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July 15th, 2013 Recently we had a nice change of pace as some visitors from the States came to Chipata

to help with our ministry. We hosted a 2 day Biblical leadership seminar for business leaders in the area. It was well attended and allowed us to give out the gospel and speak truth to over 60 key leaders. We also put the team to work with two different projects: 1. We ministered at the Magwero School of the Deaf by renovating a boys dorm, painting buildings and installing new doors and windows. With this being the cold season, the windows and doors are a huge help to the children and ultimately shows them the love of Christ through the work. 2. We ministered at Chinunda Rural Health Clinic nearby to Big Tree Baptist Church. We were able to help renovate a womens maternity ward by fixing the floors, painting the walls and roof, and installing a solar system that allows for safer and more modern delivery during the night time. We also donated basic new mother/baby supplies for the first 50 babies delivered! While the team was here we had a Baptism service after our regular Sunday service at Big Tree Baptist. We were blessed to have nine more people come for Baptism after a clear confession of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. It continues to humble us to see our Lord do such a great work in the hearts of so many people. Our little literacy school continues to go on well as we have approximately 15-18 attend on a regular basis. Although progress is slow, some are writing their names for the first time ever, others are starting to read, and others are able to understand the Scriptures for the first time. There is still much work to be done but we are focused on literacy so every person can have the privilege of reading Gods word for themselves if they so desire. We just finished up the book of Colossians with our ex-pat community. We did a verse by verse study of Pauls letter and truly were blessed by the many lessons applicable to all of us. Pray for this group of people from around the world to take the things they have learned over the last 2 years and grow nearer to our Lord Jesus. We will be heading to the States in August for a family furlough. We are looking forward to spending time with family, friends, and churches. It has been more than 3 years since our family has visited the States! If you are interested in having our family visit your church, want to grab lunch or a cup of coffee, please let us know?!?! Please pray for us as we transition from a Zambian culture back to an American culture and our children to adjust. We are blessed to have our ministry partners (the Jalowiec family) here in Chipata! They will be helping with the works at Chinjala Baptist and Big Tree Baptist while we are in the States. Please be praying for Dan and Janice as they transition into these leadership roles and continue the work of building up the people of God and reaching the lost. Lord bless you The Pestke Family Kevin, Savannah, Analiese, & Gabriella