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BASIC CONCEPTS Life doesnt hand you an instruction manual for living in this world when you are

born, but there are rules, as you soon learn, through repeated suffering. Not having INSTINCTS which automatically inform us of these natural laws, we must discover these with our INTELLECT or our INTUITION to avoid pain and death. Fortunately, we, as a race, share what we find , but, as yet, society only requires its members to know the most basic, survival-oriented and practical of these, so, if you dont get out much, philosophically, you are left to wander and guess for yourself. Most people dont have a clue as to what makes Life tick, other than some pitiful comic book caricatures of ideas from the time they might have gone to Sunday school , or from what Mommy told them to make them be good, but the answers are out there, if you take time to look. Over the ages, people have found the answers to the Big Questions about Life, and just because nobody on your block ever heard of them doesnt mean they arent available. Its up to you, if you want to find out. If so, read on. The basic concepts below are just that: basic, and can be elaborated upon almost indefinitely. Many books are available on these topics. I. REINCARNATION: Regardless of what you may have heard or been taught, the research currently being done by psychiatrists, psychologists and university researchers today in the field of past life regression confirms beyond a doubt the fact that we do live again and again, and have been here before. Buddhism, Hinduism, forms of Judaism, and pre-5th Century Christianity, as well as the Greeks Romans and Egyptians taught this, but not until today, in places like The University of Toronto, Columbia, Yale, and The University of Virginia, have there been scientific investigations which provide proof of this fact. According to the Buddha, it takes between 500 and 700 lives to progress, from start to finish, through the human Kingdom (The human kingdom is a stage in evolution, like high school). We experience lives as both males and females, and incarnate in many races, religions and nationalities. We experience wealth, poverty , success, failure, and undertake many occupations, developing many skills. In short, through our many incarnations we learn what it is like to be fully human. This takes much time and experience and most of us today have been at this since the time of Atlantis (millions of years ago.) Clairvoyants, like Edgar Cayce, for years, talked of Atlantis, and gave past life readings on people mentioning this. Today, psychiatrists are regressing people

who are seeing for themselves, first-hand, these Atlantean lives. The amount of time between lives is changing. It used to be much greater. Now it varies from 30 to 100 years. Between lives, we meet with members of our SOUL GROUPS and, under the guidance of older souls, carefully plan our next lives. At death, and again, after death, our life flashes before our eyes in review. During these reviews, every single detail is recalled. Nothing is missed. (People who have died on the operating table and come back to life constantly talk about this.) The difference, particularly in the second review, is that this time we experience not only our own feelings , thoughts and sensations, but all of those of the other people involved. This causes us to resolve to do better next time. In the planning, marriages, careers and children are all arranged in advance, with full, conscious cooperation of all souls involved. Of course, the bodies later put down by these souls rarely remember any of this other than a feeling of Havent we met before? However, even in this, much is left open for spontaneous action and choice down here. II. KARMA: (Justice) Karma means action and the results of action. In Life, all creatures have relative amounts of free will. Within a limited sphere of choice, we are totally free. Beyond this, the amount of free will decreases. The amount of consciousness and responsibility directly determines the amount of freedom. Beings with much freedom are also highly conscious, but they carry tremendous responsibility. Life is a learning process. Earth is a school, one of many. The idea that Life deals out punishment for bad deeds in past lives, needs to be modified. We are each cells in the body of humanity, and humanity is an organ in the Planetary life. The idea is to heal, not destroy wayward and defective cells. The goal of human evolution is to realize that we, humanity, are a single entity, which itself, is one with the larger life in which it lives. This is the idea behind the notion of brotherhood which all religions preach, and behind the environmental movements in all countries. But, we learn slowly and this particular lesson is most difficult for us, because people and groups hurt us and then we hate them and hurt them and on it goes as in the Middle East. So Life has to take us to one group, one family at a time, to show us See? They are not so bad. Now you are one of them. This takes many, many lives, until all these wounds are healed and prejudices overcome. This is how families are used. The father often gives birth to a rival or an enemy he killed in a former

life. Not recognizing him in his new body, he signs him up for hockey, sends him to university, and they end the life fine friends. Brothers and sisters, particularly, are often people who are being forced to work it out by being stuck in the same family for a number of years with no escape from one another. Not remembering our past lives is a blessing, until we become highly evolved enough to handle the information. There are enough people already who want to kill their bosses. If they really knew who these bosses were, there would be slaughter in the streets! (Same with brothers and sisters!) The good news is that WE KEEP WHAT WE EARN: Every skill, talent and ability you develop in one life STAYS WITH YOU FOREVER. Now, mind you, you wont always be drawing on all these at once. As a football player and Marine sargeant, you will probably leave your previous ability to crochet and dance ballet tucked away in your unconscious. If you were a savage Apache warrior in a previous life, but are an artist or scientist in this one, perhaps the only time this past talent for savage aggression will come out will be on the rugby field. But the talents stay, as do character qualities (compassion, insight, creativity, courage, etc.) How then does Karma work? If they say what goes around, comes around, dont we get nailed eventually? Dont we get punished? Yes, and no. The law of Karma dictates that whatever punishment comes to you, it has to come in such a form that it also, at the same time, provides an OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH. Thus, every karmic obstacle must also be a stepping stone, or it cant hit you. Period. Thus, you can be absolutely sure that anything that happens to you in Life, painful though it may be, is also a DEFINITE OPPORTUNITY for you, which you would not get otherwise. If you dont believe this, just listen to the people in the special Olympics talk about how grateful they were to be crippled. Sound crazy? How about Steven Hawking (Like a modern Einstein): Says being paralyzed really got him going on his career. There are literally millions of stories of misfortune turned to glory like this, for this is what Life actually intends. Now THIS, you should really look into, because there are also many cases of people literally eaten away by their own resentment at Life, dying each day of cancer and other illnesses because they refuse to SEE the opportunity and instead hold a never-ending grudge against Life for their suffering. And the point tat past life regressions show us is that WE OURSELVES PLAN these misfortunes in order to teach these ignorant, wayward bodies we wear down here what we, as souls, up there want them to know. WE are the punishers. Nothing is ever put on

us, unless we, as souls, become so out of line that it threatens the soul group, and this is most rare. III. THE CONSTITUTION OF MAN: This brings us to the question: What is man? Just a body, with feelings and a mind, or is there more? How can we BE something we arent even AWARE of, like a soul? The answer to this lies in an analogy: You know the you reading these words. When you are asleep and dreaming, you often totally lose touch with this you, totally forget about it and cant even imagine it, thinking instead, you are again a little child, or imagining yourself living in some other place. Yet this you exists all the time you ignore it in your sleep, and when you wake up you REALIZE who you really are. Well, many religions and philosophies claim we, as humans, are asleep. They claim we can wake up and REALIZE that we are souls, who put down these bodies for temporary use. This is called SELF (soul) REALIZATION. Imagine there is a part of you that has lived for millions of years and contains the experience of hundreds of lives. It is immensely wise and loving, but absolutely individual. This is the soul. Then imagine that this soul itself is a temporary vehicle put down by a greater part of you that, if you met it, you would call a god at least. This is the part of you called by most religions and philosophies, spirit. So we have: SPIRIT, SOUL, PERSONALITY. The personality (what you now call you) is made up of a physical body, with a finer sheath or body of finer matter underlying and penetrating it. This sheath is called the ETHERIC BODY and is what is seen as a wraith or ghost. It can even be photographed using Kirlian photography. There are many books on this, showing pictures of what look like streams of light shooting out of peoples fingertips or out of flowers. This body stays within the physical until you die, acting like the electric wiring system does to a motor, supplying the vital energy which keeps you alive. If, during a near drowning, for instance, it starts to pull out, your whole life will flash before your eyes, for it is the recording body and registers, like a video tape, your every experience. Finer still, and interpenetrating the other two is the ASTRAL BODY. It sticks out a bit, in an ovoid shape around you and is what psychics see as your aura. You (the soul) pull out of your physical and etheric bodies when you sleep and use the astral all night long, just as you now use your physical. If you have ever had a dream of falling and jerked awake, this is the astral re-entering the physical and your consciousness quickly transferring between the two. Finer still is the MENTAL BODY, and then the CAUSAL BODY

(the vehicle of the soul itself). Clairvoyants can see each of these bodies as separate layers in an individual, and can tell when a person is really asleep when they see the astral pull out and float off. IV. THE PLANES OF EXISTENCE: Not only our bodies, but the Earth itself, is multi- dimensional, having layers within layers of interpenetrating matter. Thus, there is an etheric PLANE as well as an etheric body. The ASTRAL PLANE is what Catholics call Purgatory and is the place where Hamlets father had gone. The movies GHOST and WHAT DREAMS MAY COME do a good job of showing how the astral plane works. The MENTAL PLANE is what Christians call Heaven. After death, we spend some time on each of these planes. Though this is VERY individual, many people can spend roughly 30 years on the astral, and up to or more than 100 years on the mental, before reincarnating. V. EVOLUTION AND INITIATION: As spirits or pure GODSPARKS, which is what we really are, we need to experience all of existence at some point or other, so that we realize our identity with God (see below) or ALL THAT IS. We do this sequentially, working our way DOWN first from higher, godlike planes, to lower, material planes. This is called INVOLUTION. We have done this already. The next phase is EVOLUTION, where we work our way up from matter to spirit again. We are halfway home now, having passed through the MINERAL, VEGETABLE and ANIMAL KINGDOMS. This process of descent into the far country and return home to The Father is symbolized in the Bible as the story of the Prodigal Son. We spend about 700 lives in the Human Kingdom and then move on into the SUPERHUMAN KINGDOMS. This is where people like the Buddha, Christ and others (graduates of human experience) go when they finish up here. We will be following them before too long, and the next LIFE WAVE of spirits, who are now going through the ANIMAL KINGDOM will come in and take human bodies for the first time. Eventually, beings re-experience a complete re-union and conscious merging with God (to be defined and discussed below). While on Earth and in the human phase, however, we go through certain roughly defined stages of progress which many religions and philosophies have termed initiations. Each initiation shows further control of one more of the vehicles or bodies we use while in incarnation. There are many tabulations of these, but the Christian version is

probably the simplest. Christ lived a totally symbolic life, and the stages of His life, represent these major initiations: 1st INITIATION: Birth. This stage marks the point where an individual, after hundreds of lives down here, finally begins to make real, conscious contact with the soul. In Buddhism, it is called path entry. One is then on the path. In the West, prior to this point, one has usually risen to the heights of personality success (often positions of power or fame) just to ask Is this all there is? You see this with the Beatles, Oprah, Richard Gere, Shirley Maclaine and dozens of other stars who turn spiritual and seek gurus after a few years of fame. In Christianity, we have the born again Christian who finds a new meaning in life and often changes radically. It basically represents the first step in the overcoming of purely self- interested living. At this point, the PHYSICAL BODY comes under discipline. People begin to diet, work out, do yoga, etc. 2ndINITIATION: Baptism.In the1st Initiation, the emphasis was on the EARTH element (the physical). Here it is on the WATER element (the emotions , or the control of the ASTRAL BODY). This is why Christ was baptized in a body of water. Here, the heart opens and individuals start becoming truly loving. Just as athletes represent the 1st initiation, creative types (musicians, actors and artists) represent the 2nd initiation, for they can call up a precise feeling at will, like water on tap, and turn it on and off as they like. 3rd INITIATION: Transfiguration. In the Bible, Christ is on a mountain and three disciples bow down as a bright light transfigures his body into a body of radiance. This symbolizes the physical, astral and mental bodies bowing down to the will of the soul, and becoming like puppets, instead of having their own nasty little agendas. Think about it: You want to think about something, or NOT think: just sit there quietly. Do you think your mind will cooperate? No way! It has ITS agenda and thinks whatever it likes WHEN it likes, and tough if you dont like it. Well, at the 3rd initiation, all that changes: Not only is your physical a perfect servant and your moods totally on tap , but your mind does only what you direct it to do. Sit quietly and meditate (Be Here Now) for 40 minutes or an hour without any thoughts pulling you away from the here and now into daydreams, re-runs of last night, previews of coming attractions, parts of songs, faces ,etc? No problem! No longer are you your own worst enemy, constantly sabotaging your own plans and shooting yourself in the foot. The whole team acts with one mind. AND, you know WHY YOU ARE HERE. Your LIFE PLAN is clear to you. You know just what

you have to do and how to get there. You are a totally integrated personality, thoroughly controlled by the soul. 4th INITIATION: Crucifixion. Here, the CAUSAL BODY,(the soul) which you have built for hundreds of lives, ceases to be the directing agent and itself becomes a vehicle for your SPIRIT (in which you begin to become conscious). In fact, its purpose (making bodies) comes to an end, because you are about to graduate from the human phase of evolution and will no longer need to incarnate. When this happened to the Buddha, He said: oh Mara (the maker of illusions), no longer will you build these houses of illusion! (human bodies). This is the stage of the SAINT. Usually, people at this stage DO stay on Earth for a few lives, and this is when they do their great works, for they are no longer here working for themselves and have all that time to help US! Just think of Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Lincoln, Churchill, Einstein, etc, and you will get the picture of the type of life lived, But it is often a life of great sacrifice and martyrdom. 5th INITIATION: This marks the attainment of MASTERY of the human condition, and many religions speak of beings at this stage as Masters (These are the beings, by the way, who approve your LIFE PLAN after death, and they are always being spoken of in past-life regressions). So what do you do now? You no longer incarnate, so what? Well, they SUPERVISE . This brings us to our next topic: VI. THE INNER GOVERNMENT OF THE WORLD: Did you think all this just ran by itself? I guess a little kid before the days of TV would think Canada ran all by itself, because terms like OTTAWA, PARLIAMENT, and PRIME MINISTER would be well beyond his experience, and he would pretty well have to believe what adults told him. Well, so it is with us. We pretty well have to believe what beings like the Buddha, Christ, and a host of saints, prophets, mystics and clairvoyants tell us, because these 5th initiation Masters and their superiors are not exactly visible (to us). For what its worth though, here is the setup they speak about. (WARNING: From here on in, to the God part, this (if it already hasnt been) may get a little weird and philosophically difficult, so if youve had enough, fine. Think about that. If you want to go on, be prepared Ok there is a saying, coined by HERMES, of ancient Egypt: AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. What this means is that all Life works on the principle of ANALOGY. If you want to understand something Above, (i.e. beyond mankind), look below (down here) to find an analogy. Life in the universe as a school system with grades and levels would be one example.

Well, lets warm up to the God concept with this analogy: God is defined in the Bible as He in Whom we live and move and have our being. Got that? Doesnt that sound like a definition of THE WORLD? We live in it and move in it and have our being in it, but wait its not a WHOM, not a PERSON, is it? Again, lets look BELOW for an answer. Within your own body there exist certain individual, conscious, intelligent beings we call lymphocytes, phagocytes and other members of our immune system. Produced in the bone marrow , they know how to negotiate the confusing passageways of blood vessels, lymph nodes, etc. to locate, and target invading bacteria. Moreover, they read the genetic barcodes of past invaders and kill them on sight (this is how we develop immunity). Lets interview one: ( Pretend you, the reader have the name Steve) Say, excuse me there you phagocyte. Do you know Steve? Wha? Whos Steve? Why Hes the one in whom you live and move and have your being. Get off it man! I dont see no STEVE. I see blood. I see Bone. I see Lymph. But I dont see no STEVE. We, up here on Earth, look around. We see mountains. We see rivers. We see trees. But we dont see GOD. Yet in Him we live and move and have our being. Well the big kids (humans who KNOW) tell us that, indeed, one of the stages beyond being human involves taking, not BODIES to incarnate in, but Planets and Stars (enlightened planets) to live in, and instead of having lymphocytes and phagocytes in there doing the work, we get to have humans, animals and vegetables in there working. Weird? I told you. But, hey, The Greeks and Romans already thought of this. Look at the names of their gods : Venus, Jupiter. Mercury, Saturn, etc. And the Egyptians worshipped? Yes, RA, the SUN god. This is the teaching: In fact humanity forms the brain cells (the MENTAL BODY) of this Earth God, and the animals the ASTRAL BODY. Now what about YOUR brain cells? If the phagocytes in you wouldnt know you, would THEY? Yes, of course. For if we cut some of them out (lobotomy) you wouldnt know your own name. So think: The human brain cells in the PLANETARY LOGOS (planetary god) have the capacity to KNOW this god. The ones who DO, we call Saints. Get it? In your OWN mind, you have parts you devote to Joe jobs ( like doing times tables) and other brain cells or parts of your mind you use for more important things (e,g deciding on a career, whom to marry or why you are here). Well, most of us humans do the joe jobs of daily living, but MASTERS do work supervising souls about to

incarnate, and plan the rise of new cultures and civilizations. They inspire political leaders and bring forth religions. They allow new ideas to enter the thought currents of the world, like fish food sprinkled on the surface of a fish tank. (This is why patents for new inventions are applied for all over the world within days of one another.) Masters at the 5th initiation work in this way. After the 6th initiation, they can stay here and assist, or move on to Sirius or the cosmic astral plane, or any number of things which must seem utterly ridiculous to us at our current stage. But be sure of this: This place is organized and supervised. The reason it is so messed up is because they are letting US exercise our FREE WILL. They only ACTIVELY intervene when the planet is in DANGER. This they did when they sunk Atlantis (The Flood in the Bible- Noahs Ark. Remember?) and during World War 2. You didnt think we got the bomb first just by luck did you? Other than that, they are like parents watching the kids play. VII. GOD: We will keep this short: God, to be TRULY God, would have to be the following: OMNIPRESENT (existing every where) OMNISCIENT ( all knowing) and OMNIPOTENT (all powerful). Nothing NO THING you can think of is that. As soon as you make a CONCEPT you have , in effect, killed God, for you have LIMITED him. (This is the idea in the Old Testament about making no GRAVEN IMAGES of God.) So God is NOT an old guy with a beard. Or a woman. Or even a planet, or a galaxy or a universe or ALL the universes. These are GODS, maybe, but not GOD. The closest thing to God we can conceive of would be pure ENERGY (not any particular KIND of energy, like light, or electrical, or thought) for energy can neither be created nor destroyed, is everywhere, all things are made of it, and it is the source of all power and has its own consciousness. GOD IS THE UNMANIFEST. In other words, God is the NOTHING (no special thing) behind the SOMETHING (Manifestation: The Universes with everything in them). But here is the really important (and closing) point: YOU ARE GOD. If there is nothing else (omnipresence) besides God, He doesnt END where YOU begin. What did He MAKE you (and everything else OUT OF if there WAS nothing but Him? except HIMSELF? When you REALIZE this: (As Christ says: I and my Father are one. I.e. Im God) you win. You get the prize. You, the prodigal Son have returned to the Father. Good luck! Have a nice trip!