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* Release Notes * Build 1185: - Core: improved graphics performance and fidelity on OS X, finally (Java 5 requ ired) - Core:

fixed keyboard arrow keys not received by canvas. - Core: better handling for international characters in file url paths when open ing jads/jars. - Core: support for bango purchasing: use MPP-Bango-Product-ID in your jad. - Core: jad properties in an mpz were not getting whitespace trimmed. - Core: fixed bug in skip() where EOF was ignored causing long pauses while read ing. - Core: jads can now refer to other jads as well as jars or mpzs. - Core: open URL dialog no longer requires explicit http:// - Core: can override keycode mapping for softkeys with MPP-Keypad-*-Keycode: use ful for emulating devices - Core: can specify MPP JAD properties with java environment properties (using D): useful for build scripts. - Core: can now suppress record store reading/writing in webstart player with MP P-Suppress-Record-Stores - M3G: universal binaries for OSX! - M3G: fixed errors in deserializing KeyFrameSequences. - M3G: improved lighting with normals. - M3G: fixed errors in deserializing Image2D with custom palettes. Build 1127: - Core: Including JSR 120 WMA implementation donated by spikey. - Core: Now allowing supression of flushImmediately with MPP-Suppress-Service-Re paints property. - Core: Support for overriding jad properties on different platforms. - Core: Added support for SonyEricsson key mappings. - Core: Added missing ssl connection support. - Core: Added platform-specific overrides. - Core: Added support for underlined fonts. - Core: Added the adapter for the Spacer item. - Core: Better handling for dismissal of alerts. - Core: Calling setCurrent while an alert was displayed did not dismiss the aler t. - Core: Canvas now allowing any unicode text input, not just ascii keyboard char acters. - Core: Changed Canvas' lock to an arbitrary object. Caused deadlock with 3rd pa rty apps that used the canvas class for synchronization. - Core: Implemented support for jad content type urls. No longer requiring urls to end in ".jad". - Core: In the Graphics class, any rotation involving 90 or 270 needed to transp ose the x and y destination values. - Core: No longer defaulting to Nokia-NGage for microedition property. Is now ov erridable in jad with MPP-MicroEdition-Platform property. - Core: Null pointer exception when alert string is null. - Core: RecordStore.AUTHMODE_ANY and RecordStore.AUTHMODE_PRIVATE were not defin ed. - Core: Reference counting for opening and closing record stores as suggested by sparky. - Core: The "frame lag" property can now be set to zero, which in effect disable s this feature. The code has been fixed so that no attempt is made to sleep dur ing a repaint if the frame lag is set to zero. - Core: When stopping the midlet, the controller was setting the current display able to null, but the Display class still had a reference to the previous displa yable. That reference is now being nulled out too.

- Core: Workaround for sun bug reported in the forums: sun's fileurlconnection s trips everything after a pound sign. Needed for proper integration with NetBean s. - Core: getResourceAsStream returned a stream even when resource didn't exist. - Core: in controller the callSerially() method is now only processed if there i s a valid current midlet. - Core: off-by-one error reported in forums in TiledLayer (303). - Audio: Fixed: Now sharing single instance of Synthesizer. - Audio: Fixed: Now stopping the sound players and halting the thread groups whe n the "exit" event for a midlet comes from the midlet itself. - Audio: Fixed: Now using the found mixer when openning a clip. Wasn't doing th is before, it was always using the default AudioSytstem. - Audio: Fixed: calling set level before realizing a player was ignored. - Audio: Fixed: null pointer exception when stop is called before realizing a pl ayer. - Audio: Fixed: setLevel was causing sounds to no longer play after first time - M3G: - M3G: - M3G: - M3G: hat we - M3G: - M3G: it's working better than ever Updated to lwjgl 0.99 Better error handling for unsupported hardware. Better handling for image loading: same workaround for sun's png loader t use elsewhere. Cleanup to allow closing of M3G context. Fixed: relative external reference loading in m3g loader.

- Nokia: Fixed: DirectGraphicsImpl was rotating backwards for Rotation 90 and 27 0. - Nokia: Fixed: mapping of nokia gain to midp gain: 255 vs 100. - Protector: Much improved handling for getResourceAsStream bytecode fix. Build 898: - early access support for JSR-184 Mobile 3D Graphics - webstart: catalog is better than ever: send us your apps! - webstart: you can now sell your handango apps directly from the player: MPP-Ha ndango-Product-ID specifying a comma-delimited list of ids (works whether you're in the catalog or not!) - webstart: MPP-Description property allows for longer sidebar descriptions inde pendent of MIDlet-Description property. - webstart: implementation of affiliate program: http://mpowerplayer.com/for_aff iliates.php - resizablity is now longer implied for midlets requiring midp 2.0. - added support for bluetooth btgoep - Fixed: off-by-one error in TiledLayer cache. - Fixed: Bitmask collision detection sometimes used wrong bitmask. - Fixed: bounds condition in bitmask collision detection - Fixed: Sprite collision rectangles were improperly calculated when using bitma sks. - Fixed: Implemented Nokia getPixels(short[]) - Fixed: no longer throwing exception in Displayable.setCurrentItem - Fixed: Nokia getPixels(int[]) wasn't taking scaling into account - Fixed: better drawRGB clip optimization - Fixed: exclusivity handling for setSelectedIndex and setSelectedFlags Build 657: - Better error reporting for createImage. - Form label now appears above the form item. - Added support for microedition.locale property. - Better handling for custom items: traversal, scaling, key events.

Escape Fixed: Fixed: Fixed: Fixed: Fixed: Fixed: Fixed: Fixed: Fixed: Fixed:

key now works just like the F1 invoking the left soft button. RecordStore was missing required methods (getSize). Backbuffer was null for mutable images' graphics. Command panel now reflows layout only on change. getResourceAsStream now buffered to confirm to KVM impl. InputStream.skip reimplemented to confirm to KVM impl. Popup menu button was stealing focus from the canvas. doOutput must be true for midp's gcf to operate correctly. setMaxSize causes IndexOutOfBounds exception from substring(). keyPressed returned only upper case characters from keyboard. null pointer exception from key navigation in custom items.

Build 590: - bundled support for JSR-82 Bluetooth APIs for Java - preverify has moved to its own folder: osx/preverify/ - update your build.xml to point to the new location - command-line options described: use "-help" or "-?" - tweaks to workaround issues with drawRGB on OSX 10.4 - protector: handles more cases of getResourceAsStream - webstart: single-instance mode now supported - sprintpcs.media api stubs (implemented as noops) - Fixed: overeager CPU consumption on Windows - Fixed: null pointer when subclassing Command - Fixed: ticker component no longer working - Fixed: GameCanvas.flushCanvas after showing Form - Fixed: duplicate menu entries - Fixed: sounds won't fetch after dellocation Build 525: - support for webstart single-instance mode - protector: redirects getResourceAsStream calls to midlet class - protector: removes calls to System.gc to improve performance - Fixed: socket connections don't implement SocketConnection - Fixed: createImage with transform gives wrong dimensions - Fixed: some image transforms are invisible when pixel-doubled - Fixed: DateItem's AM/PM field is broken - Fixed: exception during hideNotify closes app window - Fixed: midlet construction and start happen on same event Build 489: - Keypad panel now shown by default: use MPP-Show-Keypad to override. - Better progress reporting when loading jar/mpz. - Changed priority of background threads to improve performance. - Fixed: fonts on windows sometimes report zero height. - Fixed: setMediaTime not working for Player instances. - Fixed: ThreadDeath exception when closing midlet. Build 479: - Support for GIF and JPEG image formats. - Better support for Nokia FullCanvas key events. - Better error handling on midlet launch. - Progress indicator based on MIDlet-Jar-Size. - More better handling of Nokia keypad/navkey support. - PowerPlayerApp class name is no longer obfuscated. - Fixed: slight lag before midi sound effects. - Fixed: Canvas keyPressed gets calls instead of keyRepeated - Fixed: errors with clipping when pixel-doubled. - Fixed: errors with translation when pixel-doubled. - Fixed: Can now use jad files to point to mpz files. - Fixed: Some launched errors not displayed to user.

Build 447: - Optimizations for pixel smoothing when doubled: now as fast as non-smoothed dr awing in 373. - Optimizations for drawRGB: non-doubled draws go direct to back buffer, and dou bled draws are faster too. - Support for MIDlet-Install-Notify property per the MIDP spec: mpp posts a stat us code and message via HTTP to the specified URL for each invocation. - Fixed: issues with drawRegion drawing corruption, also faster. - Fixed: drawRGB causes flickering images. - Fixed: can now set TextField to null without getting NPE. Build 429: - To reset record stores for a midlet, add "clearRecordStores" to the command li ne when launching mpp. Any midlets launched during that session will first delet e their existing recordstores. - Fixed: NPE when using alerts with commands without a long label. - Fixed: could not enter more than 9 digits for a PHONENUMBER field. Build 424: - Improved Pixel Doubled drawing performance. - Improved Pixel Smoothing quality for 2x and 4x scalings. - Support for platformRequest-based demo counters: see MPP-Demo-Tokens - Now showing "no mouse" cursor on canvas: see MPP-Enable-Mouse-Events (props to g. auberger) - Better handling for cancel button when loading. - List items are now correctly pixel-doubled when we pixel-double. - Defaulting to metal on non-win and non-aqua. (GTK LAF is odd.) - Updated MPP tutorial and build file. (thanks to tyler/haikusw!) Build 373: Initial release deployed to webstart users. - Support for MIDP 2.0. - Support for MMAPI (JSR 135). - Support for Bluetooth APIs for Java (JSR 82). [see FAQ below] - Partial implementation of Mobile 2D Graphics (JSR 226). - Support for Nokia APIs (ui and sound, ringtones not implemented). - New version of preverify for OS X.