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PSCI Continuum of Care Analytics

Healthcare providers that want to excel in the face of healthcare reform leverage the PSCI suite of performance optimization modules. PSCI solutions enable them to meet the objectives in todays complex pay-for-performance system by bending cost and quality curves across the continuum-of-care. The PSCI suite of ambulatory and acute care modules use a single set of data to optimize performance across cost, quality and patient experience, the Triple Aim Objectives.

The PSCI Primary Care Modules are used to avoid or reduce high-cost acute care hospitalizations. This starts with risk stratification of chronically ill patients. Individualized care management programs are built for high risk patients in order to prevent or delay hospitalizations. The primary care performance is measured on the basis of improvement in population state of health (SOH), (measured as PQRS or ACO quality metrics), the cost of care, and patient experience.

These processes are enabled by the three ambulatory modules Population SOH Analyzer, Triple Aim Analyzer, and Performance Analyzer. The PSCI Acute Care Modules are used to reduce variance in clinical practices through Total Quality Management (TQM) principles. The Patient Risk Analyzer identifies population groups with a higher risk of 30- and 90-day readmissions, along with contributing factors.

The Triple Aim Analyzer identifies cost and quality improvement opportunities using a multi-dimensional approach. The Performance analyzer prioritizes opportunities based on estimated cost/quality impact. By targeting both primary care and acute care processes, PSCI uniquely enables pay-for-performance optimization for bundled payments across the continuum-of-care.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Population SOH Analyzer For Ambulatory Care Triple Aim Analyzer For Ambulatory Care Performance Analyzer For Ambulatory Care Patient Risk Analyzer For Acute Care Triple Aim Analyzer For Acute Care Performance Analyzer For Acute Care

PSCI Solutions is a leading provider of innovative advanced clinical and quality analytics combined with decision support technologies for hospital systems, IDNs, medical homes and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). PSCI is the only product that brings acute and ambulatory financial, operational, clinical and patient risk data together to model Quality-of-Care improvement opportunities in context of costs.

PSCI delivers population state-of-health (SOH) stratification, quality-cost visibility and what-if predictive modeling for improving overall healthcare provider performance to meet Triple Aim and payfor-performance objectives.

PSCI is an innovative provider of predictive population risk analytics for care management and contract optimization leveraging EMR, Claims & Demographics data for medical homes, physician groups, ACOs, hospital systems, IDNs, and shared savings programs.

PSCI delivers predictive chronic disease models for population state-of-health risk stratification, qualitycost-risk visibility, "what-if" modeling and ACO demand planning for improving overall healthcare provider and payer performance. PSCI is critical to managing At-Risk populations and pay-for-performance objectives. For more information, please visit http://www.PSCIsolutions.com