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Chattel Mortgage Act 1508 Art. 2140, NCC Chattel Mortgage and Pledge Sec. 14, Act No.

1508 and Art. 2112, NCC Davao Sawmill vs. Castillo, 61 Phil 709 Extent of Chattel Mortgage: Torres vs. Limjap, 56 Phil 141 Northern Motors, Inc. vs. Coquia, 66 SCRA 415 Acme Shoe Rubber and Plastic Corp. vs. CA, 260 SCRA 714

Essential Requisites and Formal Requisites and Registration (Affidavit of Good Faith)

Objects of Chattel Mortgage Piansay, et. al. vs. David, et. al., GR L-19468, October 30, 1964 Tumalad, et. al., vs. Vicencio, et. al., G.R. L-30173, September 30, 1971 Makati Leasing vs. Wearever Textie Mills, G.R. L-58469, May 16, 1983

After-acquired, future or substituted property Torres vs. Limjap, G 34385, Sept. 21, 1931 After-incurred obligation Acme Shoe, et al vs CA, et al, GR L-103576, August 22, 1996 Right of junior mortgagee (Art. 13) Remedies

Foreclosure procedure (Art. 14; SC Circular No. 7-2002, dated January 22, 2002) Southern Motors vs. Moscoso, GR L-14475, May 30, 1961 Levy Hermanos vs. Pacific Commercial, et. al., GR L-47784 Cruz, et. al. vs. Filipinas Investment, GR L-24772, May 27, 1968 Filipinas Investment vs. Vitug, G.R. L-25951, June 30, 1969

Redemption Claim for deficiency: Art. 2115, NCC, rule and exemption Sps. Rosario vs. PCI Leasing and Finance, Inc., GR 139233, Nov. 11, 2005 Magna Financial Services Group, Inc. vs. Colarina, GR 168736, Dec. 9, 2005

Recto Law, Art. 1494-1485, NCC Offenses related to Chattel Mortgage Art. 319, RPC

REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE LAW Act No 3135, as amended by RA 4118) Coverage Sec. 1, Act No. 3135 Remedies Available to Mortgagee Upon Default of the Mortgagor Foreclosure Judicial Rule 68 Extrajudicial Act 3135 Special Power of Attorney, process and publication Procedure: Secs. 2-3 Notice

GSIS vs CA, 170 SCRA 533 PNB vs International Corporate Bank, 199 SCRA 508 Ordinary action for sum of money; effects Remedy of Mortgagee (Debtor) GSIS vs CA, 266 SCRA 187 Redemption Redemptioners- Sec. 6 Amount of redemption, also Sec. 47 of Gen. Banking Law Period of Redemption, also Sec. 47 of Gen. Banking Law Judicial Fpreclosure Limpin vs IAC, 166 SCRA 87, 1988 Extrajudicial Foreclosure Sec. 1, par. 3, SC Circular AM No. 99-10-05 Writ of Possession, Sec. 8, Act No. 3135 Jehi Construction Corp vs BPI, 524 SCRA 522 China Banking Corp vs Lozada, 557 SCRA 177 Sps Santiago vs. Merchant Rural Bank of Talavera, Inc. vs. 453 SCRA 756 Annulment of Sale UCPB vs. Sps. Beluso, 530 SCRA 567