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About Search Settings

This browser error assistant page is designed to help you when you mistype an address or the website is unavailable. It is part of the Search Settings application, which is included as part of the youtubedownloader Toolbar. Search Settings is an application that protects your browser search settings and prevents programs from altering them without your knowledge.

Disable MyBrowserBar Network Error Assistant

You can easily turn off this page from the youtubedownloader Toolbar options dialog by doing the following:

Click the "Options" button on the youtubedownloader Toolbar and click the "Options" menu item.

Click the "Search Settings" tab in the Options dialog.

Uncheck the "Enable browser network assistant page" option by clicking on the checkbox

Click the save button.

That's it!

The 11 main reasons to use QC Pro 1. Automate repetitive tasks Let QC Pro perform the repetitive tasks such as Component tagging, Wire numbering and addressing, and Cross-referencing.

2. Reduce errors and inconsistencies By the management of contacts, tag verification of repeated components, and numbering wires per potential, you are able to prevent the design errors that, using generic CAD software, could

normally be discovered at later stages.

3. Standardize your designs Have easy access to the complete and totally customizable Components library that supports the international standards.

4. Work with automatic documentation Easily and quickly generate customized reports such as Bill of materials, terminals and wires in different formats.

5. Create electrical schematics from spreadsheets Build the electrical schematic using the intelligent spreadsheets based on the product specifications such as voltage, power or manufacturer.

6. Reuse existing designs Easily and quickly create and edit similar schematics readapting the necessary information to the new desired standard.

7. Create an integrated panel layout Create layout views inserting trails, channels and ducts. The layout design is integrated with the electrical schematic. The layouts are automatically updated as the design is modified.

8. Use specific tools for electrical schematics and 2D layout Reduce the design time by making use of the tools especially developed for electrical designs. Also, count on a complete set of 2D drawings tools.

9. Integrate the mechanical design with the electrical design

The integration of QC Pro with SolidWorks 3D CAD allows easy collaboration between electrical engineers and mechanical engineers when sharing information such as: cables length, connectors, collisions detection, etc.

10. Deliver your designs in the correct format Share the product design information with suppliers and clients, in neutral formats such as PDF or DXF. The design information can be translated to other languages by using the available translation tools.

11. Control the life cycle of the design Manage the revisions in a clear and consistent way throughout the entire design lifecycle. Integration with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM allows to create additional resources to control the workflow.