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Metals Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviation Definition AA Aluminum Association AAR Association of American Railroads ABS American Bureau of Shipbuilding ACDQ Accelerated Cooling Direct Quench ACI Alloy Casting Institute ADI Austempered Ductile Iron AFNOR Association Francaise de Normalisation AGA American Gas Association AISI American Iron and Steel Institute AMS Aerospace Materials Specifications AOD Argon Oxygen Decarburization API American Petroleum Institute AQ Aircraft Quality AREA American Railway Engineering Association ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers ASIE American Society of Industrial Engineers ASM American Society for Metals (now ASM International) ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASQ Aircraft Structural Quality ASQ Axle Shaft Quality ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials AWWA American Water Works Association BSI British Standards Institute BSSA British Stainless Steel Association CD Cold Drawn CDA Copper Development Association CERF Civil Engineering Research Foundation CF Cold Formed or Cold Finished CHQ Cold Heading Quality COF Coefficient of Friction CQ Commercial Quality CR Cold Rolled CRES Corrosion REsistant Steel CSA Canadian Standards Associates CTE Coefficient of Thermal Expansion CVD Chemical Vapor Deposition CW Cold Worked CW Cold Worked D Steel Dual Phase Steel DA Duplex Annealed DDQ Deep Drawing Quality DIN Deutches Institut für Normung DIPRA Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association DIS Ductile Iron Society DOE Department of Energy (US Government) DQ Drawing Quality DQSK Drawing Quality Special Killed EDDQ Extra Deep Drawing Quality ELI Extra Low Interstitial EMI Electromagnetic Interference EPA Environmental Protection Agency (US Government) ERW Electrical Resistance Welding

ESCR ESR FDA FED FM Frg GMAW GP GTAW HB HE HF HIP HR HRA HRB HRC HRPO HSLA HSS HT HV HW ISO JIS ksi MASH MIL SPEC MIM MMA MMC MSE NACE NASA NB NHT NIST NSF OEM OSHA PH PHT PM (P/M) POP PVQ QA QT RQ RT S Steel SA SAE SCHQ SHT SMA SMAW Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance Electroslag Remelting Food and Drug Administration (US Government) Federal Specification Number Factory Mutual Forging Gas Metal Arc Welding General Purpose Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Brinell Hardness Number Hot Extruded Hot Finished Hot Isostatic Pressing Hot Rolled Rockwell A Hardness Number Rockwell B Hardness Number Rockwell C Hardness Number Hot Rolled. Pickled and Oiled High Strength Low Alloy Hollow Structural Steel Heat Treated Vickers Hardness Hot Worked or Hot Wrought International Standards Organization Japan Industrial Standard 1000 pounds per square inch (psi) Mean Apparent Specific Heat Military Specification Number Metal Injection Molding Manual Metal Arc Welding Metal Matrix Composite Materials Science and Engineering National Association of Corrosion Engineers National Aeronautics and Space Administration (US) No Break (Applied to Impact Test Results) Not Heat Treated National Institute of Standards and Technology National Sanitation Foundation (nonregulatory agency) Original Equipment Manufacturer Occupation Safety and Health Administration (US Government) Precipitation Hardened Precipitation Heat Treated Powder Metallurgy Point of Purchase (Marketing Displays) Pressure Vessel Quality Quenched and Aged Quenched and Tempered Regular Quality Room Temperature Structural Quality Grade Steel Solution Annealed Society of Automotive Engineers Special Cold Heading Quality Solution Heat Treated Shape Memory Alloy Shielded Metal Arc Welding .

Smls SQ SQ SQ SQA SR SS STA STOA TA TC TCT TYS UNI UNS UTS VAR VCD VIM W Steel WC X Steel Seamless Structural Quality Saw Quality Solution Quenched Solution Quenched and Annealed Stress Relieved Stainless Steel Solution Treated and Aged Solution Treated and Overaged Triplex Annealed Tungsten Carbide Tungsten Carbide Tipped Tensile Yield Strength Ente Nationale Italiano di Unificazione (Italian standards body) Unified Numbering System Ultimate Tensile Strength Vacuum Arc Remelting Vacuum Carbon Deoxidation Vacuum Induction Melting Weathering Grade Steel Tungsten Carbide Low Alloy Grade Steel .