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Chapter III

The Fury of the Dragon

And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him... Therefore, rejoice, O heavens! And you who live in the heavens, rejoice! But terror will come on the earth and the sea, for the devil has come down to you in great anger,

knowing that he has little time.

A Revelation of Jesus To John the Beloved

In the island of Patmos

Rev 12:7-9,12 NLT

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the outcome of a hundred battles. If you know only yourself and not the enemy, for every victory won there is a corresponding defeat. If you neither know the enemy nor yourself, you succumb in every battle. So wrote Sun Tzu, in his work entitled The Art of War, written 2,500 years ago. He might as well be describing spiritual warfare. Indeed, a person who doesnt know himself in relation to his Maker and doesnt know the schemes of the devil is totally helpless the enemy will simply eat him up and spit out his bones. Everyday, he wakes up with a feeling that something is lacking in his life, and so his existence becomes a never-ending pursuit for elusive happiness. He looks for it in work, in money, relationships, vices, fleeting pleasures and anywhere he could run, only to find out that none of these things could truly satisfy him. Little does he know that the void in his heart was created by God and only God can fill it up. Sad to say, many souls have been looking at the wrong places. With such persons, Satan has no trouble achieving his purpose. On the other hand, a person who has found God has found herself. Shes secure with the knowledge that she is the daughter of a King, and is therefore a princess, a coinheritor with Christ.1 Yet if she

doesnt know the schemes of the enemy she will fall into his trap every now and then and may lose sight of the hope that shes holding on to. A person however who has a good relationship with God and knows the enemy well has already won the war. He will be making a daily inventory of his booty and increases his territory continually. In Jesus, he has a reservoir that never runs dry, so everyday he wakes up to find love, peace, joy and hope,2 fearing nothing,3 possessing everything.4 I have a little secret to tell. To make it interesting, lets stretch our imagination a bit, and be active spectators of this unfolding drama. In the course of writing this book, the children in our shelter were attacked by Satan and his demons. For almost three months (July to midSeptember, 2006) we dealt with different manifestations of the devil, from actual possession to oppression; from direct influence to deception. Although the experience was so scary and horrible at first (its like everything you see in the movie and more), everything worked together for Gods Glory, subsequently for ours too, and will eventually for His whole Church. Though I have a wealth to share, its not really the scope of this book (the full account of this phenomenon is tackled in my next book entitled In My Name). Im touching a bit on this peculiar experience because it was during these difficult times that God has revealed to us the mindset of Satan and the way his kingdom operates. Thus, although Im presenting the following story as a parable, the circumstances, characters, conversations and historical contents are based on deep Scriptural truths, actual experience and accurate history. As a matter of fact, I can safely say that this is the closest we can get to the secret of the dragons kingdom.

Rom 8:15-17 1 Cor 3:21-22

Gal 5:22

Rom 8:15; Heb 2:14-15

pg 2 Warning: The following parable contains vulgar words which are necessary to effectively portray the character of Satan.

If you have placed your trust in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and hold the hope for the resurrection of your body, then you have been reborn in Him.1 You are a new creation now in Christ Jesus, bearing His likeness.2 Your true nature as a child of God is Christlike, noble, pure holy and righteous.3Any negative trait or thought is not yours but of the devils,4 so learn to cast it aside in the Name of Jesus. While reading this chapter, I ask you to be mindful of what you allow to permeate your mind.5 In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, I forbid any unclean spirit to dominate the mind of this reader. Father, I ask you to cover this person with the Precious Blood of Your Son and to open his/her mind to Your Glorious Truth, by the power of Your Love and Holy Spirit. Further, I ask You to grant this person the power to discern good from evil, to retain that which is good and to discard whatever is filthy. This I humbly ask in the Mighty Name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen. Here we go: Lucifer was seething with anger. He just heard the plan. He not only disliked it, he loathed it. How dare He! I cant accept this. No! Why would I bow down to anything made from dust? Thats a very stupid plan, very, very stupid! his anger reverberated through the highest, holiest pinnacles of heaven and majority of the angels were scandalized, unaccustomed to such a violent outburst of anger.

Titus 3:3-7; Rom 10:9


2 Cor 5:17

Eph 4:23-24

Rom 7:20; Gal 5:19-21

Pro 4:23

pg 3 He was the anointed guardian cherub in the garden of Eden, the full measure and the pattern of exactness, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.1 Continually, he was in the midst of the stones of fire, the same pavement of gleaming sapphire upon which the God of Israel walked on Mt. Sinai2 clothed with every precious stone, magnificent in his beauty and splendor.3 But in just a spur of a moment, the once

holy, pure and unblemished archangel turned into an ugly, angry beast: a dragon, a serpent, an enemy of God. May I know whats bugging you Lucifer? one of the angels was emboldened to ask him. I just had enough! The Guy on top has decided to make a creature out of dust, patterned after His very own image and likeness,4 he sneered, and wants to adopt it and its descendants as His children!5 So what? asked the angel, apparently confused. What do you mean so what? Cant you see? Here we are, faithfully serving Him since time eternal, but He never thought of adopting us as His own children! He threw up his arms in exasperation. You make sense. It does seem unfair! Lucifer succeeded to plant the seed of envy into the hearts of otherwise innocent angels. Unfair? Thats an understatement! Look, He never even created us in His own image! he said bitterly, gnashing his teeth in uncontrolled anger. To which angel did He say You are my Son, today I have begotten You? None! Came the chorus of reply.

Ezek 28:12-15

Exod 24:10

Ezek 28:12-14


Eph 1:4-5

pg 4 But to this creature, He says I will be a Father to Him, and He will be a Son to Me!1 Satan continued heatedly. Outrageous! came the bitter reply, envy now rearing its ugly, green head. "Imagine, its not to the angels that He subjects the world to come, but to this wretched creature!2 Satan thundered on. He even plans to put on the nature of this damned earthling!3 And as if the injury is not

enough, He adds this final insult Lucifer squirmed, his figure twisted in unleashed rage. The other angels held their breath. He wants us to worship Him in the form of this clay doll! 4
Why would

He do that?

Hes insane, thats why! Lucifer roared, his mouth belching fire. The most outrageous thing of all is, as a Son of Man, He plans to die for these worthless creatures!5 Oh me! reacted one angel. He must love these creatures so much! Nonsense! said another. The Creator, dying for His creation? Thats the height of foolishness.7 I actually like the idea, a meek angel chimed in. Thats very characteristic of God. After all, He is Love8 Himself, and the greatest expression of love is sacrifice.9

Heb 1:5

2 5 8

Heb 2:5 Rom 5:8


Heb 2:14-17 3:16




Cor 1:18,

1 Jn 4:16b

Jn 15:13

pg 5 Shut up, you moron! Cant you see? Hes willing to die for creatures made of dust and will adopt all who believe in Him as His children!1 You know what they get as children? Lucifer bellowed, his eyes flaming with rage. Well, everything that is His,2 I suppose? the angel an- swered sweetly. Damn right you are, and its not funny! Lucifer snapped. You mean power, wealth, dominion, immortality and glory? asked another. Everything!3 Practically everything, damn it! Lucifer said with bloodshot eyes, his teeth gnashing.

And to think that He never even thought of making us heirs, the other angels started to mumble against God. Does it mean we will be ministering to these creatures too?4 asked one of them. Thats exactly what Im so mad about! We minister to their needs they are called sons, while we are simply called messengers and servants.5 To the Son, He says, Sit in honor at my right hand until I humble your enemies, making them a footstool under your feet.6 He never even said those words to us! Lucifer complained bitterly. Many of the angels were now harboring rebelliousness in their hearts. The yellow snake of jealousy was finally hatched.

1 Pet 3:18;Jn 1:12 Heb 1:14

Rom 8:17 Heb 1:7

Rom 8:17

Heb 1:13

pg 6

is this creature that God should be mindful of him? And what is

man that He should care for him?1 asked one of them, his voice oozing with envy. And do you know that God will crown them with glory and honor, giving them dominion over all things?2 said another. And if thats not enough, they are appointed to stand as judge over us!3 another angel voiced his sentiments. This is too much! I cant take this sitting down! Lucifer roared. Who is with me? I am! came the reply from one third of the angels.4

Who are you to call God to account, you who are but a pot among so many?5 Michael suddenly appeared in a flash, his flaming sword unsheathed. You ambitious scoundrel! I know that youve always been interested in my position. You can never have it, you imbecile! Lucifer glared at him. I have a message for you from God, Lucifer, Michael retorted. Your heart is filled with pride because of your beauty. You corrupted your wisdom for the sake of splendor..6 Because of your great pride, you have made yourself a Satan.7 Therefore I will throw you to the earth and expose you to the curious gaze of kings.8

Heb 2:6

Heb 2:7, 8

1Cor 6:3

Rev 12:4; Jude 6 Hebrew for enemy

Is 29:16 28:17

Ezek 28:17


pg 7 They will say to you: How you are fallen from heaven, Lucifer, son of the morning! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!1 Rebellion! shouted Lucifer. One third of the angels rallied beside him and drew their swords2

Eons after The time has come, Satan whispered into Jesus ears. I will have my revenge. Ive waited for this moment for so long and I will savor every bit of it. Har! Har! Har! Jesus continued to walk with His disciples, deep in thought. At last, they came to the olive grove and settled in their usual meeting place. The night was crisp and cold. No star was in sight, and even the moon was hiding behind dark clouds. I will delight in torturing You. I will use the hands of the very creatures for whom You are doing this and I will amuse myself with You as cruelly as I could. Har! Har! Har! Pray that you will not be overcome by temptations,3 the welfare of His disciples was still foremost in Jesus mind. You want a kingdom? Satan taunted Him. Ill give You one! What a pity that You refused my previous offer. Now, instead of precious stones and gold You will have thorns for a crown. I will choose the longest and sharpest kinds, and I will press it so hard upon Your battered head. Har! Har! Har! So You are going to rule with an iron scepter?4 For now, You will have reed instead of iron and I will use it to strike Your head! 5 Har! Har!

Is 14:12

Rev 12:7-9

Lk 22:40

Rev 19:15

Mat 27:29-30

pg 8 Har! Har! This is how professed Christians would treat You anyway. They will make a mockery out of Your Kingship, Satan went on. They will pretend that You are King, but they will spit upon You with their wicked deeds. They will trample You underfoot and treat with contempt Your blood which shall be shed for them. Jesus public prayer flashed before Him. Now my soul is troubled,

and what shall I say? Father, save Me from this hour? But for this purpose I came to this hour. Father, glorify Your Name!1

But Satan would not easily give up. I have already prepared the whip designed to tear the flesh out of Your torso. I will mercilessly scourge You till your ribs are exposed. A whole battalion will be gathered about You,2 and my minions will make a sport of You through them. I will reduce You to pulp, so that those who gaze at You will be appalled.3 Har! Har! Har!

Will you keep me company for a while? Jesus looked at

Peter, James and John.4 I need you my friends. Then He turned to His other disciples. Sit here while I go and pray. What are You going to pray about? You are scared, arent You? Satan continued to mock Jesus. You cant endure it, I tell You. Yes, you will be disfigured beyond the appearance of a man and Your form will be marred beyond human likeness.5 Haw! Haw! Haw! Mine will be the hands to drive the nails through Your guiltless hands and feet!

Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul,6 Jesus
remembered what He taught his disciples.


Mat 27:27-31 Is 52:14

Is 52:14 Mat 10:28 Mat 26:36

Mark 14:32-34

pg 9 So You have no fear for physical pain and death? I know what You fear and dread, Satan continued to torment the Christ. You have taught Your disciples to fear Him who, after killing the body, has the power to cast them into hell.1 Before anyone else can be thrown to hell, You will experience it first! Har! Har! Har! Jesus motioned for the three to stop. Sitting down on a rock, He cupped His face and let out a deep sigh. Whats going on Master? John asked, brows furrowed with deep concern. Jesus only raised His eyes towards the heavens. Although you never did sin, you will be made sin,2 for it has pleased your Father to bruise You3 for the sake of these damned creatures! Satan continued. Soon, the full wrath of God will be upon you and you

wont be able to endure it.4 You will drink the wine of Your Fathers anger, prepared, undiluted, in the cup of His fury, filled to the brim! You will be made to drink the bitter dregs up to the last drop!5 Har! Har! Har! Then Jesus face was contorted, as He began to be filled with horror and distress.6 My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow, its killing Me, He confided to His disciples.7 They felt so helpless and crushed within. Stay here and

keep watch, He instructed them.

Har! Har! Har! Now I got you at last! You seemed to be impregnable, but now Ive found your heel, Achilles! Satan continued to heap insults upon Him.

Lk 12:5 Ps 75:8

2 Cor 5:21 Mark 14:33

Is 53:10

Ps 90:11

Mark 14:34

pg 10 Going a little further, Jesus fell to the ground and prayed that if possible, the hour might pass from Him. Abba, Father, He said,Abba, Father, everything is possible for you. Take this cup from

me. Yet not my will, but what You will.1

Har! Har! Har! I know that every inch of Your flesh wants to run, Satan continued to taunt Him. Run! You have the power to say no! Who are these creatures anyway that You should be willing to suffer that much for them? Look, they dont even give a damn about You, how you feel. These creatures are so rotten to the core they care only about themselves, their comfort, their pleasure, their welfare. They dont even consider You worth knowing!2 Haw! Haw! Haw! Look! Even Your own disciples will desert You at the most crucial hour! Jesus remembered that Satan asked to sift Peter. They must be warned about Satans wiles. He returned to His disciples and found them sleeping.

Simon, he said to Peter. Are you asleep? Could you not keep watch

for one hour? Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.3

they cant even stay up with You! Har! Har! Har! Now You are full

of heaviness. Youre needy for compassion but theres no one who can sympathize with You. Look, theres not even one to comfort You!4 Har! Har! Har! Jesus looked at his disciples with eyes filled with love. He knew that they were exhausted from sorrow.5 He went away a second time and prayed, My Father, if it is not

possible for this cup to be taken away from Me unless I drink it, may Your will be done.6

Mk 14:36 Ps 69:19-21

Rom 1:28 Lk 22:45

Mark 14:37-38

Mat 26:42

pg 11
I told You, You can say no and it wouldnt make a difference! You can even make children of Abraham out of these stones! Let all these ungrateful people perish in hell! You dont have the stamina to go through all this. You have laid aside Your mighty power and glory,1 fool that You are remember? Youve made Yourself like these wretched creatures in all things.2 You chose to be human in the fullest sense. Har! Har! Har! You dont want Gods wrath. Thats what Your flesh is shouting right now. You wont be able to endure the pain of being human and the guilt of humanitys sins, You know that! You dont have to submit! Satan gave it another shot.

Jesus went back to His disciples and found them sleeping once again, because Satan made their eyes so heavy. They were so embarrassed they didnt know what to say to Him.3Still Jesus

looked at them through the eyes of love and compassion. Then He left and went away once more. Har! Har! Youre trapped by Your very own Word. It is written: your sins have cut you off from God.4 Because of the sins that will be imputed upon You, He will turn His face away from you! Har! Har! Har! Satan pounded on. In His sight Your hands will be stained with blood, Your fingers with guilt. It will be as if Your guiltless lips have spoken lies and Your holy tongue has muttered wicked things. It will be as though Your thoughts and deeds were evil; as though like me, You have rebelled against Your Father. Har! Har! Har! At the final hour, You who are the Light will be enveloped in total darkness!
1 2

Phil 2:6-8





pg 12 Just when Jesus heart was filled with so much anguish, an angel appeared to Him and strengthened Him. But Satan was relentless. Your Father whom You love so much and who loves You so much in return will then forsake You at a time when You need Him most. In the final hour, You would cease to be God-Man. You would become nothing but a heap of filth.1 You wont just be smudged with sin, but You will become sin itself, You will actually become me!2 Har! Har! Har! The unblemished Lamb would become a filthy goat.3 The meek and gentle dove would turn into a cunning serpent.4 At that perfect moment, the Trinity will be torn apart!5 Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw! Satan gave his best and last shot.

It was more than His humanity could take. Jesus fell on His knees once more and with tears streaming down His face, cried out loudly to the One who could save Him from death,6 Father, if it is not

possible for this cup to be taken away unless I drink it, may Your will be done! 7
Right there and then, His sweat became like great clots of blood dropping down upon the ground.8 Satan finally gave up and fled. Because of His reverent submission, the Father heard Jesus pleadings.9 The High Priest greatly suffered when He was tempted in every way,10 but God saved Him from certain death the spiritual death of giving in to Satan. Now, Hes ready to take blood into the Most Holy place not the blood of goats or calves but His very own blood11 so that He may secure His peoples eternal salvation. And so He rose from prayer and went back to his disciples whom He found asleep. Are you still sleeping and resting? Enough! Get up

and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. 12


Ps 22:6

2 Cor 5:21

Lev 16:21-22 Heb 5:7

9 7

Jn 3:14-15

5 8

Mat 27:46 Lk 22:44 Amp



26:42 Heb 2:18; 4:15

Heb 5:7


Heb 9:12

Mark 14:41

pg 13 He said to them. The hour has come. Look, the Son of Man is

betrayed into the hands of sinners. Rise! Let us go! Here comes My betrayer.1
Armed with swords, clubs and spears, the Roman soldiers seized and arrested Jesus. At that very moment, Satan dispatched the spirit of fear and cowardice, and none of the Apostles were able to resist every one of them deserted Him and fled.2 And darkness reigned.3 Several days later, at the break of dawn

Satan sat stonefaced, fury swelling up inside him. The turn of events took him by surprise. He initially thought that he would enjoy every moment of the Messiahs sufferings. The reverse proved true, for just as Samson took so many lives along with him when he died, 4Jesus also carried off Satan and his minions with him when He took the plunge. What a resounding defeat! The Son of Man made a complete fool out of you! the spirit of Mockery taunted Satan. You thought that He was entirely under your mercy during the crucifixion Haw! Haw! Haw! In the end, He swallowed you whole, in the same way that Moses serpent swallowed your serpents.5 Haw! Haw! Haw! Button up, you imbecile! Satan reached for Mockerys throat.

Mark 14:41-42 16:28-30

Mark 14:50 Exod 7:10-12

Lk 22:53



could you be so stupid to believe you can outsmart the Guy up

there? Look at you! You fell right into the mouth of the lion! Little did you know that you would be crucified along with Him!1 Haw! Haw! Haw! the spirit of Torment intensified Satans misery. So the main purpose of His coming in the likeness of sinful man is to condemn you in the flesh?2 What a clever idea! the Cunning spirit couldnt help but marvel at the Messiahs feat. Shut up! Satan curled up and covered his ears. "Master, the news is out, Defeat walked in, looking so forlorn. Grave cant hold Him any longer. Death has lost its victory. Arrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Satans howl filled the deepest, darkest recesses of Tartarus. For several months, Satan wallowed in self-pity and secluded himself from the rest of his minions. Now he could no longer accuse Gods

people.3 When God created man, He gave him

dominion over all

birds, animals and beasts, including the serpent,4 but man lost it all when he succumbed to the devils temptation. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus however, all those who place their trust in Him regain their dominion over all things, including the powers of darkness.5 Because of their faith in Jesus atoning sacrifice, the believers sins are blotted out and God no longer takes account of their transgressions.6 The believers overcame by their faith in the blood of the Lamb, by the word of their testimony and their willingness to put their flesh to death.7 Thats too much a blow for Satan to take.

Rom 6:6;8:3

Rom 8:2



Gen 1:28

Mark 16:16-18

Rom 4:7-8

Rev 12:11

pg 15

the job is going to be much more difficult for us. The creatures

who accept this Jesus would not only have died with Him but would also have a new life through His resurrection,1 Despair lamented. What does that mean? Ignorance asked. Your name becomes you, idiot! That means they are no longer under our control! The curse of sin is no longer upon them,2 so now they have perfect liberty, damn it! snarled Superiority. I still dont understand Spiritual Blindness complained. You want to change your name? Sarcasm said acidly. Go read a Bible and ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit Haw! Haw! Haw! Go and do so yourself! Spiritual Blindness indignantly snapped. It doesnt look good. Envy shook his green head. If the Guy up there did not spare His very own Son but gave Him up for these creatures, will He not also give them all things?3

Shut up, you cursed spirits! Satan yelled at them, stomping his feet so hard, the grounds of Tartarus shook. You know, you have a knack of making me feel so wretched. Aw, cmon, you cant be anymore wretched than you already are. Har! Har! Har! the spirit of Mockery taunted him. Clam up, you nitwit! Satan shouted with rage, his tail whomping and hitting anything and anyone that stood along the way. I will avenge myself!"

Rom 6:1-14

Gal 3:13

Rom 8:32

pg 16

do you plan to accomplish that you loser? Despondency asked

him, so frustrated with his fate. Youre twice a loser you dork! Listen to me guys. If we are all doomed to hell, we might as well take the rest of mankind with us! Brilliant! How do we do that? The spirit of Revenge agreed with Satan. Very easy. You know, these creatures are fools. We will use persecution for the steadfast ones and all the deceits of evil for the destruction of the rest. Although this Jesus already paid the ransom for their lives and freedom,1 few of them really understand, Satans eyes started to gleam with mischief. Its not going to work Satan! Remember how you tried to kill the baby Messiah thru Herod? You only succeeded to kill the children ofIsrael, but the Son of God escaped to Egypt,2 said Pessimism. Shut up! Wheres your loyalty? Satan kicked his butt. Stupid beast! Haw! Haw! Mockery chortled. We have nothing good left in us! Why do you ask for loyalty? Every demon curled up in laughter.

I know, you idiots! But you need to cooperate with me, you see, his eyes squinted as he surveyed each one of them. Otherwise, how else can you get back at God? The demons sobered. So whats the plan? one of them broke the silence.

Heb 9:15

Mat 2:13-16

pg 17 Satan licked his lips, and smiled mischievously. Ok, plan A: The pagans are already ours. Lets concentrate on those who believe in this Messiah. We will use our people the pagans to persecute them and torture them, that they may curse the Name of their God! Not a bad idea! they applauded him. So the demonic spirits entered into the minds of the pagan emperors and other officers and there arose a great wave of persecution among the Christians. Several decades later, a demon complained to Satan. Its not working, Master. Death has lost its sting. The more we kill them, the more they propagate. Like the Nazarene, they offer their lives freely. They know that when Christ comes, He will give them new bodies that will neither die nor decay.1 We have suffered an unprecedented defeat through the word of their testimony and their willingness to die for this Christ, 2Frustration joined in. Stupid Christians! Satan clenched his teeth. Ok, lets go to plan B. Choose among yourselves a group of demons to roam around Christian villages, towns and cities. Let them look for greedy, power hungry leaders among them. I will send seducing spirits to deceive them, so that they in turn will deceive others for filthy gain and primacy!3

But Master, these Christians are rooted in the Word of God. You cant easily fool them. We can only fool those who are already ours, said Pessimism. You blockhead! Cant you see theyre multiplying so fast? Theres not enough handwritten copy for each of them! Har! Har! Har!" Satan roared.

1 Cor 15:42-54

Rev 12:11

2 Pet 2:1

pg 18 But you know that soon God will inspire them to invent a printing machine. You know how smart the Guy is up there, said Discouragement. Har! har! har! Satan rolled in laughter. People will be too busy to read the Bible. I will entice them with the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of their accomplishments! You know how stupid these creatures are. They run after worthless things all the time. You cant win Satan, said Pessimism. "God will raise so many prophets, pastors, evangelists and teachers. They will instruct the foolish and the lazy. Know what, sometimes I suspect whose side youre on, you brutes. Why do you keep on trying to put me down? Satan glared at them, eyes flaming. Cant help it, its our nature, Discouragement and Pessimism laughed impishly, scratching their heads. Satan just shook his head and continued to outline his plan. Ill give them the most difficult time, these ministers. These believers of the Nazarene will continue to be under the dominion of plants, trees, animals and beasts. How is that? Ignorance asked.

Satan let out a bellow. Har! har! har! They will be under the dominion of Leaves: tobacco, marijuana, cocaine! Fruit: grapes fermented drink! Trees: paper money! Animals and Plants: food. And of course, the Beasts: us. They will be under our dominion spirit of hatred, anger, bitterness, resentment, revenge, self-pity, envy, vanity, lust, greed, insecurity all of you and your families. They will be subject to the evil desires of their flesh which are actually wicked, negative and defeatist spirits1 and you will make them feel so rotten and hopeless. "But the Messiah has already restored the dominion that Adam lost through the fall,2 Contention argued. Youre right, wiseass. But our winning edge is that the spirit of Ignorance is doing his job well. Har! har! har! Lucifer said. Its no use, Master, said Discouragement. Gods servants will be working their hearts out. They will search the world for those sinners, simply lead them to repentance and the Guy up there will soften up like jelly right away. This Jesus made everything so easy for these creatures. No matter how we entice them to sin, theres no more condemnation for them anymore, for they are already free from the law of sin and death.3 And He continually intercedes for them to His Father.4 Right, added the spirit of Defeat. And the Guy up there is so clever. He makes his Spirit available whenever they ask of Him wholeheartedly.5 Once they understand the principle of death and resurrection6 and walk in the way of the Spirit, its so difficult to make them sin.7 They seem to be dead to the world already. Yeah, Hopelessness sighed. Even if we do succeed to tempt them, grace abounds even more,8 as long as they have faith in this Nazarene. The Guy up there is so generous with his forgiveness.


Lk 11:11-13; Ezk 36:25-27 Rom 6:3-8 Rom 8:9

2 3

Rom 5:9-11 Rom 8:1-3

6 7



Rom 5:20

pg 19 Youre right, agreed the spirit of Envy. How could He be so stupid? He doesnt count their sins anymore.1 They are righteous in His eyes as long as they rely, trust, believe and remain faithful to this Messiah.2 There you are! Lucifer jumped to his feet. Thats the key! We must destroy this faith at all costs. Divert it somewhere else! How? Start a new religion? suggested one. We already started so many! snapped Satan. The only people that these false religions attract are those who are already ours. We must attack the heart of Christianity if we are to hurt God at all. The demons were hushed, each one thinking of an effective way to destroy the faith of Christians. This calls for a masterful stratagem, pondered Satan. And you will be needing my services, the Cunning spirit smiled smugly. Youre lookin good, old critter, Satan grinned. Lets see if you measure up to your name. You bet, said Cunning. Ok, time to turn the tables against God. If He is using faith as a wonder drug against sin, then lets tamper with this medicine and turn it into a deadly poison. Lets fry them with their own fats, so to speak. Stop mincing words you showoff, Impatience snapped. Envy, get off Impatiences back right now! Satan snarled, motioning for Cunning to continue as Envy grudgingly moved away.
Rom 4:8

Col 1:22-23

pg 20 We will need an unholy trinity", Cunning continued.

I already am! Satan scowled. No, not you. Im talking about instruments to set our wheel in motion. And what are those? Satan eyed Cunning quizzically. We need a succession of power-hungry leaders shepherds who, instead of caring for the flock, will eat the meat of the choice sheep and tear off their hoofs1. Then we need to create a figment of the imagination a mere illusion an embodiment of an idea. The third is a piece of unleavened bread. Elaborate, you hydrocephalic nerd! shouted Envy. If you value your existence miser, evaporate immediately! Satan thundered, sending Envy scampering away. Then he took Cunning to a deeper crevice, far from the rest of his minions hearing. We already have Diotrephes2 and his likeminded followers to start with. As for the illusion, I already have that in mind, and thats our forte. But whats with a piece of bread? Cunning smiled mischievously. Remember how we deceived Eve in the garden? We simply twisted Gods deep spiritual truth and gave it a literal interpretation. To this day, many simpletons still believe that God was the liar and that you were the one who was telling the truth, right? Gotcha! Satan chuckled. Now let's work on this illusion that you have mentioned.

Zech 11:15


pg 21 Yes, that. Well, we need to invent a figure that can effectively grab the limelight from Jesus. Through this illusion, you will rule and reign, be honored, praised, worshiped, trusted and relied upon instead of God. In that case, we can't make use of a sinister character, noted Satan.

Exactly! We must find a lovable and charismatic figure whom we can project as another Christ, a substitute Messiah. This illusion must copy the totality of Christ's being including His righteousness and holiness. Then this figure must appear to be coming from heaven, endowed with power; filled with so much love for mankind; must appear to be concerned with humanity's welfare and must also promote hope, peace and love, Satan mused. Not only that. It must appear to be a partaker of Jesus' sacrifice, resurrection, glory, and eventually His divinity. Uh-uh, Satan pondered on the idea. That's tough. How can we do that without being detected? Not as tough as you think! Deception absentmindedly muttered from behind one of the boulders. Come on out you moles! Satan thundered. Deception and the other demons came out trembling from the crags and crevices where they were hiding. Spirit of Torment and Violence! Satan called for his instruments of torture. A thousand lashes for each one of them! Spare Deception and bring him over here. "Sorry guys! Times like this, my expertise comes in handy, but it's not enough to save your necks, Deception blew a kiss to his fellow snoopers. Satan's face was grim. Prove your worth, he eyed Deception warily. Unperturbed, Deception licked his lips and grinned. This illusion will serve as your disguise, right? Why not choose a Biblical character? That's a lot easier to endorse than anyone who comes out of nowhere. Makes sense, Satan relaxed. But how will we make these people worship this character as another Christ?

Simple. We will deck this bait with all the attributes that make Jesus unique as Messiah. In addition to that, we will heap upon this person all the titles of God. Silly duck! That's too obvious! Cunning said derisively. Watch out, smartass. That's a yellow snake creepin into your guts, Deception scoffed. Sure. What you lack in ingenuity you make up with subterfuge, right? retorted Cunning. Still, you can't extricate yourself from Insecurity's grip, you hapless wacko. "She's all yours, baby. The floor is mine now. Sorry, green is my pet peeve. In my entire existence, I've never been envious of a lesser being. Keep on wearing it up your sleeve. It becomes you, you know, Cunning flashed his most disparaging smile. Hey, you're wasting time, the two of you! Impatience suddenly appeared from nowhere. It's perfectly okey, miser, Deception turned his ire to Impatience. We have something that you don't. "And what is that? Impatience was incredulous. Time. Haw! Haw! Haw! Satan and Cunning couldn't help but join in Deception's hoot. Ok, that's enough, monsters. Let's get on with the discussion. So how do we attach these blasphemous honorifics to our decoy without being obvious? Satan demanded of Deception. Give me one exclusive Messianic attribute of Jesus. Sinless. He never gave in to our temptations, Satan said with a bitter tone. Then think of alternative terms for sinless.

How about pure, flawless, spotless or immaculate? One of them will do. Something very close yet a bit deflected. That's how we will clothe our decoy with the exclusive Messianic attributes of Jesus without being obvious, making it appear like Christ Himself and be worshiped as a counterfeit Messiah by unsuspecting Christians. Haw! Haw! You're showing signs of brilliance Deception, Satan flashed his yellow teeth. Now give me a Biblical title of God. King of kings. But wait, we can't use an alternative term for that, because almost all Lord, Master, Ruler, Sovereign and Prince are also applied to Jesus. The only term left is Emperor. Are you telling me we will call our snare Emperor of emperors? How quickly you forget my name, Master," Deception grinned. Why fuss about the terms emperor, king, ruler or lord when we can use empress, queen, mistress and lady? Satan's mouth gaped. I'm beginning to like you, creep, Cunning grinned and extended his hand to Deception. "Save the accolades for later, swellhead, Deception cracked, shaking Cunning's hand vigorously. After a while, Satan gathered his minions about him once again. Come on over, my subnormal bootlickers! I finally found the best way to destroy these Christians faith in the Nazarene! "How? the demons asked in unison. Satans eyes twinkled. I will mimic the totality of Gods being. Har! Har! Har! I am the father, remember? The father of lies.1 I will then send to these people my offspring,2 something springing off me the son of perdition,3 an extension of myself. I will have my ownmessiah!

How will you do that? they asked him. You slow thinkers! Har! har! har! Just as the Guy up there sent His Offspring and gave Him power and authority, I will also send myoffspring the antichrist and give of my power and authority.4 Who will be the antichrist? Ignorance asked.

Jn 8:44 Rev 13:1

Gen. 3:15

2Thes 2:3NKJV

pg 22 I am the antichrist! answered Satan. Dont you know that the Father and the Son are one? So am I and my offspring! When they see the antichrist, they will also see me. Har! Har! Har! You know, he continued, these creatures dont even understand their God. They spend endless time debating, denying, analyzing and counting Him. What do you mean? Here, listen guys. The demons came closer, hanging on every word. They do that because majority of them dont know what God means with Word.* Har! Har! Har! Satan bellowed with laughter. In imitation of the Holy Trinity, I, the father of lies will send forth to these creatures my offspring; my own 'divine' expression; the embodiment of my idea and conception. Har! Har! Har! I will send my own messiah the son of perdition, and empower it with my spirit. In imitation of Christ, I myself will come as though Im one of them! Har! Har! Har! What? Thats impossible! You dont have the power to incarnate! the spirit of Skepticism reacted. "Right, you fool! But dont forget I have the power to deceive! Haw! Haw! Haw! Satan bellowed with laughter. I will come in the appearance of these creatures; but not as an actual man of course, He paused, obviously pleased with the masterful stratagem that he, Deception and Cunning came up with.

Keep on talking Satan! You said that you will come to them in the appearance of man, but not as man. Go direct to the point. How? Impatience couldnt wait.

Logos, the Greek term for Word, actually means Divine Expression (Strongs Greek

Lexicon); the embodiment of an idea or conception (Thayers Greek Lexicon)

pg 23 Patience... he cut himself short, realizing that no virtues exist in his kingdom. The spirit of Regret swept upon him, but he shrugged it off. Simple! I will appear as someone who once existed but is now dead.* We will carefully choose from among the heroes of the Bible who will best qualify as an object of worship. Abraham! Hes the father of their faith!one of the demons volunteered. Moses is better, he prefigured Jesus! No, Elijah is the greatest among the Old Testament prophets! Hey, youre wrong. Jesus said John the Baptist is the greatest! Paul is more popular! No, Idiot! John is the most beloved! Shut up, you fools. Peter is the best candidate! There was so much speculation among the demons as to the Biblical hero that Satan would impersonate. Lucifer only shook his head and smiled. In his mind, the disguise for the antichrist was not only conceived but was already born. Just as he used woman to tempt Adam, to manipulate Samson, to seduce David, and to deceive the wisest man, Solomon he will also use a woman to destroy Gods people. I will choose an obscure Jewish woman, He announced. The demons eyes widened at the ideas seeming absurdity. The antichrist, a woman?

* Rev 17:8 TEV

24 Har! Har! Thats the ultimate deception! The Biblical prophecies speak about me a he and unless they have paid attention to the 5th chapter of Zechariahs book, it will never cross their minds that I can disguise myself as a woman.1 Through this disguise, I will make these creatures adore me, love me, exalt me and deify me. Har! Har! Har! I will be like the Most High! 2 All the while, they will think that they are doing God a great service! Satans eyes twinkled. Then I will present this disguise of mine as an alternative Savior, Mediator and Advocate for them, so that instead of turning to Jesus, they will place their trust in her. How can you expect people to place their trust in an obscure woman? asked Skepticism. You dont know a thing, do you, Satan answered. Watch me transform this woman who has no history into the most powerful goddess! Har! Har! Har! How will you do that? the spirit of ignorance kept on asking the same question. You spirit of ignorance will invade their minds and keep them in bondage. Thats the only thing youre good at! Har! Har! Har! Satan said. I will send seducing spirits to entice every generation to paint colorful portraits of this woman. I will fry them with their own oil. Meanwhile, I will appear to visionaries all over the world in theguise of this woman and give them my own version of the gospel. I will deck this personality with all the attributes of Jesus and paint a cruel picture of God, so that these creatures will place their trust in this conception of mine, my very own offspring, the substitute Christ. And why would these people believe you? asked the skeptical spirit.

Zech 5:5-11

Is 14:12-14

pg 25

Why did they accept Jesus as the Christ? Because of the miracles that the Holy Spirit performed in His behalf. In the same manner, my spirit will also perform spectacular miracles in behalf of the antichrist. I will use all the deceits of evil for the destruction of these stupid, gullible creatures. The antichrists appearance will be accompanied with miracles and wonderful signs at the service of deception! Har!Har!Har!1 And what makes you think they will accept the miracles? the Skeptical spirit asked. Piece of cake. Listen closely. Christians can be classified into three. A few of them very few are rooted in the Word of God, so they know the difference between the supernatural and natural, the miracle of God and counterfeit miracles. Watch them closely, for they are the ones who shout the Truth out loud. The ones who belong to the second group are dumb watchdogs. 2 They dismiss all signs and wonders, saying They are not from God, therefore, not supernatural. From this group, we have nothing to fear for they will not raise their voices to stop us. We can continue deceiving people in their midst without interruption and intervention from them, for they will simply dismiss our signs and wonders as nonsense. But the third group which consists of the majority of these Christians is so gullible, that they will attribute anything supernatural to God. These will be our feasting ground. He paused for a moment, obviously pleased with his plan. Haw! Haw! The miracles that my spirit will perform will be so spectacular that the inhabitants of the earth will be amazed and will worship3 my offspring, my brainchild. My spirit will even make fire come down from heaven, in the sight of all.4
Brilliant! the demons gave Satan a standing ovation.


Is 56:10-11

Rev 13:8

Rev 13:13

pg 26 Aside from that, I will send them apparitions of a fake Jesus,1 and we will use this character to endorse the antichrist.

But Master, isnt that going to defeat the purpose? I think even an apparition of a false Jesus can still serve to increase devotion to Him, said Apprehension. Har! Har! Their Scriptures say that if they receive a different Jesus, a different spirit and a different gospel, they will be led astray from pure and sincere devotion to Christ!2 You worry too much Apprehension. Har! Har! Har! You better acquaint yourself with their Scriptures! Satan smiled mischievously. Hmmm This is going to be fun. I will stir the grave. I will send different specters of dead people. Some will be to scare them, some will be for them to venerate. What do you mean by that? the spirit of Confusion asked. Simple. Theres actually no difference between the appearances of these characters theyre all illusion. This is where my creativity excels. Har! Har! har! If the Guy up there can create, I can also create! He creates real, tangible things, I create illusions and hallucinations. If He uses mans five senses for them to perceive His creation, I will also use mans sixth sense for them to perceive my creation. Youre kidding yourself, Satan. Theres no such thing as sixth sense, the spirit of Skepticism sneered.. You guys really know nothing. I am the master of deception! Whats the spirit of delusion for? Har! Har! Har! Im still confused, said the spirit of Confusion. You always will be, moron! Har! Har! Listen you boobs!

2 Cor 11:3-4

2 Cor 11:3-4

pg 27 Once the spirits of delusion and illusion dominate a person, they can create anything inside his mind: phantoms, specters, UFOs, fairies, elves, poltergeists, anything that my creative mind can conceive, including illusions of dead people, angels and even a false image of God Himself! The experience will be so real, they cant tell reality apart from the illusion. What these unsuspecting people call the sixth sense

is actually the presence of these spirits inside of them. Har! Har! Har! Satan chuckled. The most wonderful thing about this is that we are licensed to use the spirit of delusion on anyone who doesnt love the Truth as it is written, God will send them the spirit of delusion that they may believe a lie.1 This is part of the punishment of those who listen and rely on our ministers2 instead of relying on the Word of God! Har! Har! Har! Satans bloodshot eyes glared with amusement. And these things will consume them so much. They will spend their resources, time and effort to understand these things but their scientists, philosophers, psychologists and the most learned of them will be baffled and confounded.3 For lack of explanation, they will simply label these supernatural manifestations unexplained phenomenon. Har! Har! Har! Mockery added. Stupid creatures, the Haughty spirit sneered. They have no idea that we are playing with their psyche and that we can control energy and the force of nature up to a certain extent that God allows. The supernatural things that your spirit will perform in accordance with the delusion will cause them so much confusion. Wahaha!

2Thes 2: 9-12

2 Cor 11:15

1 Cor 1:1

pg 28 Exactly! And these creations of mine will vary some of them will appear benevolent, and some of them will be scary. Some illusions of dead people will inspire awe and some will breed fear. Some apparitions they will venerate, and some they will dread, Satan stopped talking for a while, obviously lost in his thoughts, wearing a vicious smile. Har! Har! Har! And to think that they are practically the same. Nothing but illusions. Har! Har! Har! The demons applauded Satan. Wait till you see my masterpiece. Satans eyes twinkled. And what is that?! they all asked excitedly.

A piece of bread. Satan smiled smugly. Whats with a piece of bread? asked Confusion. Ill turn it into a god and make these creatures kneel and bow down before it. Har! Har! Satan answered with a mischievous grin. Thats a lot of nonsense. snorted Skepticism. No person in his right mind would consider a piece of bread as God. Har! Har! Har! Never ever underestimate these creatures stupidity and gullibility! Har! Har! Har! Har! Watch me make a fool out of these so-called Christians. As the Cunning spirit said, we will fry them with their own fats, use their faith to destroy them by misplacing it. Har! Har! Har! Satan laughed till he cried. Suddenly, he turned stiff. Eureka! Satans eyes locked with Cunning's. This perfectly compliments my brainchild! This piece of bread will be the antichrists graven image! Exactly, as prophesied. When we have totally taken over their minds, then we will use these professed Christians to torture and murder all those who will refuse to worship this edible god. Cunning flashed a sinister smile. But wait, how will you breathe life into this image, as prophesied in Revelation 13:16? You have no power to give life, Skepticism asked. Life is in the blood, remember? Satan winked. Eow! Mockery feigned pain. "Tsk. Tsk. Poor Christians. My heart bleeds for many who would fall into our trap. The demons couldnt help but marvel at such a sinister plot. Ok, lets get moving! You spirit of infirmity, spread viruses and bacteria and all forms of diseasecausing organism all over the world, that these people may curse their God. Dont worry, we have a legal ground. Idolaters are subject to the curses of Deuteronomy 28.

But Master, Jesus already became a curse for them,* argued Contention. Damn right you are, but Ignorance keeps them from availing of their freedom! Haw! Haw! Haw! Satan chuckled. Spirit of Destruction, wreak havoc with various kinds of calamities. Spirit of Lust, awaken all the fleshly desires of their leaders, and make them all fall like dominoes. Spirit of Anger, Hatred, Bitterness and Resentment, Satan called them one by one. Work together, to destroy love and relationships. Spirit of Division, Contention and Dissension, divide the Christians and work closely with the spirit of Pride and SelfCenteredness. Make reconciliation so difficult. As much as possible, keep their focus on their emotional pain, and keep their minds off Christ. * Gal 3:13 pg 29 Then he gave assignment to all his other minions and dispatched them, giving special instructions to the spirit of Deception. Look for scripturally well-versed leaders who rely more on their knowledge than on the Holy Spirit. Work closely with the spirit of Pride and Greed and create in these leaders a hunger for power and control over the Church of God. Entice them with human wisdom,1 so that they may rely on their own understanding and not on the Holy Spirits guidance. On the double guys! Satan shouted after them. We have very little time left.2 And he cursed under his breath. Thus, the god of this world snared the minds of believers, holding them captive to do his will.3 Almost nineteen centuries later, in the year 1917 to be exact, one of Satans demons came to him, saying, Master, everythings ready. There are more than 70,000 people out there waiting for the sign. Satan nodded and rose from his throne. Its show time. Several days later

Master! Master! Look at the papers! Satan reviewed one of the write ups. "Master, its so obvious! said Dread nervously. Its so parallel with Revelation 13:13. Look! All the demons huddled around Dread to read the article: According to witnesses, Then sun began to dance, trembled, shook, whirled and spun rapidly, scattering red flames across the sky, then plunged towards the terrified crowd of more than 70,000, like a colossal circle of fire falling from heaven...


Rev 12:12

Col 2:8; 2 Tim 2:25-26

pg 30 The demons gasped. Unwittingly yet accurately, the writer chronicled the fulfillment of Johns prophecy about the miracle that the spirit of the antichrist will perform in behalf of the beast, as recorded in the book of Revelations. Its a dead giveaway Master... Fear turned paler than white. Easy, cowards. The followers of my appearances dont read the Bible at all, and those who read the Bible diligently wont read this kind of material. The very few of our victims who do read the Bible follow our ministers guide and limit themselves to the prescribed verses, so we are safe. Har! Har! Har! Youll never really know master. Youll never really know, said Apprehension. All its gonna take is one person to see the parallelism and were done with. Are you really that stupid or you're just trying to piss me off? Satan put on a bold faade. You should know better than believe that the arch-nemesis can be exposed with only one seemingly fulfilled prophecy. Look at Jesus! You think anyone can prove Him to be the Messiah with just a handful of fulfilled Messianic prophecies? Even all of the more than three hundred prophecies fulfilled in Him couldn't

convince majority of the Jews to accept Jesus as the Messiah, Satan smirked. Stop playing dumb, Satan, the Haughty spirit interjected. You know so well that once a clue is found some people would stop at nothing to pursue a case. Fool! The job is a lot more difficult than you think the maze is just too complicated, Satan snorted. Confusion, you know what to do. Consider it done, master. Look how divided they already are in their interpretation of end-time prophecies. Aside from the Pope and Nero, I will add more personalities to their wild guesses mostly powerful leaders, including every man who will sit as President of the United States of America. I will keep them so blinded so that they will fail to see that their archnemeses are actually kneeling and bowing to the real culprit! Har! Har! Har! The demons joined in laughter. Good! Keep their minds reeling, Satan said. When they read the 17th chapter of Revelation, do your part efficiently. Keep them veiled so that they couldnt differentiate the beast from the harlot. Absolutely. I will even make them attribute so much power to you, to the point of believing that you can come in the flesh. They will call the antichrist the devil-incarnate, and expect the villain to be a powerful one-world ruler who would force everyone to have their foreheads and right hands to be literally stamped with the number 666. Thats really tremendous, Confusion. I like the way you manipulate their thoughts. You know how and when to botch their minds. Har! Har! Look how ridiculous these puny mortals are. They actually expect a literal branding on their foreheads and hands.

Well, they should. They act like animals anyway, so they should expect to be treated by God like animals also. Har! Har! Poor, miserable brutes, Mockery added. Thanks to my expertise, interjected Spiritual Blindness. If I didnt do my job well, they would have discovered Gods unique way of embedding His mark of ownership upon His people, and that we have made a perfect parody of it. Shut up, you scene-stealer, the credit is mine. If I were lousy at my job, then they would have seen the Biblical mark of ownership in Exodus 3 and Deuteronomy 6. Haven't you seen how I keep them so busy with the things of this world?" argued Worldliness. That's enough, you braggadocios. Hey, you both! Satan motioned for Pride and Dissension. Concentrate on selfserving pastors and theologians. Copy. Watch them tear and devour one another in defense of their school of thoughts. I will make the Guy up there realize His mistake in dying for these pathetic jokes of earthlings. And to think that He dumped us for them, Pride said, seething. Well, most of them are caught in our snare anyway. Lets count our blessings, Sarcasm said. For eighteen centuries now, hundreds of millions have worshipped the beast and its image without them being aware of it. We have good company in hell, and many more are dying. Not a bad harvest. Bwahaha! That only proves how good my gambit is. For almost twenty centuries, I've managed to entice generation after generation of these pathetic creatures of clay to heap upon me titles and honorifics that are due to God and God alone. If I encountered opposition, all I had to do was wait for my opponents to die before pushing my doctrines again through leaders whose minds were conditioned since infancy about my disguise's attributes. Did any of these dumb watchdogs bark?* None at all. Why? Because I'm very good at blinding their minds and keeping them busy with self-interest! Satan said proudly.

Is 56:10

pg 31 Kudos, Master! Your grand plan of deception is really flawless! agreed the spirit of Flattery. It's very obvious that this disguise of yours is already adorned with all the Messianic attributes of Jesus and exclusive titles of God, but no one seemed to notice at all. No one else is worshipped the world over alongside Jesus. In fact, this disguise of yours is so formidable no one would dare touch her, much less identify her with the antichrist. 1 Finally, my scheme will triumph, Satan relaxed and rested on his laurels. Eighty nine years later, Satan was holding court, evaluating the extent of damage that they have caused mankind for the past nineteen centuries. The specters somewhere in Egypt succeeded to affect all witnesses, including hundreds who were instantly healed of their diseases, came one report. Jesus popularity now pales in comparison to the antichrist. We have succeeded to divert majority of these peoples faith from Jesus to this Biblical figure that you have chosen as a disguise. Among the false deities that we have invented, all that is considered powerful or is worshiped, she enjoys unequaled fame and devotion.2 For her, hundreds of songs, hymns and poems were composed, countless pictures were painted, millions of books, magazines, articles and newsletters were printed and circulated, numerous websites were constructed, myriads of flowers were offered, innumerable candles were lighted and billions of memorized prayers were recited. They are not even aware that theyve accorded the antichrist practically every form of worship that they have accorded to God, while insisting that they are not worshiping this charismatic figure they call Mother! Haw! Haw! Haw!

To date, nearly 40 million deceived followers visit the different sites of your appearances all over the world every single year. Were not merely attracting curious sightseers, but rather a huge, growing flock of fanatics, added another demon.

Rev 13:4

2Thes 2:4

pg 32

the spirit of Mockery laughed out loud at the news. They

have no idea that the enigmatic figure that theyre worshipping is actually the beast and that they are heading to the lake of burning sulfur, just as we are.1 Thats only because Im playing my part so well, boasted the spirit of Ignorance. If these creatures only understood that the word Anti in Greek could also mean instead of or in place of, they would have been out looking for a figure who would mimic the totality of Christs being. Not so quick, Ignorance. If I did not do a stellar job in keeping them spiritually base, they would have understood that the antichrist is after the destruction of their souls, not their economic interests. Har! Har! As such, I keep them ensnared with the love of money, the superiority of this world and the lust of the flesh, argued the spirit of Worldliness. "Dreams are free, buddy. Look, the Bible is on my side. These group is nothing but a foolish bride who never cared to read her Kings message. As God says through Hosea, My people perish for lack of knowledge.2 They dont even consider God worth knowing, thats why God gave them up to us.3 See how good am I at my job? the spirit of Ignorance contended. Its my idea, you boars. Youre simply accessories. Har! Har! On that Day, they will call Him Lord, Lord, but this Jesus will simply say to the foolish bride, Away from Me, for I never knew you! Har! Har! Har! the Cunning spirit chuckled.

Dont be so quick, swellhead. Because of me, a lament will be heard all over the threshold of eternity: If I only listened to Gods

messengers If only I cared to read the letters of my King. If I only knew the voice of my Master... But then it would be too late. Har! Har!
Har! Deception laughed out loud.

Rev 14:9-10

Hos 4:6

Rom 1:22-32

pg 33 Just then, another demon came rushing in, looking so frantic and panting for breath. Master! Master! Why are you late? Where have you been? What report do you bring? Satan demanded. Master, you wont like this. Ive been to the Orient. Theres a daring woman who is writing a book about the antichrist... he stammered. "So what? There were thousands who have written about the antichrist, and all of them were wrong. What difference does one woman make? Satan sneered. But Master, the secret is now out he hesitated. What do you mean, out? Satan roared. Watch this Master, the spirit of Divination showed them a hologram. This is the books trailer which will be posted in her upcoming website, www.rev1911.webs.com Satans chest heaved as he started reading: The earth-shattering expos That can turn the world upside down! More controversial than the Da Vinci Code! So threatening that it is banned from bookstores! So factual that no argument can stand against it!

So powerful that even the depths of hell was stirred! But not even Satan could hold it back The Fourth Secret Finally, Satans masquerade is exposed. Backed with formidable, irrefutable Biblical and historical evidence, the author exposes the fake charismatic figure that Satan has been using to dupe mankind for close to two thousand years. How does one spot a fake? When Mona Lisa was stolen, at least four individuals were duped into buying aged reproductions of the painting at very exorbitant prices, each of them believing he was paying for the stolen original. Artificially cracked and aged, each piece looked every bit like the original artwork. Because they were no experts, they easily succumbed to the deception. Only those who have studied the brush strokes of Leonardo da Vinci in detail could tell the original apart from the well executed forgery. Likewise, a bank teller can easily tell a fake bill apart from the genuine because he handles the real one daily. To be able to identify a counterfeit, one must be very familiar with the genuine. Beloved, I invite you to examine a genuine gem. In her, there is nothing false:

She lived in a dusty, infamous village called Nazareth,1 an obedient daughter who was content to let her parents choose a husband for her. When the angel informed her that she will be with child, the first thought that must have crossed her mind was the danger that she would face. The Law was harsh to moral offenders. Back then, a woman who was found to have lost her virginity while still in her fathers house (unwed) would be stoned to death1b how much more being found pregnant without a husband! She must have witnessed such stoning incidents before, and they must be pretty bloody scary. Such form of punishment was still very much in force even after the death and resurrection of Jesus.2 Instead of protesting, Mary went into the details (how can it be when Im a virgin?) and when satisfied, humbly submitted and placed her trust in God. I am the Lords servant, Mary told the angel. May it be to me as you have said.3 Though very young, this maidens faith was praiseworthy. Well, as Scripture tells us, God rescued her from shame and certain death by revealing the secret to Joseph just when he was planning to secretly divorce her.4 Little did Mary know that her obedience would cause her heart to be pierced with so much sorrow three decades later. Nothing could have prepared her for the agony of watching her Son suspended on a dead tree after having been severely flogged trying to gasp in precious gulps of air, His black and blue face swollen beyond recognition; His body a mass of bleeding lacerations; His muscles quivering with intense, throb-bing, excruciating pain. Only a mother who has watched her child being tortured could have understood the ordeal that Mary had to endure that day.



Deut 22:20-21


7:57-60; 2Cor 11:25




pg 34

What an honor for Mary to be chosen as a vessel through which the Word could come in the likeness of sinful man.1 And what hope she held in her heart when she learned that someday, she will bear the likeness of the One from heaven,2 as it is written: "The first man Adam became a living being; the last Adam, (Jesus Christ) a Life-Giving Spirit.3 Together with the other disciples, she must have leapt with joy upon learning that when Jesus comes again, they will bear His likeness.4 A life-giving spirit too? How awesome! And to think that we all deserve to burn in hell!5 Yet, in His goodness and kindness, He chose to become like us in all respect,6that we in turn may become like Him!7 If theres anyone who came close to knowing how much it has cost for the Lord to accomplish the Divine Exchange, it was Mary. Oh, how she must have kissed the gaping holes in the Messiahs hands and drenched them with her tears, when she finally understood that He did it all for her. If Mary knew this song, she would have sung it for Her Son: I often wonder What hurt You more Was it the stripes, Was it the thorns Was it the gaping holes That those rusty nails bore? But I know for sure what hurts me more It was for me

You braved it all No other kind of sword Could deeply pierce my soul8

Rom 8:3 1 Cor 15:49 1 Jn 3:2

1 Cor 15:49


Cor 15:45

Rom 3:10, 20, 23; 6:23

Heb 2:17

What Hurt You More, composed and performed by Photezie

pg 35 It is unthinkable therefore, virtually impossible actually for Mary to try to water down what her Son accomplished in Calvary by virtue of His shed blood. It is sacrilege to the utmost degree to even consider the idea that Mary would think of usurping her Son and reign in His stead. The real Mary was a humble16 and faithful servant

God who

never claimed to be anything more than she really was. And it is a desecration to the memory of this humble, obedient, suffering woman that she should be presented as an arrogant, insolent, powerhungry, limelightgrabbing, spell-casting, deceitful wannabe. Yet this is exactly the portrait that Satan succeeded to paint of her. And nobody seemed to notice for close to two thousand years except of course for those who are very familiar with the Master Artists fine brushstrokes. Stop it! Satan shrieked and turned to the spirit of Death. Kill this woman! But Master, she has a pretty good covering, Divination replied. What about her husband? Her children? Satan probed. Armors in place. Impregnable. Tell me more about this woman! Satan demanded. Visual artist turned fulltime minister. Shepherds a small congregation composed of poor, broken, jobless, inconsequential

people, most of them high school students, and some are exconvicts, exaddicts, prostitutes and vagabonds. Runs a shelter with her husband and a team of very young leaders who are barely out of college, Divination answered. What kind of people are their residents? Abused and abandoned children, products of broken families, the demon replied. Abused and abandoned you say? Is there witchcraft in these childrens family background? Satan probed. As matter of fact, yes. Satanism too. Thats a good legal ground of entry. Go! Teach this audacious woman a lesson! A few months later... We did all we can, Master, but her God is with her. Soon, her book entitled The Fourth Secret, subtitled The Antichrist Revealed will be out in the world market, the demons slumped on the ground, exhausted. You maladroit, floundering buffoons! Satan sprang up, his mouth spewing fire. You Cunning spirit, come over here! Think of ways to stop this woman. You can even use some Christian theologians and scholars to discredit her. Fill them with pride and envy, blind them with prejudice and Pharisaic spirit. Do everything to keep this book from selling. It always worked before. Its futile Satan. Everything is futile, said the spirit of Defeat. We tried to suppress the Word of God before, but the more copies our ministers burned, the more copies of the Bible proliferated. All these years, weve been trying to get back at God by pursuing the Church, but she soared with Gods wings even as we were wreaking havoc in the world. Even the rest of her offspring defied death for the praise of Gods Glory.*

Rev 12:13-17

pg 36 It was the worldly people who swallowed all the false doctrines and the flood of dissipation1 that you have spewed out of your mouth. But the purity of the original Church was preserved in the pages of the Bible.2 Hes right, the spirit of Divination added, his voice trembling. Her book doesnt have to sell millions in order to reach the whole world. Information can now travel in a fraction of a second. In no time at all, your masquerade will be uncovered. Soon, as prophesied by John, a multitude, impossible to count, will come out of this great spiritual tribulation that we have instigated. According to Johns Revelation, they will wash their robes and make them white with the blood of the Lamb.3 Master, our end has come! Dread shuddered. Die, you pathetic heaps of garbage! Satan roared, hitting them so hard with his tail. Then he let out a nerve-shattering howl that shook the depths of the Abyss. And all the demons cowered in fear.

1Pet 4:4

Rev 12:13-17

Rev 7:9-14