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Cost-Quality Analyzer for Acute Care

The PSCI Cost-Quality (Triple Aim) Analyzer for Acute Care module blends three streams of data 1. Financial, 2. Clinical quality, and 3. Patient experience. Using Total Quality Management (TQM) principles, the module reveals root causes of cost/quality variance through easy point-and-click drill-downs.

Most importantly, the Cost-Quality Analyzer for Acute care breaks through the limitations imposed by traditional single-dimension analysis to provide joint analysis of cost, quality and patient experience, along all dimensions, including facility, physician, DRG and time. This unique approach is imperative to achieve Triple Aim objectives.

Cost-Quality Analyzer also supports and monitors pay-for-performance gain share models. It enables non-intuitive analysis to uncover opportunities that are not visible with the traditional approach of measuring cost, quality and patient experience separately. With just two or three clicks in the easy-to-use interface, create risk adjusted patient pools to compare cost and quality performance across facilities or physicians.

Most importantly, this module answers the question, Where are we? in relation to the overall process. It reveals opportunities to improve cost and quality of care and is the first step to create value. For easy comparison, this module also leverages national average cost and quality data.

Analyze cost, revenue, quality, patient experience and risk information together to create transparency across the continuum of care Discover root causes in just 2 to 3 clicks with intuitive visual interface Identify what or who is the cause of cost/quality/risk deterioration across the physician network

Identify what or who is the cause of cost and/or quality deterioration within the physician and facility network Conduct joint multi-dimensional drill-down analysis from patient population to encounter level

Quantify and understand physician shared savings/ACO/bundled payment shard savings, bonus points and amounts with built-in charts Fully integrates with the PSCI suite for seamless analytics across the continuum of care Leverage out-of-the-box charts and dashboards to profile and compare physicians and facilities against national average cost and quality


PSCI is an innovative provider of predictive population risk analytics for care management and contract optimization leveraging EMR, Claims & Demographics data for medical homes, physician groups, ACOs, hospital systems, IDNs, and shared savings programs.

PSCI delivers predictive chronic disease models for population state-of-health risk stratification, qualitycost-risk visibility, "what-if" modeling and ACO demand planning for improving overall healthcare provider and payer performance. PSCI is critical to managing At-Risk populations and pay-for-performance objectives. For more information, please visit http://www.PSCIsolutions.com