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Subject: Comparative Literature Syllabus Unit-I: The Epistemology of Comparative Literature Definition and Scone of Comparative Literature Development of the Discipline Methodology Unit-II: Literary Historiography History and Literary History Elements of Literary History Problems of Periodization Unit-III: The Theory of Genres Oral and Written Ancient, Medieval and Modern Unit-IV: Thematology Motifs, Myths and Archetypes The Diachronic and Synchronic Study of Themes Unit-V: Comparative Indian Literature Traditions Movements Themes and Genres Unit-VI: Literary Theory Indian Poetics: Tamil and Sanskrit Western Literary Theories Unit-VII: Cross-cultural Literary Relations Influence Analogy Reception Unit-VIII: Translation Studies History of Translation-Indian and Non-Indian. Theories of Translation. Problems of Translation-Linguistic and Cultural. Unit-IX: Literature and the Other Arts Unit-X: Literature and Other Disciplines-Literature and Cultural Studies Read more at: http://www.examrace.com/UGC/UGC-Syllabus/UGCComparative-Literature-Syllabus.html Copyright www.examrace.com

COMPARATIVE LITERATURE & TRANSLATION STUDIES UNIT 1 : Introduction to Comparative Literature Structure UNIT 2 : Introduction to World Literature UNIT 3 : History of Comparative Literature UNIT 4 : Theories of Translation UNIT 5 : Techniques and Methods of Translation UNIT 6 : Current Trends in Translation UNIT 7 : Translation and Mass Media UNIT 8 : Comparative Literature and the Texts UNIT 9 : Comparative Literature : Epics UNIT 10 : Problems of Translation UNIT - 1 : INTRODUCTION TO COMPARATIVE LITERATURE STRUCTURE The scope of Comparative Literature Comparative Literature through the ages ISMS of Comparative Literature Analysis of the ISMS in respect of Kannada Literature Comparative Literature Studies UNIT 2 : INTRODUCTION TO DRAVIDIAN LITERATURE Regional Literatures and their scope Dravidian Literature Relationship between Kannada and Tamil Relationship between Kannada and Telugu Relationship between Kannada and Malayalam UNIT 3 : HISTORY OF COMPARATIVE LITERATURE Comparative Literature Scene in France Comparative Literature Scene in Germany Comparative Literature Scene in the U.S.A. Comparative Literature Scene in Britain

Comparative Literature Scene in India UNIT 4 : THEORIES OF TRANSLATION Aim and Scope of Translation Definition of Translation Translation and its Relationship with Lingustics Translation as Art and Science Qualifications of an Ideal TranslatorUNIt 5 : TECHNIQUES AND METHODS OF TRANSLATION Language, Linguistics and Translation Elements of Phonetics Translation in action in different environments Practical Translation Tools of a Translator UNIT 6 : CURRENT TRENDS IN TRANSLATION Modern Concepts of Translation History of Translation Elizaberthan Translation Literary Trends Study of Translation as a Discipline in Indian Universities UNIT 7 : TRANSLATION AND MASS MEDIA Importance of Translation in Mass India Newspapers Radio Television Cinema UNIT 8 : COMPARATIVE LITERATURE AND THE TEXTS Tragedies Sophocles Ajax (Translation Sujana) B.M. Shri Ashwathaman William Shakespeare Hamlet (Translation : Ramachandra Deva) Kuvempu RakthakshiUNIT 9 : COMPARATIVE LITERATURE : EPICS

Epics : A General Introduction Vyasa Virataparva (Tr : CPK) Valmiki Ayodhya Kanda Kuvempu Ramayanadarshanam Homes Iliad UNIT 10 : Problems of Translation In Prose In Poetry In Drama In Science and Technology In Law and Administration REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Comparative Literature Henry Gifford 2. Comparative Literature and Linguistics Ed. G.S. Amur K.R. Shirwadkar, B.V. Nemade P.S. Deshpande Sterling Publishers, Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, 1984 3. Comparative Literature : Method and Perspective Ed : Stall Knecht and Horst Frenz.. 4. Discriminations : Rene Welleck 5. Comparative Literature Studies : S.S. Prawer 6. Comparative Literature (in the Concept of Literature series) 7. Comparative Literature and Literary Theory : Ulrich Wesstein 8. Theory of Literature Rene Welleck and Warren 9. Grounds for Comparison Harry Levin 18. The Art of Translation T.H. savory 19. Linguistic Theory of Translation J.C. Catford 20. Translation Studies Susan Bassnett 21. The Art or Translation R. Rajhuntha Rao 22. Translation and Translation J.P. Postgate 23. The Theory and Practice of Translation E.A. Nida. C.R. Taber 24. The Translation or Cultures Mauric Leenhard

Comparative Literature Objectives : The objectives of Course in Comparative Literature would include: i) To introduce the students to the discipline of comparative literature. ii) To familiarize them to the concepts, issues and methodology. iii) To establish the rationale of comparative literature in a multi-national study Background : 7 i) History of comparative literature ii) Comparative literature and other related concepts e.g. world Literature, general literature, national literature etc. iii) French, American & Indian Schools of Comparative Literature Course description: Each Unit will carry One Credit. Unit 1 History of Development of schools of Comparative literature (French, American, British & Indian) Unit 2 a) Influence and Reception Study b) Genology, Literary History (Period & Movement Study) Unit 3 a) Thematology b) Translation Study Unit 4 a) Comparative literature and Intercultural studies b) Comparative Literature and other disciplines e.g. media, c) The future of Comparative Literature Bibliography : JOST, Francois, Introduction to Comparative Literature PRAWER, S.S. Comparative Literary Studies: An Introduction BRANDT, Corstius J. Introduction to the Comparative Study of Literature WELLEK, Rane & WARREN, Austin. Theory of Literature

WEISSTEIN, Ulrich (ed.) Comparative Literature and Literary Theory: Survey and Introduction SUSAN BASSANETT. Comparative Literature: Introduction NAGENDRA, Comparative Literature. Delhi, University of Delhi, 1977403