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Sybril Bennett, Ph.D.,

affectionately known as Dr. Syb , is an associate professor of journalism at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Syb is a two-time Emmy Award winning journalist. She also authored The Color-Full Alphabet Book. Follow Dr. Syb on Twitter (@drsyb or @innovateugrr), and visit innovateugrr.com or drsyb.com for more information. See her TEDxNashville 2013 presentation on YouTube or hear her podcast at etpcast.com. Feel free to contact her at innovateugrr@gmail.com.

The Underground Railroad is Back Shh, Dont Tell Anyone

Innovate: Lessons from the Underground Railroad was written to demonstrate how the Underground Railroad is among the most effective, disruptive, and innovative networks in the history of America. By comparing the UGRR and the Internet, you will clearly see how the past and the present virtually collide creating the future in real time. You will discover: Innovation on the Underground Railroad provides applicable lessons for todays leaders. From the notions of freedom, access, and democracy to the formation of open source, organic, leaderless movements, youll see how much the UGRR and the Internet have in common. Dr. Sybs Seven Elements of Innovation

A lively and important work that gives credit where credit is due. Innovate: Lessons from the Underground Railroad connects the many successes of todays networked world to the innovations of the Underground Railroads brave conductors and passengers.
Marcia Alesan Dawkins Author, Clearly Invisible: Racial Passing and the Color of Cultural Identity.

lain and simple, this book is about the Underground Railroad, one of Americas most successful and powerful networks.

Lessons from the Underground Railroad

The UGRR was so forceful it changed the course of history. Slavery was a serious problem in dire need of an immediate solution. Thats when a passionate group of disconnected people connected and stood on the principle of freedom. Their collective and pioneering efforts formed one of the most amazingly dynamic networks in U.S. history. Innovate: Lessons from the Underground Railroad dares to compare the Internet and the UGRR as two of Americas most innovative, effective, and disruptive networks. Think about it: both serve as platforms for freedom, justice, and equality. From portals and links to branding and ownership,

The inventive take on the Underground Railroad contained in these pages surely represents a creative, compelling argument for a usable past. Dr. Sybs argument reminds us that whatever the barriers of technology, space, and time are among people, those in the past can still speak to us in effective, purposeful ways.
Peter Kuryla Assistant Professor of History Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee

the comparisons are too obvious to ignore. Innovate is full of insights, strategy, and at times playful ways to analyze creativity and purposeful disruption. Its a perspective-changing history lesson and a call to action. Youve even been exposed to Dr. Sybs Seven Elements of Innovation in this brief description. Its a framework for assessment, analysis, and more. Innovation is faith in action. Turn the page and enjoy the ride.

Au t h o r P h o t o :

(problem, principle, purpose, perspective, pioneering, passion, and play) can be used to assess, analyze, and understand the concept of innovation, and more.

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Dr. Syb masterfully showcases how two innovative and disruptive networks, the Underground Railroad and the Internet, are intrinsically linked. This is a must read for anyone that wants to better understand the world around them.
Erik Qualman Author, Socialnomics and Digital Leader

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