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Swot Analysis of Askari Commercial Bank

STRENGTHS v v Holds a sound repute in the financial circle Personalized services of the staff to the employees

v Located in the commercial area, so that the customers face no problems in reaching to the bank. v v v Maintaining the healthy correspondent relationships with foreign banks Provide a record business in exports sector It has a reliable and easy to use internal computer system.

v All the transactions and information regarded the customers deposits has been computerized. Currently, Unibank System is being practiced for this purpose. Now Askari Bank is decided to change the Unibank System v ACBL has launched its Mobile ATM Bus Service, which is the Pakistans First Mobile ATM Bus Service. No other bank has taken initiative of mobile ATM Bus yet.


No advertisement on electronic media has been seen yet.

v Since, ACBLs major competitors are Union Bank Limited and Bank Alfalah has started large media campaign, so keeping in view these threats, Askari Bank should emphasize more on its advertisement. v some of the employees are burdened with over work.

v Division of work and description of job is not properly defined to each and every staff member.

OPPORTUNITIES v All the opportunities of the 21st century are to be availed in the information technology. Information technology is the future. Therefore ACBL should emphasize much on IT, v ACBL should emphasize on E - Banking. In which Bank can design a universal account like other foreign banks, to enhance online facilities. v Askari Banks growing business requires an extensive branch network. There are great opportunities for ACBL for the expansion of its business.

THREATS v Askari Bank is facing a strong competition by its major competitors; Union Bank and Bank Alfalah. Business of these banks is also growing with very high pace. So in order to achieve the sustainable growth in a market, ACBL has to remain vigilant about the ever changing environment and the competitors. v All the competitors are using different means and methods to popularize their product and services. So ACBL should keep in mind that a customer cannot come to the bank until he know that my demands will be fulfilled over here. v ACBL should enhance the Pay Packages given to the employees, because it has been noticed that the competitors of the ACBL are giving more suitable pay package to their employees. v ACBL should enhance its Branch Network, in order to capture the market of different areas. The SWOT analysis of the bank signifies that its strengths overcome its weaknesses and its opportunities are more than its threats. This is positive sign for any Organization

RECOMMENDATIONS The global economic environment has changed, creating challenges and opportunities for the worlds policy makers. Now there is a greater awareness that Banks are playing very important role in the economic growth of any country. A.C.B.L, no doubt a positive contributor in this respect but I think there are certain points which bank needs to adopt in order to serve in a more effective and efficient manner. These points are as under:

1) A.C.B.L should create business opportunities for themselves. Nowadays there is a intense competition between the banks. All the banks are expanding with aggressive approach. so Askari bank needs to open more branches to capture the market. 2) Model Banks like Citibank, M.C.B Bank, Standard Chartered Bank are using media very effectively to increase the business of banks. So A.C.B.L should need to use electronic media for its business developments. 3) The working of the A.C.B.L Tufail Road, Lahore Cantt Branch is satisfactory rather very good but still these working efficiencies are far from the standard of modern banking system. Because there are many hurdles and discrepancies in the existing system. 4) The bank should finance its loans in those projects that are meeting the required standard and should avoid the political pressure. 5) The bank should bring forward the new talent as fresh knowledge and education is considered very important to increase the efficiency and production. 6) There is need to make the outlook situations of branches in those manners that can complete the other modern banks in the banking market. 7) Keeping in view the hard work by the staff members at all levels of management, staff should be given bonus and increment every year. Nepotism should be avoided in this connection. 8) Separate desk or counter should be established in every branch to provide the information as required by the clients. Normally the Personal Assistant of the Branch Manager act as a Public Relationship Officer. 9) The environment of the offices should be comfortable so that the client and staff must feel comfort during business in bank. Unsecured loan are not to be provided in case of banks directions,

their families, companies or firms. 10) There are some employees untrained which decreases the efficiency of the bank branch. All the employees should well trained. 11) Most of the bank employees are sticking to one seat only, with the result that they become master of one particular job and loose their grip on other banking operation. In my opinion each employee should have regular job change. 12) .People have to wait for re-cashing their cheques and for paying their School Fees, which is not good for reputation of bank, it should be improved. Promotion should be given to competent persons on merit basis