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July 4, 2008 • Volume 6, Issue 37

http://imcom.korea.army.mil Published for those serving in the Republic of Korea

Go-karts start

Fireworks to light Agreement eases

their engines at night at Yongsan: education transition
Casey today Schedule inside for military children

Page 5 Page 9 Page 13

IMCOM-K holds change of command

IMCOM-Korea welcomes true selfless servants to our Army and our
nation,” Uberti said. “It is with that in mind
new Region Commander that I pledge to continuously improve your
quality of life; building on the Army Family
by Sue Silpasornprasit Covenant and the many great programs the
IMCOM-Korea Public Affairs garrison teams have put in place across the
Seoul, Republic of Korea - Uberti addressed Servicemembers in
Installation Management Command-Korea Korea, saying “IMCOM-Korea will do all
Region welcomed its new commander and we can to support you, your units and your
said farewell to its outgoing commanding families so you can concentrate on remaining
general during a July 2 change of command ready to fight and win as part of the ROK-
ceremony. U.S. Alliance.”
Colonel John Uberti accepted command Lt. Gen. Robert Wilson, Assistant Chief
of IMCOM-Korea from Brig. Gen. Al of Staff for Installation Management and
Aycock during the ceremony held inside Commanding General of the U.S. Army
Yongsan’s Collier Field House. Uberti Installation Management Command,
is replacing Aycock as the commander presided over the ceremony. “This Region
of IMCOM-Korea Region, which is is well-led and consists of a very dedicated
headquartered here. The command oversees and talented work force that has successfully
the installation management and support
structure of Army garrisons throughout the –See IMCOM-K, Page 4–
Republic of Korea.
Uberti received a warm welcome from (Left) Colonel John Uberti, the new Installation
those in attendance. During his incoming Management Command Korea Region Com-
remarks, the colonel stated he would mander, accepts the flag from IMCOM Com-
continue to uphold IMCOM-Korea’s mand Sgt. Maj. Kevin Witt during the IMCOM-
successful policies and programs that are Korea change of command ceremony held
making a difference in the quality of life July 2 at Collier Field House, USAG Yongsan.
Soldiers and their Families experience while Passing the flag symbollizes an organization’s
living in the ROK. seamless transition in leadership. — U.S. Army
“Our Families are in many ways the Photo By Slade Walters

18th MEDCOM renames hospital for fallen hero:

Ceremony honors colonel’s ‘courageous compassion’
by Sue Silpasornprasit
IMCOM-Korea Public Affairs

The 121st Combat Support Hospital,

USAG Yongsan, was redesignated the
Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital
during a June 30 ceremony. The facility
was renamed in honor of the fallen Soldier
and former 18th Medical Command/121
Hospital commander.
It was standing-room-only for many
attending the morning ceremony on the
hospital grounds; a testament to the number
of lives touched by the legacy of fallen
hero Col. Brian Allgood. Among those in
attendance were the colonel’s brother and
sister-in-law, the Army Surgeon General,
and senior U.S. and ROK military leaders.
Bradley Allgood and wife Paula prepare to unveil the new sign for the Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital, USAG Yongsan, during a June 30
redesignation ceremony honoring the fallen Soldier, who lost his life in Iraq. — U.S. Army Photo By Sue Silpasornprasit –See HOSPITAL, Page 2–
http://imcom.korea.army.mil NEWS THE MORNING CALM

most was that of selfless service. The

The Morning Calm HOSPITAL from Page 1
AFN Korea has its
general emphasized that all Soldiers have
Published by Installation Management
Command - Korea Those who spoke emphasized the the capacity to serve as Allgood did by

customers covered humanity behind the hospital’s former committing themselves to putting the
Commander Publisher: Col. John Uberti
Public Affairs Officer/Editor: Edward N. Johnson commander. Command Sgt. Maj. Ricardo needs of others before their own every day
Senior Editor:Susan Silpasornprasit P. Alcantara, command sergeant major, and performing routine acts of selflessness.
Walter Reed Health Care System, shared “We have the opportunity to do simple but
USAG-RED CLOUD 4th of July live broadcast dramatic acts of service on a daily basis,”
Commander: Col. Larry A. Jackson personal notes and e-mails sent to him by
Public Affairs Officer: Margaret Banish-Donaldson he said.
CI Officer: James F. Cunningham AFN Korea will host a peninsula- former colleagues and friends of Allgood.
The characteristics shared in the e-mails “We are all filled with memories of a true
wide live radio broadcast from the friend, colleague and an American hero who
Commander: Col. David W. Hall “Splish and Splash Water Park” at describe a commander who emphasized
Public Affairs Officer: David McNally standards but remained approachable; made the ultimate sacrifice,” Schoomaker
CI Officer: Kenneth Fidler
USAG Humphreys today from 3 – 6 said. One-hundred and forty one medics
p.m. who was clear in purpose and candid in
Staff Writer: Cpl. Im Jin-min have died in Iraq and Afghanistan and
Tune to your local FM stations for speech; who took a sincere interest in the
USAG-HUMPHREYS lives of those around him and remained ceremonies like this one are an enduring
Commander: Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. great music and information about this testament to their service, he said.
Public Affairs Officer: Bob McElroy year’s “Freedom Fest” Independence modest despite his superior professional
CI Officer: Stacy Ouellette accomplishments. Allgood’s younger brother Bradley
Day celebration. During the event, Allgood and wife Paula helped unveil the
USAG-DAEGU AFN Korea will announce the winner Lt. Gen. Eric B. Schoomaker, Army
Commander: Col. Michael P. Saulnier Surgeon General said of all the Army values hospital’s new sign. Allgood said the family
Public Affairs Officer: Ronald Inman
of the MWR sponsored “Ride Free” “Couldn’t be more proud.”
Harley giveaway, in which one lucky Allgood lived by, the one he embodied
Staff Writer: Sgt. Na Kyung Chul
Staff Writer: Cpl. Jang Won il winner will walk away with a brand
This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for new Harley Davison motorcycle.
members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Attendees can expect to catch a
Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of,
or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of De-
glimpse of the AFN Eagle, who will
fense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of make appearances throughout the day.
this weekly publication is the responsibility of the IMCOM-
Korea, Public Affairs, APO AP 96205. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way con-

AFN service outage in Seoul area
nected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written
contract with the Contracting Command-Korea. The AFN The Eagle 102.7 FM radio and
civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising.
The appearance of advertising in this publication, including over-the-air television programming will
inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement be off the air in the Seoul area July 7-10
by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or ser-
vices advertised. Everything advertised in this publication and July 22-30. Contractors will be
shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage performing routine maintenance on the
without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin,
age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation,
Namsan tower antenna. TV reception by
or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or satellite decoder and MWR cable systems
patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity will not be affected. Thunder AM in
policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse
to print advertising from that source until the violation is Seoul will not be affected. The Multicare Unit Wing at Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital was unveiled with a
corrected. ribbon cutting ceremony June 30. Pictured are: Col. Ronald E. Smith Jr., USAMEDDAC-K
and BAACH commander; Lt. Gen. Eric B. Schoomaker, U.S. Army Surgeon General and U.S.
Oriental Press President: Charles Chong
Commercial Advertising Army MEDCOM commander; Col. Clarence D. Turner, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Far
Telephone: 738-5005 or 723-4253 East District commander; and Command Sgt. Maj. Gerald C. Ecker, USAMEDDAC-K.
Fax: (02) 790-5795
E-mail: oppress@kornet.net (Inset) New exterior hospital sign unvield June 30. — U.S. Army Photos
Mail address: PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP 96206-0758
Location: Bldg. 1440, Yongsan, Main Post

IMCOM-Korea Safety Update
Phone: DSN 724-TMCW (8629)
Fax: DSN 724-3356
E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly @korea.army.mil
101 Critical Days: Enjoying fireworks shows safely
Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center Only use fireworks outdoors. and understand exactly what it will do.
nRead and follow all warnings and Preplanning makes for a safe and fun
Visit us online In the past decade, fireworks injuries instructions before igniting the fireworks. backyard fireworks display.”
have declined almost 70percent reports nObey all local laws regarding the use Fireworks are dangerous and pose
The Morning Calm the National Council on Fireworks of fireworks. risk, yet if bought from a licensed store
imcom.korea.army.mil Safety; however, each year individuals n Ensure that spectators are out of the or stand and handled correctly, they can
still receive injuries while improperly range of the fireworks. be enjoyable.
handling fireworks, especially children. nOnly light fireworks outside on a According to the Center for Disease
Safety measures and the regulating of smooth, flat surface away from the house Control, between June 18 and July 18,
fireworks have contributed to the decrease and flammable materials. If drought 2005, 31 percent of fireworks-related
of firework-related injuries. conditions are present, avoid using injuries involved hands and fingers, 25
“The Consumer Product Safety fireworks altogether. percent eyes and 20 percent the head
Commission and fireworks industry have n Never try to relight fireworks that and face. Blindness, third-degree burns
done a tremendous job of regulating have not fully functioned. and permanent scarring are some of
fireworks,” said Ralph Apel, President of n Always have a bucket of water, or the serious injuries that can result from
the National Council on Fireworks Safety. water hose, nearby. mishandling fireworks.
“Before fireworks are imported, they are n Alcohol and fireworks never mix! “Soldiers, their Family members
tested in their country of origin, deemed n Parents should pay special attention and friends preferring an alternative
safe and then imported to the U.S.” to children using sparklers. Sparklers to a backyard fireworks display can
Submitting to
The Morning Calm Weekly “All fireworks are dangerous and pose reach temperatures up to 1800 degrees check within their local communities
Send Letters to the Editor, guest commentaries, risk, yet if bought from a licensed store Fahrenheit and could cause serious injury and installations for public displays
story submissions and other items: Morning- if not handled correctly. conducted by professionals,” added
or stand and handled correctly, they can
be enjoyable,” said COL. Glenn Harp, “Many times consumers don’t prepare Harp.
For all submitted items include a point of con- Deputy Commander, U.S. Army Combat for the evening’s fireworks display” said For more information on firework
tact name and telephone number. All items are Readiness/Safety Center. “Know your Apel. “The designated shooter should safety visit the National Council on
subject to editing for content and to insure they prepare a shooting area, assess how many Fireworks Safety Web site at http://
fireworks,” said Harp. “When you purchase
conform with DoD guidelines.
legal fireworks, read the warning label and people will be watching the display and lay www.fireworksafety.com and for more
IMCOM-K Public Affairs know what they’re designed to do.” out a spectator area that is far enough away information on the 101 Critical Days
and the Morning Calm Weekly staff are located The CPSC and NCFS offer safety tips from the shooting site. The shooter should of Summer safety campaign visit https://
in Bldg. 1416, Yongsan Garrison Main Post. carefully read the label of each firework crc.army.mil.
for individuals planning to use fireworks:
For information, call 724-3365.

MP Blotter
The following entries were excerpted from
the military police blotters. These entries
may be incomplete and do not imply guilt
or innocence.

AREA I: Shoplifting; Investigation re-

vealed at 1715 Hrs, 20 JUN 08, SUB-
JECT #1 was observed by WITNESS #1
via CCTV removing two DVD’s and one
music CD from the PX. SUBJECT #1
was apprehended and transported to the
USAG-Casey PMO where SUBJECT #1
was advised of SUBJECT #1 legal rights,
which SUBJECT #1 waived, rendering a
written sworn statement admitting to the
offense. SUBJECT #1 was processed
and released to SUBJECT #1’s unit. The
merchandise was returned to AAFES. Es-
timated cost of value is unknown.

AREA II: Assault Consummated by a Bat-

tery; Underage Drinking; SUBJECT #1
and SUBJECT #2 were involved in a ver-
bal altercation which turned physical when
SUBJECT #1 and SUBJECT #2 struck
each other in the facial area with closed
hands. SUBJECT #2 was transported to
121st CSH where he was treated and
released for injuries consisting of a lac-
eration to his left eye. SUBJECT #1 sus-
tained no visible injuries. On 10 JUN 08,
SUBJECT #1 and SUBJECT #2 reported
to the USAG-Yongsan PMO where they
were advised of their legal rights, which
SUBJECT #1 invoked and SUBJECT #2
waived, rendering a written sworn state-
ment denying the offense. SUBJECT #1
and SUBJECT #2 were processed and
released to their unit. At approximately
1045 Hrs, 12 JUN 08, WITNESS #1 re-
ported to the USAG-Yongsan PMO for
further questioning at which time WIT-
NESS #1 stated SUBJECT #2 grabbed
WITNESS #1’s arm and WITNESS #1 fell
into a wall nearby. WITNESS #1 further
stated WITNESS #1 told SUBJECT #2 to Sgt. 1st Class James Holland Jr., HHB, 6th Bn., 37th FA Regt., 1st HBCT rides a horse at Dragon’s Head Bay, Jeju Island, June 20. The efforts
let go of WITNESS #1 numerous times of 43 outstanding 2nd Infantry Division Soldiers were rewarded with an all-expenses-paid trip to Jeju Island June 20-22. — U.S. Army Photo By
until WITNESS #1 finally yelled at SUB- Sgt. Leith Edgar
JECT #2 and SUBJECT #2 let go. WIT-
NESS #1 rendered a written sworn state-
ment attesting to the incident. SIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Current events and activities
AREA II: Aggravated Assault; Violation of
Punitive Law on Violence Act; SUBJECT
#1 and SUBJECT #2 were involved in a Mud Fest (July 12-20) guide), the Internet, and car TVs. During the event period,
verbal altercation which turned physical Boryeong mud is rich in minerals and good for the skin. The Experience Corner will be held to allow visitors to sample
when SUBJECT #1 slapped the hood high quality sea mud is famous for mud cosmetic products such various products as well as buy some exhibited products at
of SUBJECT #2’s vehicle while passing as mud packs, mud soaps, etc. The Boryeong Mud Festival on a discount. Drawings at the exhibition center give visitors
each other traveling in the opposite di- Daecheon offers a unique experience where children can enjoy the opportunity to win various prizes. In addition, Korean
rection off post. SUBJECT #1 and SUB- a kid-size mud tub, mud sliding, a mud prison and mud hand celebrities will show their cars for visitors to take a look at.
JECT #2 both stopped and approached printing. Also, participants can enjoy muddy wrestling events, or Exhibitions on auto accessories and gadgets will also be
one another. SUBJECT #2 then removed making mud soap. Also, participants can enjoy a high-tech mud held during this time. For more information, visit www.
a wooden sword out of SUBJECT #2’s
massage and soak in a tub of sea-water, all for a moderate fee. tour2korea.com or www.seoulautosalon.net
vehicle and struck SUBJECT #1 in the
waist area once. SUBJECT #1 then re- If you are interested in buying quality mud cosmetic products,
taliated by taking the wooden sword away they are available at the mud cosmetic exhibition for a reasonable Jeju Island
from SUBJECT #2 and struck SUBJECT price. Visit www.mudfestival.or.kr or www.tour2korea.com Jeju is Korea’s largest Island and a popular excursion for
#2 in the head. SUBJECT #1 and SUB- tourists. Located in the center of this volcanic island is Mt.
JECT #2 were apprehended by KNP and Auto Show (July 10-13) Hallasan (a dormant volcano), which is filled with more than
transported to the Yongsan Main KNP Seoul Auto Salon will be held at the COEX Mall in Seoul. The 1,800 species of vegetation, scores of deer, and an ecosystem
Station where SUBJECT #1 and SUB-
fair will be a valuable opportunity to understand the current that will surely amaze. Jeju offers breathtaking views from
JECT #2 were charged by KNP under
RCC ART #212 (Violation of Punitive Law tuning trend industry of Korea as well as of other countries coast to coast, ranging from the waterfalls at Hae-anjidae to
on Violence Act). SUBJECT #1 was re- including Japan, Germany and the US. Annual participation the naturally sculpted cliffs at Jusang Jeolli. Summer is the
leased into MP custody on a CJ form 2 includes 100 domestic and foreign companies, with about perfect time for tourists to enjoy the golden beaches and sea
and transported to the USAG-Yongsan 600 booths in place at the Seoul Auto Salon. Famous tuning vistas. One can enjoy these wonders by hiking, bike riding,
PMO where SUBJECT #1 was advised of companies and international auto parts manufacturers will paragliding, scuba diving, windsurfing, hunting, horseback
SUBJECT #1’s legal rights, which SUB- partake in the fair to release their new technologies and products. riding, swimming, or boating. Jeju also has a wide variety
JECT #1 invoked. SUBJECT #1 was fur- The event will feature a variety of exhibitions featuring current of native foods such as the delicious Jeju tangerines, redtile
ther processed and released to SUBJECT tuning trends for automobiles, parts, products, the tuning auto fish, rice porridge with abalone, pheasant dishes and hair-
#1’s unit. SUBJECT #2 was treated for
interior, tires and motor sports as well as 4-wheelers. Along tail fish soup. For information on Jeju Island, visit www.
SUBJECT #2’s injury consisting of a lac-
eration on SUBJECT #2’s forehead at an with those exhibitions, the IT Exhibition will display many tour2korea.com
unknown hospital. SUBJECT #1 reported IT products including car audios, navigations (a digital road
no injuries.
Source: www.korea.net, www.seoulselection.com, www.hotelnet.com, http://english.tour2korea.com, www.visitseoul.net — No endorsement implied.
http://imcom.korea.army.mil NEWS THE MORNING CALM

Senior leaders come to Korea to


meet Marines ‘eyeball to eyeball’

Marines discuss new
PT uniform, mission
in Korea, future goals
Special to the Morning Calm

The Commandant of the Marine Corps,

Gen. James T. Conway, and the Sergeant
Major of the Marine Corps Carlton W. Kent
met with Marines stationed in Seoul at U.S.
Army Garrison Yongsan to discuss current
events June 24.
Marines were able to ask the
Commandant and Sergeant Major questions
on the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan,
the future of the Marine Corps, tuition
assistance policies, ideas to streamline
information sharing, the Maritime Strategy, Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, Gen.
and the new PT uniform. James T. Conway, shows Marines stationed in
“We enjoy this type of dialogue,” said Seoul the new Marine Corps running suit. —
Conway. “Policy change happens because of Courtesy Photo
this type of eyeball to eyeball interaction.”
One of Conway’s first objectives as relationship with the Korean Marine Corps
Commandant was to grow the Corps in and represent the United States to Korean
a way that maintained its high standards citizens.
while expanding its capabilities. The Corps “You are a long way from the heartland,
is exceeding the growth goals due to great but you are certainly not forgotten,” said
recruiting efforts and high retention rates. Conway.
“The retention of our Marine Corps is During their three day visit, Conway
amazing,” said Kent. “It is all about positive and Kent also traveled to the Republic of
leadership, which is the key to everything. Korea Marine Corps Headquarters in Baran
The Commandant also emphasized and to Camp Mujuk to visit U.S. Marines
the importance of Marines serving in the in Pohang.
Republic of Korea who maintain a strong

IMCOM-K from Page 1

mapped out the Region transformation from the establishment of Pear Blossom PAID ADVERTISING
while vastly improving Readiness and Cottages (facilities that offer support for
Quality of Life,” Wilson said. “From the DA non-command sponsored families who
Community Relations award to EEO, Force live off post) to assisting in the expansion
Protection, Community of Excellence… of schools, youth services and Child
IMCOM-Korea Region has certainly Development Centers, to meet the needs
distinguished itself throughout IMCOM of a community rapidly changing from one
and the Army.” that was non-command sponsored to one
IMCOM-Korea has been key to that is,” the general said.
supporting USFK in normalizing tours,

This week in the Army:

New policy aims to help prevent loss of leave
Servicemembers expecting to lose annual leave on Sept. 30 due to caps on carryover leave
will be the first to benefit from a new policy that allows them to keep more annual leave,
earn or hold on to certain special leave categories, and in some cases, sell back accrued
leave. The new military leave policy, part of the fiscal 2008 National Defense Authorization
Act, allows troops to carry over 75 days rather than the previous 60 days into the next
fiscal year www.army.mil/-news/2008/07/01/10525-new-policy-aims-to-help-prevent-

All-volunteer Army celebrate 35th anniverssary

Today the Army celebrates the 35th anniversary of the end of the draft and the beginning
of the all-volunteer force. On July 1, 1973, President Richard Nixon’s made decision to
call for an all-volunteer Army.

Upcoming change of command ceremony

July 18: 411th Contracting Support Brigade
Colonel Daniel T. Cottrell, 411th Contracting Support Brigade commander will relinquish
command to Colonel Daniel C. Rosso during a change of command ceremony July 18 at
2 p.m. in the Dragon Hill Lodge Oasis Courtyard, USAG Yongsan. For more information,
call DSN 724-6953, Commercial 02-7914-6953.

Lt. Col Kwak, Young Kyun, Republic of Korea Army, 16th Chemical Battalion, 6th Corps Commander (left) and Col. Larry ‘Pepper’ Jackson, USAG-RC garrison commander, sign a memorandum
of agreement certifying the 16th CB’s Chemical, Biological and Radiological support to USAG-RC at the Directorate of Plans, Training and Mobilization and Security office, June 24. — U.S. Army
Photo By Spc. Alun Thomas

Red Cloud, ROK 16TH Chemical BN sign agreement

by Spc. Alun Thomas The agreement confirms the 16th CB’s “Being a Soldier is an honorable and opportunity for both to share ideas in order
USAG-RC Public Affairs support to not only USAG-RC, but also proud profession because sometimes we have to become better war fighters.
USAG-Casey, which falls under the 16th to give our life in defense of our nation,” “The great thing about our two militaries
U.S. Army Garrison RED CB’s area of responsibility as documented Jackson continued. “To be here to sign this is for more than 50 years, we have learned so
CLOUD— A memorandum of agreement in the official memorandum. MOA makes me think of my wife’s uncle much from each other in our mutual defense
was signed between USAG-RC and the “This is an important day for the 2nd who gave his life in the Korean War here of this great nation,” Jackson said. “I look
Republic of Korea Army, 16th Chemical Infantry Division USAG-RC and 16th and I’m proud to be the third generation of forward to having you here to participate
Battalion, 6th Corps, June 24, at the Chemical Battalion,” Jackson said before Jacksons to serve in this country.” in one of our exercises and be assured, you
Directorate of Plans, Training and the signing. “We have had over 50 years Jackson said he was happy to be at all will learn something. Today we signed
Mobilization and Security office, concerning of commitment and friendship between the signing, adding it was a great day to an important document and if we all don’t
the ROK army’s Chemical, Biological and our two nations and for those 50 years we support each other and sign the pinpoint come together to share ideas on how we
Radiological support to USAG-RC. have stood side by side, Soldiers, helping to document. fight a chemical attack, then this document
Signing the agreement was Col. Larry defend this nation.”Jackson said all those in After Jackson and Kwak signed the will be useless.”
‘Pepper’ Jackson, USAG-RC garrison uniform should be proud of their unique agreement, Jackson offered the 16th CB Kwak thanked Jackson and USAG-RC
commander and 16th CB Commander Lt. mission of defending the ways in which an open invitation to participate in an and accepted a commemorative coin from
Col Kwak, Young, Kyun. their families live. exercise at USAG-RC, which would be an the colonel.

Casey 500 go-kart track opens today as safety equipment including helmets, and
The racetrack includes all safety
by Jim Cunningham considerations. Department of
USAG-RC Public Affairs Transportation approved helmets, seatbelts,
and governors, which limit the cars to no
USAG-CASEY—Testing began for the more than 30 miles per hour.
new Casey 500 go-kart track June 27 behind “We have barriers approved and tested
the USAG-Casey main dining facility. The to keep everyone safe on this racetrack,”
track celebrates its grand opening today Saeed said.
during July 4 festivities starting at 11 a.m. “The track will officially open on July 4
“It was brought to my attention we from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.,” said USAG-Casey
could acquire some go-karts from USAG- BOSS President Pfc. Rayen Wiley. “It will be
Humphreys,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Nidal open every weekend Friday through Sunday
Saeed, USAG-Casey garrison Command from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.”
Sgt. Maj. “The karts were lacking a lot of Although the sports department of
spare parts and safety equipment, but we FMWR has no immediate plans to conduct
were able to acquire all they needed with theme competitions at the new racetrack, it
the help of Family Morale, Welfare, and does hold a lot of potential for development,
Recreation.” said Ron Fortin, USAG-RC FMWR
The program came together with the recreation director.
help of Better Opportunities for Single “We will be renting the racetrack out to
and Unaccompanied Soldiers as well as units for functions throughout USAG-RC
FMWR and Directorate of Public Works other days than the weekend when it is in
in producing the racetrack. general use from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.,” Saeed said.
“What we are doing to be successful, “Units will have an opportunity to rent the
we are going to run eight go-karts at a time racetrack for a set fee of $250 from Monday
instead of 20,” Saeed said. “This will keep through Thursday for eight hours. They will
12 go-karts in cue for replacements.” be able to do fund raisers and other functions.
Maintenance is the key to success in The racetrack will be open only during the
running a go-kart track, Saeed explained. summer, spring, and fall. We will close during
Soldiers speed away in their go-karts as the green flag raises at USAG-Casey’s new Casey Support from FMWR allowed the purchasing the winter months. The key is getting people
500 Speedway June 27. — U.S. Army Photo By Jim Cunningham of $50,000 in parts for maintenance as well involved and to enjoy the racetrack.”
www.imcom.korea.army.mil AREA I THE MORNING CALM

News & Notes

Line Dancing at Mitchell’s Club
Learn line dancing at Mitchell’s Club from
5:30 to 6:30 p.m. every Tuesday. For more
information call: 732-8189.

Community Bank Closing

All Community Banks will be closed July
17 for Korean Constitution Day. Yongsan
Community Bank will be closed July 24
from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. for staff training.
For more information call: 721-7792.

New Installation Pass Requests

New application for installation pass re-
quests can be found at http://8tharmy.ko-
rea.army.mil under publications.

New Pay as You Go Bus Route Set

A new pay-as-you-go bus route has been
set up for travel from USAG-Casey to
USAG-RC and Osan effective July 4. For
more information call: 738-3380.

ACAP Counselor Position Warrior Families gather at the Health and Nutrition kiosk during USAG-RC Family Safety Day to find information on health and nutrition. — U.S.
Vacancy Army Photo By Jim Cunningham
ACAP counselors provide direct ACAP
services to transitioning military personnel,
Army civilians, and their family members.
Position requires a Master’s Degree or
Casey holds Family Safety Day most people may not have considered,
such as smoking cessation, and drinking
while pregnant,” said SSgt. James Gavrilov
equivalent and two years experience. For by Jim Cunningham about safety during the summer months and from Camp Stanley ASAP. “This is good
more information call: 730-4033. USAG-RC Public Affairs beyond,” Tarrance said. information to take and spread around to
“The American Red Cross is here today those who practice such risky behavior. The
Full Scholarships Available
USAG-CASEY—The first Family Safety to promote all-around safety for the Family,” mission today is to make all persons we reach
for African Americans to study
Architecture Day was held June 30 at USAG-Casey’s said Kristina Bonic, assistant station manager aware of the dangers in all types of behaviors
Syracuse University has 10 full scholar- Gateway Park. Many booths were on hand for the American Red Cross in USAG-RC. putting themselves at risk for their health
ships available for African Americans inter- with safety information from water safety “We have water safety, cardiopulmonary and legal matters.”
ested in studying Architecture. Ten scholar- offered by the American Red Cross to resuscitation, how to prepare for disaster, “Also we give information about suicide
ships are available. For more information Health and Nutrition offered by USAG-RC how to respond to a Family emergency, prevention and teach people what to do
call: 951-549-3275. Health Promotions. and all around preparing Families for what if they or a friend show the symptoms of
“We are having our Safety Day today emergencies may come their way.” suicide,” said Cheri Okuda, USAG-RC
Spouses Orientation Program Schedule to promote safety awareness with our The American Red Cross on USAG-RC risk reduction coordinator. “We are giving
The Spouses Orientation Program dates
Families as well as with the Soldiers,” said and Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation away military organizers to those who stop
are scheduled for July 8 and 22 at USAG-
Casey and July 15 for USAG-RC. This is a Brian Tarrance, USAG-RC safety director. have teamed together to offer swimming by our kiosk.”
mandatory brief. For more information call: “We are also holding this event to unify lessons to Soldiers and Family members. “I am at the USAG-RC Safety Day to
732-5883. the community; we have a lot of off post Swimming instructors are American Red give Soldiers and their Family member’s
vendors providing free food, we also have Cross certified, Bonic explained. health and safety information,” said Kenneth
Ration Control New Hours the Gateway Club providing free food and “We will offer swimming lessons, how to Cobb, health promotions coordinator for
Ration Control office will be open from the have the 3 Cycle Minds Band come here tread water, and lifeguard instructor classes,” USAG-RC. “I have information about sun
noon to 1:50 p.m. for the nextweek.For from Seoul to entertain for free.” Bonic said. “At this point we are finding how safety; everyone must protect themselves
more information call: 732-6508. On hand to share information with many people are interested in the lessons so from the sun, especially during the summer
Families and Soldiers were the American times and dates are to be determined.” months. Sunglasses, sunscreen and proper
AFAP Conference Held
In Conference Center Red Cross, Army Substance Abuse Program The Alcohol and Drug Control Office clothing on your head are important to
USAG-RC Army Family Action Plan Con- and Health Promotions Program from 18th was on hand to offer information to Soldiers remember.”
ference will be held Nov. 12-14 in USAG- Medical Command. and their Family members regarding alcohol Providing entertainment for the event
Casey Digital Conference Center. For more “This is a great time to bring the and drug awareness. was the musical trio ‘3 Cycle Minds
information call: 732-7314. community together and share information “We offer information about things Band.’

CG’s Mess Surcharge

Persons wishing to eat anywhere but on the
right side table of the headcount area in the
CG’s Mess must pay a waitress surcharge. Sgt. 1st Class
Michael Turrieta
For more information call: 732-9523.

USAG-RC Back Gate Lanes Reduced

The back gate at Red Cloud will be reduced
to one lane of traffic from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
July 5. DPW is removing trees for monsoon
Sgt. 1st Class Michael Turrieta, Hea-
quarters and Headquarters Company,
USAG-RC Pool Tournament USAG-RC, receives the Meritorious Ser-
The USAG-RC Pool Tournament will take vice Medal from Brig.Gen Joe Ramirez,
place at the USAG-Casey CAC tomorrow Assistant Division Commander (Maneu-
at 11 a.m. For more information call: 732- ver) 2nd Infantry Division, at a retirement
7079. ceremony held for Turrieta and nine other
retiring noncommissioned officers at Red
For more news, and up-to-date in- Cloud Gym, June 25. — U.S. Army Photo
formation log on to USAG-RC garri- By Spc. Alun Thomas
son website: http://ima.korea.army.

Entrants in the Senior Men’s Open section of the 2008 Warrior Country Triathlon begin the event with a 400 meter swimming race in staggered lanes at the USAG-Casey, Hanson Field House
pool, June 28. — U.S. Army Photo By Spc. Alun Thomas

Warrior Country Triathlon tests Soldiers endurance

by Spc. Alun Thomas Hovey.
USAG-RC Public Affairs Walsh said he enjoyed the race, having
only taken command of his company several
U S A G C A S E Y — Tw e n t y - t w o days earlier.
competitors tested their stamina in the “It’s great to be at Casey and to be able
2008 Warrior Country Triathlon, June 28, to do this,” Walsh said. “I hadn’t been on
at Hanson Field House, enduring a 400- my bike since October and put it together
meter swim, 20-kilometer bicycle event and last night. I was just hoping to keep up with
a 5-km run. the other old men and certainly did not
Winner of the Men’s Open was Spc. Tyler expect to win.”
Jacobs, USAG-Casey, Headquarters and Walsh said the cycling course was
Headquarters Company, 1-72D Armored challenging, due to the hills and bumps
Regiment, in 1 hour 7 minutes and 31 around Camp Hovey, but found the
seconds. Senior Men’s Open winner was Lt. transition from cycling to running the
Col Patrick Walsh, USAG-Casey, company hardest part of the race.
c o m m a n d e r, “When you get
HHC, 1-72D off your bike and
AR in 1:14.02. “It was a fun race, a good course begin running your
Women’s Open legs aren’t used to it,
winner was 2nd Lt and an impressive turnout.” so they tighten up,”
Raven Donelson, Walsh said. “You
C a m p H o v e y, have to be fit to be
Bravo Company, 2nd Lt. Timothy Cox, USAG-Casey a warrior.”
Brigade Special En t r a n t St a f f
Troops Battalion, Sgt. Fausto Trivino,
in 1:36.23. USAG-Casey, Delta
Men’s Open runner up, 2nd Lt. Timothy Company, 2-9 IN, said this was his first
Cox, USAG-Casey, HHC, 2-9 Infantry, triathlon, and did not have a problem with
said he didn’t train for the triathlon, but the swimming as he swam extensively while
decided to enter the morning of the event at high school.
to have fun. “I have to work on my cycling; however,”
“I wasn’t expecting to place as well as I Trivino said. “The hills around Camp Hovey
did today,” Cox said. “It was a fun race, a were the hardest part for me, but I was happy
good course and an impressive turnout. The to place in the top 10.”
course was flat, Casey doesn’t have many Trivino said this motivated him to
hills, but it helps keep me in shape.” compete in the event.
The swimming portion of the triathlon Brig. Gen Joe Ramirez, assistant division
was first, held at Hanson Field House pool, commander (Maneuver), 2nd Infantry
where competitors were staggered according Division and Command Sgt. Maj. Andreas
to age. This was followed by the bike race Ortiz, 1-72D AR., presented those placing in Spc. Tyler Jacobs, USAG-Casey HHC-1-72D, AR, prepares to cross the finish line on his way
and finally the run. Both courses run the the top three of each group with plaques. to winning the Men’s Open section of the 2008 Warrior Country Triathlon, June 28, at Hanson
length of both USAG-Casey and Camp Field House, in a time of 1:07.31. — U.S. Army Photo By Spc. Alun Thomas

Yongsan wins AT innovation

award for gate renovations
by Kenneth Fidler
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs


Garrison-Yongsan won an antiterrorism Yongsan’s
award from the Installation Management
Command, along with a $75,000 prize. Independence Day
The garrison’s $1.4 million renovation
last summer of the South Post Visitor festival schedule
Center Gate, formerly known as Gate 17, The Yongsan community will
earned the nod as one of the most innovative come together today at the 2008
antiterrorism and force protection projects Independence Day Celebration. All
in IMCOM. activities take place at the Collier
“ The renovations and upgrades Field House complex on South
significantly enhanced our AT and FP Post. It starts at noon and ends
environment for access control points,” with fireworks, starting at 9 p.m.
said Dennis Stockwell, USAG-Yongsan Below is the complete
antiterrorism officer. “We are located in one entertainment schedule:
of the most densely populated areas in Asia
and had some unique challenges to address, A commercial vehicle inspection point is one of the antiterrorism enhancements at the South Post Visitor Noon-12:45 p.m.
Center Gate, which was completely renovated last year. Yongsan won an Installation Management Com-
primarily space and traffic congestion.” Live Bands
mand antiterrorism award for this innovation. — File Photo
Officials renovated and upgraded all
facilities that make up the access control Major features of the gate include: USAG-Yongsan has won an antiterrorism 12:45-1:15 p.m.
gate and the visitor center as a result of n Retractable, reinforced gate that award. It won $25,000 last year for using CYS Youth Dance Performance
recommendations from a 2005 inspection. replaced an old swing fence gate. This also a special X-ray van that randomly inspects 1:15-1:45 p.m.
A USAG-Yongsan committee reviewed widened traffic lanes. parked and moving vehicles for explosive Magic Show
previous inspection results to make sure n  Commercial vehicle inspection point ordnance. “It has increased our detection
the new design complied with current large enough to accommodate trailer trucks. capability by 100 percent,” Stockwell said. 1:45-2:30 p.m.
antiterrorism methods. An overhead canopy allows all-weather The money awarded to the garrison is put Live Bands
The South Post gate is a major entrance protection. Guards inspect an average of 30 back into antiterrorism and force protection
for incoming cargo trucks and connects to a commercial trucks daily. projects. 2:30-3:30 p.m.
major Seoul thoroughfare, Stockwell said. n  New visitor center located away from Yongsan was one of two garrisons in Martial Arts Demonstration
“The city’s population of about 11 traffic operations, with 24-hour access Korea to win an award. USAG-Daegu 2:30-2:50 p.m.
million people creates unique traffic patterns and an expanded parking area. The center won recognition for developing a program International Dance Club
and congestion,” said Jim North, USAG- processes more than 1 million visitors a and initiatives that improved the quality
Yongsan Directorate of Emergency Services year. of protection of families, facilities and 2:50-3:10 p.m.
operations officer, who worked on the “We’re pleased with the result,” North equipment in a post-9/11 operating Watermelon Eating Contest
renovation project. “We worked with our said. “The new gate area not only enhances environment, according to IMCOM’s
Hot pepper Eating Contest
host nation counterparts to make sure security, but gives an overall professional announcement.
we address their concerns, as well, with appearance for both our workforce and our U.S. Army Garrison Fort Hood, Texas, 3:10-3:30
thousands of vehicles coming in from and visitors.” won the top antiterrorism award for Best Limbo Contest
out to a very busy city street.” The is the second consecutive year Installation Program.
3:30-4 p.m.
Naturalization Ceremony
Garrison honors GNP event sponsors 4-4:30 p.m.
“Friendship is a two-way street,” Hall said. “Today, we want to Jazz Band Quades
by David McNally
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs thank you for all you do.” 4:30-5 p.m.
In April, the organization donated more than $40,000 to support DOODROCK Performance
YONGSAN GARRISON — Garrison officials honored local the friendship week event. In the past year, PTP New Seoul Chapter
civic leaders at an appreciation luncheon at Commiskey’s Restaurant donated more than $123,000 to support 27 separate USAG-Yongsan 5-5:30 p.m.
June 23. Good Neighbor events. B-Boys Perform
People-to-People International New Seoul Chapter is a “Without PTP New Seoul Chapter, these events would be no
nonpolitical, nongovernment private organization established where near as successful,” said Garrison Community Relations 5:30-6 p.m.
in 1990. The group has continuously supported the Korean- Officer An Chang-sin. “This group is solely focused on supporting Korean Entertainment
American alliance with a focus on the U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan Yongsan community events that enhance our partnership.” 6-6:15 p.m.
community. People-to-People International is an international organization Children Trash Contest
During the luncheon, Garrison Commander Col. Dave Hall started by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956 to enhance
Appreciation Awards to
presented key organization members with certificates of appreciation American relations throughout the world.
Major Sponsors
and special medallion commander’s coins. The organization’s Web site says the purpose of PTP International
“It is my great honor to be hosting this event,” Hall said. “This is to “enhance international understanding and friendship through 6:15-6:30 p.m.
solidifies our friendship even more... we are truly grateful for all educational, cultural and humanitarian activities involving the Grand Prize Drawing, two Round
you do.” exchange of ideas and experiences directly among peoples of Trip Airline Tickets to the USA
Hall nominated the PTP New Seoul Chapter for an organizational different countries and diverse cultures.”
award from the U.S. Forces Korea Good Neighbor Program in PTP New Seoul Chapter President Hwang Moo-young thanked 6:45- 8 p.m.
April. Hall for the luncheon and reiterated the group’s continued support Sherrie Austin at
“PTP continues stellar support for Yongsan Servicemembers, for enhancing Korean-American relations. Collier Field House
Civilians and Family Members,” Hall wrote in the recommendation. “We are happy to be partners with you,” Hwang said. “Our goal
8-9 p.m.
“PTP is a model organization, reflecting the intents and purpose of is to promote United States and Republic of Korea relations.”
8th US Army Band Concert
the USFK Good Neighbor Program.” The New Seoul Chapter is made up of about 150 Korean
Army Strong Song Fireworks
Hall told the group that without their support, events like the businessmen and women from Seoul.
annual super bowl party, the KATUSA-U.S. Soldier Friendship “We hope to continue strengthening the bonds of friendship 9 p.m.
Week, the July Fourth extravaganza and the Yongsan Fall Festival between out two nations and express appreciation to American Fireworks
would not be the same. Servicemembers,” Hwang said.
http://yongsan.korea.army.mil AREA II THE MORNING CALM

News & Notes

Volunteer Recognition Ceremony
Fire chief one of Army’s best
The U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan Volun- Korea region winner named #2 civilian officer worldwide
teer of the Quarter Recognition Ceremo-
ny is 1-3 p.m. July 9 at the Community by Cpl. Im Jin-min
Service Building. Officials will name the USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs
youth and adult volunteers of the quarter.
The community is invited to attend. YONGSAN GARRISON — A Yongsan Fire Department
assistant fire chief is one of the Army’s best.
Motorcycle Safety Classes Bradley Bowling was recently named runner-up in the civilian
Motorcycle riders must complete a safety fire officer of the year category of the 2007 U.S. Army Fire and
course before operating a motorcycle. Emergency Services Awards. He was the Korea Region’s Fire Officer
The Basic Riders Course is a two-day of the Year, as well.
session covering fundamentals to be- Alex Temporado, U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan’s fire chief, said
come a safe and responsible motorcycle
the news was a “pleasant surprise” for the fire department team.
driver. The Experienced Riders Course is
“His reward is a reflection of everybody’s hard work,” Temporado
a six-hour program designed to enhance
skills. The basic course will be held July said. “Brad’s efforts pay off in better training for our firefighters and
14-15 and July 28-29. The experienced better service for our community, and we are proud of him.”
course is set for July 14 and July 28. Reg- Some of Bowling’s accomplishments include training 64 fire Yongsan Assistant Fire Chief Bradley Bowling confers with assistant chief Chon
istration is required. For information, call firefighters, conducting 150 fire drills and 89 aircraft pilot egress Pyong-mo during an exercise. Bowling was recently named one of the Army’s
010-8913-5148. exercises, and teaching more than 540 classes. He also has helped top civilian fire officers of the year for 2007. — File Photo
teach Seoul Fire Academy personnel under a cooperative partnership
Univ. of Oklahoma Master’s Program with Korean fire departments. Bowling has been in the firefighting business 15 years. He was
Enrollment is ongoing for the University of “It’s a big honor, especially at Army level,” Bowling said. “It was a volunteer firefighter before he joined the Marine Corps in 1993.
Oklahoma’s master’s in public administra- While on active duty, he continued to serve as a volunteer firefighter.
great to win at the Korea region level, but when you’re talking about
tion program at Yongsan. Graduate class-
every fire department in the Army … that means an awful lot. A lot When he separated in 1997, he joined federal civilian service as a
es are one week long and offered at night
and on weekends. Degree requirements of it is the environment at Yongsan. Our leadership here is extremely full-time firefighter at Fort Lee, Va. He leaves this summer to a new
can be completed in 12 to 18 months. For supportive of the ideas we have to improve what we do.” assignment at Sigonella Naval Air Station, Italy.

ACS explains SOFA stamp, A3 Visa procedures

information, call Kelly Wilmeth 723-4181.

July ACS Classes

Army Community Service offers free
classes ranging from learning Korean to by Katy Hussey-Sloniker “dependent” of military forces assigned to be at the full service Korean Immigration
discovering Seoul. Following classes are Army Community Service Korea. If the wrong visa was issued before Offices located within Seoul that are just a
scheduled in July at the Community Ser- coming to Korea or you entered in a tourist subway ride away. Their locations are in
vice Building: YONGSAN GARRISON — We have status, Korean Immigration officials will Mok-dong, Anguk and Sejongno. Service
n  English as a second language: not be sympathetic if more than 60 days offered is “first come, first served” so make
all heard the two words “SOFA stamp” at
Mondays and Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 lapse before you make an application for sure to pull a number when you enter the
some point during our tours in Korea. For
p.m. The classes are designed to assist
some of us, we ignore it – “it doesn’t apply the correct visa. office. English is a language that many
foreign-born dependents of U.S. Service-
to me.” For others, the mere mention of Make sure that you receive a “multiple Koreans study from elementary school,
members looking to improve English lan-
guage skills. Call 738-7505. the words brings confusion, frustration entry” visa when applying for the A3. This so many personnel will be able to help.
n  American citizenship and culture: and anxiety. allows you to enter and exit Korea without Directions are listed on an A3 Visa and
Prepare and practice for upcoming citi- Quite simply, anyone entitled to this having to renew the visa. SOFA Stamp application packet for pick
zenship topics through the ACS American Status of Forces Agreement status (primarily up at ACS, Bldg. S4106, room 115. ACS
Culture Discussion Group. The group military and civilian Family Members of Who is responsible for getting a Family staff are always willing to help prescreen
meets every Friday in Room 124 from assigned personnel) entering the Republic Member their SOFA Stamp/A-3 Visa? your application prior to going over to the
4:30-5:30 p.m. Call 738-7186. of Korea with a passport must obtain a The military or civilian member and that Korean Immigration Office.
n  Korean language and culture class: person’s assigned unit are responsible for n U S AG - Yo n g s a n AC S o f f e r s a
SOFA verification stamp in addition to a
Learn to read basic Korean letters and ensuring each Family member assigned to coordinated service with Korean Immigration
category “A-3” Visa to reside.
learn Korean phrases to improve your
You are required to receive your SOFA them has their A-3 Visa and SOFA stamp. on the second and fourth Tuesdays during
cultural experience in Yongsan. Classes
stamp within 30-60 days of arrival in Many units arrange the SOFA stamps for the fall, winter and Spring, from 2-5 p.m.
are held Tuesday and Thursdays 5:30-
6:30 p.m. Pre-enrollment is required. Call country. This does not mean that all U.S. their own personnel. Some organizations During these summer months, this service
738-7505. Family members in Korea will have an allow in-processing time for their personnel is increased to every Tuesday from 2-5
n  Seoul Secrets Korean food discov- A3 Visa and SOFA stamp. Some Family to receive stamps for Family Members. And p.m. The service is limited to those who
ery: Learn Korean food names, discuss Members are Korean citizens and require no if you are a Family Member assigned to Area have signed into our SOFA log and have
restaurant etiquette, and eat in a local Visa or stamp. Other Family Members work I and living in the USAG-Yongsan area, the scheduled appointments. Appointments are
Korean restaurant touted as a “hidden outside the garrison gates and are required 1st Replacement Company Area I liaisons made based on the date of signing the log;
secret” by community members. The to have any variety of work Visa deemed by can assist with acquiring your A3 Visa and those to be scheduled for an appointment
class is 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. July 9. Call 738- SOFA Stamp. will be notified by email two weeks prior
the Korean Immigration Office.
7505. to their appointment date.
What is important to know is the “whys”
n  Sponsorship training: Are you a unit
and “how-tos” to obtain the SOFA stamp. What happens if I do not renew my A-3 ACS is limited to 50 passports per
trainer looking for a class that offers train-
Visa in a timely manner? Tuesday. Some community members
ing in a unique and motivating manner?
Schedule your next sponsorship training What does the SOFA stamp do for me? Many personnel like Korea so much, signing into the log have multiple Family
class at 738-7186. The U.S. government has a stationing they extend their tours. This causes A-3 members; therefore, during high peak move
n  Operation Smooth Move: Gain tips agreement with every country that hosts Visas and SOFA stamps to expire. You must seasons, your wait could exceed the 30-60
and information about moving or learn U.S. military forces. The SOFA defines the be mindful to avoid this problem. Allowing day window. Walk-ins are not available; the
about your new duty station. The next legal rights and obligations of SOFA status these to expire could result in daily fines service is by appointment only.
class is 1-2:30 p.m. July 25. Schedule in- personnel and exempts personnel from the and being held in Korea until the proper n  Another option for many is Osan AB.
dividual counseling by calling 738-7505. Korean Immigration laws relating to alien paperwork is completed. Fines can be as Osan is a port of embarkation and has a full
n  Relationship enhancement program: high as $65 per day and are issued at the service customs/immigration office located
registration and control only.
Family Advocacy holds quarterly work- discretion of an immigration officer. in its Air Mobility Command Terminal.
The SOFA stamp registers the person
shops on establishing and maintaining
and identifies them as having protections The office is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday
healthy relationships for couples. For in-
and rights under our SOFA agreement. How do I get the visa and SOFA stamp? through Friday. Service is offered “first
formation, call 738-3034 or 738-7075.
n  Stress and anger management: Having a SOFA stamp does not exempt any by To
get anFidler
A-3 Visa and/or SOFA stamp come, first served,” but usually only takes
their capability to deal with chemical
Family Advocacy also holds a stress and person from abiding by our host nation’s USAG-Yongsan
is actually quitePublic Affairs
easy. USAG-Yongsan about 15-20 minutes.
anger management workshop 1:30-3:30 laws. is located in Seoul, the capital of South Getting the A3 Visa and SOFA stamp
YONGSAN GARRISON – Yongsan The specialized equipment, provided by
p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of each Korea. We have many options available at is normally a routine and simple process.
firefighters recently gained $100,000 in Yongsan’s 121st Combat Support Hospital,
month in Room 124. For information, call What about the A-3 Visa? our disposal: But forgetting to renew or not even getting
738-5150. protective will bring more protection to firefighters.
The A-3 Visa is required in the Republic n The firefighting equipment,
primary location for increasing
receiving one in the first place could be costly in the
“The hospital had this extra equipment,
of Korea and denotes the bearer as a any Korean immigration service would long-run.
so we are very appreciative of the staff for


Pvt. Choi Keun-woo Pfc. Lee Min-hwi

Children’s reading program

opens ‘world of exploration’
by Pvt. Choi Keun-woo and Pfc. Lee Min-hwi become creative readers,” Kim said.
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs The children meet Tuesdays at the Moyer
Theater in two sessions, one for preschoolers and
YONGSAN GARRISON — “I think that we one for school-age children.
should teach young children to enjoy reading. “Every week, we try to bring guests who have
Reading is actually a key that opens up the whole expertise in regard to the themes of each week,”
world. They can virtually learn anything.” Kim said. “All of these guests grew up going to
Those words from Maj. Daniel Pletsch sum libraries, so their experience would help, too.”
up why the Yongsan Library organizes the annual The second week’s theme was “Catch the
summer reading program, which started June 17 Reading Bug” featuring an entomologist from
and runs through July 29. the hospital and his displays of bugs.
“When children start reading at young age, “Personally, I believe that this will help the
they will gradually build up curiosity to read on children understand that not all insects are
their own, and the whole world is open up to bad, but some of them are really good for our
them for their exploration,” said Pletsch, the chief environment,” said Lt. Col. Jason Pike, the 18th
of pastoral care at the 121st Combat Support Medical Command command entomologist and
Hospital and a guest storyteller. “Reading is the consultant.
most important skill children can ever get.” Appropriately, the books Pike read were titled
Children should be encouraged to make a “Big Bug Surprise” and “I Love You Stink Bug.”
habit of reading books, said Dr. Esther Kim, Ten-year-old Sumaiya Irfan saw how using
the Installation Management Command-Korea mosquito repellent really worked. “I think it was
region librarian. In summertime, although cool and fun. I could put my hand into a net filled
children have many other activities, she said the with mosquitoes and it was the coolest thing.”
Pfc. Lee Min-hwi
library holds a “world of exploration” at their Lucy Yi, mother of 4-year-old Alexander, said
(Clockwise from top left) Guest storyteller Donna Winzenried reads at the Yongsan
fingertips. her son “loves to read. Coming here and listening
Summer Reading Program’s first session. Young readers get a close-up of various
“We prepared this program to help children to stories was a good opportunity for both of us. types of insects during the second session’s “Catch the Reading Bug” theme. Volun-
develop a habit of reading books and to help them I hope that he will continue to read.” teer Terri Bryant gathers kids on stage to perform the “Bug Dance.”


Susan Patten Why is volunteering important? moment when they achieve some new aspect
Volunteering is important because it of leadership and development.

olunteers make a big impact on the fulfills that “pay it forward” moment where
community. Some volunteers make you can give to someone else knowing that What do you like about where you
lasting impressions on the people somewhere down the road they will give to volunteer?
around them wherever they go. another, remembering the moment when I love the Girl Scouts. It’s been said I
Susan Patten is one such community they were helped along the way. eat, sleep and breathe Girl Scouting and
member, putting in an average of 30 hours that is probably verifiable by my extremely
a week with the USA Girl Scouts Overseas Why do you volunteer? supportive husband, Michael. In three
around her full-time job at the U.S. Army I love fulfilling my destiny as a servant to tours, I have over 11 years in the Yongsan
Susan Patten — Courtesy photo Garrison-Yongsan Directorate of Public mankind. It is very rewarding to see young Community -- it is absolutely the very best
Works. women and adult volunteers have that “a-ha” place to live, work and VOLUNTEER!

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, call the U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan volunteer coordinator at 738-7510 or the American Red Cross at 738-3670.
http://yongsan.korea.army.mil AREA II THE MORNING CALM


Be Smart, Do Your Part - VOTE!

Voting is the most important right we helping shoppers at the Main Exchange
have as citizens of a democracy. For those of complete their requests for absentee ballot.
us overseas, it doesn’t matter how far away Today, during our July Fourth celebration,
we are from the United States, our votes the Veterans of Foreign Wars will offer the
still count. same service at their booth.
During a presidential election, when Armed Forces Voters Week will be held
millions of people exercise Aug. 31 – Sept. 7, and our
the right to vote, you might Register to Vote local chapter of the Alpha
think that your single vote in 4 Easy Steps Phi Alpha Fraternity will
won’t make a difference. Even be assisting with setting
if the candidates you support STEP 1 up registration drives. The
aren’t elected, you’ve still had a Complete and mail Federal fraternity has already held
hand in shaping the country’s Post Card Application Form eight separate voter drives,
future. (SF 76) registering over 200 people.
History has proven that The last event is Absentee
one vote can make a huge Voting Week Oct. 12-18. This
Local Election Official
difference. In 1845, one approves registration
all leads up to making sure
vote brought Texas into the request or requests further you are registered and have
union. In 1876, one vote put information. sent in your absentee ballot
Rutherford B. Hayes into before the Nov. 4 general
the White House. In 1960, STEP 3 election.
one vote per precinct elected Local Election Official mails The key document here is
John F. Kennedy. Nationally, absentee ballot to voter the Registration and Absentee
Kennedy beat Richard Nixon address Ballot Request-Federal Post
by just over 114,000 votes. Card Application (Standard
In a country of dozens of STEP 4 Form 76a). It is a postage-
Citizen votes using the
millions, that’s a slim margin. free postcard, printed and
absentee ballot and mails it
So, your vote does count. to the Local Election Official
distributed by the Federal
At Yongsan, we’re bringing in time to meet state Voting Assistance Program for
the voting message to the deadlines. use by absentee voters.
community through several Don’t wait to send it! The
venues. This past week was web site www.fvap.gov has
Overseas Voting Registration Week, the links and instructions on filling out the
first of three non-partisan voter registration registration card, and it’s a simple process.
drives you’ll see here and at military Or, better yet, get in touch with your
installations around the world. The Yongsan unit voting assistance officer for more
area Girl Scouts kicked it off Saturday by personalized assistance.

Girl Scouts want you to vote!


Girl Scouts (from left) Allie Rios, Gabi Moreau and Isabelle Moreau help Carl Reed, Yongsan Main Ex-
change store associate, complete his application for an absentee ballot Saturday. Yongsan area Girl
Scouts kicked off Federal Voting Assistance Program’s Overseas Voting Registration Week encouraging
community members to register to vote. The Scouts set up a table at the Main Exchange and helped
voters complete the Federal Post Card Application, which is the registration and request for absentee
ballot. “I grew up fighting for the right to vote,” said Reed, a Yongsan Main Exchange store associate. “It
means something special to me because it means that I have a voice.” — U.S. Army Photo By Pvt. Choi

Department of Defense and Department of Education signs agreement

by Margaret McKenzie unique challenges military children face as partnership.” education he attended.
FMWRC Public Affairs they transition from one school to another England said his children are products “The one thing I took away from that
as their parents are assigned to different of the public school system and that meeting was the absolute commitment
WASHINGTON – Deputy Secretary installations. he graduated from the University of from command and senior leadership of our
of Defense Gordon England and Deputy “We have a long-standing, positive Maryland. Armed Forces for a quality education for
Secretary of Education Raymond Simon working relationship with the Department “I will tell you something about our their children,” he said. “That commitment
signed an agreement at the Pentagon, June of Education,” said England. “The on- magnificent men and women who serve this included the personal attendance, for
25, to work together to ease transition going relocation within the Department great nation,” England said. “They will give several hours, of the commanding general
challenges for military children. of Defense has created an urgent need their lives and limbs for their country; they of the U.S. Army in Europe. For him
The Memorandum of Understanding to enrich and expand this relationship will not sacrifice their children.” and for the other commanders present,
formalizes the partnership between the and other partnerships with military- He said children of military members access to the finest schools with the most
two agencies. The agreement is designed connected communities to ensure the have the right to an outstanding education outstanding teachers for their children was
to establish a collaborative framework best possible educational opportunities and will not relocate where they don’t have non-negotiable.”
between the Department of Defense and for military students. This memorandum good schools. Five children participated in the signing
the Department of Education to address the of understanding strengthens that “That is where they draw the line and ceremony. Jhendayi Bryant, Aaron Naquin,
they are right,” England said. “Their children Rebekkah Orrell, Daniel Lind and Justyce
deserve to have a good education and so we Graves recited the Pledge of Allegiance as
have an obligation both as a department their parents looked on.
and as a nation to make sure not just the “It is a great honor to be here, said Maj.
children of the military, but frankly all the Gregory Orrell, Rebekkah’s father. “I think
children of the United States of America get this is really special for my daughter to see
the absolutely finest education.” something that will affect her for most of her
Thousands of military students are school years, especially with the amount of
moving as a result of base realignment and times that I will move in my career. This is
closure, as a result of global rebasing and something that will affect her life.”
other force structure changes. Rebekkah said it was fun and she was
Of the 1.2 million school-age military excited.
students, only eight percent attend “The agreement we sign today will honor
DoD schools; the remaining 92 percent that commitment and honor the sacrifices
attend America’s public, charter, private, these families make every day,” Simon said.
independent and parochial schools across “By working more closely together, by
the nation. working smarter together we can help ensure
In his opening remarks, Deputy Secretary that the unique needs of these children to
Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England and Deputy Secretary of Education Raymond of Education Raymond Simon talked about learn and have access to first-class teacher
Simon signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the Pentagon formalizing a partnership his participation in a school accreditation and support programs are more fully met,
between both departments to provide the educational opportunities for military students June process in Germany and a meeting of the no matter where in the world they are
25 at the Pentagon. advisory council on military dependents deployed.”
http://imcom.korea.army.mil NEWS THE MORNING CALM

Korea Region EEO manager named best in Army

by Kenneth Fidler want to give managers the opportunity to fix by implementing region-wide use of the Alston has been the Daegu EEO officer
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs it before it gets worse, because the longer the DOD’s Investigations and Resolutions for almost four years, much of that time the
problems lay there, the worse it becomes.” Division electronic file transfer system. This only Garrison EEO officer in Korea. She

arbara Quillin has a simple theory: When she arrived in Korea in April 2007, allows instant sharing of documents with said Quillin came in and revived a region
“If you just help one person at a investigators in the United States and took program by providing oversight, guidance
time and that’s all you do, at least weeks off the administrative time to process and a positive influence to the field offices.
you’re making some progress for some- an investigation. “We don’t have much flexibility in our
body.” nMade it tougher to approve extensions program because of the laws and regulations
It’s a philosophy that has served her well past the 30-day mark to file a formal under which we execute our commanders’
over her 25-year federal career and most complaint. “We’ve got everyone completing EEO program,” Alston said. “Since Barbara
recently earned her the Secretary of the their complaints in 30 days or less the arrived, though, she has really helped relieve
Army Award for Outstanding Achievement informal stage,” she said. the pressure of facilitating our processes
for Equal Employment Opportunity-EEO nCreated a common computer drive within region and IMCOM headquarters.
Professional Category for 2007, after so each garrison EEO office in Korea can She has formed a team environment among
only seven months as the Installation share documents easier. “If a Garrison EEO the garrison EEO officers which keep us
Management Command-Korea EEO officer will be gone for an extended period on point!”
director. of time, we can have them upload all their Helping others is a trait that she said
“It makes me feel good to touch people’s documents to that drive and we can manage she’s always enjoyed about her work in
lives,” she said. “That why I love my job so their cases from here,” Quillin said. “We EEO, which began in the early 90’s when
much.” don’t want customers to wait.” Quillin was working with the Patriot Missile
She manages the Korea Region EEO nEstablished quarterly meetings with all Defense system at Fort Bliss, Texas.
program, which is designed to provide an garrison EEOs to discuss issues as a group, She saw an announcement for an EEO
environment free of unlawful employment look at training schedules and detail EEOs collateral duty counselor, an additional duty
discrimination for all U.S. civilian employees. to cover another’s extended absence. “We that would take up about 20 percent of her
It is based on federal laws and includes the never cancel training at a Garrison,” she time. “I thought, ‘Wow this sounds really
EEO complaint program and affirmative said. “We dispatch someone else to cover exciting.’ So I put in for it and my supervisor
employment program, along with special Barbara Quillin for them.” agreed. I started counseling and just loved
emphasis programs that overcome barriers She credits former IMCOM-Korea it. Every one around me immediately said,
restricting equal employment opportunities Commanding General Brig. Gen. Al Aycock ‘Looks like you’re in the wrong business.’ I
for women, minorities and individuals with she immediately put in action processes that with “an incredible amount of unwavering decided they were right.”
disabilities. paid off at previous assignments. support for EEO at the region. Under his That was in 1993. In 1997, she was hired
When an employee visits EEO for “I like to always try to improve the leadership and support, all Garrisons were as a full-time EEO complaints manager
assistance, Quillin believes it’s important to program,” she said. “When this program is staffed with EEO managers and have Special at the Fort Bliss office and formalized her
resolve the problem fast. Federal law allows broke, then we’re hurting the people who Emphasis committees for the first time since career shift.
the EEO program up to 30 days to resolve come to us for help. We are not giving them IMCOM’s inception,” she said. “My career just changed,” she said. “I
a complaint at what’s called the informal “due process” that they are entitled to in a She was also recognized for her personal just love it so much. I like to fix things and
stage before the employee can file a formal timely fashion. “ interest in training and mentoring new EEO put puzzle pieces together, and I had a high
complaint. But she prefers complaints to be Some of the improvements she made officers to help develop their career paths. resolution rate. The lawyers at Bliss said I
solved as quickly as possible. were: “I’ve mentored people for a long time,” wrote the best reports they’ve ever seen.”
“We do a lot of mediation and settle cases n Set up Special Emphasis Program she said. “It’s one of the things in life that She moved to Bad Kreuznach, Germany,
that way so they don’t go forward further,” committees to promote employment gives me the most pleasure.” in 1999 as the EEO officer, then returned to
she explained. “Many complaints can be opportunities for women, minorities and At U.S. Army Garrison-Daegu, Fort Bliss two years later as the complaints
settled quickly that way if we can just get individuals with disabilities and address the furthest garrison from the region manager and disability program manager.
people to talk. Many situations occur just issues. headquarters, EEO officer Christine Alston In 2003, she moved to the Army’s Tank and
because of a lack of communication. We nShortened complaint processing times no longer feels “as if I’m out here alone.” –See EEO, Page 18–

July 4-10

Today Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Casey Baby Mama Made of Honor Speed Racer Get Smart Speed Racer Made of Honor Deception
730-7354 (PG13) 6:30 p.m (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 7:30 p.m. (PG) 7:30 p.m. (PG13) 7:30 p.m. (R) 7:30 p.m.
Henry Incredible Hulk Incredible Hulk Incredible Hulk Made of Honor No Show No Show Speed Racer
768-7724 (PG13) 7 p.m (PG13) 7 p.m (PG13) 7 p.m (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG) 2 p.m.
Humphreys Get Smart Get Smart Get Smart Speed Racer The Ruins Made of Honor Made of Honor
753-7716 (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m.
Hovey 88 Minutes Get Smart Deception Baby Mama Get Smart The Ruins Speed Racer
730-5412 (R) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m
Kunsan Deception The Ruins Sex in the City No Show No Show No Show Deception
782-4987 (R) 6 p.m. (R) 10:30 p.m. (R) 8:30 p.m. (R) 6 p.m.
Osan Indiana Jones Indiana Jones Baby Mama Made of Honor Made of Honor Sex in the City Sex in the City
784-4930 (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8:30 p.m (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m.
Red Cloud Get Smart Made of Honor Deception Baby Mama Speed Racer No Show Deception
732-6620 (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (R) 8 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m (PG) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m.
Stanley Made of Honor The Ruins Prom Night Made of Honor No Show Deception Deception
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Yongsan I
(G) 8:30 p.m. (G) 8 p.m. (G) 8 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m.
Wall-E Wall-E Wall-E Indiana Jones Fred Claus Fred Claus Penelope
Yongsan II (G) 8:30 p.m. (G) 8 p.m. (G) 8 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m.
(PG) 6 p.m.
Yongsan III The Ruins The Ruins Speed Racer Speed Racer Baby Mama Baby Mama Baby Mama
738-7389 (R) 6:30 p.m. (R) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m (PG13) 6 p.m (PG13) 6 p.m

Area I Worship Schedule Each day is chance to celebrate spirit

Protestant Services
of independence, freedom of faith
Sunday 1000 Camp Casey Stone Chapel
Sunday 1000 Camp Stanley Chapel by Chaplain (Capt.) Tony A. Hampton On a similar note, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated,
Sunday 1030 Camp Casey West Casey Chapel 4-7 CAV Squadron Chaplain “We are not free until all of us are free”. Celebrate your
Sunday 1100 CRC Warrior Chapel independence every day, but be willing to intervene
Sunday 1100 Camp Casey Crusader Chapel As our nation celebrates its 232nd anniversary to make others free. This is why we proudly say, “We
Sunday 1100 Camp Hovey Chapel of independence from England, let us think about fight tonight”.
the words, “No man is an island.” Whether you are As I prepare this, my thoughts are engulfed with the
Gospel practicing your faith or have no faith, it is understood beauty of a young boy as his mother begins to teach
Sunday 1100 Camp Casey Memorial Chapel that most of us believe in some form him how to tie his shoes. Day
Sunday 1100 Camp Stanley Chapel
of a higher power. “...if we are to feel truly indepen- after day she hopes that he will
Hindus find sacredness in get it right. As time goes on, they
animals; Buddhists meditate in
dent we must accept the fact that experience the joy of the young
COGIC Sunday 1230 CRC Warrior Chapel
the path of the Buddha; Pagans all of us are here for a purpose. boy finally getting the concept
in the four elements of the earth: and purpose of the training. One
KATUSA Sunday 1930 CRC Warrior Chapel
water, land, fire and wind; Muslims
If we are to know real indepen- day, as she prepares to help him
Sunday 1300 Camp Jackson Auditorium
Tuesday 1900 Camp Stanley Chapel call this higher power Allah and dence (freedom) we must learn tie his shoes, he stops her and
Tuesday 1840 Camp Casey Stone Christendom calls on the name of says, “That’s alright Mommy, I
to love and live together while can do it by myself ”. The Mother
Tuesday 1800 Camp Castle Chapel
Tuesday 1830 Cp Casey Memorial This makes all of us dependent we are here on this earth.” is happy but now she realizes he
Tuesday 1830 Camp Hovey Chapel on a higher power. In other words, is becoming independent.
Thursday 1830 Cp Casey West Casey we need someone or something Chaplain (Capt.) Tony A. Hampton One day, while riding his
to intervene in order for us to feel 4-7 CAV Squadron Chaplain bicycle, he falls and scratches
Catholic Mass independent. his knee and he quickly runs to
Sunday 1300 Camp Stanley Chapel However we put it, if we are Mommy for help. Independence
Sunday 0900 CRC Warrior Chapel to feel truly independent we must accept the fact that is good; but, as I stated earlier, we need each other.
Sunday 1215 Camp Casey West Casey Chapel all of us are here for a purpose. If we are to know real At a time when we as Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen,
Sunday 0930 Camp Hovey Chapel independence (freedom) we must learn to love and live Marines, family members and civilians who support
together while we are here on this earth. our great military are fighting to ensure independence,
Later Day Saints
During this period those of us in the military may let us come together on this peninsula and celebrate
Sunday 1400 Camp Casey West Casey Chapel
find it difficult to deal with the conflicts going on around our freedom (independence) as well as the freedom of
2ID Division Chaplain (LTC) Frank Jackson:
the world. John F. Kennedy said it best in his inaugural others. Never forget our mission: to help bring those
franklin.jackson@korea.army.mil, DSN 732-7998 address, “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us who are less fortunate than we into the celebration of
USAG-Red Cloud Chaplain (MAJ) Carol Highsmith: well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, independence with us. In independence, we find, we
carol. highsmith@korea.army.mil, 732-6169 meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, are interdependent. That is why “Friendship is essential
in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.” to the soul”. Happy Independence Day!
http://imcom.korea.army.mil FEATURE THE MORNING CALM

Boseong, birthplace of Korean tea, beckons

Daegu Soldiers, community invited to see the sights surrounding them in Sobaek

Story and Photos by Jang Jin-young

BOSEONG – Boseong County, which accounts for about 40

percent of all domestic green tea production in Korea, is located in
Sobaek. It is considered the birthplace of the nation’s tea industry
and is regarded as its best. Early May marks the beginning of the
first harvest and coincides with the Boseong Green Tea Festival, or
the Dahyangje, in this reclusive southwestern retreat.
Daehan Tea Plantation is Korea’s largest and the first to begin
producing tea in Boseong in 1957. The entrance is located just off
National Road No. 18 at the end of a path through a dense forest,
with a picturesque narrow road lined by cedar trees. At the end of
the road is a small cluster of buildings beyond which lie 40 acres of
terraced green tea, climbing to 1,150 feet. The mystique of the field
is reportedly at its best during the spring months when the early
morning fog blankets the tea garden stairway.
May through June is the best time to experience a relaxing and
invigorating walk through the tea fields, while July and August are
the best time to visit for those who want to combine it with a day of
fun in the sand and sun at Yeulpo Beach.
For more information on Boseong, visit the county website at
http://imcom.korea.army.mil NEWS THE MORNING CALM

New bus service between Casey,

Red Cloud, Osan announced
Effective today, Myung Jin and New Friday afternoons after 5 p.m., weekends between Casey and Red Cloud is $2.50.
This new bus service is for all U.S. Armed
Kyungdong Tour Bus Company pay-as- and U.S. Legal and training holidays. Fares
Forces Identification Card holders for leisure –USAG-Y–
you-go bus will provide new bus service for Casey to Red Cloud to Osan are $11.50
between Camp Casey, USAG Red Cloud for adults, $5.75 for children under 12 year travel to and from Osan Air Base and will
Intramural Softball League play:
and Osan Air Base. Operation dates are of age. The fare for passengers travelling reduce travel time.
CRUS 17 41 Sig 0
Sockor 22 41 Sig 3
Suslak 16 Sockor 5
Casey-Red Cloud-Osan Suslak 16 18 Med 12
Saturday-Sunday, U.S. Legal Holiday and Training Holiday AFN 19 19 AG 9
Kanakas 13 AFN 0
18 Med 17 19 AG 2
LV Casey 0800 1000 1330 1530 1830 2030 18 Med 14 CRUS 6
LV Red Cloud 0850 1050 1430 1630 1930 2130 18 Med 19 8th Army 9
AR Osan 1030 1230 1600 1800 2100 2300 19 AG 18 41 Sig 14
Kanakas 17 CRUS 12
CRUS 15 94 MP 11
Suslak 8 41 Sig 3
LV Osan 1100 1300 1600 1800 2100 Suslak 18 AFN 3
AR Red Cloud 1230 1430 1730 1930 2230 CRUS 12 AFN 1
AR Casey 1320 1520 1820 2020 2320 CRUS 13 Kanakas 9
Suslak 16 Kanakas 14
18 Med 13 19 AG 11
Friday Only 18 Med 17 41 Sig 6
94 MP 15 Sockor 13
LV Casey 1730 1830 2030 8th Army 11 94 MP 9
CRUS 9 18 Med 8
LV Red Cloud 1830 1930 2130 HHC 2-2 14 D Co 2-2 Avn 4
AR Osan 2000 2100 2300 D Co 2-2 7 A Co 2-2 Avn 0
D Co 2-2 14 A Co 2-2 Avn 2
Schedule times may vary due E Co 2-2 12 362 Sig 2
LV Osan 2000 2100
AR Red Cloud 2130 2230
to traffic and are not guaranteed

AR Casey 2220 2320 –USAG-D–

Intramural Sports Results 24 - 30 Jun 08

Physical Training program for pregnant, 24 JUN
Daegu Soccer Club has the games 1800, at Kelly Field, Cp
Daegu United (2:1) Nam-bu Police

postpartum Soldiers underway in USFK Branch

Nam-bu Police Branch
Daegu United

Nam-gu District

Daegu Teacher’s
The 18 th Medical Command is and maintain their personal fitness Daegu United (1:1) Jointed 3 teams
supporting an Army program aimed with the added advantage that it can
25 JUN
at helping pregnant and post-partum help them readjust to Army height Company Level Softball League 1800, at Story Field, Cp
Soldiers stay fit. On June 25, Soldiers and weight standards and pass their Carroll.
1800: 6th ORD (17:12)
attended their first USFK Pregnancy fitness tests when the time comes. F, 1-44
Post-partum Physical Training session All Army active-duty mothers are 1900: 293rd Sig (16:3) 16th Medlog
during a kick-off ceremony at Trent required to pass a physical training
26 JUN
Gym, USAG Yongsan. test 180 days after giving birth. This Daegu Area Intramural Softball Play-off Championship,
The PPPT  is health initiative program can assist Soldiers by offering 1800-2100, at Kelly Field, Cp Walker.
1800 169th Sig Co (4:15) CIV
emphasizing Soldier readiness while them with training options and 1900 USAG-D (12:2) 168th Med Bn
serving in U.S. Forces Korea. This education they need to stay fit. 2000 19th ESC (23:9) CIV
mandatory program was initiated and The goal of the program is to 27 JUN
developed by the Army’s U.S. Center encourage pregnant Soldiers to Daegu Area Intramural Softball Play-off Championship,
maintain their fitness and help 1800-2100, at Kelly Field, Cp Walker.
for Health Promotion and Preventive 1800 USAG-D (4:10) 188th MP CO
Medicine to provide a safe, effective and integrate postpartum soldiers back 1900 168th Med Bn (8:13) CIV
standardized program led by instructors into unit training programs, having 2000 USAG-D (9:18) 169th Sig Co

in pregnancy and postpartum fitness. met their physical fitness and height 28 JUN
To set the program in motion here in and weight standards. Daegu Soccer Club has the games 1000, at Kelly Field, Cp
Korea, 18th MEDCOM began the PPPT Leaders Course at USAG Soldiers can download the program’s workbook at Daegu United (2:2) Korea Army
Humphreys. The class is intended to provide a structured format of Daegu United (2:0) Korea Army
supervised instruction for female Soldiers who wish to participate www.narmc.amedd.army.mil/kacc/Pat_Info/Sold_Wkbk.pdf
29 JUN
Daegu Area Intramural Softball Play-off Championship,
1000-1445, at Kelly Field, Cp Walker.
sentations on the program. 1000 19th ESC (12:5) 188th MP CO
EEO from Page 14 In one office she visited, three people had macular degenera-
169th Sig Co (13:12)
188th MP CO (1:12)
169th Sig Co
tion, an eye condition that reduces central vision and makes it 1345 19th ESC (18:7) 169th Sig Co
Automotive Command in Warren, Mich., as the command’s difficult to read or see fine details. 30 JUN
complaints manager. Before moving to Korea, she worked at Fort “We were able to help them,” she recalled. “One of the gentle- Company Level Softball Play Off 1800, at Story Field, Cp
Sam Houston, Texas, overseeing the IMCOM West Region com- Carroll.
men came to my office and said, ‘Can I give you a hug? They were 1800: F, 1-44 (9:18) 6th ORD
plaints program for 10 installations. trying to force me out because of my eyesight, but I wasn’t ready 1900: 293rd Sig (12:13) 551st ICTC
Helping people is not just a job requirement, Quillin said. It’s to go yet. I can’t tell you how much this means to me.’ He was able
always been her passion, whether it’s mentoring a new EEO instal- to continue working to retirement age.” Combative Tourney
lation counselor or helping an employee through the complaint The 1-44 ADA “Strike First” BN will be hosting the “Strike
Though her name appears on the award plaque, she said the First” Combative Tournament on Aug. 2 at the Crown Jewel
process. recognition goes to her staff and the IMCOM-Korea leadership Gym Bldg. 135 at noon. All physicals and weight-in will be
During her second tour at Fort Bliss, she put together an in- whose collective efforts helped improve the EEO program. from 2–5 p.m. at Bldg. 135. SFC Steadman is the NCOIC
and can be reached at 010-5809-4826 or james.stead-
formation packet on the Department of Defense’s Computer/ “The award was never achieved by one person, but rather man@korea.army.mil to request a sign-up form. We have
Electronic Accommodations Program that gives federal employees through the work of an entire EEO staff and the support of man- several weight cases and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals
and 1st place will receive a championship belt that must be
with disabilities free assistive technology to improve their working agement,” she said. “I am so grateful to have a great staff that has defended at our next tournament.
conditions. Quillin said she would visit work centers and give pre- new and innovative ideas, suggestions and talents.”

USFK commander makes first Humphreys visit

punish all people for the bad conduct of a
As for cars, Sharp said that he understands
that all Soldiers want to have a car here but
he has some concerns about parking and
liability issues.
Parking is always an issue but we can get
around that, he said. And then there are
liability concerns. What is the liability if a
Soldier is involved in an off-post accident?
Sharp said that he and his command
sergeant major, Command Sgt. Maj. Robert
A. Winzenried, would review the curfew and
cars issues and provide an answer by the end
of July.
Although several Soldiers asked him
about curfew and cars, Sharp said that
people’s number concern was the quality
and availability of medical care here.
Soldiers, Family Members and Civilians
currently receive medical care at the
Humphreys Troop Medical Clinic, Brian
Algood Army Community Hospital in
Yongsan and at Dankook University
Hospital in Cheonan.
Until the new hospital opens here in
several years people living and working at
Humphreys will continue to use the current
health care providers.
U.S. Forces Korea commanding general Gen. Walter L. Sharp visited with the Soldiers from 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade during his first visit to
“I understand you concerns and owe an
USAG Humphreys. He’s shown here with UH-60 Medevac crew members Spc. Mariano Torres, Chief Warrant Officer Rachel Churchill (center)
answer back to the community on it; I don’t
and Sgt. Jimmy Bryan. — U.S. Army Photo by Bob McElroy
know how much I’ll be able to do but I’ll
by Bob McElroy headquarters where USAG Humphreys an AH-64 Apache, a CH-47D Chinook and try, Sharp said.
USAG Humphreys Public Affairs commander Col. John E. Dumoulin, Jr. gave a UH-60 Blackhawk Medevac helicopter. Sharp wrapped the town hall by thanking
him the latest Transformation briefing. Sharp concluded his visit with a town all who live and work at Humphreys for their
USAG HUMPHREYS—The Following the briefing Sharp visited hall meeting in the new Community Fitness service and for what they do to strengthen
commanding general of U.S. Forces Korea, Parcel 1 to see the progress of the land fill Center. Three major concerns he discussed the ROK-US Alliance.
Gen. Walter L. Sharp, made his first visit and construction on the 200-care parcel. with the audience were the curfew, cars and “I’m very impressed with the people and
to Humphreys Garrison Friday to see the Contractors have begun to sink test piles medical care. the quality of life here; you’re working hard
progress of the installation’s transformation on the site in preparation for building four Regarding the curfew, Sharp said toward making this the premier installation
and to speak with Soldiers and Families. new barracks buildings. that there are differences in serving in on the peninsula,” Sharp said. “My primary
Sharp, took command of U.S. Forces Next visited the Splish and Splash Korea compared to stateside installations, message to all is: what we’re doing here is
Korea on June 3, succeeding Gen. Burwell Water Park, Family Housing and the especially with respect to off-post incidents critical, we have to be prepared to fight,
B. Bell. new Community Fitness Center or Super or misconduct. Soldiers have to know their jobs and
His wife Joanne accompanied him during Gym. Despite his concerns, Sharp said that he Families have to know how to NEO out of
the visit. He also visited with Soldiers of the 2nd believes most people “…will try to do the here.”
Sharp’s first stop was the garrison Combat Aviation Brigade who showed him right thing at the right time. We shouldn’t

Joanne Sharp takes family friendly tour, advises

by Stacy A. Ouellette horizons,” said Sharp.
USAG Humphreys Public Affairs Sharp attributes her family’s positive
outlook on moving to her husband’s
USAG HUMPHREYS – For Joanne experience as an “Army Brat.” His family
Sharp, wife of USFK Commander Walter L. viewed each move as an adventure and this
Sharp, the June 27 tour of Humphreys was a carried over to our married life together, said
continuation of an adventure the Brooklyn Sharp.
native began when she married 34 years The adventure began for the Sharps in
ago. 1974, Joanne married her husband three
“I knew there would be a lot more days after his graduation from the United
responsibilities involved this time than States Military Academy.
before. We looking at the sort of twilight They have three children, a daughter
time of our life in the military so we just and two sons.
felt it would be a great opportunity to Although none of the Sharps’ children
come back and experience it together,” said joined them on this tour, they brought their
Sharp. dog, Ellie.
Sharp has been stationed alongside her Sharp takes her walking through different
husband twice in Korea. This was her first housing areas to meet Servicemembers and
Humphreys visit. their families.
“We're very excited about the prospect “My number one word of advice would Joanne Sharp, wife to the United States Forces Korea commanding general, is greeted by
of coming to Korea (the first time) because be to get involved. There’s so many facilities Jack Dumoulin, son to USAG Humphreys garrison commander , Col. John E. Dumoulin, Jr.,
it would be so different from anything out there that need your help. I joined the upon arriving to the Humphreys Child and Youth Services Center, June 27. Sharp visited three
that we had ever experienced before. We Red Cross and you learn so much from those organizations that support families here and the family housing towers. Also pictured (far left to
really didn’t know anybody who had been you help,” said Sharp. right) Jordan Fick and Ave Lewis, dressed in traditional Korean Hanboks greet Sharp. Hanboks
to Korea. It was just a way to expand our are worn for special occasions. — U.S. Army Photo by Stacy A. Ouellette
www.imcom.korea.army.mil AREA III THE MORNING CALM

News & Notes Pregnant Soldiers new fitness program

Motorcycle Ride by Stacy A. Ouellette
There will be a Fourth of July Motorcycle USAG Humphreys Public Affairs
Ride starting at the Main Gate running from
11 a.m. to 2 p.m. All riders must be ready
to depart at noon sharp and all required
USAG HUMPHREYS – Two medical
safety equipment must be worn. Contact experts and 30 instructor trainees, attended
Randy Turnage at 754-6002 for more the Army Pregnancy Post-partum Physical
informatoion. Training Leader Course here, June 17-20.
“The course provides guidance on
FreedomFest 2008 establishing and operating a local PPPT
USAG Humphreys will host a three day consolidated installation program. It also
Fourth of July celebration beginning at teaches the duties and responsibilities of the
11 a.m. on Friday, July 4. Fireworks are
program personnel. Attendees will learn how
scheduled for that evening near Indepen-
dence Park. The festivities will conclude
to design and lead daily exercise sessions for
with Sherrie’ Austin, a country music per- pregnant and postpartum soldiers,” said Lisa
former, Sunday, July 6, 7 p.m. at the USAG J. Young, Health Educator at Directorate of
Humphreys Community Activites Center. Health Promotion and Wellness at the US
Army Center for Health Promotion and
FREE Admission to Splish and Splash Preventive Medicine.
Waterpark from July 4-7 Young is the Army PPPT subject matter
expert and training course director. She is
also the only person certified to teach this
Beginning July 6 at noon, traffic exiting the
Main Gate will change. The Old Freedom
course. This training prepares attendees not
Road will reopen for outbound one-way only to instruct, but manager the program
in their areas, said Young. (far left) Lisa Young, Pregnancy Post-Partum Physical Taining leader course instructor, con-
traffic only. Traffic exiting USAG Hum-
phreys via Old Freedom Road Will Be PPPT was developed at USACHPPM. ducts a session at the indoor pool here, June 20. — U.S. Army Photos By Stacy A. Ouellette
Right Turn Only. The PPPT Program provides structured
instruction for female Soldiers to help Nurse for 121st Combat Support Hospital, “I participated in the program when I was
INFORMATION ALERT them maintain their personal physical reinforced the importance of command pregnant with my first child. I was able to
The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Com- fitness during pregnancy and enhance support for this program and all Soldiers stay in shape, had an easy delivery and passed
mand is looking for any information leading involved. my record APFT within the time prescribed
their capabilities to return to regular unit
to the identification, arrest and conviction of by the Army.
PT on time. “If you embrace this program, it will
the person(s) responsible for the destruc-
“The course is in support of efforts to help your unit in the long run with the Although PPPT is designed for
tion of government property at the 4-2 Avia-
tion Battalion Tactical Vehicle Motorpool at stand-up a program that doesn’t currently investment that you make now. PPPT is Servicemembers, Family Members and
USAG Humphreys. Please call 754-6600 exist in Korea, PPPT is an Army-wide starting out in Korea for the first time, help Civilians are welcome to participate. Those
with any information. initiative that has an emphasis on Soldier to make it a powerful start, said Santos. “The interested can send an e-mail to margarita.
Readiness, particularly female Soldiers Soldier improves her opportunity to have a prieto@us.army.mil for more information.
Everyone is Valuable who are either pregnant and in their very successful outcome with her birth, and PPPT is scheduled to begin on July 16
USAG Humphreys Community Town Hall postpartum,” said Young. the unit receives the Soldier ready to do her at the MP Hill Gym at 6:30 a.m. PPPT
Meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 15 job and contribute to accomplishment of will run weekdays for one hour. excluding
Additionally, it is designed to assist
from 6-8 p.m at the USAG Humphreys Thursdays and Fridays.
with reaching the postpartum goals of a her unit’s mission.”
Community Activities Center. Issues and
faster recovery from childbirth, meeting Sgt. Margarita Prieto 568th Medical Friday sessions will be conducted at the
comments can be submitted via e-mail to
area3info@korea.army.mil by July 8. All Army height/weight and physical fitness Company (GA) is the non-commissioned USAG Humphreys Community Activity
Soldiers, Airmen, Retirees, Family standards in accordance with the six month officer in charge and Instructor Trainer Center indoor pool. No sessions are
Members and Civilians are encouraged timeline. of PPPT here. She also brings personal scheduled for Thursdays, weekends, holidays
to attend. Capt. Brian Santos, Head OB-GYN experience as a former PPPT participant. and training holidays.

July 2008 Classes to Stop Smoking

Anti-terrorism course raises awareness

Four hour long group sessions are sched-
uled for the month of July. Each will take
place at the Army Community Service Bldg.
311. Classes are free to all participants. To
register, call 18th MEDCOM Area III Health by Stacy A. Ouellette background. within its areas of responsibility are able
Coordinator at DSN 753-7657 or jean. USAG Humphreys Public Affairs “We enforce that a working group to conduct vulnerability assessments. Part
dumoulin@amedd.army.mil via e-mail. comprised of engineers, security, intelligence, of the training is using the Joint Staff and
USAG HUMPHREYS – A Defense and emergency management is essential to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s
Commissary Closed - July 23
T h re a t Re d u c t i o n A g e n c y m o b i l e ensure all areas are covered. This is why we Vulnerability Assessment Benchmarks
The Commissary at USAG Humphreys,
Osan Airbase, Camp Eagle and Kunsan
training team presented a vulnerability teach the five specialty groups and team introduced during this training course.
Airbase will be closed on Tuesday, July 23 assessment training course to more than 50 building,” said Andrews. “The most challenging part had to be
for Organizational Day. Servicemembers here, June 23-27. The course taught participants the digesting the intelligence aspect of fighting
The course is designed to provide importance of coordinating with other terrorism versus the physical security side of
New Youth Programs attendees the tools to enable them to organizations on an installation to have the fighting terrorism and criminals.
The USAG Humphreys Chlid and Youth develop, inspect, and maintain installation most well rounded Antiterrorism Program It was challenging to look from the
Services Center is looking for feedback on anti-terrorism programs. possible. point of view of a terrorist looking at the
offering more activity opportunities to chil- “The training was conducted to provide installation from outside in,” said Staff
“There were students from all over
dren here. Possibilities include guitar, vio-
students a better understanding of the the peninsula and all services to include Sgt. David Feyen, Provost Marshal Office
lin, and piano lessons. Interest is needed
to get these programs started. Call CYS at
Department of Defense Antiterrorism a contingent of nine personnel from the Operations Sergeant, 557th Military Police
753-8507 for more information. Program and to prepare them to conduct U.S. Navy stationed in Japan. They all Company.
vulnerability assessments,” said Marion gained valuable training in the field of “Often people who live on installations
Andrews, DTRA Support Branch Chief. Antiterrorism and conducting vulnerability are too close to the action to identify potential
We want to publish your stories and photos Additionally, the training equips the assessments which is a requirement for all weaknesses. We gave them a different way of
in The Morning Calm Weekly and on the attendees with the knowledge to advise their installations to do annually,” said James measuring their physical security system so
USAG Humphreys Command Channel. commanders on issues related to protection Adamski, USAG Humphreys Antiterrorism they can identify weaknesses that could be
Please send any information and products of critical missions and personnel, said exploited by a terrorist,” said Andrews.
to the USAG-H Public Affairs Office:
Andrews. Andrews was the team chief and As USAG Humphreys will soon be the As part of this course, students
stacy.ouellette@korea.army. mil or
call DSN 754-8847 or 754-8598.
lead instructor for the course. largest installation on the Korean Peninsular conducted vulnerabilty assessments of
The vulnerability assessment process is it was especially important for the class to Humphreys and reviewed the comprehensive
conducted by multiple specialists. In most be conducted here. master plan to identify improvements to
instances this task is conducted by a single This training is required by U.S. prevent or mitigate a terrorist attack.
person, usually someone with a security Pacific Command to ensure personnel

American Red Cross honors volunteers

by Bob McElroy and Dental Clinic, trained 33 ten to 12 and volunteer” noting that they will be Dumoulin presented the Red Cross
USAG Humphreys Public Affairs year olds in Home Alone/ Safe on My helping to make Humphreys a better numbered badge to Anhae Golden. The
Own/I’m in Charge classes and taught place in which to live. numbered badge is a Red Cross tradition
USAG HUMPHREYS—U.S. Army 19 12 to15 year olds in Babysitter’s Volunteers recognized during that began in 1906 and is given to
Garrison Humphreys commander Training classes. the ceremony included: Sfc. Gayle registered nurses who contribute more
Col. John E. Dumoulin, Jr. and about Red Cross volunteers also taught Anderson, Christine Bain, 1st Lt. than 20 hours of service.
30 community members gathered at 32 Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Sebrina Ekeh, Sfc. Crystal Figgs, Registered nurse Stephanie McMahan
Sarducci’s on June 16 for an awards and First Aid classes which trained Anhae Golden, Patricia Goodman, Sgt. also earned the numbered badge but was
luncheon to honor a very special group and certified 215 members of the Tiffani Hirst, Sgt. Virginia Irwin, Spc not present to receive it.
of people—Red Cross volunteers. community. Chadwick Knight, Rosemarie Legaspi, The ceremony also recognized
In his remarks, Dumoulin praised the Finally, Red Cross volunteers trained Lana McCready, Stephanie McMahan, instructors who taught Red Cross
volunteers for the more than 1,300 hours 19 Soldiers, Civilians and volunteers Heidi Miner, William Murdock, Capt. courses within their units and agencies
of service they have provided to the as CPR/First Aid and Lifeguard Felicia Swinney, Lois Watkins, Sherri as authorized providers.
community in the last year. Instructors. Allgood, Bethany Cerella, Emily Hobel, They include: Morale, Welfare
“In a world where too often people “I think it is no exaggeration to Holly Peck, Irina Reilly and Sfc. Robert and Recreation, Child and Youth
turn a blind eye to the less fortunate or say that Red Cross volunteers touch Smalls. Services, Fire and Emergency Services,
walk past a problem they could help to every part of our community and make Special recognition went to Lana Headquarters Headquarters Company
correct, Red Cross volunteers take action it the best and safest place to live, McCready for completing the Dental USAG Humphreys, 8th TSAK, 249th
and strive to help others. They represent work, serve, train and play in Korea,” Assistant Training Program which Military Police Company and 527th
the best in all of us,” Dumoulin said. Dumoulin concluded. entailed receiving hands-on training in Military Intelligence battalion.
During the last year Red Cross Dumoulin encouraged others in the all areas of the dental clinic and attaining
volunteers served at the Health Clinic community to “roll up their sleeves 600 hours of service.

3-2 ADA, ROK 10th Fighter Wing march on

by Capt. Christopher Clemente “This was more than just a march. combined marching ceremony would “Ceremonies such as this are not only
3-2 Air Defense Artillery This ceremony helped remind us why let us remember the valiant hearts and sobering reminders of the lives that
we are here. It was a fitting tribute to courage of veterans of the Korean War, were lost in defense of our freedoms,
SUWON - Republic of Korea and the Americans and South Koreans that and further strengthens the friendship but they also reaffirm our commitment
U.S. Servicemembers stationed at fought together in the Korean War,” between the Republic of Korea and the to stand together – side by side - and
Suwon Airbase recently completed said Maj. Clay Mountcastle, 3-2 ADA United States Soldiers who are stationed defend against those who would
a symbolic march around their Executive Officer. here at Suwon Air Base,” said Brig. Gen. threaten peace and security,” said
shared home in a combined effort to Mountcastle also served as the Choi, Cha Kyu commander of the 10th Birchfield.
commemorate the 58th anniversary of commander of troops for this special Fighter Wing in his opening ceremony “Our partnership in this mission is
the beginning of the Korean War. ceremony. remarks. bound by a strong mutual respect and
The 2.5-mile march was completed by The bravery of those long ago warriors Lt. Col. Carolyn S. Birchfield, 3-2 admiration for one another that has
members of 3rd Battalion, 2nd Brigade, was lauded by both commanders in ADA battalion commander reminded the grown even stronger over the past 58
Air Defense Artillery and the Republic words during the ceremony’s opening. audience that the US-ROK friendship years.”
of Korea Air Force’s 10th Fighter Wing. “It is my wish that today’s ROK-US was forged in blood.

Ready, Aim, fire! (Left to Right) Tommy Bain and Joshua Harlan, two Boy Scouts from the USAG Humphreys Troop 203 earn their Riflery Merit Badge during the
annual summer camp hosted here last month . Troop 203 the smallest in the Republic of Korea with only four registered members. — Courtesy Photo

USFK Commander, Gen. Sharp makes

first USAG Daegu visit at Camp Carroll
by Ann-Katherine Kimble Sharp also said he was impressed not
USAG Daegu Public Affairs only by troop morale, but also by their
willingness to accept change to improve
CAMP CARROLL – Visiting Camp their jobs and quality of life. “There are true
Carroll with the purpose of ensuring Soldiers’ professionals across this entire peninsula;
understanding of the priorities he has the support that these individuals bring in
established for USFK, “Being ready to order for us to be ready to fight and win
fight and win,” General Walter Sharp was is absolutely essential,” Sharp emphasized.
impressed by not only the morale of United The unity of Soldiers, KATUSAs, civilians,
States Army Garrison - Daegu personnel but and the large number of Korean Nationals
also with their knowledge of why we are on working alongside one another as one team,
the peninsula. shone through as he toured many of the
Sharp referred to his visit as a way to facilities on Camp Carroll.
figure out how he can assist service members “The support that comes from down
and improve their quality of life. here, across all of the different services,
“I want to make sure Soldiers have what and all the different lines of operation is
they need to get their jobs done,” Sharp went absolutely critical,” he stated.
on to say. “I also want to take care of quality Also included in his first visit to Camp
of life for Servicemembers, DoD civilians Carroll was a firsthand look at the RT-240
and family members who are here.” Sharp Kalmar RTCH (rough terrain container
spent most of his visit getting input from handler). Cargo handler, Sgt. Golden
a cross-section of those who serve on the presented the equipment to Sharp.
garrison. He and his staff plan to take the “That was a lot of fun,” said Sharp after
information provided and use it to maintain, a ride. “It was pretty neat, obviously a very
if not improve, the quality of life in Daegu. good piece of equipment, very smooth.”
Soldiers, civilians, family members and other Sharp concluded of his first visit to
military personnel in Korea “are a key part USAG Daegu, “We could not do the war
of the peninsula and my priorities and also fight and we would not be [as much of a]
a key part of what we do on the peninsula, I deterrent value as what we are right now if
United Nations Command/Combined Forces Command/United States Forces Korea
look forward to working with everyone down the people down here weren’t doing their
Commander, Gen. Walter L. Sharp (right) talks to the U.S. and KATUSA Soldiers of 551st ICTC
here [in Daegu] to make sure we have in place jobs - they are absolutely critical to what
during his visit to Camp Carroll, July 1. — U.S. Army Photo By Sgt. Jang Won-il
what they need to do their jobs.” we do.”

Adaptive Focus tests Team Daegu’s crisis management

by Sgt. Jung Seo-jin, Ronald Inman physical security; access control; security
19th ESC, USAG Daegu Public Affairs forces; and medical support operations.
During the week, a variety of simulated
USAG DAEGU – Soldiers, Civilians, terrorist events took place, designed to
fire fighters, medical personnel and military test Daegu’s abilities, with the Tiger Team
police forces of United States Army Garrison observing and evaluating efforts to deter,
Daegu and the 19th Sustainment Command detect, defend, respond to recover from
(Expeditionary) participated in ‘Adaptive events – some simultaneously.
Focus’, a comprehensive anti-terrorism The result of the extensive planning,
exercise, June 23 – 26 at Camps Walker hard work and coordination exercised
and Henry. by the USAG Daegu/19th ESC team? A
Adaptive Focus, led by United States satisfactory rating in all evaluated areas,
Forces Korea, exercised and reviewed the the highest possible result for Adaptive
Daegu Base Cluster’s Anti-Terrorism Plan Focus.
and supporting programs to determine its According to the official evaluation by
ability to deter, detect, defend, respond to USFK, “The USAG – Daegu Antiterrorism
and then recover from a variety of simulated Program is rapidly developing into one
terrorism activities and events. of the best Anti-terrorism Programs seen
“If we cannot protect our people, to date. This was clearly indicated by the
everything else doesn’t matter,” said USAG identification of seven ‘Best Practices’ in
Daegu Commander, Col. Michael P. the garrison AT plan, all of which will 19th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) Support Operations mobility, Sgt. 1st Class Aaron
Saulnier, emphasizing the importance of be disseminated throughout USFK for M. Denno (right) conducts training with sentries during the Adaptive Focus exercise at Camp
the exercise. adoption by other AT programs. There Walker, June 26. — U.S. Army Photo By Sgt. Jung Seo-jin
Adaptive Focus takes place biannually, was strong evidence of command emphasis
and this year’s event marked the first time and team work as being the cornerstones of from Installation Management Command F. Friedrich.
that 19th ESC fully integrated with USAG the AT program, and this was cited in the for these actions. With the conclusion of Adaptive Focus,
Daegu, with the primary role of assisting program review process as key reasons for The Tiger Team noted “significant Team Daegu can’t afford to rest on its
with its Quick Reaction Force, Public Affairs the program’s success.” improvement in all areas” during the June laurels. The threat of terrorism is very real,
Office and Liaison Officer in the Installation Among ‘best practices’ identified, close 27 outbrief after comparing this year’s results and each member of the community has a
Operations Center. cooperation in the form of 23 memorandums to those of the last Daegu Base Cluster responsibility to remain vigilant. In August,
The garrison was evaluated by a ‘Tiger of understanding or agreement and combined Adaptive Focus exercise held in 2004. Exercise Ulchi Focus Guardian ’08 will
Team’ from USFK, composed of subject AT exercises with host nation agencies “We will [continue to] improve what again test the Daegu community’s ability to
matter experts that reviewed numerous aeas including Daegu City Fire Department, we have now, keep it up to date and refine demonstrate a continued commitment to
reviewed during the exercise including use Korean National Police, local hospitals, the some of our techniques based on tactics, responding to any situation in the defense
of the Emergency Management System; Republic of Korea Army’s 501st Infantry and recommendation from the evaluators. of the Republic of Korea. Be ready!
command and control; administration; crisis Brigade and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Even though we got good results, we still To contact the 19th ESC’s Anti-Terrorism
management operations; communications; units was especially noted. USAG Daegu have some things that need to be practiced, Officer, Ernie Davis, call 768-8030. To
chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear recently earned honors as “Best Anti- updated and changed,” concluded USAG contact USAG Daegu’s Anti-Terrorism
and explosives defense readiness; engineering; Terrorism Program, Action or Innovation” Daegu Anti-terrorism Specialist, Timothy Specialist, Tim Friedrich, call 768-8987.
www.imcom.korea.army.mil AREA IV THE MORNING CALM

News & Notes Garcia receives $1,500 DeCA scholarship

by Jang Jin-young
2008 Design Week USAG Daegu Public Affairs
The International Graphic Design
Organization will hold the 2008 Design CAMP WALKER – Are you digging
Week in Daegu from June 4 – 10. under the sofa cushions for misplaced
There will be an international color change and rolling coins from your money
poster exhibition, color marketing fair jar to help pay for college tuition? Given the
and international student exhibition. soaring costs of higher education, you and
Admission is free. For information, call your parents certainly aren’t alone. Perhaps
Community Relations Officer, Chong a scholarship could help?
Yong-kon, DSN 768-6907. Daegu American School Class of 2008
graduate Daniel Garcia eased his parents’
Liberty Fest college tuition burden with a scholarship
USAG Daegu MWR will hold Liberty Fest when he was selected as the recipient of
from1 – 8 p.m., July 4 at Camp Walker’s a $1,500 Defense Commissary Agency
Fitness Center parking lot. A variety scholarship as part of the 2008 Military
of events including Unit Olympics, Children Program.
entertainment, youth activities, adult “Every eligible studnt should should
and family games are prepared. ‘ZAPP’ submit an application,” said Daegu
will perform a show to celebrate the day. Commissary Store Director Isabelito
USFK U.S. ID card holders can escort Miraflor. “The winners are selected based
up to 10 people on event day. Fireworks on academic merit, participation in
Daegu American School Class of 2008 graduate Daniel Garcia (center) is proudly flanked by
will be at 8:45 p.m. In case of inclement extracurricular and volunteer activities
his parents and joined by Daegu Commissary Store Director Isabelito Miraflor (far left) and
weather, the show will move to the gym, and the quality of their essays. Garcia was
Deputy to the Garrison Commander William E. Christman (far right) during the presentation of
kid games move to the Youth Services top among other applicants for the 2008
a $1500 Defense Commissary Agency scholarship. Garcia was selected for the award based
gym and fireworks move to July 5. For Military Children Program.”
on academic merit, volunteer and extracurricular activities and an essay submission. — U.S.
information, call DSN 764-4432. The scholarship presentation was held in
Army Photo By Jang Jin-young
Daegu’s Commissary June 24, with Garcia’s
Luau Splash Party family and friends attending to help him job, and I am really proud of you.” or the general public goes to fund the
United States Army Garrison Daegu celebrate earning his scholarship. Deputy The DeCA cholarship program kicked scholarships.
Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers to the Garrison Commander, William E. off in 2001 and has awarded more than “I was actually kind of surprised,” said
will hold a Luau Splash Party from Christman also attended and delivered a $5.5 million in scholarships to 3,532 of Garcia. “I didn’t think that I would receive
1 – 7 p.m., July 12 at Camp Carroll’s congratulatory speech. the best and brightest children of military a scholarship when I applied through the
Outdoor Pool. The party will feature “There’s no escaping the fact that college families. Administered by the Fisher House 2008 Military Children Program. I thank
a pig roast, music, games and fun in costs are rising,” said Christman. “I know Foundation, most of the funds are donated those who gave me this chance. I promise
the sun. It is open to all single and that college tuition is the biggest burden by manufactures, brokers and suppliers that I will study hard at university with this
unaccompanied Soldiers in USAG on parents with children who are going to selling groceries in commissaries. Every $1,500 scholarship. I think that is the only
Daegu. For information, call Glenn university or are in university. You did a great dollar donated to the program by industry way that I can repay my obligation.”
Groome, DSN 765-7230.

Summer Basketball League

A Summer Basketball League will be
held from July 15 – Aug. 8 at Camp
Walker’s Kelly Fitness Center. Entry
Commanders sign joint support agreement
deadline is July 6 and a coaches
meeting will be held at 5 p.m., July 8 at
Kelly Fitness Center. For information,
call DSN 764-4425/4800.

ACS Birthday Party

USAG Daegu’s Army Community
Services will hold a birthday party and
open house from 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.,
July 25 at Camp Henry’s Bldg. #1103.
Free food and drinks will be provided and
there will be a cake cutting ceremony.
For information, call DSN 768-7112.

Vacation Bible School

Camp Walker Chapel is sponsoring
Vacation Bible School from Aug. 4 – 8 for
children who have finished kindergarten
through fifth grade, and is in need of
30 – 40 volunteers. Planning meetings
have already begun and leaders are still
needed. Registration for children begins
June 29. For information, call Angie
Quinata, DSN 764-5458.

Support Scouting
Cub Scout members and Boy Scout
members are needed. Adult volunteers Republic of Korea Army 501st Infantry Brigade Commander, Col. Sun Jong-ryool (left) and United States Army
are needed for leadership and Garrison Daegu Commander, Col. Michael P. Saulnier sign a memorandum of cooperation June 19, outlining
committee positions. For information general guidelines and procedures for contingency support by the 501st Infantry Brigade to USAG Daegu
or to apply, contact Laurel Baek, DSN during armistice and transition to war. Throughout the meeting, both commanders shared their opinions and
768-7563, cell 010-6875-4318 or at strengthened the relationship between the U.S. and ROK Armies. — U.S. Army Photo By Sgt. Na Kyung-chul

Summer Hire program develops Daegu’s young adults

Asia and other Summer Hire organizations
by Ann-Katherine Kimble
on the “crown jewel of Area IV” face their
USAG Daegu Public Affairs
biggest challenge on a daily basis traveling
CAMP HENRY – If you are seeing a 45 minutes to get to their summer jobs.
higher than usual number of high school Although catching the 8 a.m. bus to Camp
or college students in the offices of major Carroll and then the 3:30 p.m. bus back to
headquarters, community activity centers, Camp Walker can be exhausting, working
or even staff meetings, it is no coincidence. at Camp Carroll still has its benefits. “We
The Summer Hire program employs young get to leave earlier than everyone else does,
adults throughout the USAG Daegu and we get the better food selection like
community, May 12- August 16. The Popeyes and Pizza Hut,” explains Antonio
program gives students something to do Harris, who also heads to college in the
throughout the summer, not to mention fall.
being a quick way to earn money. With The hard work put into making
an increased pay rate of $5.15 per hour, Summer Hire the success it has become
many college-bound 2008 graduates begins in February and lasts throughout
look to Summer Hire to offset the cost the summer. Finch begins by contacting
of tuition. Other young adults use the organizations to request support for the
compensation to purchase clothes, iPods program, in order to employ all students
and other teen essentials for the upcoming who submit an application. Students are
school year. Aside from the financial aspect placed throughout the USAG-Daegu
of the program, students get the chance to community at organizations such as
(Clockwise from above left) Kerry Beaulieu takes inventory at Camp Henry’s Army Materiel
work in an office environment. “The most AFSB-NEA, US Army Garrison Daegu,
Command - Far East. Tommy Gonzalez (left) and Christopher Anguay read through manuals,
important benefit the students receive is Material Support Center–Korea, 501st
essential to their tasks at the 19th ESC. Katherine Saulnier welcomes customers at the Camp
work experience,” commented Summer Sustainment Brigade and Contracting
Henry’s ACS front desk. — U.S. Army Photos By Ann-Katherine Kimble
Hire Director Sue Finch. Command Korea. “There isn’t one person
Whether working behind a desk Even though the majority of young adults gives me the ability to work with others and or organization that we could single out
or one-on-one with customers, this do not work alone, the few who do believe the skills to learn new things.” because without total community support
opportunity is beneficial. Summer Hire it would be more fun and efficient to have Beaulieu isn’t the only one learning new the program wouldn’t be successful,”
veteran Linda Martinez, with 4 years’ an accomplice. “Summer Hire wouldn’t things. College-bound Kay Husler struggled Finch concluded.
experience in the program on her resume, be as boring if I could work with another to learn military terms and abbreviations. When the summer hire program
sees it as “an opportunity to grow, and person my age, maybe in groups of two,” Appreciation of the adults in charge of concludes in August, the 76 students who
meet new people along the way.” She went remarked college student Sarah Thill. running USAG-Daegu can be seen on the spent their summer as valuable employees
on to add, “When you are not placed in Kerry Beaulieu has her hands full. From faces of Summer Hire young adults by the contributing to the garrison’s mission will
the same environment as your friends, organizing binders and taking inventory at end of each day. “I had no idea what it takes, not only leave with a nice paycheck, but
you are almost forced to meet new people the Army Materiel Command - Far East it looks so easy,” stated future collegian equipped with the lessons and experience
and learn how to work alongside others; facility on Camp Henry, her work lasts just Harry Holmes. they need on the road to becoming
this is good experience for anyone who is as long as her hours do. “It’s all a learning Students working on Camp Carroll at versatile and accomplished members of any
planning on getting a job in the future.” experience; with all the work I am given it Army Field Support Battalion – North East organization they choose in the future.

www.imcom.korea.army.mil AREA IV THE MORNING CALM

Soldiers, students excel in annual speech contest

by Sgt. Na Kyung-chul The English speech competition tested
USAG Daegu Public Affairs the English education of local Korean
students, who have improved their English
CAMP HENRY – Eight U.S. Soldiers language skill by taking English classes led
and 14 Korean students exchanged languages by KATUSA and US Soldiers.
for the 10th Annual Korean/English Speech The contest began with remarks by
Contest, June 25 at the Camp Henry Senior ROKA Staff Officer, Lt. Col.
Theater. The contest, held annually by Song Soo-yong. “I would like to thank
USAG Daegu’s Republic of Korea Army you for your efforts to accomplish your
Staff Office, advances the relationship and mission and I encourage your continued
promotes understanding between the U.S. effort,” said Song. “A language is not
and ROK Armies and local students. just a communication tool, but rather a
U.S. Participants in the Korean speech contest ‘symbolized tool’ with history and culture
improved their Korean skill in a short time by melded together. Since the process of
regularly taking part in Korean classes. studying a language is an act of stepping
inside the profound social structure,
developing the relationship between the
ROK and US Army through the speech
contest means a lot to us.”
Each participant had three minutes
for their speech and for over an hour,
participants from Kwan-ho elementary
school sixth grader, Kim Joo-wan to 524th
Military Intelligence Battalion, Sgt. Brandi
D. Baker, demonstrated their language skill
through speeches with a variety of themes. 524th Military Intelligence Battalion’s Sgt. Brandi D. Baker (left) receives the first place award
U.S. audiences were amazed at Korean for the Korean speech contest by Senior ROKA Staff Officer, Lt. Col. Song Soo-yong, June 25
students’ accurate English pronunciation. at Camp Henry’s Theater. — U.S. Army Photos By Pfc. Brittany N. Loupe
“They all did very well and I was
impressed,” said 498th Combat Support Bum-jin. “Although some of them were not In the English contest, Keum-ho
Sustainment Battalion, Sgt. Joshua C. good at pronunciation, I was impressed with Elementary School fourth grader, Lee Jin
Pollock. “I’m teaching English and one of their effort to speak Korean. It was a great won first place and Seong-ju Elementary
my students was competing. I couldn’t find time for me.” School first grader, Bae Min-ji took the
any problem in the speech.” Speeches were judged by content, theme, popularity award. In the Korean contest,
KATUSA audiences didn’t hesitate to purpose, organization, expression ability, 524th Military Intelligence Battalion’s Sgt.
Seong-ju elementary school first grader, commend U.S. Korean speakers. accuracy of pronunciation, response of the Brandi D. Baker won first place and Combat
Bae Min-ji conducts a speech in English “They did very well, I thought,” said audience, full knowledge of the script and Support Coordination Team #2’s Cpl.
with cute gestures. She won the popular- Area IV ROKA Staff Office clerk, Pvt. Lee proper gestures. Daniel S. Harvey won second place.
ity award.