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US Futures & Markets Indicators Bonds

Sony posts $1 billion loss
Jun 2009 Change Level Last Update†

S&P 500 -1.60 883.70 5/14 8:16am

Fair Value 881.73 5/13 10:05pm

Difference* +1.97

NASDAQ +2.75 1347.00 5/14 8:13am

Fair Value 1338.55 5/13 10:05pm

0:00 / 1:03

Difference* +8.45 The electronics retailer gets hit by weak sales

and reports first annual loss in 14 years.
Dow Jones -43.00 8251.00 5/14 7:19am
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DJIA Contracts Business News

Fair Value source: IndexArb.com

World Markets & Currencies FTSE DAX CAC World Biz Headlines
May 14 8:14am† Change %Change Level

FTSE 100 +2.67 +0.06% 4,334.04

XETRA-DAX -36.10 -0.76% 4,691.51

CAC 40 -24.98 -0.79% 3,127.92

HANG SENG -517.93 -3.04% 16,541.69

NIKKEI 225 -246.76 -2.64% 9,093.73

U.S. Dollar vs Euro -0.0042 -0.31% 1.3545

U.S. Dollar vs Yen +0.1600 +0.17% 0.0105

U.S. Dollar vs UK £ -0.01 -0.53% 1.51

Open Closed
Stocks set to open lower
Commodities Full list May 14: 7:44a
Investors seen sorting things out after two months of
Price Change High Low Settle Last Update † runups. (more)
Wal-Mart profit ticks up, but sales slip
Gold (CMX )
925.90 +2.00 929.00 918.00 925.90 5/13 1:30pm
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Light Crude (NYM ) 57.01 -1.01 57.01 57.01 58.02 5/14 8:19am Hot Stocks
June 09 ($US per bbl.)
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U.S. Stocks in Frankfurt: Most Active Economic Calendar Top Stories

May 14 2:13pm † Price (€) Change Event Date Census: Minorities are 34% of U.S.

Citigroup Inc 2.49 -0.09 Jobless Claims May 14 Stocks set to open lower
Producer Price Index May 14 SEC may charge Countrywide founder
General Motors Corp 0.88 -0.04
EIA Natural Gas Report May 14 Wal-Mart profit ticks up, but sales slip
Bank of America Corp 8.04 -0.34
3-Month Bill Announcement May 14 Sony faces sea of red ink as sales fall
General Electric Co 9.43 -0.04
6-Month Bill Announcement May 14
Ford Motor Co 3.72 +0.14
Money Supply May 14
Alcoa 6.50 0.00 Equity Settlements May 14

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Pre-Market: Stock Trading Before the Markets Open from CNNMoney.com http://money.cnn.com/data/premarket/

30-Yr Bond Settlement May 14

Advanced Micro Devices 3.20 -0.07
3-Yr Note Settlement May 14 Sponsored Links
E Trade Group 1.13 -0.08
10-Yr Note Settlement May 14 Vote NO on Prop 1a
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co 7.83 -0.03 Democrats and Republicans Agree. Prop 1A is NOT What It
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Sun Microsystems 6.54 -0.06
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Stocks set to open lower
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Oil tumbles on weak demand outlook

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