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In the dialogue given, both Pia and Mort has their own opinions when lawmakers were saying that there is no crime takes place when a woman is raped. Based on the dialogue given, Pia gives a scenario on people who are the victim of the sexual assault can consider as a crime scene only when it leads to her traumatize or serious injury. Pia thinks that when a women were forced to have sex with someone, it's should be considered as a violation of her body and it should be treat as a crime. With this statement, it is clearly state that Pia is stand for the woman right and protected woman from the violation. But Morts opinion was different from Pia. Mort thinks that women actually want to be raped and they when they say no, it means yes and when they say yes, then later they decides they should say no. From this, we can see that Mort is a man since that he is protecting that man should not be blamed in the rape case. Pia proposes that the lawmaker is real when the women who are forced to have sex with a man known as rape. Mort believes the earnest resistance approach the best test but if the test was unacceptable, the fear test is also can be use. Earnest resistance requires more than just saying no. Generally, and especially in the absence of an express or implied threat, earnest resistance would be defined as physically struggling or fighting. So Mort is think that if woman just say no in refusing to do sex with men, it should not consider as a rape. In the state of Oregon, assaults that are commonly referred to as date rape, marital rape, acquaintance rape, and stranger rape are all prohibited and prosecuted under the same set of laws. The laws usually address unwanted sexual contact, except when the victim is legally considered to be too young to give meaningful consent to sexual acts. Based on what I understand about the dialogue is, Pia thinks that rape is a crime because a women were forced to have sex with someone and its considered as a violation of the womens body. Different from Pia, Mort thinks that woman actually wants to be raped. Mort thinks that when women say no, its actually yes.

Based on the dialogue, I agree with Pia because when a woman was forced doing sex without her permission, it was a violation to her body and it should be considered as a crime that is rape. The current definition of rape in law is Sexual Offences act 2003 (the Act). It repealed almost all of the existing statute law that relate to sexual offences. The purpose of the Act is to strengthen and to update the law on sexual offences, whilst improving preventative measures and the protection of individuals from sexual offenders. The main provisions of the Act include, rape is widened to include oral penetration, significant changes to the issue of consent and the ending of Morgan defense and also strengthening the notification requirement and providing new civil preventative order. Sometimes, rape can cause death; the victims are forced by the rapist to have sex but the victims then tried to fight back unfortunately, the rapist decide to kill the victims as to vanish all the evidence. There are several circumstances that can be consider as rape. First, it is against her will and without her consents. Second, is when the victims are forced and the consent can be obtained by putting her fear of death or hurt to herself. Third, her consents is given as her trust to that particular man even though the man is not her husband. Then, her consents is obtained by using his authority because of trust relationship to her. Last but not least, with or without her consent, she is under 16 years of age. In a nutshell, most of the situation that relates to his sexual intercourse with a woman is a rape. It will be important for the police to ask the offender in interview what steps he took to satisfy him that the plaintiff consented. Do accused men should be granted anonymity? Anyone accused of rape should not be named until charged with the offences. Sometimes police forces do not adhere to this. On being charged it can be useful for the name of an accused to be published, as other women who have been raped by him, often with the same modus operandi, may be encouraged to report. In the Six Offences Review, there will be no testimonial for separate offences. Rape is rape regardless of the relationship or the context. There are three common defenses to rape that is; nothing happen, it wasnt me, and she consented. Because of the Morgan ruling in the mid 1970s, to convict a man of rape first of all, the prosecution had to convince the jury beyond the reasonable doubt that the woman was not

consenting. Whether he was guilty or not, it depends on whether or not he thought she was consenting. What was going on in his head, not what was happening to her body. Rape is experienced by the victims is an act of violence. It is life threatening experienced. This is because it is done in aggressive way and forcibly against the victims without their consents. Most of people out there may think the reason for such horrified situation to happen is because the man unable to control their desire to have sex. Most of people also think that by making a first impression on someone, we can surely know whether that person is a rapist or not. But believe it or not, there are cases where the victims had raped by high profession people such as lawyers, doctors, police officers, and authority figure. This shows that rapist can come from any sort of background and it is not must be the crazy, disarranged, and abnormal pervert looking guy. Besides, the people whom we have known for a long time have the possibility to assault us. Two of the most famous rape trials of the late twentieth century, those of William Kennedy Smith in 1991 and heavyweight champion Mike Tyson in 1992, were based on allegations of date rape. In each trial, the victim testified that she was raped and the defendant testified that sex was consensual. In the Smith trial, the jury resolved credibility questions in favor of the defendant, finding Smith not guilty. In the Tyson trial, the jury resolved credibility questions in favor of the victim. As a result, Tyson was convicted and sentenced to a term of imprisonment. As American culture continues to struggle with issues of date rape and acquaintance rape, reform affecting cases such as these will likely continue. Rapists usually choose their victim based on their vulnerability, not by their physical appearance. And the most important fact is, women are raped from the age of three to ninety three. This shows that rapist does not only choose young women as their victim. It was an act of violence, not sex. Another myth about rape is everyone knows when a woman says no, she often means yes and women secretly want to be rape. In my opinion, that myth was totally wrong. No women want to be rape because rape was a terrifying, violent and humiliating experience. Nobody have the right to forced women to make sex with them if they were unwilling to do that. Another myth that connected to

rape is women eventually relax and enjoy it, and they secretly want to be raped. There is a widely held belief that actually women enjoy rape or that it is just sex at the wrong time, in the wrong place. There was a study that shows most rape cases involve physical force. When a woman is raped, she was afraid of being killed and rapists usually use the threat of killing a woman or her children to ensure she was surrender and her silence after the attack. Women do not enjoy sexual violence. There was also a myth stated that only bad girls get sexually assaulted. The fact is sexual assault happens in all segment in our society. Most of the rapists choose their victims without contemplate to the physical appearance of lifestyle. Victims are of every type, race, and socio-economic class, young and old alike. Another famous myth about rape is men who rape is sexually assault are mentally ill or monsters. The facts show that as few as 5% of the men are psychotic at the time of their crimes. Few convicted rapists are referred for psychiatric treatment. Other famous myth about rape is women make up stories about being rape. Nowadays, our societies give bad perception on women who wear outrages clothes and has sexual symbolic. The women who are categorized as lack of sexuality have the lowest tendency to be rape. Unfortunately, this statement no longer true as women and girls of all ages, classes, culture, ability, and race can get involved in this situation. Faced with the reality, women make second by second decisions, all of which are directed at minimizing the harm done towards them. At the point where initial resistance, struggling, reasoning etc have failed, the fear of further violence often limits womens resistance.