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The Salesian Community

Fr. Jeffrey Gladstone - Rector, Secretary, Principal, In-Charge: Hostel In-Charge: Social Ministry Br. Mariadoss Maria Arockiaraj - Administrator & Ic. Vazhikaatti, St. B.E (Part time) 1st Yr. Fr. Kuriakose Enchyil - Vice Rector/Parish Priest Cl. Malayappan Arun - Student: (B.E) 3rd Year

Mission Activities at Thirukazhukundram

The Salesian Community at Don Bosco Polytechnic College, Thirukazhukundram caters to the technical education of the poor and deserving youth of Chenglepet region, faith formation of the lay faithful in the parish and social ministry to the deserving poor and deserving beneficiaries of the neighbourhood. I appreciate every confrere in the community for their dedication and sacrifice in carrying out the mission entrusted to them.

i. Sagaya Madha Church, Thirukazhukundram:

Total number of registered Catholic families: 192 Nature of the parish population: Mostly lower middle class and quite a number of poor families. Total number of anbiams: 13 anbiams Sub-stations: 5 (4 substations have chapels) No Name
01 02 03 04 05 06

Name of the Church Sagaya Madha Church St.Anthonys, Nerumbur Arokiamadha church, Pulikunram Our Lady of Lourdes St. Thomas Church, Echoor Manampathy

Main Station Sub Station Sub station Sub station Sub Station

No. of Families 58 32 15 17 30 12

No. of Anbiyams 5 3 1 1 2 1

Anbiyam meetings Alternate Sundays Alternate Sundays Alternate Sundays Alternate Sundays Alternate Sundays Alternate Sundays

Anbiam mass Daily Sunday Saturday Sunday Sunday Monthly

Provincial Visitation # 2012-2013

DB Polytechnic College, Thirukazhukundram


Scattered villages Total

28 192 13

Alternate Sundays


Sunday Catechism Sunday catechism classes are organized in the parish and in the sub-station. There are 96 children from class 1 to XII attending the classes.
Place Time I 10 II 10 III 10 IV 8 No of children in each class V 12 VI 10 VII 10 VIII 10 IX 5 X 5 XI 3 XII 3 Total 96 No of teachers 10

Main Station

After mass

Devotions in the Parish: Weekly devotions: Every day: 24th MHC: Friday Adoration: Comm. of Don Bosco: Perpetual Novena to MHOC Novena to Mary Help of Christians St. Antony devotion at the foot of the hill Annual Feast

Saturdays Rosary before the mass Held regularly Held regularly Held regularly Every Saturday Every month Every Tuesday MHOC every year (24th May)

Domestic Staff: Total No. of Domestic Staff = 1 (male) A Catechist is available to help out in the parish.


d. Pious Associations and Groups in the Parish:

No Name of the Association 1 Legion of Mary 2 Madha Sabai 3 Altar Servers 4 Parish Choir No. of members 10 12 8 10 Day of meeting Sunday Every Sunday Saturday Primary activities Visiting sick and poor families Rosary Devotion Serving at the Altar Church singing

Any other important events in the parish: Sacramental Catechesis for the adults Lenten Retreats Lenten pilgrimage Summer camps for Holistic growth

Provincial Visitation # 2012-2013

DB Polytechnic College, Thirukazhukundram

Mission Sunday, Bible Sunday and other events Spiritual animation programmes Details of the parish youth group: Sl. No Villages Pulikundram Echoor Nerumbur Thirukazhukundram Edaiyur Other Village Total Boys 10 7 4 13 6 4 44 Girls 3 4 3 15 5 4 34 Total 13 11 7 28 11 12 78

ii. Don Bosco Polytechnic College:

The polytechnic college has a total of 743 students of which 61 are Catholics.










1 2 3 4 5

Mechanical Engg. Civil Engg. Electrical & Electronics Engg. Electronics & Communication Computer Engg. Total

63 63 60 47 19 252

8 7 15

72 63 62 20 12 229

1 3 12 10 26

73 60 69 45 15 262

15 5 20

208 186 191 112 46 743

1 3 35 22 61

208 187 194 147 68 804

Total Number of boys: 743 Total number of Girls: 61 SC/ST: 322 + 3

Catholics: 51 Catholics: 10 MBC: 285

Christians: 48 Christians: 04 BC: 171 BCM: 14

Others: 644 Others: 47 Others: 9

Teaching Staff: Total no. of lecturers: 35 Male: 23

Catholics: 6 Female: 12



Non Teaching Staff (Lab assistants) Total No. of staff: 12 Catholic:8 Male: 9 Female: 3 Office Staff: Total No. of staff:5 Male: 2 Catholic:3 Female: 3

Christians: --- Others:4



Provincial Visitation # 2012-2013

DB Polytechnic College, Thirukazhukundram


2nd Yr.


3rd Yr.

1st Yr.


Maintenance Staff Total No. of Staff: 10 Male: 4 Various Associations and Groups:
No 1 2 3 4 5 6 Group Media Club Eco Club Prayer cell Social Service Fine Arts Academic club No. of Students 22 16 15 19 13 17

Catholic: 5 Female: 6


Others: 5

Aim & Activities To inculcate responsible use of media; The members create an awareness of the same. To promote respect for and protection for nature through seminars, notice boards, talks etc. and to take care of the garden. To awaken the sense of the divine; to intercede for all local and global needs. To help in the running of the college and to do service to the neighbourhood. To help students to bring out their cultural talents. To coordinate academic activities of the college.

Spiritual Animation: They are spiritually well taken care of through the following programmes:- Daily Assembly and prayer, Catechism and Value education, First Friday Mass, confession, mentoring, Vocation day, Animation on Education to love, Annual retreats, Solemnizing important feasts and festivals. Deepagam also helps in organizing faith formation activities. Special Events, activities and Achievements: The students took part in the inter-collegiate technical symposium and brought laurels to the college. At least Eight seminars on the themes such as Media & Youth, Education to Love, Political Responsibility of the Young, First aid and fire safety methods, T he working class and the economic policies, Personality development skills , Seminar on interview techniques and Seminar on High Risk Behaviour were organized to help towards the integral development of the trainees. Youth Services: Counseling is offered to the students through Mr. Einstein, a professional psychologist comes every other month. Campus interviews are held every year. DB Vazhikatti is a great support for the trainees to get suitable job placement. Hostel: Total No. of Students: 45 Diocese-wise distribution of hostel boys: No. Diocese 1 Madras-Mylapore 2 Pondy-Cuddalore 3 Chenglepet

No. of students 5 8 8

Provincial Visitation # 2012-2013

DB Polytechnic College, Thirukazhukundram

4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Vellore Dharmapuri Salem Trivandrum Port Blair Palayamkottai Madurai TOTAL

2 2 1 1 1 1 1 30

Detail of Students in the Hostel: Trades YearI Year II Year III. Total Various Groups and Movements: No. Sodalities students 01 02 Joseph Sodality Dominic Savio Sodality 12 14 Strength 15 16 14 45 Aim / Primary activities Work Prayer, Rosary, etc.

They are spiritually well taken care of through the following programmes:- Daily Mass and prayer, Rosary, Monthly recollection, weekly adoration, confession, mentoring, commemoration of 24th MHC and DB Day and Annual Retreat. 1. Neighbourhood Ministry: 1). Evening study centre: Attentive to the educational needs of the children from the neighbourhood better study ambience is provided to the poor and deserving children.
No. 1 2 3 4 Place Edaiyur Pattaraikazhani Nerumbur Echoor No. of students 25 20 30 25 No. of teachers 1 1 1 1

Class wise distribution of students: I II III IV 12 12 14 14

V 10

VI 10

VII 10


IX 4

X 4

2). Ministry for the Gypsy and Dhobi families: The community caters to the development of the gypsy families and dhobi families through animation, education, SHGs and house building schemes. Around 40 children, mostly belonging to Dhobi community are helped through Educare scheme. However, more needs to be done for their holistic development.

Provincial Visitation # 2012-2013

DB Polytechnic College, Thirukazhukundram