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The Islamic Creed La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadun Rasul Allah There is no deity except God,Muhammad is the Messenger

r of God. This simple statement of a Muslims basic beliefs in the starting point for all that follows. From this expression of belief in the Oneness and Uniqueness of God and the messengerhip of Muhammad stem all of Islams concepts,attitudes,moral values and guidelines for human behavior and relationships. How can all this follow from this one simple and seemingly quite obvious statement? Thus : the first part of this declaration, La ilaha illa Allah, attests not only to the Oneness and Uniqueness of God , the Deity. It signifies, at the same time, the oneness of the lordship, the sovereignty and the authority in the universe and this world. For when we affirm that there is no deity except the One Go, we are actually stating that, as there is no other Creator and Sustainer of the universe, and this world and all that is in them, there can be likewise be no other Ruler, Lawgiver and Supreme Authority for mankind. God, the Lord of all creation , creates what He pleases, giving each of His creations the nature, function and role which He desires for it ; in this He is accountable to no one and all things are under His absolute control. The purpose for which He created human beings is to acknowledge, worship and obey Him alone, and at the same time to manage the affairs of this world and administer it with justice and righteousness according to His all-wise laws. How do we know all this? How can a mere human being, a very limited and finite creature , know about God that is, about Infinity and His purposes for mankind, the answers to the multitude of basic questions which encompass Gods nature and attributes, mans relationship to Him, and why he has been put into this world? We are living in an era in which we have increasingly lost the conviction of the meaning and purpose of existence; indeed, the entire complex of modern civilization seems to proclaim the utter purposelessness and meaninlessness of life. Then how can we know?

Dari ali (ra dengan dia) yang berkata,'' ingat, i mendengar Rasul Allah (selawat dan salam kepadanya) berkata: "berhati-hati. bencana akan menyerang''. '' i bertanya: bagaimana kita akan menyelamatkan diri kita daripada itu, o, utusan allah? dia menjawab: '' cara untuk melakukannya adalah dengan berpegang teguh kepada ajaran buku allah yang mengandungi cerita perkara sebelum kamu dan berita sesuatu yang akan datang selepas anda, dan undang-undang concering apa yang berlaku antara anda; (suci quran) adalah pengadil (antara apa yang betul dan salah) yang ekspo tidak akan diambil scurrilously atau lebih ringan. sesiapa dari kalangan yang sombong angkuh yang mengabaikan dekri daripada quran suci akan menjadi punished.whoever yang meminta panduan daripada sumber yang lain akan sesat.