq In which country was the first game of polo played? Iran What type of an animal is Phoca sibrica? Seal GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Mestizo is a ethnic group of which country? Mexico Which planet is closest in temperature to Earth? Mars Kullu Natt is a dance form of which Indian state? Himachal Pradesh "In the war of the Mahabharata, who killed Chitrasena, Satyasena and Sushena, the sons of Karna?" Nakula Ananas comosus is the scientific name of which of these fruits? Pineapple Which festival is locally known as 'Ookayand' of 'Ukyam'? Phulaich "Which inventor singly or jointly held a world record of 1,093 patents?" Thomas Alva Edison Which king built the Gujri Mahal in Hissar Haryana for his gujjar queen? Feroze Shah Tughluq In which country was the first game of polo played? Iran

What type of an animal is Phoca sibrica? Seal GK,GK,WORLD GK Which famous detective first appeared in the 1887 story 'A study in scarlet'? Sherlock Holmes Who founded the Franciscan order of friars? St Francis of Assisi In which city is Karl Marx buried? London Is the River Limpopo in Africa, India or South America? Africa In the American flag, the 'Stars and Stripes', how many stripes are there? Thirteen Which famous Indian was assassinated by a Hindu nationalist in 1948?Mahatma Gandhi What is the highest mountain in the Alps? Mont Blanc In which country was film actor Arnold Schwarzenegger born? Austria Who was prime minister of Britain from 1951 to 1955? Winston Churchill In the Scottish city of Edinburgh, there is a memorial to a dog who watched over the grave of his master from 1852 to 1872. By what name is the dog known? Greyfriars Bobby INDIA GK,GKGK,MYTHOLOGY,FILM Which Indian city gets its name from a sacred tank or pool? Amritsar In which place would you find the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary? Gurgaon Which duo has authored the book 'A Celebration of Style'? Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla Giza is situated on the west bank of which river? Nile "According to Hindu mythology, whose bow and bowstring are made of sugarcane and bees respectively?" Kama With which religion would you associate 'dakhma' (funerary tower)? Zoroastrianism Who played the role of 'Lajjashankar' in the Akshay Kumar starrer 'Sangharsh'? Ashutosh Rana Mira Kumar is the daughter of who among these? Jagjivan Ram

Paro is the international airport of which of these countries? Bhutan On which of these oceans is Cape Comorin? Indian Ocean INDIA GK,MYTHOLOGY,SPORTS,BOLLYWOOD Where is the head quarter of North Eastern railways situated ? Gorakhpur Which famous banker joined hands with the English against Siraj-ud-daulah ? Jagat Seth Dabolim is an airport in which Indian state? Goa Who was the first Indian scientist to become an Member of Parliament? Meghnad Saha What is unique about Palika Bazar in New Delhi? It was the first underground bazar What is 'Therukoothu'? It is a type of street play By what name is actor Haribhai Jariwala better known? Sanjeev Kumar "According to Hindu mythology, who had a son named Kapota?" Garuda Ali Azmat and Salman Ahmad are part of which music group? Junoon What is the official language of Cuba? Spanish The start and finish points of which race are Hopkinton and the Back Bay area? Boston Marathon GK,INDIA GK,MYTHOLOGY,BOLLYWOOD Which was the first Hindi film to receive insurance compensation? Mohabbatein "In 1530, when Humayun became ill, who is said to have offered his life to god in exchange for Humayun's?" Babur Masai are the nomadic pastoralists of which continent? Africa The opponents of which game are called white and black? Chess The Dagwood Sandwich is a contribution of which comic-strip? Blondie "Among the Jainas, the swastika is the emblem of which Tirthankara?" Seventh Chelo Kebab is the national dish of which of the countries of middle east? Iran

"Who was nominated for the 1947 Nobel Peace Prize by B.G. Kher, Prime Minister of Bombay and Govindh Bhallabh Panth, Premier of United Provinces?" Mahatma Gandhi "In which state is the 'Adhai din ka Jhopda', a mosque which was supposed to have been built in two and a half days?" Rajasthan "According to the Mahabharata, who revealed the fact the Kamsa was not the son of Ugrasena?" Narada GK.INDIA GK,MYTHOLOGY,BOLLYWOOD "Apart from Assamese, which is also the official language of Assam ?" Bengali Who is the present Chairman of the Planning Commission of India? Manmohan Singh Who was the story writer of the 1998 film 'Zakham'? Mahesh Bhatt Which comic strip character hates Monday? Garfield With which sport would you associate the US club New York Yankees? Baseball What is the unique feature of the Siddhi Bashir mosque at Ahmedabad? It has shaking minarets In which place,now a state of India, did Kanishka build the town of Kanishkapura? Kashmir In which Indian city would you find the Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Market? Mumbai What is Navwadi a type of ? A type of dress "According to the Mahabharata, in which wildlife sanctuary in India did Bhima kill Kichaka?" Chikhaldhara GK,INDIA GK,QUIZ,MYTHOLOGY,SPORTS Which is the first current Test cricket playing nation to host the ICC Mini World Cup? Sri Lanka The picture of which leaf would you find in the flag of Canada? Maple Which invertebrate has the largest and the most advanced brain? Octopus 'Bukhia' is a variety of which art form? Chikan What does the Western Gateway in the Sanchi depict? The seven incarnations of the Buddha Tappeta Gullu is the dance in the honour of which god? Rain "In 1823, Russia became the leading producer of which metal?"

Gold White Tower and Palatine Tower are parts of which of which monument located in London? Tower of London The name of which plant is said to have originated from the Latin word 'unus' meaning 'one'? Onion The incarnation of which goddess is worshipped in the Jiviti Puja? Parvati GK,INDIA GK,MYTHOLOGY,GAME SHOW GK Who directed the film 'Chasme Buddoor'? Sai Paranjype Which country is known as Suomi in its own language? Finland Which former Indian Test cricketer equalled Gary Sobers world record of six sixes in an over in a Ranji Trophy match? Ravi Shastri After whom is the Rajaji National Park named? Shri Chakravarti Rajagopalachari In which of these cities is the Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports located? Patiala "Elephant, harp and leopard are types of which creature?" Seal Which monument is atop Kalkaji Hill in New Delhi? Lotus Temple Who presided over the Belgaum session of Indian National Congress in 1924? Mahatma Gandhi "In computers, 'NonStop' is an operating system developed by which company?" Compaq Which author returned the Padma Bhushan in 1984 inprotest against Operation Blue Star? Khushwant Singh GK,INDIA GK,GAME SHOW GK Which railway station in India boasts of the world's largest covered platform? Sealdah station The ancient port town of Poompuhar is in which Indian state? Tamil Nadu "In the Mahabharata, who was Drona's father?" Bharadwaz The Citizens' Council of which of India's neighbours is called Majlis? Maldives Which part of the human body contains no blood vessels except at its margins? The cornea Who replaced Lord Wavell as the Viceroy of India? Lord Mountbatten

The Kishkinta theme park is in which city? Chennai "In India, M.S. Swaminathan is the architect of which revolution?" Green Revolution The historic island of Srirangapatnam is situated on the banks of which river? Cauvery Mahayana is a sect of which religion? Buddhism GK.INDIA GK,MYTHOLOGY According to Hindu mythology what was the capital of Kosala? Ayodhya Aarti Saha was the first Asian woman to cross which water body? English Channel The Allahabad Pillar Inscription was composed in honour of which king? Samudra Gupta Feni is a drink from which Indian state? Goa The Sadakat Ashram in Patna is a memorial dedicated to whom? Dr. Rajendra Prasad Which fair takes place at the confluence of the Ganga and the Gandak rivers? Sonepur Cattle Fair The Somnath Temple is dedicated to which deity? Shiva Which famous company is sometimes referred to as 'aikon' Nokia Lance Klusener represented which international cricket team? South Africa "In the Mahabharata, who slayed Ghatotkacha?" Karna GK,GK,INDIAN MYTHOLOGY,SPORTS Dagwood Bumstead is the husband of which comic strip character? Blondie "According to Indian Constitution, what is the provision of Article 16?" Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment Where in India is the Sri Krishna Museum located? Haryana Jacques Chirac is the president of which country? France In which country was the 2002 Asian Games held? South Korea Who was the winner of the Filmfare R.D. Burman Award in 2000? Sunidhi Chauhan

UEFA Cup is awarded in which sport? Football Badipol is a masonry dam over which lake/river ? Lake Pichola Khordad Sal is the festival of which community? Parsi "According to Hindu mythology, who was killed by an arrow shot by Jara?" Krishna GK,GK,GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ Which was the first Indian state to ban plastics? Sikkim Which comic characters middle name is Fauntleroy? Donald Duck Dazzler: The Autobiography is the autobiography of which English cricketer? Darren Gough "Who along with, C.Rajagopalachari and C.V.Raman received the Bharat Ratna in the same year?" S.Radhakrishnan Which is the oldest Indian language? Tamil The faces of the presidents of which country are carved on Mount Rushmore? U.S.A. Which mythological character in the Egyptian and Greek legends has a lion's body and a human head ? Sphinx Who was the first occupant of the White House? John Adams Which river flows roughly parallel to Narmada? Tapti Which was the first Indian state to use electoral identity card? Haryana GK,INDIA GK,BOLLYWOOD,MYTHOLOGY What is the profession of Sushma Swaraj? Advocate "Who raised funds for displaced Kashmiri migrants and the victims of Latur earthquake with the extensive tour of her play ""Tumhari Amrita""?" Shabana Azmi Who wrote 'The Five Dollar Smile'? Shashi Tharoor Who gave Vallabhbhai Patel the title of 'Sardar'? Mahatma Gandhi Which Amitabh Bachchan film is loosely based on Peter Glenville's 'Becket'? Namak Haram

Which part of the body does leucoma affect? Eyes "According to legend, in which of these rivers did Sohni drown?" Chenab "Who has created the ragas called Gangeshwari, Rangeshwari and Parameshwari? " Ravi Shankar Kisan Ghat is the memorial ground of which political leader? Charan Singh In which Indian capital is the Charbagh Railway station located? Lucknow GK.INDIA GK,MYTHOLOGICAL GK When the war of succession began which son of Shah Jahan was ruling the state of Gujarat ? Murad "In the Mahabharata, who was the mother of Babhruvahana?" Chitrangada Which former cricketer played the role of a villain in the film 'Kabhi Ajnabi The'? Syed Kirmani After which leader has the international airport at Dhaka been named? Zia ur-Rehman Shillong was once the capital of which state of India? Assam The Atlas mountain range is in which continent? Africa Which Indian scientist worked as a clerk with the Madras Port Trust? S. Ramanujan "According to legend, which modern state was reclaimed by a sage Kashyapa from a vast lake?" Kashmir Who was the founder of the company Fairchild Camera and Instruments Corporation? Robert Noyce The Knesset is the parliament of which country? Israel INDIA QUIZ,GK,MYTHOLOGY,CINEMA Leander Paes's father represented India in which sport? Hockey "In Hindu mythology, who is also known as 'Kandarpa'?" Kamadeva Which island country was discovered by Ferdianand Magellan in 1521? Philippines "The King, the Egyptian and the black-necked are the best known species of which snake?" Cobra Who painted 'The Sunflowers' ? Vincent van Gogh

Which central Indian state was ruled by three Begums in succession between 1844 and 1926? Bhopal "In 1947, who was appointed by the Government of India as its agent to Hyderabad?" K.M. Munshi Which of these is the logo of the Bombay Natural History Society? Great Indian Hornbill "In computers, what is the full form of the term SLIP?" Serial Line Internet Protocol O.M. Nambiar was the coach of which famousIndian athlete? P.T. Usha INDIA QUIZ,GK,Personalities Who was the American president during world war one? Woodrow Wilson. Who was the first prime minister of Britain? Robert Walpole. Which philosophers satirical writing is entitled candide? Voltaire. Whose painting masterpieces are monalisaand last super? Leonardo da Vinci. Which revolutionary founded Indian house in London, an organization for revolutionary activities? Shyamaji Krishnan verma. Name Indias first ballet film?Kalpana, produced by Uday shankar. Who is the founder of Taoism? Lao,Tsze. Which Indian mutineer did General Napiers army defeat? Tantia Tope. Name the astronomer who discovered the planet Pluto: Clyde Tom Baugh. Who was Akbars revenue minister? Todar mal. Whom did the British call "father of Indian unrest"? B.G.Tilak. Which eminent Indian personality had been conferred honorary American citizenship in Nov1996? Mother Teresa. Name the writer of national anthem of Bangladesh: R.N.Tagore. Which ancient Indian surgeon is known as the father of modern plastic surgery? Susruta. Name the first woman Arjun awardee: Sequijera Stephel. Which Elizabethan era poet was known as "the poets poet"? Edmund Spencer. Which Greek philosopher was condemned to death by drinking hemlock? Socrates. Which Scottish economist was known as father of economics? Adam smith. Which nationalistic leader was congress partys official historian? Pattabhi Sittaramaiah. Which Nawab of Bengal was responsible for black hole massacre? Siraj-ud-Daulah. Who was the oldest member of the constituent assembly as well as first acting president before first president Rajendra prasad? Sachidananda Sinha. Which Indian revolutionary shot dead Michel ODwyer, governor of Punjab responsible for jallinwala bagh massacre? Udham Singh. Which Indian extremist who founded Naujawan Bharat Sabha was hanged along with Rajguru and Sukhdev? Bhagat Singh. Name Indias first professional woman sarod player: Sharan Rani. Name the Indian revolutionary responsible for Chitagang armoury raid: Surya Sen. Name the first Indian to have swum the English Channel: Mihir Sen. Name the Indian revolutionary, founder of mitra mandal,abhinav Bharat and author of Indian war of independence: V.D.Savarkar. Who was known as fire-brand of South India? S Satyamurthi. Which Indian social reformer and founder of Arya Samaj wrote satyartha Prakash: Dayananda Saraswati. Which Indian lawyer, a member of viceroys executive council was the first president of Indian council of world affairs? Tej Bahdur Sapru. Name the Indian wildlife specialist and first director of project tiger: Kailash Sankhla. Name the scientist who discovered polio vaccine: Jonas Salk. Who was known as the father of hydrogen bomb: Andrei Sakharov. Name the first Asian woman to cross the English channel: Arati Pradhan(Saha) Which president of America was elected four times to the highest office? Roosevelt

Who was the president of America when world war two broke out? Roosevelt. Who was the first husband of Devika Rani ,the first recipient of Dada Saheb Palke award? Himanshu Rai ( the founder of Bombay Talkies) Which numbers are used in the Dewey decimal system, a scheme of book classification used in library? 000-999. Who is believed to have invented the single topic TV show? Phil Donahue. Name the mother of actress Nargis Dutta: Jaddanbai. Name the personal police force of Francois Duvalier, dictator of Haiti: Tanton Macoutes. Besides, Eiffel Tower name another very important work of Gustave Eiffel: Panama canal locks. Who invented ECG? Willem Einthoven. George Elliot is the pen name of which English novelist? Mary Anne. Who is the creator of famous cartoon characters, Mandrake the magician and Phantom? Lee Falk. Who is the "Italys Galileo of this century"? Enrico Fermi. Who was the first man to see the satellites of Jupiter? Galileo. Name the first Indian film maker to win Legion dHonour,the highest civilian award of France : Satyajit Ray. Name the famous Italian painter renowned for paintings of Madonna and child: Santi Raphael. Who founded Swatantra party? C.Rajgopalchari. How do we better know the famous poet Dhanpatrai? Premchand. Under what pen name did Premchand write in Urdu? Nawabrai. Who is known as Andhrakesri? Tangutri Prakasam. Which Italian traveller visited the court of Mongol emperor Kublai Khan? Marco Polo. Name the famous Spanish painter ,a pioneer Cubist painting and whose masterpiece included Guernica: Picasso. Whom did B.R.Ambedkar hail as his political guru? Jyotibha Phule.

Which famous American scientist and antinuclear activist & two times Nobel prize winner advocated the use of vitamin C for cure of common cold? C.Linus.Pauling. Which Kashmir ruler preceded Akbar in abolishing Jiziya? Zain-ul Abiden. Which Vietnamese psychologist was the original proponent of the trait of inferiority complex? Alfred Adler. Which Greek slave wrote beast fables like The Tortoise and the Hare? Aesop. Who was the first Asian and only Indian to have won the World amateur snooker championship? Om Agrawal. Name the Italian scholar and historian (author of Kitab-ul-Hind) who accompanied Mahmud of Ghazni during his invasion of India ? Alberuni. Who was the first woman mayor of Delhi? Aruna Asaf Ali. Which nationalist leader founded Anjuman e- Kabha? Maulana Saukat Ali. Which missionary was known as Deenabandhu? C.F.Andrews. Who was the first captain of independent Indias Olympic football team? Ao Talimeren. Who was the teacher of Alexander the great? Aristotle. The famous Indian astronomer and mathematician adorned the court of which king? Chandragupta Vikramaditya. Who was the grand old lady of Bengali literature? Ashapurna Devi. Who was the first black man to win theWimbeldon in 1975,but later died of AIDS? Arthur Ashe. Name the Buddhist philosopher and author of Sariputra Prakarma who was also the spiritual advisor of King Kaniska: Asvaghosh. Who was the prime minister of England when India gained independence? Clement Atlee (of labour party). Who was independent Indias first education minister? Maulana Kalam Azad. What was the real name of Babar? Zahir ud-din mohammad. What is the memoirs of Babar titled? Tuzke-Babri . Who founded Boy Scouts in 1908? Robert Powell (of Boer war fame). Who donated Segaon village to Mahatma Gandhi who renamed it as Sevagram? Jamanlal Bajaj. Which Spanish explorer discovered the Pacific Ocean? Vasco Nunez de Balboa. Name the court poet of Harshavardhan who wrote Kadambari and Harshacharit: Banabhatta. Who is the author of world famous Tintin cartoon series? Herge (Georges Remi) Which snooker player was six-time world champion? Hendry Stephen. Who founded Rotary International in 1905? Paul Harris.

Which English novelist is sometimes referred to as the last of the Victorians? Thomas Hardy. Who was Gandhis political guru? Gopal K Gokhle. Who was the first president of Pakistan? Sikandar Mirza. Who was the first prime minister of Pakistan? Liaquat Ali Khan. Who started the Khudai Khidmatgar (servants of god) movement? Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan. Who was the youngest ever to win the U.S mens single championship? John McEnroe. How do we better know Margarethe Geertruida Zelle? Mata Hari,the Dutch spy. Which striker was famous for the hand of God goal against England in 1986? Diego Maradona. Name the first woman foreign minister (of state) of India? Mrs Laxmi N Menon. The year when Prophet Mohammad was forced to migrate from Mecca to Medina is termed as what? Hegira (622AD). How de better know the Hollywood actress Norma Jean Mortenson? Marilyn Monroe. Name the soccer legend who captained England to its only world cup win in 1966? Bobby Moore. Who is known as the Picasso of mime? Marcel Marceau. Who was the first woman to learn chhau dance? Sonal Mansingh. Which American president resigned in1974 because of Watergate scandal? Richard Nixon. Who was the last emperor and Tsar of Russia? Nicholas II. Who was Saloth Sar? Pol Pot. Which religious preacher and thinkers life story was the subject of the 1964 movie One Mans Way? Norman Vincent Peale. Who is the second Asian after Nehru to be admitted to the freedom of the city of London? Swaraj Paul. Which English novelist and educationist drafted Indian penal code? Thomas Macaulay. Name Japans top literary award: Akutagawa Prize. Which Sri Lankan journalist and author is known as the newspaper doctor? Tarzie V Vittachi. Who was the president of America when atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima? Harry Truman. Who is the youngest man ever to win the world heavy weight championship? Mike Tyson. Which Swiss wax modeller modelled heads of guillotined victims of French Revolution? MadameTussaud. Who is the first musician to receive the Bharat Ratna? M.S.Subbulakshmi. Which Malayalam writer was nicknamed Sultan of Beypore? V Mohammad Basheer. Which South African scholar visited India in 1333 during the reign of Mohammad Tuglaq? Ibn Batuta. Which French man served as the personal physician of Aurangzeb? Francois Bernier. Name the Irish woman who founded Theosophical Society and Home Rule League: Annie Besant. Who was the first woman president of Indian National Congress? Annie Besant. Who conferred the title Bharti on poet Subramania? Raja of Ettayapuram(Tamil Nadu). Which Indian mathematician is believed to have invented calculus long before Newton and Leibnitz? Bhaskaracharya II. Which Indian leader who established Paramdham Ashram at Paunar was also the recipient of first Magsaysay award? Acharya Vinobha Bhave. Which Indian revolutionary was executed for Kakori train dacoity? Ramprasad Bismil. Which South American revolutionist was called liberator? Simon Bolivar. Who was nicknamed little corporal? Napoleon Bonaparte. Who invented crescograph? J.C.Bose Who was the accomplish of Khudiram Bose in Kingsford carriage bombing incident? Prafulla Chaki. Who was the founder-president of Indian independence League at Bangkok in 1942? Rasbehari Bose. Which Indian revolutionary leader unfurled the flag of Indian freedom at Stuttgart for the first time? Bhikaji Kama. Who founded free India society in U.K and started the journal Bande Mataram? Bhikaji Kama. Who was dubbed as Resputin? Dhirendra Brahmachari. Who was Gautam Buddhas father? King Suddhodana of Kapilvastu, in Nepal What is the name of late music director Rahul D Burman wife? Asha Bhonsale. Who was the last Governor General of East India Company and first viceroy of India? Lord Canning. Who was known as kipper? General K.M Kariapa. Name the queen of Bijapur who died fighting the soldiers of Aurangzeb : Chand Bibi. Charaka,the physician and author of Charaksamhita adorned the court of which Kushan king? Kaniska. Which World War II hero commanded the legendary Dambuster squadron and witnessed the bombing of Nagasaki? Leonard Cheshire. How do we better know Balakrishna Menon? Swami Chinmayananda.

Which Italian navigator discovered sea route to America, Cuba, Bahamas and West Indies? Columbus. Who discovered Hawaiian Islands? James Cook. Which Belgian missionary who worked for leprosy-afflicted people of Honolulu died of leprosy? Joseph Damien. Which Indian revolutionary went on a prolonged fasting in Lahore jail to demand better treatment for prisoners? Jatindra N. Das. Who was known as the grand old man of Indian cricket? Prof D.B.Deodhar. Who designed the famous peacock throne? Bebadal khan. Who introduced the postal system in India? Robert Clive. Who was the last Indian to be sent to gallows on a forgery charge? Nanda kumar. Name the English man who first translated Bhagwad Gita into English in 1785: Charles Wilkins. Which Englishman first discovered Nainital? P.Baron. Which Italian traveler visited the court of Vijaynagar in 1425 A.D? Nicolo Conti. Who founded the city of Jodhpur in1459 A.D? Rathore chief Rao Jodha. Who was the publisher of first all- Hindi newspaper Udant Martand in 1826? Pandit Jugal Kishore Shukla (of Kanpur) Name the first barrister of India: Ganendra Mohan Tagore. Who located Darjeeling proper in 1829? Captain Lloyd. Who was the first English man to enter Lhasa in 1811 A.D? Thomas Manning. Who was the founder of Wahabi Movement? Syed Ajmed. Who founded Tattvabodini Sabha in 1839 for the extensive propagation of Brahmo Dharma? Debendra Nath Tagore. Which Muslim king is credited with systematically branding his horses and preparing their descriptive roll? Sher Shah Suri. Name the Moghul sultan who gave a definite and systematic form to the famous mansabadari system: Akbar. Which German General was nicknamed Desert Fox? Erwin Rommel. During the rule of which king the Rupee was first minted? Sher Shah Shuri. Who was the president of Indian National Congress at the time of Indian independence? Acharya J.B.Kripalini. Who was the governor general of India at the outbreak of Second World War? Lord Linlithgow. Who wrote a series of articles against the Indian national congress under the title " New Lamps for Old"? Aurobindo Ghosh. Who led the Cabinet Mission that visited India in 1946? Patrick Lawrence. Who announced the communal award? Ramsay Mac Donald. Name the founder of the Pakistan National Movement in 1933: Rahmat Ali. Which viceroy of India was dubbed as the father of local self government? Lord Ripon. Who was first designated as the Governor General of India? William Bentick. Who earned the epithet "Liberator of Indian press"? Charles Metcalf. Name the famous American architect who built the Imperial Hotel in Japan that withstood the 1923 earthquake: Frank Lloyd. Which Irish scientist, along with John Cockcroft split the atom for the first time? Earnest Walton. Who is the only woman in the world to climb the Mount Everest twice? Santosh Yadav Who is the first leader of Russia to be chosen by popular vote? Boris Yeltsin. Which English Monarch abdicated to marry the American divorcee Wallis Simpson? Duke of Windsor (Edward VIII). Which famous Indian classical singer gave a special recital of devotional songs for the silver jubilee celebrations of UN in 1970? M S Subbulaxmi. Which American film actress in the thirties won an Oscar at the age of six? Shirley Temple. How do we better know Hindi Film actor Badruddin Kaji? Johny Walker. What is the real name of Omar Sharif? Michael Shalboub. Which powerful opium dealer surrendered to Burmese government in 1996? Khun Sa. Raja Ravi Verma,the famous Indian painter belonged to which royal family? Kalimanoor,Kerla. Who is the first Indian woman to win a round in a grand slam tournament? Nirupama Baidhyanathan. What was the occupation of Sylvester Stallone before he became an actor? Lion cage cleaner. What was Greta Garbo doing before becoming a celebrity? Barber shop assistant. Which English humorous novelist is the creator of the immortal butler? Grenvile Woodhouse. Which American invented cotton gin? Eli Whitney. Which American TV show hostess was the first woman to top the Forbes magazine list of entertainment millionaires? Oprah Winfrey. How do we better know film actor Sivaji Rao Gaikwad? Rajnikant. Which Indian orthopaedic surgeon is the inventor of Jaipur Foot? Dr P K Sethi. Which ace driver and winner of world championship thrice died in a crash during San Marino Grand Prix? Ayrton

Senna. Which French dramatist and essayist and leader of the philosophical movement existentialism refused to accept Nobel Prize in 1964? Jean-Paul Sarte. What was the pseudonym of British satirist and humorist Hector Huge Munro? Saki. How do we better know controversial godman Chandra Mohan Jain? Rajneesh. Who became the first president of the Republic of China? Sun Yat-Sen. Which renowned Russian introduced the famous five-year plans in 1929? Joseph Stalin. For which film Stephen Spielberg won the Oscar award for best director and six other awards in 1974? Schindlers list. How do we better know the boxer Cassius Marcellus Clay? Muhammad Ali. With whom did Yasar Arafat shared the 1994 Nobel prize? Which South African surgeon performed the first human heart transplant operation? Christian Neethling Bernard. Which member of the famous Beatles was shot dead in 1980? Lenon. Which American wheat scientist was responsible for the green revolution? Norman Borlaug. Which first woman PM of Norway was also the first woman to become director general of WHO? Harlem Brundtland. RECORDS,INDIAN RECORDS Record-holders Name the largest outdoor stadium in India: Yuba Bharti(Salt Lake ) stadium, Calcutta. Name the largest indoor stadium in India: Indira Gandhi indoor stadium, Delhi. Name the largest sports complex in India: Netaji Subhash Bose sports complex, Patiala. Which Indian holds the record for maximum appearances in Olympics? R K Randhir Singh. Who is the first individual Olympic medal winner for India? Norman Pritchard (Paris, 1900). Which is the largest, in size, trophy in India? Kolanka Cup (polo). What is Chundan Vallom? Snake boat races of Kerla. Who holds the most national titles for any sport? Bhubaneswari Kumari (squash-16 times). Who are the two persons to have received both the Arjun Award & Dronacharya Award? Syed Nayeemuddin and A.Ramarao. When did India participate in an archery event at an Olympic event for the first time? 1988 (Seoul Olympics). Which Indian woman reached an Olympic semifinal for the first time? Shiny Abraham. Who is the first Indian to win commonwealth games gold in badminton? Prakash Padukone. Who is the first Indian badminton player to play a quarterfinal game at Olympics? Dipankar Bhattacharya (1992Barcelona). Who is the first Indian to win world championship in billiards? Wilson Jones. Which Indian has own maximum world titles in billiards? Michael Ferreira. Who was the youngest player to win world billiards Championship? Geeth Sethi. Where was first world championship in snooker held? Calcutta (1963). Who is the first Indian to win world championship in snooker? B.Agarwal. Which is the oldest boxing association in India? Maharastra Amateur Boxing Association.

Who is the first Indian to win International Master title in chess? (Manuel Aaron-1961). Who is the youngest Indian to win the IM title? V.Anand. Who is the first Indian to achieve the GM norm? Pravin Thipsay. Who became Indias first GM in 1987? V Anand. By what name was chess known in ancient India? Chaturanga. Who has won most national title in chess? Manuel Aaron. Who was the first Indian to be on the jury of Olympic game boxing competition? Aspy Adjania. Who is the first Indian woman chess player to participate in mens national? Rohini Khadilkar. Which sisters dominated the Indian chess scene for more than a decade? Khadilkar. Who is the youngest player to win a gold medal in an international event for any sport? Tanya Sachdev. The chess federation of which country named a trophy after three Khadilkar sisters? Australia. Who led the first Indian cricket team s official tour to England? Maharaja of Pourbander. Who was the first Indian to captain an English county team, Sussex? Ranji. Who was the first Indian to play for MCC? Ranji. Where is the highest cricket pitch in the world located? Chail in H.P. Who was the first Indian player to play test cricket? Ranji (1896- for England). Who is the first Indian umpire to officiate in a world cup final match? Ram Babu Gupta. Who was the first Indian to play test cricket? Ranjitsinghji(for England in 1896). Where was the first test in India played? Gymkhana Ground, Bombay (1933). When did India play her first test match? 1932, against England. India tested victory against which country for the first time? England in 1952. India won a series for the first time against which country? Pakistan. Against which country India registered her first series win abroad? New Zealand in 1968. Who was the only Malaysian to play test cricket for India? Lall Singh. Who was the youngest cricketer in the world to be captain? Tiger Pataudi (1962). Who was Indias first test captain? C.K.Naidu. Name the Indian wicket keeper to open the batting and bowling: Budhi Kunderan. Who was the Indian cricketer to bat in all position? V Mankad. Who was the first cricketer to be given out by third umpire (Karl Liebenberg)? S Tendulkar. Which Indian cricketer bowled 21 successive maidens in a test match? R G Nadkarni.

Against which country India played her first one-day international? England (1974). Who was only Indian cricketer who has the dubious distinction of being given out for handling the ball and obstructing the fielder though in two separate tests? M Amaranth. Which West Indies cricketer made a cameo appearance as himself in the film Around The World starring Raj Kapoor & Rajshri? Sir Frank Worrell. What is the first limited overs tournament in India? Deodhar Trophy. Which is the oldest football tournament in India? Durand Cup. Which is Asias oldest invitational international football tournament? Merdeka Tournament. When did India take part in an Olympic football game? 1948(captain T.Aao). Who scored the only hat trick for India in an Olympic game? Neville d Souza in 1956, Melbourne. Who is the only Indian footballer either as a player or a coach to have participated in three consecutive Olympics? S A Rahim. India has not qualified for the Olympic football since which Olympics? 1960 Rome Olympics. Name the oldest sporting club in India, which was formed at a house in Balram Ghosh Street, Calcutta in 1889: Mohun Bagan. Name the only sports club in India to have been honoured with a special stamp in 1989: Mohun Bagan. Who has scored the only hat-trick in a Durand Cup Final, after 1947? N Ulganathan. Who is the first woman football referee? Chaitalli Chatterjee. 2.cinema Name the first film shot in India: coconut fair. Name the first film short by an Indian: The Wrestlers. Which is the first color film to be shown in India: Can- Can Dance. Name Indias first film concern: Royal Bioscope Company(Hira Lal Sen). Which is the first Indian narrative feature film? Pundalik (by R G Toney and N G Chitre). Who was the producer of first indigenous silent feature film Raja Harischandra? Dadasaheb Phalke. What was the first film to be premiered? Raja Harischandra. Who is the only artiste to have played both hero and heroine in the same film? A Salunke in the film Lanka Dahan(Silent film). Name the first Indian film to undergo censor cuts: Orphans of the Storm. Name the first actress of the talkie era: Zubeida. Who was the first woman film maker in the silent era? Fatma Begum. Name the first film journal: Movie mirror.

Which was the first Indian adult film? Social Evil. Where was the first talkie Alam Ara produced by adreshir Irani Shot? Jyoti Studios. In which film released in 1932 the play back technique was introduced? Puran Bhakta. Which was the first Indian film to have an English version? Noor Jahan. Which Indian film saw the introduction of background music? Chandidas( Bengali). Which was the first film to be dubbed? Akashi Toofan. Which was Indias first silver jubilee silent film? Kapala Kundala. Name Indias first silver jubilee talkie film? Amrit Manthan. Which Indian film was shown for the first time at an international film festival (Venice)? Seeta. Name Indias first woman music director: Jadan Bai ( Nargis mother). What was Indias first golden jubilee talkie film? Sant Tukaram(marathi). Name the first songless film: Naujawan by JBH Wadia. Which actor starred with most heroines in his 60-year career? Prem Nazir. Which was the first film to be shot in Hindi, Bengali, and English? Raj nartaki(court dancer). Which was the first indian cinemascope film? Kaagaz Ke Phool by Guru dutta. Which was the first ever cinemascope film in the world? The Robe. What was the first cinemascope film in color? Pyar Ki Pyaas. Name the first post-talkie silent film: Ingeet(Bengali). Which was the first one actor one set film? Yaadein by Sunil Dutt. Name the first 3-D film: My Dear Kuttichathan What was the first 3-D film in Hindi? Shiva Ka Insaaf Who was the first artiste to be honoured with a foreign retrospective of her films? Smita Patil. Which proxy producer has dubbed 48 films in 20 years? Dinesh Salgia. Who did maximum roles in a single film for the first time? Shivaji Ganeshan in Naavratri. Who has acted as police inspectors in maximum number of films? Jagdish Raj. What was the last film of V.Shantaram released in1987? Jhanjhar. Name the first music director of a foreign film: Pandit Ravi Shankar. Which is the first dual screen theatre in the country? Topivala(Bombay) Name the countrys oldest air-conditioned theatre? Regal (Bombay)

Who has compiled the first encyclopaedia of Hindi film songs? Harminder Singh Hamraj. Seven music directors worked in which film released in 1992? Beta. Which is the first film to have three actors playing the double role? Aankhen. Which actor has been honoured with Chavalier award by the French government? Shivaji Ganeshan. Which Indian director has won a green Oscar? Mike Pandey Which was the first film made in 1937 to completely dispense with background music? Duniya Na Mane. a. Miscellaneous Which Indian king convened a council of Jain monks in 172 B.C? Kharvela. Sanghamitra, the first woman missionary and daughter of Ashoka was also known as what? Aayupati. Who was the first woman disciple of Mahavira? Ajja Chandana. Who was the first to preach Christianity in India? St. Thomas. Which is the oldest church in existence? Palayur church(Kerla). Who was the first pope to visit India? PopePaul VI. Who was the first Indian to be appointed as Cardinal by the Vatican in 1953? Valerian Gracias. Who started the first Indian circus called the Chatre Circus in 1881? Vinayak Chatre. Who is the only Asian to get the New Yorks Finix award? P.C.Sorcar Sr. Zebunnissa, the daughter of Aurangzeb wrote verses under what pen name? Makhfi. Who was the first woman to win the Jnapith Award in 1976? Ashapurna Devi. Who is the first woman to become the justice of Supreme Court of India? Fatima Beevi. Who was the first actress to win the padmashri award? Nargis. Who was the first actress to be nominated to Rajya Sabha? Nargis. Which was the first state to include woman in Volleyball? Uttar Pradesh. Who was the first woman poet in modern Hindi? Subhadra Chauhan(of Mukul fame). Name the youngest daughter of Babur who wrote Humayun Nama: Gulbadan. Who was Baburs wife? Masuma. Who was Humayuns wife? Hamida. Which is the fastest Ramayana completed in just 5 days? Molla Ramayana Into which family was Meerabai, the Bhakti poetess married? Sisodia. Which British actress was the heroine of the film Shakuntala made by Suchet Singh in 1920? Dorothy Kingdom. Who was the inventor of Dravidian language family in 1856? Bishop Caldwell.

Which is the only state with common civil code in the country? Goa. Which state has the largest concentration of scheduled castes in the country? U.P. Which union territory has largest concentration of S.C? Pondichery. Which is the smallest S.C community in India? Watal of J&k Which is the largest S.C community in India? Chamar. Ghost marriage (neel), symbolizing the marriage of dead bachelors is observed in Hindu fisher folk of which UT? Daman & Diu. Who established the linguistic affinity of Sanskrit with Latin and Greek? Sir William Jones. Which superintendent of Linguistic Survey Of India undertook the massive venture of single-handed compilation of all Indian languages? Sir George Abraham Grierson. Which is the most spoken tribal language? Gondi. Which is the source of all Indian scripts? Brahmi( Ashokan inscription) Which university set up the first department of tribal and regional language in India? Ranchi. Who was the first D.G of Anthropological Survey Of India? Dr K.S.Singh. Who were the first to wage a war (Hui) in tribal India? Santhals. When was the first Naga-Anglo war fought? 1879. Who called cotton as sindoon? Greeks. i. AGRICULTURE Where was countrys first vacuum sugar factory set up? Saran (Bihar). Which is the oldest agrlicutural research institute in India? Imperial Agriculture research institute, Pusa,Bihar. Which was the first agriculture university in India? Govind Ballav Pant University at Pantnagar,Nainital. Which institute has bred ICPH 8, the worlds first hybrid pigeonpea plant? ICRISAT. Who brought tobacco plant to India around 1605? Portuguese. Where was the first pollen cryobank(frost-bank) established in India? IIHR, Bangalore . What are (TPS) C-3 AND HPS 1\13 varieties of? Potato seed. What is IR 64 variety of? Rice. What is worlds first high -yielding semi-dwarf basmati rice called? Pusa Basmati-I. Where is Indias first tea estate located? Chubwa ,Dibrugarh. Which is Indias largest tea estate? Kakajan tea estate,Assam (of Tata Tea) Which tree is called as mans most useful tree and also known as kalpavriksha? Coconut. Which is the most common fertilizer in India? Urea.

Which is Indias biggest fertilizer plant under cooperative sector? KRIBHKO Urea plant at Hazira( Gujrart). Which is the first and most common pesticide produced in india? BHC (benzene hexa chloride). Which crop consumes most pesticide in India? Cotton. Catamarans, the oldest fishing crafts of India are made out of what? Albezia (a type of soft wood). Which country has worlds longest coastline? India (8129km). Which state has largest average farm holdings? Nagaland. Which state has smallest average farm holdings? Kerla. Who is the first recipient of world food prize? M S Swaminathan. Which organization gives away Borlaug award for excellence in agriculture? Coromandal Fertilisers Ltd. Who designed the first national flag, displayed at the socialist congress at Stuttgart (1907)? Madame Cama. Which is the earliest dynasty of India with a historical base? Sisunga. Who was the only Hindu nominee of the Muslim league in the interim government? Jogendra Nath Mandal. Who was the first Governor General of British India? William Bentick. Who was the founder of Indian womens Association? Margaret Cousins. Who was the first woman to be elected to Indian Legislative Council? Muthulaxmi Reddy. Which was the first political association to be formed in India? Zamindari Association. When was the first constitution of INC drawn up? 1908. Who had served as the President of INC for a record number of eight times? J. L. Nehru. Who was the president of INC for seven consecutive years? Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad. 181.Which city is the venue of most numbers of congress sessions? Calcutta. 182.Who was the first woman to address a congress session? Kadambini Ganguly. 183.When did Indira Gandhi become president of INC for the first time? 1958-1959. 184.Who established the communist party of India in July 1924? Satyabhakta. 185.Under whose presidency the first all-India communist conference was held in Kanpur in 1924 December? Singravelu Chettiar. 186.When was first general election held in India? 1952. 187.Which general election introduced both ballot paper and indelible ink for the first time? Third (1962) 188.Whom did Mr P V Narasimha Rao defeat by a record margin of 5,80,297 in 1991 by election from Nandyal constituency? Bangaru Laxman. 189.Who defeated his rival by a lowest margin of just one vote in an assembly election? K Ramakrishna.

190. In which assembly constituency of Meghalaya in 1989 the result was a tie and winner was declared by a toss of coin? Kherapara. 191.Who is the only parliamentarian in the world to win a seat for a record 7th consecutive time without changing his constituency? B Shankaranand(Chhikodi reserve constituency in Karnataka) 192.Which is the highest pooling booth in the Asia? Hikkim in HP. 193.Which president promulgated a whooping 29 ordinances in a single year? Fakiruddin Ali Ahmed. 194.Who holds the record of longest tenure as MP from one constituency, though not consecutively? Babu Jagjivan Ram (Sasaram ) 195.Who was the first chief Election Commissioner of India? Sukumar Sen. 196.Who was the first communist MLA ever? K Anantan Nambiar. 197.Who was the first chief election commissioner of India? Sukumar Sen. 198.Who had the longest tenure as chief election commissioner of India(CEC)? K V K Sundaram. 199.Who had the shortest tenure as CEC ? Nagendra Singh. 200.In which state electronic voting machine was used for the first time in the Assembly election? Kerla. 201.When was the first presidential election held in India? 1962. 202.Which president served the longest tenure? Dr Rajendra Prasad. 203.Which President had the shortest tenure? Zakir Hussain. 204.Who was the oldest man to assume the august office of President of India? R Venkat Raman. 206.Who became the youngest President of India? N. Sanjiva Reddy. 207.Who was the first President to die in office? Dr Zakir Hussain. 208.Which decade saw most Presidents? 1960-70. 209.Which state was under Presidents rule for the longest time from May 11, 1987 to February 21,1992? Punjab. 210.Which Vice-President had the longest tenure? Dr S Radhakrishnan. 211.Who had the shortest tenure as Vice-President? V V Giri. 212.Who was the oldest person to become the Vice-President of India? R.Venkatraman. 213.Who was the only interim President? Sachidananda Sinha. 214.Which prime minister had the shortest tenure? Charan Singh. 215.Which prime minister of India never faced the parliament? Charan Singh. 216.Who was the oldest person to become the Prime minister of India? Morarji Desai. 217.Who was the first prime minister to resign from office? Morarji Desai.

218.Who was the first prime minister to head a minority government? Charan Singh. 219.In which year parliament passed maximum acts? 1976 (118). 220.Who was the first speaker of Loksabha? G.V.Mavalankar. 221.Who served the longest term as speaker of Loksabha? Balram Jhakar. 222.Who was the first chairman of Rajyasabha? S.V.Krishnamoorthy. 223. Who had the shortest term as speaker of Loksabha? N.Sanjeeva .reddy. 224.Who served the longest period as Rajya Sabha Chairman? Dr S Radhakrishnan. 225.Who was the first M.P to be disqualified under anti defection law? Lalduhoma. 226.Who was the first woman General Secretary of Rajyasabha? V.S.Ramadevi. 227.Who was the first blind M.P to be elected to Loksabha? J P Shastry. 228.Which Loksabha members had the highest average age? 6th 229.Which Loksabha represented maximum number of woman? 8th 230.Who has been either in a state or at center a minister maximum number of times? Sushil Kumar Shinde. 231.Who was the longest serving union minister? Jagjivan Ram. 232.Who had the shortest tenure as union minister? Justice Khanna. 233.Who was the first minister to resign from union cabinet? S P Mukherjee. 234.Who was the first minister to die in harness? Sardar Patel. 235.Who was the first minister to be assassinated? L N Mishra. 236.Which prime minster reshuffled the external affair 4 times during 4 years? R.Gandhi. Government-States 237.Who was the first speaker of a legislative assembly? L.M.Pailee(Kerla) 238.Which speaker of a legislative assembly used the casting vote eight times to save the K.Karunakaran ministry in early 1980s? A.C.Jose. 239.Name the first woman legislator and first woman alderman in India: Dr S.Muthulaxmi Reddy. 240.Who had the longest tenure as speaker of a state assembly sans house? Surjit Singh Minhas. 241.Who was the first woman minister in India? Vijaylaxmi Pandit. 242.Which state had five chief ministers in eight months from November 1989 to July 18,1990? Haryana. 243.Who was the first film star to become Chief Minister of a state? M.G.Ramachandran. 244.Who was elected chief minister while he was hospitalized abroad? M.G.Ramachandran.

245.Which agitator for the formation of separate Andhra Pradesh died on the 58th day of his fast? Potti Sriramulu. 246.Which state legislative assembly celebrated its centenary in March 1988? Kerla. 247.Who was the first government to be dismissed under article 356 of the constitution in 1959? Namboodiripad Govt. ok Kerla. 248.Which is the first state to come under Presidents rule in July 1951? Punjab 249.Shortest period of Presidents rule has been imposed on which state? Orissa. 250.Which state has been under prohibition since 1950? Gujrat. Administration/Legalia 251.Who were the first foreigners to acquire territories in India? Portugese. 252.Who took over as Governor of Bombay in 1668? Sir George Oxden. 253.Which is the oldest civic body in India? Madras Municipal Corporation. 254.Which is the first prison to introduce a panchayat to maintain law and order in the prison? Tihar Jail. 255.Under whose chairmanship the first Public Service Commission was set up in 1926? Atchison, Governor of Punjab. 256 Which prominent Indian was appointed as law member in the executive council of Governor General Minto? S.P.Sinha. 257.Who set up a committee to devise Indian Civil Service in 1963? Lord Macaulay. 258.Which Indian was directly recruited into covenanted Civil Service? Satyendra N Tagore. 259.Which two Indians were admitted to the privy council of India 1907? K.H.Puta & Syed Hussain. 260.Who was appointed under secretary of state for India by Lioyd George and elevated to peerage on January 25,1919? Lord S.P.Sinha. 261.Who became the first woman mayor of Bombay in 1956? Sulochana Modi(for 3 months) 262.Who became the first woman mayor of Madras in 1957? Tara Cherian. 263.Who in 1988 was elected Mayor of New Delhi for a record 7th consecutive times? Mahinder Singh Sethi. 264.Who was appointed Governor of Mizoram in February 1990 at the age of 37 years and 7 months? Swaraj Kaushal. 265.Who was the first woman ambassador of India? Vijaya Laxmi Pandit. 266. Who was the first Indian as well as the first woman to be elected President of General Assembly Session of UN in 1953? Vijaya Laxmi Pandit. 267.Who introduced into Bengal Indian Penal Code and Criminal procedure code in 1862 drafted 30 years earlier by Maculays team? John Beams. 268.When was the Preventive Detention Act introduced for the first time in India? 1784.

269. Who in 1865 was enrolled as the first Indian barrister in Calcutta High Court? Gnanendra Mohan Tagore. 270.Which is the oldest High Court in India? Calcutta High Court. 271.Who was appointed as the first High court Judge in 1863? Shambunath Pandit. 272.Which High Court has the largest sanctioned strength of judges? Allahabad. 273.Who became in 1991 Indias first woman Chief justice of a High Court? Leila Seth. 274.Who was the first Indian to become the president of International Court of Justice? Nagendra Singh. 275.Who was the first Indian recipient of World Justice Award? Nagendra Singh. 276.Who was the first chief Justice of India? Harilal Kania. 277.Who served the longest tenure as Chief Justice of India? Y.V.Chandrachud. 278.Who served the shortest tenure as Chief Justice of India? K N Singh 279.Who was the first Indian woman to be appointed as a judge of Supreme Court of India? Fateema Beevi. 280.Who was the first woman advocate of India? Cornelia Sorabji. 281.Which bar association, established in 1857 is the oldest in India? Alipore. 282.Which bar association, the second largest bar association in the world after Sanghai bar association- is the largest in India? Tis Hazari Bar Association. 283.Who was appointed as first public prosecutor at Madras in 1887? S.Subramania Iyer. 284.Who became the first Indian to be appointed as Sheriff of Calcutta in 1873? Manackjee Rustomjee. 285.Which case is the first recorded trial by jury in India? Rex-vs- Ascentia Dawes. 286.Which former chief minister had filed more than 200 defamation cases against political opponents, newspapers etc? Jayalalita. 287.Where was the worlds first fingerprint bureau set up in1897? Calcutta. 288.Which member of Indian Civil Service initiated dactylography or the science of finger printing as a means of personal identification? William Herschel. 289.Who devised the systemic study and methods of using fingerprints for personal identification? Edward Richard Henry. 290.What is MIRACODE system? A system of fingerprint identification. 291.Where was the first open prison started in 1956? Jaipur. 292.Which American conceived Portrait Parley, sketches of suspects drawn by proficient artist based on descriptions supplied by eyewitnesses? Hugh McDonald. 293.Police Dog Squad was first set up by which police force in India in 1951? Madras Police. 294.Which is the first all-woman police station in India? Calicut in Kerla. 295.The first all woman paramilitary battalion has been commissioned in which central Paramilitary Organisation in 1986? CRPF.

Media 296.Where was the first multilingual press set up in 1800 AD? Serampore. 297.Who imposed vernacular press Act in 1878? Lord Lytton. 298.Which English missionary was first to translate the complete bible into six Indian languages and parts of the bible into 33 other languages? Dr. William Carey. 299.Which was the first newspaper, a weekly, to be published in India in 1780? Bengal Gazette or the Calcutta General Advertiser. 300.Name the first vernacular newspaper published in Bengali by Dr Carey and Marshman in 1818: Samachar Darpan. 301.Which is Asias oldest daily? Mumbai Samachar (Gujarati Language). 302.Which is the oldest almanac in India? Bombay Samachar Panchang? 303.Which is the oldest English daily, still in circulation in India? The Times Of India. 304.Which is the first financial daily of India? The Economic Times. 305. Name the only weekly newspaper for children? Newsjoy. 306.Which editor and founder of Amrit Bazar Patrika was known as firebrand editor? Tushar Kanti Ghosh. 307.By what name Urdu poet and litterateur Raghupati Sahay is better known? Firaq Gorakhpuri. 308.Indian Broadcasting Company was established during which viceroys reign? Lord Irwin. 309.All India Radio was earlier known as what? Indian State Broadcasting Service. 310.When did the first vividh Bharti Programme go on air? October 1957. 311.Where was the first FM transmitter set up in India? Madras. 312.Which station of All India Radio started the first FM stereo station in 1988? Delhi. 313.Which was the first film in India to be telecast in colour ? Satranj ki Khiladi. 314.Which was the first telefilm to be telecast in India? Sadgati. 315.Which was the first feature film with seven sub titles? Saalam Bombay. 316.Which was the first Indian soap opera serial? Humlog. 317.Who was the animation director of first ever serialized animation film in India, Ghayab Aya ? Suddhasattwa Basu. 318.Which was the first Indian science fiction serial? Space City Sigma. 319.Which was the first ever-video film made in India? Teri Meri Kahani. 320.The post office at Antarctica operates under which postal division? Goa. 321.Which Governor General started the postal service in India? Lord Clive.

322.Which deputy Surveyor General of Calcutta designed Indias first stamps? Captain H.L.Thullier. 323.Which is the first state in India to issue a postal stamp in 1864? Kathiwar State in Saurastra (later Gujrat). 324.What was the inscription on the first stamp of independent India, a three-and-a-half anna stamp? Jai Hind. 325.Which state issued the earliest official stamp in 1873? Hyderabad. 326.Which prominent personality did the biggest stamp issued so far depict? Rajiv Gandhi. 327.Who was the first person to be honored with a stamp issued in 1948? Mahatma Gandhi. 328.Who was the first woman to feature on an Indian stamp? Meerabai. 329. Besides Ba and Bapu, which other couples have so far featured jointly on an Indian stamp? Nelli and Jatin Sengupta. 330. Whose autograph has been inscribed on a stamp issued in 1961?R.N.Tagore. 331. Who was the first foreigner, in the post independence era, to feature on a stamp? Jean Henry Durant. 332. Which is the only athletic club in India to be honored with a stamp issue? Mohan Bagan. 333. Which country has issued a stamp on former president Giani Zail Singh? S Korea 334. Which Caribbean country has issued stamps on Indian cricket legends Gavaskar and Kapil Dev? St. Vincent. 335. When was pin code introduced for the first time? 1972. 336. First regular airmail service was started between which two cities in 1935? Karachi and Lahore 337. First pigeon mail started between which two cities in 1931? Asansol and Calcutta. 338. Where did the first postal museum open in India in 1938? Delhi. 339. First all-India postage stamp printed in Calcutta was called what? Half-anna blue. 340. First telegraph lines were installed in 1838 between which two places? Calcutta and Diamond Harbour. 341. Where in India was the first automatic telephone system commissioned in 1914? Shimla. 342. Subscribers Trunk Dialing (STD) was first started in India in1960 between which two cities? Kanpur AND Lucknow. 343. Which was the longest functioning University in India? Nalanda. 344. Which was the oldest Open University in India? Andhra Open University. 345. Which is the largest Open University in India? Indira Gandhi Open University. 346. Which is the first law university in India? The National Law School of India, Bangalore. 347. Which is the first woman university India? SNDT University Pune. 348. Who established the first Indian college, Fort William College in 1879? Lord Wellesley. 349. Which is the first womans college in India? Bethune College, Calcutta.

350. Which Governor Genaral of India established the first medical college in India, TheMedical College Bengal in 1835? William Bentick. 351. Which is the oldest exiting institution for oriental studies in India? Asiatic Society, Bengal. 352. In which city of India the first Engineering College opened in 1847? Roorkee. 353. In which city of India the first School for the blinds opened in 1887? Amritsar. 354. Where in India the only institute for the hearing impaired located? Madras. 355. Which is the largest school in India? South Point High School, Calcutta. 356. Where was the first full-fledged college of veterinary Science established in the undivided India in 1882? Lahore. 357. Who established the Indian Association for Cultivation of Science, the first center for modern scientific research in India? Dr Mahendralal Sarkar. 358. Which is the largest library in India? The National Library,Alipore Calcutta. 359. Where was the first IIT set up in India? Kharagpur. 360. Which was the first university to offer postgraduate degree (M.A) IN India? Calcutta. 361. Which University in India was first to introduce correspondence courses in India in 1962? Delhi. 362. Which is the oldest institution for oriental studies in India? Asiatic Society, Calcutta established by William Jones in 1784. 363. Where was the first National Institute for the Blind established in India? Dehradun. 364. Who established the National Library in Calcutta in 1836? Dwarkanath Tagore. 365. Where is the National Film Archives located? Pune.It is also the largest. Transport 366. Which is Indias largest Bus terminus? Imlibun Bus Terminus,Hyderabad. 367.Which State Road Transport Corporation is the largest in India? Maharastra. 368.Maharaja of Patiala imported the first automobile to India in 1902? Of which make? French made De Dion Bonton car. 369.Central Railway was earlier known as what? Great India Peninsular Railway. 370.The first train journey started from what is now known as Victoria Terminus. What was it earlier called? Bouri Bunder. 371.Which is the worlds busiest narrow-gauge junction? Dabhoi near Vadodora. 372.Which is the longest railway tunnel in India? Parsik Tunnel on Mumbai-Kalyan route. 373.Which Rail route in India has most tunnels? Kalka-Shimla(102) 374.Which is the longest railway bridge in India? Dehri-On-Sone. 375.Which is the first electrified railway route in India? Mumbai-Pune. 376.Which is the largest locomotive factory in India? Chittaranjan Locomotive Works.

377.The only rack railway system in the country covers a distance of 46km.Between which two stations? Mettupalayam and Udagmandalam. 378.Between which two stations the first push-pull train was flagged off on September 1994? Diva and Vasai. 379.Which is the first vestibule train in India? Deccan Queen(between Bombay VT and Pune) 380.The first Janata Express was introduced in 1948 between which two stations? Patna and Delhi. GK GK GK,INDIA GK In which Indian state would you find the the cave sites Karle and Bhaje? Maharashtra What was unique about the 1990 film 'Mathilukal' (Walls) by Adoor Gopalakrishnan? It had an all-male cast Which is the largest brackish water lagoon in Asia? Chilka Lake What are Zebu and Gaur types of? Oxen In which Indian city would you find the Prince of Wales Museum? Mumbai In which Indian city was Rudyard Kipling born? Bombay Where in India is the Ganga Sagar Mela held? West Bengal The venom of which snake is the most dangerous? Tiger snake Which of these Indian states is known for the boat race during the Onam festival? Kerala Who was elected the Wisden Indian Cricketer of the Century? Kapil Dev GK GK GK INDIA QUIZ,INDIA MYTHOLOGY,HISTORY "In the Mahabharata, who was the father of Janmajaya?" Parikshit By what name is the dance Kacheri Aatam now known? Andhra Nrityam The Pooram festival is celebrated in which state of India? Kerala Who invaded India during the rule of Muhammad Shah? Nadir Shah Who won the National Award for choreography in the film 'Dil To Paagal Hain'? Shiamak Davar "In computers, what is the full form of COAST?" Cache On A Stick

"After Mohun Bagan, which was the second Indian club to win the IFA Shield? " Mohammedan Sporting Club Who produced of the film 'Lekin'? Hridaynath Mangeshkar The Chinkara Sanctuary is in which Indian state? Gujarat Captain Nemo was the character of which of these novels? Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea