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Note: Prophesy of Pendor v3.411 works only with Mount and Blade: Warband version 1.143 3.

42 Save game compatible with PoP 3.411 - Adjusted the following shields' sizes: Anaconda Shield, Netherworld Shield, An cient Engraved Shield. - Made the Empire Princeps Armor available in armor stores (low abundance). - Wages for ranged troops with lvl30 or higher has been increased by 33%. - More re-balancing of trade good items. - Agressiveness and Initiative for lords following another lord have been increa sed. - The formula for getting a fief when asking for it for player vassals has been modified. Now it caps the player's renown to about 1300 to 1700 when the player asks for a center he/she captured. If the player didn't capture the center then the player renown is capped at 1000 to 1400. This makes it so that other lords w ill be getting centers if the player already has some centers, despite the playe r having a lot of renown. It also makes it possible for the player to revolt mor e often and prevents the player from growing too powerful when being a vassal. O ther factors that will decrease the capped value are: Player Right-to-Rule and P layer Controversy (- both of these are subtracted from the cap value to lower th e capped value). - Fixed a native issue in dialogs when talking about replacing marshals. - Reworked lairs. They now get reinforced with boss troops too. The boss troops are strong. The Red brotherhood lair (aka treasure map location) now has guildsm en as regular troops. The Snake Cult shrines have snake cult armsmen as regular troops. This also makes the initial rescue mission a bit harder because the boss troops there are also affected. The starting merchant will recommend you to hir e some troops with experience and good equipment. The boss troop change needs a new game to take effect but they won't mess up anything in your current save gam e so it is save game compatible. The new bosses also bring in new loot with them . - Tournament equipment: Daggers are now replaced with clubs for archers (foot an d mounted). The lance wielders and javelineers are now equipped with clubs as se condary weapons. - Fixed a bug in the Ghost lady quest. - Updated graphics resources with the work of Four_Leaf_Clover: This improves a large number of items' reflections to be less glossy and to be more optimized. 3.411 Not Savegame compatible with 3.41 - Fixed Red Brotherhood chest. - Reverted Kill counter to not being continuous (to reduce potential lag). Use m inimap on/off to get the kill counter to display if it does not. - Changed the economy to PoP3.4 (and fixed missing items that would occur in WB 1.143). This causes save game incompatibility with PoP3.41. - Changed Pendor Cavalry from level 30 to level 20 (to fix upgrade issue). - Removed defeating Noldor lords from victory conditions (- now you can win whil e the Noldor Lords are on the map). - Increased bulk item purchases penalties a little (and the same for selling bul k of the same kind). - Rebalanced how merchants stock their inventories, especially goods merchants. - Fixed Red Brotherhood to sometimes offer Bearclaw Berserkers. - Fixed the requirements of a certain bow. - Adjusted the cost of the mill and brewery enterprises. - Removed player supporter faction restriction on certain new items like Ebony w eapons, Ranger armor, etc. - Cavalry in other groups than the default cavalry group are now also affected b y the initial mount order (to counter game engine's dismount order). - Rebalanced noble recruits generation a bit (it will cap out a bit more so you don't get exceedingly many per week). - Relationship needed for lords to join is now:

Relationship needed for lord to want to join = 15 + campaign difficulty modifier (5 for medium and 10 for hard) - player persuasion skill + lord type (10 if duk e and 0 otherwise) + number of castles for the lord's faction + (2 * number of t owns for the lord's faction) - min(number of Pendor castles,5) - min(number of P endor Towns,3) 3.41 NOT SAVEGAME COMPATIBLE with 3.4 - Ported to Warband version 1.143 and included all fixes and new achievements th at it includes (adapted to PoP where needed). - Fixed Maiden Ranger having lower skill in archery than crossbows. - Fixed a village issue that existed when a lord joins your faction but fails to bring over his holdings. - Fixed Melitine Lancers not using their lances. - Fixed units not switching from lances to melee correctly (when there are 3 nea rby enemies). - Fixed Bearclaw shield being too abundant in loot after battling Mystmountain w arriors and shamans. - It is now possible to gain the two unique items in the game (through dialog). - Fixed issue where companions promoted to lords/ladies would not wear their pla yer assigned equipment. - Siege scene in Valonbray is fixed (by Abhuva). - Fixed the character menu report to report the correct prestige cost for honor troops. - Changed starting renown for companion promoted Lords/Ladies (lvl*28, capped at 1000). - Fixed the low cost of the Empire Old Shield (- this may need a new game to tak e effect). - Fixed an issue where a player could recruit troops higher than level 40 after a battle. - Talking to a lord at a feast when there is no host has been fixed. - 37 Lords have had their faces updated to unique and appropriate faces. - Heretic Magnus has had his bow and quiver replaced with throwing spears - Maiden Adventurer had a weapon switch out (bastard sword became Claymore). - Warhammers now have the same swing/thrust functions as Polehammers. - If the player is betrothed he will not get any orders to join the army (if he' s a vassal) until he's married or ends the engagement. - Added a PoP game menu option where you can make it so lords can never bring ov er their holdings to your faction if you turn this option on. - Fixed a duplicate banner issue (Caliph Hamid and Sidonius Legatus). - Modified sally forth ammo script to trigger with a small delay (- before it co uld trigger too early). - Fixed lance switching to keep drawn bows. - Horse merchants get 5 to 10 horses every week (the other merchants have also b een updated to comply with WB patch 1.143). - Fixed the no parry issue with ravenstern battleaxe and knight war axe. - Reworked ghost lady quest to no longer use a random lady as mistress (- now it is a new lady named Morwena). (Thanks MV for advice!) - Ghost lady and mistress will only appear if there is no feast ongoing in the q uest target castle. Plus various other small fixes. - Reworked some items regarding different aspects such as price, requirements, e tc. - The kill counter will no longer stay invisible after using the Esc key or open ing the battle chest. - Sarleon Armored footman has been given a morningstar instead of warhammer (- d ue to these soldiers always knocking out enemies because of their previous blunt weapon). - Lords joining the player via relationship has been reworked. Before they would join if their relationship was 20 or greater. Now it is according to this formu la:

Relationship needed for lord to want to join = 15 + campaign difficulty modifi er (5 for medium and 10 for hard) - player persuasion skill + lord type (10 if d uke and 0 otherwise) + number of castles for the lord's faction + (2 * number of towns for the lord's faction) - Snake cult lairs are guarded by snake cult armsmen instead of snake cult follo wers now. - Honorable lords do not gain as much bonus from player honor as they used to ge t. - Tournaments can only be entered if you have garnered some renown. - It is possible to acquire more unique items now. - Defection has been reworked a bit (lords with fiefs gain bonus relations with their liege during convergence according to a small base value and bonus from fi efs. For lord convergences between each other the convergence is like before.

3.4 (NOT SAVE GAME COMPATIBLE): - VI updates. - Raised training skills for lords and kings where needed. Raised AI Tactics ski lls in general. - Nuanced troops and companions (they used to have the same proficiency in all w eapons, now they don't). For example ranged troops are often less skilled in mel ee. - Increased morale modifiers for leadership (20%/25%) and food (100%). - Reworked routing to scale better and to take longer to occur. - Included option to turn off routing completely. - Starting troop slots lowered by 20. - Attacker siege retreats penalized by 20 renown, 2 honor and 10 party morale. - Jatu raider and lancer have had horse upgrades to respectable horses. - A few horses that had no hitpoint declaration have been fixed. (thanks Hoellen bewohner) - A party template bug for Shalavan has been fixed. (thanks Hoellenbewohner) - No horses for anyone in village lord raids (before only the enemy AI had no ho rses). - Lord parties who are accompanying another party are a bit more courageous than before (they don't flee as easily). - Added Caba'Drin's Dynamic Groups code (thanks Caba'Drin!) - Jatu armies reduced in numeric strength slightly (because their raiders and la ncers are harder to beat now). - Two additional Sarleon Barons have received household troops. - Jatu Hunter resurrected from the dead. - Small fixes for typos and minor changes. - Fixed an issue with the Archer Defender Siege AI. - New Weapons, shields and armors have been introduced (and a few weapons gave b een re-introduced). - Patrol radius for small knight groups and patrols have been tightened so they patrol their area better. - The steward now recruits from all bound villages (not only the player owned bo und villages). This is a bug fix. - The faction kings hired Mercenary parties have higher initiative values. - Lords no longer automatically bring over their holdings to the player faction when they change allegiance to the player faction. Instead it is based on severa l factors (where campaign difficulty, player persuasion, relation with lord and lord rank are deciding factors). - Honor gain and relation boost reduced when freeing captured lords. - Honor gained by winning tournaments. - Increased relation requirement for lords to be willing to join player faction when talked to from capture dialogue (from 7 to 20). - Increased size of Knighood Spawns (on map). - Honor troop training is now based on (250-Honor)/10 Prestige points per troop.

Minimum prestige cost is still 2 and maximum is still 25. - Player loot share reduced (to its original setting). - Certain companions have certain troop affinities. - Valonbray has had scene upgrades made by Abhuva! - Reworked mercenary payment a bit (not as profitable as before). - A new tribe has joined the Mystmountains: The Bearclaw Berserkers! These highl y agile berserkers in full Bearclaw Armor are rightfully feared in the North. Wh ile perhaps not as skilled as the Fierdsvein berserkers they are more agile and more armored and they wield big axes :) If you are lucky you may come across a f ew who might join your army. - Kings will not accept vasselage of players who have a relatively high right to rule. - A new mercenary unit known as the Melitine Mercenary Lancer has been seen in t averns ... it is rumoured to come from a far away place named Amala!

Changes 3.302 (NOT SAVE GAME COMPATIBLE): - All sounds in the Sounds folder have been converted to wav format to improve p erformance and remove crashes - VI updated so that enemy leader will charge player when player is "close and s couting" - VI has been updated to send an automatic Mount order to cavalry at start to di scourage dismounts. - Removed melee capability for javelin, thrown spear, jarid and broadhead spear. <- this improves AI usage but causes the save game to be not compatible, sorry. Changes 3.301 (save game compatible with 3.3): -Fixed companion as prisoner dialog missing (now ex-companions behave as normal kingdom lords when captured). -Fixed weapon graphics and weapon lengths. -Fixed the lods for white caparisoned horse. -Fixed Eventide Helm with Cape (was floating before). -Fixed Ithilrandir being killed to also affect Noldor relations negatively. -Reworked tax inefficiency a bit (larger base before penalty but a bit steeper p enalty curve after that). -Updated a section of Cavalry VI to fix a passivity issue. Changes 3.3 (not save-game compatible with older versions): - Horse graphics updates (by wanderer949) - Armors graphics updates (by smokindog and Archangel2K -- mainly for PoP4) - Weapons graphics updates (by anonymous) - Restructuring of brf:s and textures. -Fixed OP Code error when companion is ransomed -Fixed dialog so it no longer offers a feast if in non-player owned centers (and the spouse is not the owner either). -Sound notification for nearby enemies only triggered by larger groups now (and only if they are close to player's holdings). -Fixed ghost lady to only select non-player husband lords. -Changed rav battle axe to be able to thrust and swing. -Removed village raid sound. -Fixed notification message bug (for other faction relations that are affected b y certain events) -Fixed village banner issue -Fixed a blank dialog issue with Town mayors -Increased player_loot_share (doubled it) -Lowered maximum Looting skill at character generation (compensated with increas es in other skills to match the loss) -Inserted Rubik's improved looting system (for higher quality loot)

-Added Weaponmaster for: Ediz - 4, Kaverra - 3, Sigismund - 5 -Fierdsvein nobility who rode red warhorses now ride green warhorses and all Ja rls are upgraded to these. -Fierdsvein Nobility that rode a hunter now ride a caparisoned green hunter -Noble Valkyries now ride Yellow Warhorses (instead of white warhorses) -Marleons Cavalry also ride Red Caparisoned hunter -Sarleon Knight can no longer ride Well Bred Hunters. Instead they can ride Capa risoned Red Hunters -Sarleon Lords that rode hunters now ride red caparisoned hunters -Ravenstern Lords that rode hunters now ride blue caparisoned hunters (count ste phan rides a blue draped warhorse instead of a steppe horse) -A certain item's abundance changed from 80 to 0. -Reduced number of honor troops generated by reputation (and added a random elem ent to it). -Reworked how quitting a rebellion functions (now all holdings will revert to or iginal faction and all prisoners are released and player loses 5 honor instead o f 20 honor). -Added sound notification for finished construction of buildings (in addition to the current text log notification). -Increased armor factor from 29 to 35 for all Caparisoned hunters (because other hunters cost less but have better stats). -VI: If there is Cav, then a mounted team leader will stay with them instead of infantry. -Field battle: When the player falls the troops are ordered to use any weapon an d fire at will (in addition to charge). -Fixed descriptions of very prosperous villages and towns. -Added Feature: Building repairs (for AI and player) + AI building improvements. Changes in 3.205: - Fixed the ex-companion as player prisoner dialog bug. - Fixed potential issue with kingdom lords following a marshal. - Added Lance switching to battles (- Based on Caba'drin's Lance switching scrip t!) - Reworked Sally v1.0 to Sally v1.1 (- she is smarter now and has a few new surp rises in store) - Reworked initial payment offer for Player Mercenary Contracts and for the week ly contractual payments. - Fixed a potential issue with enemy leader being passive in formation battles ( WIP). Changes in 3.204: - Fixed typo in dialog. - New "sally forth" formations feature (for all sieges). - Fixed "stuck lords" bug. - Fixed Marshal OP script error. - Fixed Slot OP script error spam (if player has assigned troops to slot 7 and h as no troops assigned to slot 8) - Fixed loot division by 0 OP script error. - Adjusted training garrisons (WIP). - Dread Legion Infantry is now considered infantry. - If player is knocked unconscious in siege battles the player troops are set to charge ( - like the other kinds of battles already do New features: - Intelligent tactical AI and battle formations (see forum FAQ for details and k eys) - A hidden outpost of a minor faction (no spoilers here!)

- New intro quests - Treasure maps leading to hidden lairs - Gender equality: females get fiefs when invited to join a faction and don't ha ve a hard time trying to get hired as mercs - Added reference pages under Notes->Game Concepts for buildings and knighthood orders - Cheater achievement rewritten (cheating three times will trigger it, and it do esn't disable other achievements, only their rewards) - Factionalized items (there are many faction-specific items that are available only in faction's town stores) - Auto-recruiting from bound villages (seneschal dialog) and auto-training (depe nds on seneschal Training skill) of player garrisons - Additional music tracks for battles and weddings - New voice sets for Diev, Sarleon and Empire lords - Mouse-driven death camera - Additional game options "Important news only" (all or no messages about lords, lootings and sieges that don't concern your faction) and "Battle formations" (t oggles both formations and the tactical AI on/off) - King-hired mercs escort the king as a separate party, they also enter and exit centers with the king, and drop off prisoners in centers - Added a message to notify when a fief is awarded - Integrated More Metal Sounds 2.2 Changes from POP 3.01 and Warband: - New and updated items by Archangel - Updated scenes and additional item LODs by Sysyphe - Player kingdom management is Warband-style, with additional POP dialogs - The economy is a hybrid PoP/WB, with POP building improvements - Sarranids (6th kingdom) were removed, but their items are available in D'Shar stores - Bandit lairs populated with POP denizens - Additional companion dialogs and traits needed for Warband Selected tweaks: - Many troop and item stats were rebalanced - Prisoner Mgmt skill: lowered prisoners per point from 15 to 10 - Map: moved several villages, so towns always have at least two of them - Adjusted spawning probabilities of minor factions to be more balanced (less He retic armies, more Snake Warbands etc. - spawns should be more diverse now); add ed missing messages for 3 Seers, Eyegrim and Noldor lords spawning - Sorted most of the party templates (including kingdom reinforcements) to place stronger troops first (with some exceptions where strong troops appear at a lat er battle phase to make things interesting, like for Noldor Lords, Burilgi etc.) - AI garrisons sorted by troop level and real strength whenever they are reinfor ced or gain xp, archers biased by +25% (i.e. moved up), order troops moved down (-50%) so it's not impossible to siege an order town - Kingdom reinf. templates rewritten: more balance between kingdoms, kingdom par ties get their Order troops like in 2.5 - Tweaked down tax inefficiency - Disabled Warband renown reduction when renown is high - Halved speed of night fighting for every AI battle - Some Empire troops (Legionnaire, Noble Legionnaire Recruit, Gladiator, Immorta l) changed to infantry, less spear-throwing (Empire parties autocalc values now more in line with the rest) - Siege AI updated to gauge prospects with POP autocalc (both while planning and while sieging) - i.e. AI more careful, likely to attack easier targets like cas tles and villages POP 3.01 bugs fixed: - More accurate heraldic armor back colors

- Marleons Heavy Cavalry, Barclay Lancers now always have horses; Sheriff, Empir e regular and Guardian Knights now have Riding skills - Fixed a bug that prevented Noldor Lords from spawning, except by rumor - Damaging already damaged improvements on capture/raid, caused repeated penalti es or magical repair - Refugee party when invited to join gives wrong answers - Corrected building effects or description text for several buildings so they a re consistent with each other - Map: wayward vertex near Valorshield moved - caused parties to get stuck - Map: flipped to face north Warband bugs fixed: - Removed a set of duplicate banners - Fixed a WB bug that prevents the last prisoner troop of a certain type to esca pe (causing enormous prisoner lists in castles etc.) - Economy: WB bug fixed - symptoms were inflated prices and shortage of goods in stores; production of various goods rebalanced for POP (e.g. fish produced only in coastal villages and towns); boosted number of different goods in stores - Lords seem to defect to a single faction - Lords go on to siege castles recently captured by their own faction Have fun! The POP Dev Team Personal note from MadVader: Despite having plenty of fun porting and developing POP 3.2, I'm retiring from m odding into real life. As the Gods of Pendor would usually have it, the right pe rson showed up at the right time, so Treebeard will carry the coding torch from now on. I wish him and the POP team best of luck in creating the next release. I'd like to thank the excellent people on the POP Dev Team and the loyal POP fan s for pushing POP to the next level. Special thanks to Saxondragon for showing m e what game design is about.