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The device has 80W speakers, an equaliser with six settings and a USB port which allows the consumer to charge a phone or listen to MP3s from her mobile phone or pen drive. Not surprisingly, Godrej Edge has received rave reviews from customers and the trade alike and reaffirmed the proven idea that brand Godrej is an innovative leader bringing products which are truly designed by curiosity.

which became a standard later in the appliances and electronics industry. If technology and service were by themselves not enough, then Godrej sealed the debate by becoming the first company in India to voluntarily start manufacturing 100% CFCHFC- and HCFC-free refrigerators in 2001. Even today, it's the only brand to do so.

Rural penetration of refrigerators is less than 8%; in urban India it's 40%. Clearly, the market is waiting to explode. Riding in the midst of this is Godrej a company that brought India its first India-made refrigerator in 1958. Since then, almost every significant improvement to the product can be attributed to this outstanding brand. From polyurethane foam to 5-sides cooling to the first 400-litre frost-free refrigerator to the Cool Shower technology to music in the refrigerator, they all bear the stamp of Godrej.
Brand EquityTrusted Brand award in the Appliances category and has also won the National Energy Conservation award, amongst a host of other accolades. However, beyond the glitter and glamour of awards is the hard reality of the consumer. Godrej is proudest of the veneration heaped upon it by hundreds of people who have written to the company eulogising Godrej refrigerators particularly those that have silently been in service for several decades. Truly, customer satisfaction is the ultimate test for a brand and here, Godrej has always found itself ahead of the pack. like washing machines, air-conditioners, microwave ovens and television sets. This was followed with the launch of Godrej Edge in 2008 the largest range of single door, 5-star refrigerators in the country. Loaded with innovative technology, the range offered best-inclass benefits. At forums the company has often been asked the recipe for its success. The fact is there is no secret formula. The company is simply consumer-driven. This means that it always listens to the audience and asks of them, what is it that they might want. It is magic borne out of

The nature of foods a refrigerator was once asked to keep fresh has changed. Smart plastic boxes, Tetra Pak milk and juice containers, readyto-eat items and flavoured yogurts now cram its shelves. In other words the cooling needs themselves have changed. The remarkable thing about refrigerators, in particular, is that like evolution itself, all development heads in the same direction and reaches the same conclusions. They eventually end up offering the same efficiencies, the same looks and the same end-results. For Godrej the challenge lay in creating a differentiator whenever product parity began to exert itself. Godrej, always a pioneer, went back to the audience for answers. It discovered that while home-bound housewives took pride in cooking fresh food for their families, a degree of boredom was creeping in as they drudged alone in their kitchens. Consumer understanding revealed that most Indian women spent the majority of their day alone in the kitchens, cooking for their loved ones. The task of cooking itself was not the pain area but the fact they were doing it alone made it boring. Cooking was now a small tiring necessity and increasingly less enjoyable. She yearned for a distraction, a companion that would take the tedium out of it. Further probing elicited an answer. Armed with this insight Godrej got to work and created the Godrej Edge SX MuziPlay refrigerator. This unique concept was truly revolutionary. The refrigerator housed an FM radio and a built-in MP3 player, changing forever in nature, the product, from a passive appliance to an active companion in the kitchen and promising to make kitchens across India, brighter work places.

Recent Developments
The company has been making significant progress on the innovation front by adopting a mix of in-house developments spearheaded by more than 100 engineers and designers. This has yielded rich dividends for the company with MuziPlay, the latest, finest example of its success. The concept is being extended to a larger range of refrigerators. The next big innovation, it seems, is already on its way.

In middle income homes nothing exemplifies 'having arrived' more than a refrigerator in a house. In fact, in the large home appliances subcategory, the refrigerator is the most highly penetrated. Some 40% of urban households owned refrigerators in 2011/12, up from 34% in 2009/10. The urban-rural divide is also amongst the most noticeable in this segment. Despite rural India making up the larger part of the population, refrigerator penetration is no more than 8%. Many factors can be advanced for this dismal performance but the most obvious is the poor supply of electricity. With power generation now a priority in the government's scheme of things, the rural market has the potential to explode in demand. Across the board the category is growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.70% and today, stands at some 8.50 million units per annum. In this market Godrej continues to command respect. It has not only been a pioneer brand in India, Godrej has never given up its first mover advantage it appropriated more than 50 years ago. The brand continues to outpace the industry growth with a CAGR of 10.50% higher than the industry average (Sources: IRS, GfK Nielsen and industry estimates).

Godrej understands that the changing consumer profile demands not just a reengineered product but also re-energised promotions. The company has always been a leader in innovations and, as can be seen, is also a pioneer in evolving below-the-line initiatives. Godrej was the first company in its space to have a Bollywood celebrity endorsing the brand. It was also amongst the first to be closely associated with the Indian Premier League. In keeping with Indian consumers' fascination with

Godrej online initiative was also applauded as one of the most successful online initiatives in India. The world's most potent technology, its most outstanding designs and its finest promotions would come to nought if the product wasn't supported by live-wire service. With this in mind, Godrej launched an innovative scheme called the Customer Satisfaction Number (CSN). Each time a customer logs a call for service a unique number is provided to him. If the customer is satisfied with the quality of service he has received he gives the CSN to the service technician who, in turn, gets added incentives. It's a scheme that's a win-win for everyone and once again shows the company's fine innovative skills in thinking outof-the-box and its commitment to creating consumer delight.

Brand Values
In many ways, Godrej is a company steeped in tradition, still doing some things the good oldfashioned way like asking people what is it that they might want. For Godrej the slogans 'designed by curiosity' and 'brighter living' aren't, therefore, just words. They are a philosophy and a way of life. In real terms they simply mean that every product engineered by Godrej has the approval of its customers and is the result of extensive research into their hearts and minds. It is from this understanding that Godrej begins the process of innovation and surprising the market at every launch. PUF, PentaCool, Cool Shower and MuziPlay are all a happy consequence of this study. It's a learning that Godrej has carried out for more than 100 years. It expects to march into the far future with this same spirit of will do.

Godrej refrigerators have had a very distinguished history. First launched in 1958 the brand has had a brilliant outing, notching up a series of successes and pioneering industry benchmarks. Each innovation has led to competitors clambering to catch up and each time they have come close Godrej has produced another category first. In 1989 it developed a revolutionary insulation called polyurethane foam (PUF). This replaced the age-old glass wool and gave the refrigerator several advantages. Its launch was so immensely successful that its case study became a must-read in many business schools. 1996 marked the delivery of the country's first deep-door refrigerator. This 260-litre model was followed in 1998 by the 400-litre frost-free model. This became the largest refrigerator ever manufactured in India, at the time. At the turn of the century Godrej produced another jewel: the 5-sides cooling Pentacool. The Pentacool's outstanding models rewrote history books and its television commercials became hard-toforget films. Godrej Eon Refrigerators were truly revolutionary. Developed in 2006 this sub-brand introduced the Cool Shower technology and became the world's first brand to do so. Eon did something else too: it junked the concept of boring white or silver refrigerators and innovated a range with bewitching colours. In doing so, Godrej was only repeating history becoming yet again, the first company to initiate the concept of aesthetic designing. The success of Eon led to its extension across categories

Concurrent to this growth and position of leadership, Godrej continues to win accolades. It has been felicitated for its products, the innovation it has brought to the industry, its social commitments and even its marketing strategies. The brand has been recognised as the Most Trusted Brand, five years in a row, the Most Preferred Refrigerator in the CNBC-Awaaz research, it has won the Smart Living award for the Best Refrigerator Brand, it has been honoured as the Business Standard Most Innovative Company of the year 2010, in the

Things you didnt know about

Godrej Refrigerators
this that makes Godrej a leader in the category. Godrej's history is not limited to its product innovations. Like a true leader, Godrej also has several process and promotion firsts to its credit. For instance, when no one had thought about it Godrej launched Smart Care in 2001. This 24-hours-a-day-seven-days-a-week call centre pre-empted the evolving consumer and correctly predicted that service will ultimately become the category differentiator. It's a truth now recognised across segments. Godrej was also the first to promote its products with celebrity endorsements with the stylish Preity Zinta as its brand ambassador in 2002 starting a brand ambassador trend, Godrej's Chotukool, the only sub C4000 (US$ 73) cooling solution which addresses the needs of the economically weaker sections of society and the rural population of India, has been awarded the 2012 Gold Edison Award for social impact Godrej has a 1200 strong direct sales force which contacts almost 40,000 consumer households every day across 25 cities Godrej is the first and, perhaps, the only appliance company to run a specialised technician training programme through the Godrej Vocational Training Schools, thus generating employability

movies, the brand had also tied up with films like Luck By Chance, Aladdin, Mausam and more recently Ready, for more effective and engaging communications. Its promotion, Khelo Jeeto Jiyo, anchored by Soha Ali Khan yielded almost magical results. With more consumers spending more time online, Godrej Appliances has been actively focusing on its social media presence and in less than one year has a following of more than 300,000 fans on its Facebook site. Go Jiyo, a pan-