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A Rite for the Decanting of the Holy Oil

This ritual is a short rite meant to be performed the first full moon after the creation of the Holy Oil. It
may be performed on its own or ideally after the celebration of the Mass of the Gnostic Catholic Church. It
is to be ideally performed within an EGC Temple, but may be modified accordingly depending on the
needs and conditions of the magician, as they Will. If the officiating celebrants are members of the EGC
they (the Deacon and either the Priest or Priestess) should be clothed according to their office or in the
simple robes of a confirmed member of the EGC.

The Curcurbite still wrapped in its Incunabula is brought into the Temple in a lively and joyous
procession headed by the Deacon and with the People following behind in turn. The Priest/ess remains in
the Temple atop the dais before the open shrine awaiting the procession. The Deacon proceeds deosil
around the Temple with the People following until s/he reaches the Shrine whereby s/he hands the
Priest/ess the clothed Curcurbite who then places the same atop the Altar.

I. The Exorcism

Priest/ess (giving the gesture of exorcism as in Liber XXV):

ΑΠΟ ΠΑΝΤΟς ΚΑΚΟ∆ΑΙΜΟΝΟς! In the name of ΙΑΩ, I exorcise the influences of all
false and perverted Wills, monstrous Growths, Parasites and Vermin, that are
adherent to the Soul of Man by Vice of Heredity, or of Environment or of evil
Training, that they may be cast away from this sacred vessel whose contents we
dedicate to the service of the Great Work, by the power of the 9 Lovely Star
and of the [i.f.] Serpent Flame and of the Æ Crowned and Conquering Child.


The Incunabula should now be removed and the Curcurbite unsealed allowing the aroma of the Oil to waft throughout the Temple.
II. The Dedication of the Oil

The Priest/ess rises and blesses the Oil as follows:

In the name of our Lord Heru-Ra-Ha and invoking the assistance of the holy
Archangel Raphael, I Æ consecrate and Æ hallow this oil so that it may sustain
our bodies; may the blessing of the Great Physician rest thereupon, that it may
both vitalize and soothe, give vigour and peace alike to soul and body.


In the name of our Lord Heru-Ra-Ha, I Æ consecrate and Æ hallow this oil
that it may comfort our hearts; may it serve for the safeguarding of those who
adhere to the call of their True Wills and to them in particular who are received
by the holy rite of confirmation or ordination into the offices of the Gnostic
and Catholic Church of Light, Life, Love and Liberty the Word of whose Law is


In the name of our Lord Heru-Ra-Ha, I Æ consecrate and Æ hallow this oil
that it may enlighten our Minds; may everything touched therewith burn with
the purity of holy Aspiration, before whose splendour angels and demons alike
veil their faces.

In the name of our Lord Heru-Ra-Ha, I Æ consecrate and Æ hallow this oil,
now to be dispensed as holy chrism to the perdurable, that it may bestow upon
all those who receive it of the fullness of spiritual strength, force & vigour.

III. The Dispensation of the Holy Oil
The vials which are to be distributed to those present should now be present on the Altar. They should be
placed on a tray to prevent excessive consecration of the Altar by the Holy Oil. The Priest/ess should try to
use either a pipette or good sized dropper in order to measure out the oil. Once complete the Priest/ess,
extending both hands over all of the vials of oil, continues:

Ας Προσευχηθουµε.

O Lord Heru-Ra-Ha, the fountain of all goodness, who dost pour down thy gifts
abundantly upon men and, for their strengthening, dost bring joy to our
pleasure, peace to our languor, and wisdom to our folly, who is come against
sorrow, against weariness, against them that seek to enslave us,

send forth, we pray thee, thy Æ blessing upon this holy chrism, that whatsoever
persons or things shall be anointed therewith may receive the fullness of its
spiritual consecration.

Let thy blessing descend upon those whose aspiring ascent is signed by this
chrism with the sign of that most holy Magick that, guarding well their spiritual
heritage, they may shed around them the fragrance of a life lived in accordance
to the Law, O Hawk-Headed Lord, to whom be honour and glory in this the
most magnificent of Aeons.