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3me Journe Numerique de la Marine

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9h30 Le Bassin dessais des carnes : ses activits, ses moyens 9h40 La solution ANSYS 14h00 ANSYS CFD : simulations avances des problmatiques fluidiques 14h40 Aroptre, le navire Ultra Haute Vitesse: Ce qu'apporte la CFD 15h10 ANSYS pour la simulation couple des phnomnes multiphysiques Pause 10 Min 16h00 Etude de l'coulement autour d'un profil portant en rgime transitoire. Modlisation couple fluide/structure avec ANSYS CFX

9h50 Prtraitement, automatisation and paramtrisation 10h30 PALAOS : une chane de calcul automatise pour la conception de propulseurs marins Pause 15 Min
11h15 ANSYS Mechanical : simulation avance des appendices et structures navales 12h00 Calculs statiques et dynamiques au sein d'Aker Yards SA pour les navires passagers Visite des moyens dessais et Repas

16h30 Analyse thermohydraulique et thermomcanique d'un changeur

Fin de la journe

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La Solution ANSYS

Vincent Canu Industry Solution Specialist

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ANSYS, Inc. Proprietary

Developing & Delivering Simulation Solutions

Simulation Driven Product Development:
Innovative & higher-quality products Dramatic time-to-market improvement Minimize development, warranty & liability costs

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ANSYS, Inc. Proprietary

ANSYS - Global Presence

1,400 employees / 40+ sales offices on 3 continents Network of sales channel partners in 40+ countries 17 major development centers on 3 continents
Approx. Target 16-20% of revenue spending on R&D
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Representative Customers

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ANSYS, Inc. Proprietary

Simulation Driven Product Development


Integrated System
Comprehensive Multiphysics Advanced Postprocessing

Workflow Management Automated Tools

Knowledge Management

Century Dynamics ICEM CFD

Harvard Thermal

Access Management Data Management Design Exploration Process Management

ANSYS, Inc. Proprietary

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Key Drivers

Unequalled Depth

Adaptive Architecture

Unparalleled Breadth

World #1
Engineered Scalability
Comprehensive Multiphysics

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ANSYS, Inc. Proprietary

Breadth, Depth & Multiphysics

Technical Breadth

Tet/Prism Hex/Hex Core Structured Unstructured Multi-zone Body-fitted Cartesian Patch Independent More

Large Displacements Finite Strain Contact Multibody Dynamics Random Vibration Implicit & Explicit

Compressible Incompressible Laminar Flow

Conduction Convection Radiation Phase Change Mass Transport

Quasi static (Low Freq) Full Wave Joule Heating

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Technical Depth

Turbulence Multiphase Flow Non-Newtonian Fluids More



Eddy currents Current flow Circuit Coupling More

Steady-State, Transient, Harmonic & Modal

Linear & Nonlinear

ANSYS, Inc. Proprietary

Scalable Performance Desktop to Cluster

Moderately Complex Geometry

Moderately Complex Assemblies

Multiple Physics


Work Station Desktop

Complex Geometry Large Assemblies

Long Transient Analyses


Problem Size/Solution Speed

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ANSYS, Inc. Proprietary

Scalable Deployment Expands with Maturing Processes

An Interface Which Reduces Technical Barriers

Model & Data Sharing


Work Group Single User

Knowledge Capture

Data Mgmt
Automated Workflow Protect Intellectual Property

Organization/Process Maturity
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ANSYS, Inc. Proprietary

Scalable Flexibility Balancing Automation & Control

Rapid Modeling
Transparent Meshing Automated Simulation

Best Practice Settings

CAE Specialist

Application Engineer

Full Solution Control


Advanced Meshing
Flexible Controls Customization

Simulation Control
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ANSYS, Inc. Proprietary

Open & Flexible Architecture

Works the way you do and fits into your existing processes

Supports 3rd party applications Application interoperability Integrated project & workflow mgmt GUI & data customization toolkits Automation through scripting Extendable with programming APIs

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ANSYS, Inc. Proprietary