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1.1 Introduction
Music music is heard every where in the universe nature is itself a replica of music we hear music in rain, storms, birds, flowing water, buzzing wind etc. Life in present day world is full of tensions. Music has proved that tensions and different types of diseases are cured by it. In the world of entertainment music plays a vital role. Past from so many decades music has been prominently recognized as an important means of entertainment. In olden days music was played in different techniques such as bamboo sticks, canes strings etc. They were the only way by which

people used to play music and enjoy. As the days passed, people started developing, even their style of living were developed. They started using different

types of instruments such as tabala, veena guitar, tamboori flute etc. Tansen, Surdas, were the great musicians in those days, but now many of them have really listended to their music, this was because there were no music medias in those days.

To over come such drawbacks, in the mid of 17 th and 18th century, due to science and technology music system such as transistors, radios, gramophones, were invented. During 20 th

century there was a rapid growth in industrial development science and technologies were changed. New technologies

were adopted and tape recorders decks music system were developed few years age. But now there are many types of audio systems available in the market consumers all wants and demands were fulfilled by many industries and companies, even more sophisticated technologies were used then CD players, MP3, Walkman were invented recently. In this project work- I am going to deal with CAR AUDIO SYSTEMS. As a real admires of music, I choose SONY CAR

AUDIO SYSTEMS because of true and dedicated efforts to develop music they have got music company named SONY MUSIC.

1.2 Objectives of the Study

To analyse the factor influencing in selection of Sony car audio system. The analyse the purchasing behaviour of the


To determine the profile of premium car audio system users.

To find out brand awareness of Sony car audio system.

To know the market share of Sony car audio system in the Davangere.

To compare the performance of Sony car audio system with other car audio system.

To offer/give suggestions to the company based on survey data.

1.3 Methodology
Data collection method : In this method both primary and secondary data has been collected. Primary data has been

collected by administrating a well structured questionnaire among the selected responded these respondent selected randomly by applying simple random sampling etc. Secondary data has been collected by referring

magazines, newspapers, journals and from website. A. Research Design Questionnaire has been prepared and distributed to different groups and segments if people and then collected and classified them according to their age education, occupation, income groups, even the interviews are done in the some way.

From the data collected statistical representation has been drawn according to their percentage efforts have been made to analyse the taste and preferences of different groups of people regarding Sony car audio system.

Statistical Tools Used Calculations of percentages, tabulation table, graphs frequency distribution bar graph pie chart is the technique used to interpret the data and analyze them. At the end according to survey analysis and findings some suggestions and conclusion are drawn to increase the sales and marketing performance of the Sony car audio systems.

1.4 Scope of the Study

The scope of the study has been confined to Sony car audio systems. Davangere city has been selected for the

purpose the study which is commercially and educationally well developed and in Davangere city we can sea more number of rich class people. The study has been conducted to know the marketing and consumer behavior towards the Sony car audio system. As in todays electronic world there are so many different types of audio systems, for different companies. The consumer may find it difficult to select the systems. This study may help the consumers to make this selection easy.

This study may be helpful for the Sony company dealer in making decisions depending on the survey conducted by interviews.

As the study includes field work, we are able to know how if different groups of people react to different types of car audio music systems.

1.5 Limitations
Despite of all possible efforts to make analysis

comprehensive and scientific a study of this kind is bound to have some limitations they are: The study of marketing of car audio system is confined to Davangere only because of time constraint. The study is restricted only to 100 users of Sony car audio systems. There may be some bias by respondents while

answering. The data collected are assumed to be factual. The finding may not remain for very long time because it is not possible to control the demographic changes in the consumer profile.


2.1 History
In a burnt-out department store in Tokyo in 1946, just after world war II, Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita, running a company then known as Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, attempted to produce a simple electric rice cooker. It didnt work too well but it kicked-off their desire to produce products for everyday life. In 1958, the company name was changed to Sony corporation and since then, Sony has become one of the most recognized brand names in the history of the modern world, Sony derived from the Latin word Sonus, which means sound, coupled with the English term sonny referring to young boys of the 1950s was chosen because it was simple, easy to read and could be pronounced in any language. Form the outset, Ibuka and Morita strove to develop exciting products to fulfill peoples dreams. More importantly, the company was committed to developing products that did not exist anywhere else, no matter how complicated or technologically difficult. Form its first transistor radio in 1955, to the Trinitron, walkman, Betacam, Handycam, the compact

disc and floppy disc Sony has continually made things better, smaller and more innovative than ever thought possible. Sony corporation now spans a range of industries including audio visual electronics, information technology, broadcast, telecommunications, entertainment, satellite broadcasting and even insurance and finance. It has nearly 1,000 consolidated subsidiaries, more than 160,000 employees worldwide and in the 1996/1997 fiscal years, sales hit a record $US46 billion. Throughout the world today, Sony stands for innovation, state of the art technology and superior quality. Leading into its next fifty years, Sony vision is to offer people exciting new products and new lifestyles and remains committed to the challenge of creating and realizing these dreams. Sony in India Sony is not new to India. Whether it was the television, or the walkman, a Sony always remained a must in the wish list of any Indian, returning home from abroad. This love for the brand culminated in a new relationship when inspired by a reform friendly Indian business environment, Sony corporation decided to set up a 100% subsidiary called Sony India on 16 th January 1995. The Company Mission

Sony India focused towards making a difference in the lifestyles in the Indian market and open up new vista of entertainment in the country. Sony India remains committed towards offering new age technology and digital concept while working hand in hand with the Indian industry to produce and sell excellence. consistent commitment towards service has brought Their the

company quite closer to the Indian customer. The corporate Sony is synonymous with technological revolutions. Over the last 53 years, the company has evolved into a luminous brand with a unique selling proposition technology innovation and premium quality in the field of hi-tech

entertainment. Today, apart from being personal favourites of millions, Sony is the also the preferred choice for professional requirementss. The companys leadership position in the world, today, is a reiteration of its ability to connect with the customers mental space.

2.2 New Products Launch

In 1950 Sony launched Japans first G type recorder and Sony type magnetic tape and stereo phonic sound and transistor technology were developed and commercialized.

NORIO ONGA, section manager of the tape recorder diversion began to push to make reel-to-reel tape recorders easier to use in 1960.

1951 Developed the stereophonic audio system for the first stereophonic broadcasting in Japan though NHK.

In 1957 Introduced the world first pocket sized transistor radio (TR-63). 1960 Marketed the worlds first transistor television (TV8-301). 1962 Marketed the worlds Smallest and lightest micro TV (TV5-303). 1963 Launched the worlds first compact transistor video tape recorder (PV-100). In march 1968-CBS/Sony records Inc was born capitalized at 720 millions yen it had been the first foreign-Japanese joint venture to act as a major worldwide manufacturer of both hardware and software music. 1969 Compact cassette recorder (TC 50) taken abroad the Apollo 10 spaceship on its successful mission to the moon.


1971 Introduced inch U-Matic color video cassette player. 1977 Marketed the worlds first consumer PCM audio unit. 1979 Marketed the first Walkman personal stereo. 1982 Co-developed compact disc audio technology with Philips and introduced the first CD player. 1987 Introduced digital audio tape deck ED Beta line of high quality VTRs launched. 1991 Introduced worlds smallest digital micro recorder scoopman. 1992 Introduced mini disc (Portable recorder, portable player, personal system and in dash car stereo player) technical development of visortron personal LCD monitor. 1999 Super Audio CD, next generation audio carrier AIBO four legged entertainment robot. 2001 InfostickTM Bluetooth TM module demonstrated at CES in the US Worlds largest full colour organic EL Display. Network Handycam IP (DCR-IP7) and new recording format MICROMV.


2.3 Global Sony

In 1960 SONAM had created a blend business venture in US. In 1970 Sony entered into contracts with super scope Inc, joint venture agreements and technology transfers IBM and others companies and set a special forum to fight its law suits in us. In Sept 1976 Sony received proposal from its US

advertisement agency for a new beta war advertising campaign.

2.4 Competition
The somewhat silent Indian audio market is set for some noise with the entry of Kenwood and Akai, Aiwa, Panasonic and Sansui and this noise could infact, be music to the ears of consumers, considering that the entry of Koreans into any of the electronics segment has resulted in a sea change. Though not major players in the audio market world wide there is sudden but high decibel activity from them in the Indian market that could result in more technological enhancement and innovations in smaller size systems.


The competition in the audio market has been limited and hence the activity in this segments has been limited with the coming on of Koreans expect increased activity which will help it grow. The Koreans are playing only in one segment if the audio market the mini hifi which accounts for 40% of the Rs. 1000crore market both the player have come in with a limited range. Kenwood is focusing on the top 10% of the market with music system priced above Rs. 12000 it expects the DVD compatible segment to grow the most they also have come up with digital built in amplifiers. The competition among all these results in higher growth happening in the CD based music system market. As Sony

company deals with all these products i.e., DVD, CD, MP3, they face very hard competition though they face hard competition they have 80% share in audio segments.



3.1 Current Car Audio System Market
Though the history of car audio/radio systems can date back to the introduction of cars as means of personal transportation system in India, the real growth can be detected from the early 80s. One of the early entrant in the car audio systems was pioneer, the systems were available only in grey market and the price was also low a typical grey market character. Among the late entrants after 90s were Sony,

Kenwood, and others. Long distance travel and love for music made people to install audio systems in their cars which not only reduce their boredom but also made their journey more lively and less tiresome. Radios were the early introduction of compact disc players in the mid 90s which revolutionized the car audio systems market. head unit viz. A complete audio system constitutes of a

Cassette/CD player, Amplifier and the speaker Speaker constitute a very

system for sound reproduction.

important component of the audio system, these include woofers, sub-woofers, tweeters and midrange speakers.


The Indian car audio system market can be categorized into lower end segment and the premium end segment. The

former is dominated by pioneer systems as they are easily available in grey markets at a very low cost and is of good quality compared to the locally made speed king systems. The aesthetics play a vital role in selecting these pioneer systems. The market for premium end car audio systems is restricted to major cities only, the demand for these system these pioneer systems. The market for premium end car audio systems is

restricted to major cities only, the demand for these systems are very susceptible to a high craze for quality music backed by purchase power. This segment is high craze for quality music backed by purchase power. This segment is shared by

Kenwood, Sony, which are officially available in the country. There is an intense competition between these European and Japanese manufactures. Sony and Kenwood being the early

invaders are facing a stiff competition from the alpines growing market share. Many of these have arranged for a strategic

aliance with major car makers to market their products as standard equipment/fitment in their cars. Kenwood comes as a

original equipment for Mercedes Benz E class, Kenwood comes with Maruti 1000 lx series and Opel Astra Club where as Sony comes with Lancer, Corlla as an original equipment.


3.2 Product Profile of Sony Car Audio System

Sony WX-4500X CD/Cassette Receiver with CD Changer Controls

Chosse your format and get ready to roll with this comboo receiver! Sonys WX-4500X fills your Japanese cars oversized dash opening with great sound from its AM/FM radio, cassettes, or CDs. Itll even play your CD-R and CD-RW mixes! Whatever your preference, the music comes through loud and clear with 4 channels of 23 watts RMS power. Select the perfect contour with EQ7s preset curves and 7band equalizer. The Dynamic Soundstage Organizer (DSO)

raises the soundstage of your front door-mounted speakers for more spacious. Adding an amp/subwoofer combo? The

subwoofer preamp outputs feature a built-in low-pass cross over (selectable at 78 or 125 Hz, 12 dB per octave) and level adjustment (-10 to +10 dB), giving you convenient control over the quality and impact of your bass. Built-in high-pass cross

overs to you remove low bass from the units speaker outputs, so your vehicles speakers play more efficiently. Optional wired and wireless remote controls are available. 16

Key Features Multicolor display 7-pattern spectrum analyzer EQ7 features 7 bands of EQ (+/-10 dB at 62, 157, 396, 1,000, 2,500, 6,300, and 16,000 Hz) and 7 EQ presets (Vocal, Club, Jazz, New Age, Rock, Custom, and Xplod) DSO (Dyanamic Soundstage Organizer) raises and widens soundstage to improve imaging of poorly-placed factory speakers. 2-level loudness Dolby B noise reduction for quiet cassette performance. tape EQ permits use of metal tapes. SSIR-EXA tuner 20 FM/10 AM presets CD changer controls Custom File-allows titling of up to 110 discs with compatible CD changer. Subwoofer preamp outputs (with low-pass crossover and level control) Built-in high-pass crossovers on front/rear speaker outputs. Plays CD-Rs and CD-RWs Clock


Optional remote control 23 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels CD frequency response 10-20,000 Hz Tape frequency response 30-18,000 Hz CD signal-to-noise ratio 92 dB Tape signal-to-noise ratio 67 dB FM sensitivity 8 dBf 1-year warranty .


The XR-CA350X features a bright negative LCD segmented display, SSIR-EXA Adaptive Reception tuner, and MD/CD

changer control with CD Text. With CD Text, the title, track, and artist of compatible CDs are displayed on the multi-line graphic display. The knob encoder lets listioner control the volume and audio functions by feel, so listioner wont have to take his eyes off the road. If you like custom-tweaking your sound, youll love the bilt-in 3 band equlaizer with user-adjustable presets.



Features Negative LCD display CD/MD control Best Tuning Memory XM Satelllite Radio Ready EX7 3-band equalizer CD Text display SSIR-EXA Adaptive reception 45 x 4 high power

Sony XR-CA650X

The detachable faceplate XR-CA650X features My Best Position (MBP) that retains three user preset balance and fader settings for hassle-free operation. Other features include a

bright a bright flip-down 3-color LCD segmented display, SSIREXA Adaptive Reception tuner, and MD/CD changer control with Custom File disc titling. With CD Text, the title, track, and artist of compatible CDs are displayed on the multi-line graphic display. The knob encoder lets you control the volume and


audio functions by feel, so you wont have to take your eyes off the road. Features Rotary Encode/Cross key design Flip-down, detachable feceplate 3-Color LCD display CD/MD control My Best Position (MBP) EQ7 7-band equalizer with 7 user-adjustable presets Custom File display CD Text display SSIR-EXA Adaptive reception 50 x 4 high power Sony XR-F5100X Cassette receiver with CD changer controls


Sonys XR-F5100X cassette receiver takes greata careof your tapes. The full-logic tape mechanism treats them gently, while coaxing great-sounding music out of them. For musical adjustability, EQ3 offers 7 preset tone curves and a 3-band equalizer. Shape the sound to your liking, and the potent builtin amp (23.2 watts RMS x 4) will bring it to life. Dynamic Soundstage Organizer raises the soundstage to put you in the center of the music. Expand your entertainment options by adding a Sony XM tuner or CD changer. Sony

includes a wireless remote, but you may prefer the gratifying feel of the Rotary Encoder for making adjustments-just give it a spin, and youll see what we mean! Key Features Detachable, fold-down face Rotary Encoder for easy adjustments Full-logic, soft-touch controls SSIR-EXA tuner 18 FM/12 AM presets Seek tuning EQ3 (3-band equalizer and 7 preset tone curves) Dynamic Soundstage Organizer XM SAtellite Radio Controls (DM subscription, optional Sony XM tuner, and antenna required to receive the


satellite radio signal)- service is available only in the lower 48 states, not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories. CD changer controls Rear preamp outputs with low-pass filter in subwoofer mode Wireless remote Clock 23.2 watts RMS/52 peak x 4channels tape frequency response 30-18,000 Hz tape signal-to-noise ratio 61 dB FM sensitivity 9 dBf warranty : 1-year



District Profile
4.1 Historical Background:
The name "Davangere" is derived from the "DAVANE" which means a rope in Kannada, used for tying the cattle and horses on the bank of a big lake. In the year 1811 the name of the small village with about five hundred houses has changed to DAVANGERE. It is said that Hyder Ali gave it as a Jahgir to a Maratha Chief named Appajiram who encouraged merchants to settle there. Important historical monuments of the district, the inscriptions and coins that belong to the Mauryan period are found in Jaglur taluk of this district. On 2nd March of 1934, Mahatma Gandhi visited Davangere and laid foundation stone for a high school. It was not just beginning for educational era in Davangere but a major mile stone. Today there are 3 Engineering, 3 Medical, 2 Dental, 1 Fine Arts, and other professional courses like ayurveda, commerce, science, arts, agriculture, pharmacy polytechnic. PG Center and Kuvempu and

Universitys study center, Engineering Collage are in Davangere. 24

4.2 DISTRICT FORMATION: Davanagere district is a newly formed district, which came into existence during 1997 by including backward taluks from other three districts viz. Chitradurga, Shimoga and Bellary.

Year of formation of district Geographical Area Average Rainfall Latitude Longitude Altitude (Mtr.MSL) Distance from State Capital (Kms) No. Of Taluks No.of Hoblies No. of Revenue Villages(census 2001) No.of Habitations No.of Grama Panchayaths

1997 5975.97 Sq. Km 649 mm 14 N-15 N 75 5 E- 76 5 E 584.302 260 6 24 803 1334 230



Country State Headquarters Talukas Karnataka Davanagere Davanagere, Harihar, Jagalur, Honnali, Channagiri, Harapanahalli India

Population (2011) Total Density

1,946,905 850 /sq mi

literacy rate Official Language Time zone PIN Telephone code Vehicle registration

76.3% Kannada IST (UTC+5:30) 577001-006 + 91 (08192) KA-17


4.4 INDUSTRIES: Number of Factories as on (31-03-2006) Taluk Channagiri Davangere Harihar Honalli Jagalur Total BANKS Taluk Banks (As on 31-03-2006) Total Commercial Grameen Deposits Banks Banks (Rs. In lakhs) 13 43 13 1 10 11 8 27 9223 67466 8410 16890 Total Credit Credits Deposits (Rs. In Ratio lakhs) 19751 69618 7853 22887 2312 103 93 135 12 Textiles Chemical Engineering Others 0 12 0 0 9 1 5 3 0 0 40 4 27 0 13 0 169 0 134 0 21 10 6615 Employees 75 5090 450 890 110 -

Harapanahalli 0

Taluk Channagiri Davangere Harihar

Harapanahalli 4

Honalli Jagalur Total

11 3 87

2 10 42

9849 5496 117334

14457 6472 140864

147 118 120

4.5 SCHOOLS & COLLEGES (As on 31-03-2006)


Primary High PreGeneral Engineering Medical Polytechnics Schools Schools University Colleges Colleges Colleges Colleges (including Allopathy & Indian Medicines) 321 654 252 325 245 2134 60 146 53 57 40 36 392 10 45 11 13 8 9 96 1 6 2 2 2 1 14 0 3 0 0 0 0 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 1 0 0 0 3

Channagiri Davangere Harihar Honalli Jagalur Total

Harapanahalli 337




The Modern Marketing stockiest and restockists play a very important role from the viewpoint of manufactures. The dealers play an important role in the distribution channel of companies products. Mr, A.S. Basavaraj is the proprietor of the firm Sony exclusive showroom who distributes Sony products in

Davangere city. Mr. A.S. Basavaraj started (established) Sony exclusive show room in 27lh December 2006-07 with an investment of Rs. 8.00,000 the firm is a sole trading concern. He is a graduate in the field of science. He invested initial capital to start dealing the Audio, Radio, TV and Handy Cam, the businesses gradually earned profit. This growth and profitability made him to expand his business further by taking the dealership of newly introduced products like, cyber shot. Handy cam, TV and Laptops of Multinational company like Sony. The placement of shop is at # 8 and 9. Murugarajendra

Complex Opp. Jayadeva Petrol Bunk, Hadadi Road, Davangere 577 002 which is the main business center for electronic goods the promise of the shop is rent oriented.


A.S. Basavaraj as a Manager of Sony Exclusive showroom. In this firm 6 salesman is also service man are working effectively and to the efforts in giving good customer service and in maximizing the profit of the firm and to achieve the organizational goals.

5.2 Organizational Structure of Sony Exclusive Showroom

Proprietor A.S. Basavarajappa

Sales Executives







5.3 Sales Performance

The sales performance of a business of basic function, particularly in a commercial concern. The value as well as the value of sales and the consequent margin of profit ultimately gives the size of business pattern of organization the financial arid personnel promises.


The sales management is the item applied to (he process of distributing the goods from the producer to (he nllimate user or consumer. The covers selling advertising, sales promotion. Transporting, landing, financing and risk taking. Sales management is utmost importance in the firm as the profits and customer satisfaction cannot be ascertained without sales of the products. Sales performance of Sony Exclusive showroom for the year Years 2010-11 2011-12 By firm service. the above Net Sales (In Rs) 4,00,000.00 6,00,000.00 result it is easy to say that the

is maximizing its profit by giving goods customer

5.4 Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy adopted by the Sony exclusive showroom.

Product Strategy
Sony exclusive showroom is dealing in multi products like, TV, Audio Sets and electronic equipments of particular company product like, Sony.


Price Strategy
The firm attracted with the large number of consumers or customers as it company offer Discount and provides facilities credit terms for the buyers.

Promotion Strategy
Sony exclusive showrooms making all efforts in providing advertisement through the Media's like TV Channel (city cable), Newspapers are, Deccan Herald, times of India. Vijaya Karnataka. The Hindu for their promotive of products in which they deal and also provide door delivery.

Place Strategy:
The Sony exclusive showroom is situated at the valuable place of Murugarajendra Complex, Hadadi Road, which was the main marketing place for electronics goods.

5.5 Strength and Weakness of the Firm

1. Availability of necessary infrastructure 2. Adequate production capacity 3. Skilled manpower 4. Good locations. 5. Wide distribution network 6. Motivated Staff. 7. Efficient Management


8. Consistency in earning profit

1. Rising cost of operations 2. Growing negative firm relatives 3. Non availability of raw materials 4. Problem of under utilization of capacity 5. Shortage of trained developers



Marketing is the composite in a society by which demand structure for goods and services is intelligently anticipated or enlarged and satisfied through conception, promotion,

exchange and physical distribution of such goods and services which can satisfy wants, needs and desires of users in the market place. Marketing program starts from the product idea and does not end until customer wants are adequately satisfied

customers are the pirot around which the entire marketing operations revolve. Alpha and Omega of marketing

management is marketing research marketing therefore stands much before the actual selling of product by doing an analysis of the needs and ants of buyers and continues even after the selling of product again by selling whether the product offered gives complete satisfaction to the buyer or not. As a business grows longer and as management becomes more remote from the market price, marketing management has to rely more heavily on marketing research as a managerial tool in solving any problem in the field of marketing. It is an










investigation and analysis of a marketing problem on an opportunity. All business decision are based on information marketing decisions at present relay more and more an formal marketing research studies and on going marketing information system. Marketing Research Marketing research is one branch of the marketing information system. This category includes the study of

markets with regard to certain products of a company. Market means actual and potential customers market research is the systematic and intelligent investigations on study of the who what, where, when why and how of actual and potential buyers. Market research is primarily concerned with the

investigation, analysis and measurement of market demand. This involves analysis of market potentials for existing products and estimating demand for new products sales forecasting characteristics of products markets, analysis of sales potentials and studies on market trends. Market research may also include study of competitors, consumer behavior studies, analysis of environment or external forces, public policy studies and investigation of economic








marketing potentials

information on market segments, present and

market, buying habits and consumption pattern, the size and location of the potential market., the prospects for the growth of market, the potential of the competitors. Their competitive

position channels of distribution media and effectiveness of advertising and various social economic and political forces that operate in the market. In other words market research in

another potential activity in the functional area of marketing. Marketing research focuses on under standing customers. This usually involves asking them question. asked and answers found through Questions are objectives


research that focuses on gathering information relevant to a specific market situation most companies perform research to identify the characteristics of the market and to measure potential research is also commonly used to support short-range and long-range forecasts and to study competitive products and develop or evaluate new products. Hence it is always essential and of utmost importance that market research be : 1. Systematic: The research needs to be a planned well organized process. 2. Useful: The process needs to produce the information that helps managers make decisions.


3. Specific: The information should focus on one specific problem. 4. Decision-Oriented: When gathered the information

should result in a decision. Market Process Generally company should look at probable ideas and concepts that it could successfully venture into, to begin with these ideas or concepts would then require some vetting which is done through studying the market consumers in the market in the terms of how, what and why do they buy and in denitrifying probable customers it could serve. Then, based on all these

inputs the company should design its products offering, make distribution and promotion decision and set appropriate prices. To do this it is imperative to keep in touch with the end customer through market research and test marketing prior to final implementation in the overall market.

Marketing Process Concept Development Selling Implementation Analysis of Market Opportunity Market strategy Design

Marketing Testing


Concept Development To begin with a new idea or a concept for a product is to be generated these ideas or concepts can be developed due to change that happens in the marketing environment, that is changing customers needs, technological changes, political and economic change etc. Analysis of Marketing Opportunity This stage of the marketing process includes, studying, the environment in which a company will operate, and introduce its offering. This environment includes socio-economic conditions, poliltical and legal conditions, competition in market etc., Further, the market opportunity analyzed by studying and understanding the consumer buying behavior. Once this is

done then the company identifies the various groups of prospective customers and targets those groups that is can serve best. s Analysis of the Marketing Opportunity Understanding consumer behavior Analyzing the market opportunity Identifying Target Market

Understanding the Market environment

Identifying Market Segment


Marketing Strategy Design

Marketing strategy design involves designing and planning the marketing mix Elements, which are positioning, products designing, price placement, promotion.

Introduction of Marketing Mix

The terms Marketing Mix, was introduced by Prof. N.H. Borden of the Haward Busines School of America. It describes combination of the three inputs which constitute the core of a companys marketing systems- the product, the distribution system the price structure and the promotional activities. According to Mr. Jerome Mccarthy, an American expert

Marketing mix is the pack of three sets of variable namely product variables, price variables and promotion variables. Product Price Services Promotion - How to communicate with the target market and persuade the people concerned to buy. - What decision relate to Product or Services range - What price should be set for each Products or


Marketing mix can be understood by the following table :

Customer needs and wants Product line quality, branding & packing Cost to the customer Convenienc e Communication

Basic price, profit making credit terms

Channel types, channels location

Advertising, personal selling, sales promotion

Product mix

Price mix

Place mix

Promotion mix

Target market

Marketing research



Organizatio n


What does market buy?

Why does market buy it?

Who participates in buying?

How does the market buy?


The Three Ps of marketing Product Mix Quality, technology Packing Labeling Branding Trade mark Merchandising Size, design, colour, features Services Warranty Product line and range Price Mix Pricing policies Credit terms Coat and profit Allowances and discounts Competition Terms of delivery Promotion mix Advertising


Sales promotion Personal selling Public relations Publicity Direct responses

6.2Product Mix
The world Product mix is used to describe the assortment of different product types that a company product and markets. The product mix of a firms has three main characteristics namely : 1. Width which refers to the number of product lines of companies.

2. Depth refers to number of items in each product lines. 3. Consistency refers to the production requirements. The product mix is the composite of product offered for sales by the firm, over a period of time. The Product Variables 1. The product line and product range Product line is a group of closely related product which are able to satisfy a class of need, to be used by or sold to the same consumer groups, to be moved through the same distribution channel of fall within a same price


Product line stands fore the entire range of

products manufactured by the firm.

Products Range On other hand, speaks of the depth of specialization in terms off varieties based if consumers pockets and functional requirements. Thus, Sony corporation of Japan ahs countless models of T.V. sets, Video players, and Recorders, Casio

corporation of Japan has given widest range of calculators numbering more than 1000. 2. Product Design The marketing decisions start with designing the product in a way which is required by the target consumer. It is an important factor in the sales of many products. The form, the colour and the lien of all product are being planned to give greater promotion, beauty and functional utility. SONY corporation has designed its products in such a manner that it attracts more number of customers. 3. Product Labeling


A product label may be either descriptive, informative grade designating or a combination of these. Labels are

fixed to products to identify them and to describe this ingredient quality, quantity and other characteristics. SONY corporation have reputed name SONY which signifies the quality of the products, they also have different catalogues for different products which describes the characteristics of the products. Product Packing Packing is a process that speaks of companys ability to contain economically man made or natural products for shipment storage, sale or final use. It

performs the function of protecting the product, provides product density, acts as promotional tool, provides user convenience, facilitates product identification, allows

product mix, extends products life cycle. SONY products packing provides all the information which are needed by the customers such as rates, operating procedures etc. attractive. 4. Product branding It is the process of finding and fining the means of identification. It performs the function of assuring quality

this companys package is

and value. Its saves time and efforts gives legal protection acts as promotional tool, protects market, means of identification product line expansion facilities survival of middleman. 5. After Sales Services and Guarantees Services is and important sales asset. It is

instrumental in securing repeat sales, customers goodwill and a word of month advertising. It gives product

guarantee as warranty which defines the producers liability for defects or workmanship over a certain period of time. SONY company have many services centre in different cities which provides prompt services to customers, they also have huge numbers of service men who go to different cities where there is no services centers and provide services. These informations above the address of the

services station are printed on the package office SONY products.

6.3Price Mix
Price is an important consideration in buying decisions price also denotes quality in the consumers mind-a

psychological factor. For some products when many identical brands are competing with each other for consumer preference, the price may be an important influencing factor. Price is the


basic vehicle for telling the consumer about the value and associated conditions of a particular product. Price is an important element of marketing mix. It may be defined as the value of product attribute expressed in monetary terms which an consumer pay or is expected to pay in exchange pricing is a marketing function, which has an important role of play in marketing decisions pricing influences the profit level, the operational level etc.

The following factor determine the price of the product Pricing objectives Demand for a product or service Competition Profitability Distribution channels. The demand for SONY product are very high, this makes the price high. The competition faced by SONY Company in the market also influences the price. The profit margin fixed by the company and also the wholesalers and retailers influence the price. PALCE MIX the market has the responsibility of making his products available near the place of consumption so that the consumer can easily available at a convenient location, he may buy some other brand. Thus a marketer has to ensure that his


product is available to the target consumers whenever required. There are two major areas in place mix. a) Marketing channels b) Physical distribution

It is true that channel decisions affect other marketing mix elements, and involve a relatively long term commitment of resources. It may take a marketer year to build up relations

with the intermediaries are independent organizations and this needs must be taken into account while evaluating various channel of alternatives. Infact, the successes of companys

marketing efforts depends to large extent on the soundless of its distribution network. Physical distribution involves

transportation, ware housing, natural handling, inventory levels and the bulk packaging among other. Some of these activities will also be performed by the intermediaries and a great deal of co-ordination is required between the various links in the channels in orders to get the optimum results. For many years physical distribution was a neglected area of marketing management, but now companys have become generally conscious of its importance in the overall marketing strategy.

6.4 Promotional Mix

Marketing promotion is management process through which an organization develops presents and evaluates a series of messages to an identified audiences.


The effectiveness of promotional depends on Nature of communication The target audience The environment in which it is received The receives perception f the sources as eg: friends, references, groups etc. Medium used to transmit the message The Promotional Variable Consists of 1. Personal selling It is two way as it involves direct face to face contract between the salesman and the prospect. 2. Advertising Advertising is very popular method of impersonal

communication using its wide variety of media and media vehicles. These medias are indoor, outdoor, direct and display advertising. 3. Sales Promotion Sales promotion is the achievement of short term

marketing objectives by schematic men.

It is the function in

marketing of providing involvement to buy, offered for a limited period only, at the time and place the purchasing decision is made, which are supplementary to a product nominal value. 4. Trade Fairs and Exhibitions


An exhibition is the huge congregation of manufactures and dealers under a single roof for displaying, demonstrating and selling their products on the other hand, a trade fair is a mammoth gathering of prospects arranged by manufactures and the dealers where function and public and entertainment are prominent.


Public Relations Public relations involves the installation and maintenance

of mutual understanding between a firm and all who are likely to come in contact with it. customers. public. SONY corporation have designed many attractive These sections of society are

Shareholders, administration staff and general

advertisement which gives information above the products the also conduct indoor and outdoor advertisements. They also

give many offers to dealers as well as customers. They have many promotional activities for dealers such as buying

allowances, price allowances, premium offer.


advertisement, sales contests, dealer list promotion, dealer gifts, point of purchase. They have many offers to customers such has sampling, coupons, demonstrations, contests, money refund offer, premium offer festival offers etc.,


6.5Channels of Distribution
The marketing systems of any country is made up of a vast manifestation of the organization and individuals linked by information, products, negotiations, money and people of these institutions and individuals act as pipe line that connects the weakness of products with people and organization that consume the products. This pipeline or channel in the

marketing system seeks to satisfy the needs and wants of target end users and objective if the channel participants. channels is a like began of marketing. A channel of distribution is an organized network or a system of agencies and institutions which is combination, performs all the activities required to link producers with users and users with producers to accomplish the marketing task. Distribution of Consumer Goods
1) Producer 2) Producer 3) Producer 4) Producer 5) Producer

- Consumer - Retailer Consumer - Wholesaler Retailer Consumer - Agent Wholesaler Consumer - Agent Retailer Consumer

Distribution of Industrial goods 1) Manufactures Industrial users 2) Manufactures Wholesalers Industrial users 3) Manufactures Agent middlemen Industrial users 51

4) Manufactures Industrial users




Factors Governing the Choice of channels of distribution A. Products Factors 1) Physical nature 2) Technical nature 3) The length of products line 4) The market position

B. Market Factors 1) The existing market structure 2) The nature of the purchase deliberations 3) Availability of the channel 4) Competitors channels C. Institutional factors 1) The financial ability of channel members 2) The promotional ability of channel members 3) The post sales service ability D. Unity factors 1) The companys financial position 2) The extent of market control desired 3) The company reputation E. Environment factors 1) Economic factors 2) Legal restrictions
3) Fiscal policy


Distribution Mix of SONY corporation The distribution mix of SONY company has different channels distribution for its reach of the product to the market it is family concern and its distribution starts with Factory Brand/Depot Authorized dealers / Distributors Sub Dealers Customers CHAPTER VII


Table 1 Showing the Gender Wise Classification of Respondents Sl. No. of Percentag No Sex Responden e . ts 1. Male 34 68 2. Female 16 32 Total 50 100 Source: Field Survey Graph 1 Showing the Gender Wise Classification of Respondents




60 Percentage 32



0 Male Sex Female

About 68% of the respondents are male and the remaning 32 % of the respodents are female. Table 2 Showing the Classification Sl. No Marital Status . 1. Married 2. Un married
Source: Field Survey
50 60

of Respondents

based on Marital Status No. of Percentag Responden e ts 28 56 22 44 50 Graph 2






40 Showing the Classification of Respondents based on Marital Status 30



Married Un married

The above table & married.

chart shows it 56% of

respondents were married and remaining 44% were un

Table 3 Showing the Classification of Respondents on the Basis of Age Group Sl. No . 1. 2. 3. 4. Age Group Below 20 Years 21-30 31 40 41& Above No. of Percentag Responden e ts 6 20 14 10 50 12 40 28 20 100

Total Source: Field Survey


Graph 3 Showing the Classification of Respondents on the Basis of Age Group

Below 20 Years 12%

41& Above 20%

31 40 28%

21-30 40%

The above table & graph shows that 12% of the respondents are the age group below 20 years, 40% are the age group of 21 30 years, 28% are the age group of 31 40 years and 20% of the respondents are in the age group of above 4 1 Years. Table 4 Showing the Classification of the Respondents on the Basis of Education. Sl. No . 1. 2. 3. 4. Education SSLC PUC Graduate Post Graduate No. of Percentag Responden e ts 12 24 14 28, 16 32 8 16

Total 50 Source: Field Survey Graph 4


Showing the Classification of the Respondents on the Basis of Education

40 32 30 Percentage 24 20 28



SSLC PUC Graduate Post Graduate


The above table & graph shows that 24 % or respondents have up to SSLC, 28% studied PUC, 32% of the responses are Graduates and remaining 16% respondents are Post Graduates. Table 5 Showing the Distribution of Respondents on the Basis of Occupation

Sl. No Occupation . 1. Business man 2. Profession 3. Employee

No. of Percentag Responden e ts 16 42 10 20 9 18


Agriculture Other Total Source: Field Survey

4. 5.

15 0 50

30 0 100

Showing the Distribution of Respondents on the Basis of Occupation

50 42 40 Percentage 30 20 10
0 20 18 30

Busines man






The above table & graph indicates that out of total respondents, 32% are businessmen, 20% professionals, 18% are employees and remaining 30% agriculturists.

Table 6 Showing Classification of Respondents on the Basis of Monthly Income Sl. No. of Monthly Percentag No Responden Income e . ts 1. Below 10,000 7 14


2. 3. 4.

10,000 15,000 15,000 20,000 20,000 & above Total

14 11 18 50

28 22 36 100

Source: Field Survey

Graph 6 Showing Classification of Respondents on the Basis of Monthly Income

40 35 30 Percentage 25 20 15 10 5 0
Below 10.000 10.000 - 15.000 15.000 - 20.000 20.000 above

36 28 22 14

Monthly Income

This table classifies the respondents based on monthly income 14% belongs to income group below Rs. 10,000, 28% to the income group of Rs. 10,000 to 15,000, 22% to the income group of Rs. 15,000 20,000 and the remaining 36% of the respondents are belongs to above Rs. 20,000 income group. Table 7 Showing the Classification of Respondents of Users of Types of Music Player


Sl. No .

Music Player
Cassette Player C.D. Player Other

No. of Percentag Responden e ts 8 32 10 50 16 64 20 100

2. 3.

Source: Field Survey

Graph 7 Showing the Classification of Respondents of Users of Types of Music Player

Cassette Player 16% Others 20%

C.D Player 64%

As per the above table & graph16% of the respondents are the using the cassette player, 64% are using the C.D. Player and remaining 20% are other (like DVD player system) Table 8

Showing Classification of Respondents on Market Share of Different Brands Sl. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. Different Brand Sony Pioneer Kenwood Other Total
Source: Field Survey

No. of Responden ts 22 18 10 0 50

Percenta ge 44 36 20 0 100

Graph 8 Showing Classification of Respondents on Market Share of Different Brands

Kenwood 20% Other 0%

Sony 44%

Pioneer 36%


Table 9 Classification of Respondents on the basis of Purchasing New Brand Music Player Sl. No . 1. 2. 3. 4. No. of Percentag Brand Responden e ts Sony 32 64 Pioneer 12 24 Kenwood 6 12 Other 0 0 Total 50 100 Source: Field Survey Graph 9 Classification of Respondents on the Basis of Purchasing New Brand Music Player
70 60 50



40 30 20 10



0 Sony Pioneer Kenw ood Other

The table shows the 64%

of the respondents

purchased Sony music system 24% of the respondent


to buy a Pioneer music system and 12% are planned Kenwood music player. Table 10 Table Showing the Factors of Considered While Purchasing a Sony Car Audio System Sl. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Consideration Price Clarity Brand Image Local service Out look Design Financial Facility Others Total
Source: Field Survey

No. of Percentag Responden e ts 6 11 14 8 8 3 0 50 12 22 28 16 16 6 0 100

From the above table it is clear that 28% of respondents considered the Brand image of the product while purchasing, 22% of them considered clarity, 16% of them preferred local service 12% of them considered considered with financial facility. and out look design price 12% of them


Graph 10 Graph Showing the Factors of considered While Purchasing a Sony Car Audio System

6% 16%




16% 28%

Price Out look Design

Clarity Financial Facility

Brand Image Others

Local service


Table 11 Table Showing the Impact of Advertisement Sl. No . 1. 2. 3. 4. Media News paper Magazines Television Other Total
Source: Field Survey

No. of Percentag Responden e ts 16 23 11 00 50 32 46 22 00 100

Graph 11 Graph Showing the Impact of Advertisement

50 40 32 Percentage 30 22 20 10 0 0 News paper Magazines Television Other Media 46


Above shows that 32% of respondents of came to know above the Sony car audio system through News paper advertisement, 46% of the respondents through magazines and 22% are through the T. V. Advertisement. Table 12 Table Showing the Opinion Regarding Sony Advertisement Sl. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Opinion Attractive Not Attractive Informative Not Informative No Impact Total; No. of Percentag Responden e ts 13 26 11 22 16 32 8 16 2 50 4 100

Source: Field Survey

Graph 12
No Impact Graph Showing the Opinion Regarding Sony Not Informative Attractive 4% 16% 26% Advertisement

Inf ormative 32%


Not Attractive 22%

Since all the respondents were aware of the sony advertisement their opinion on the advertisement was asked and they were tabulated. All most all the respondents given a positive opinion irrespective of whether they own a Sony car audio System or not. 32% of the respondents said that the

advertisement is informative, 26% says attractive, 22% of respondents not attractive, 16% of respondents not informative, only impact. 4% of respondents mentioned no


Table 13 Table showing opinion of respondents regarding price Sl. No Option . 1. High 2. Reasonable/wort h 3. Low Total
Source: Field Survey
70 60

No. of Percentag Responden e ts 18 36 30 60 2 50 4 100

Graph 13 opinion of Respondents


Graph 50 Showing 36 regarding price 40

30 20 10 0




It was observed from the survey that out of


Respondents only 60% of them said reasonable / worth price, 36% of respondents said that price is high and 4% of the respondents said that price is low.

Table 14 Table Showing the Factors Considered While Purchasing Sony Car Audio System Sl. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. Factors Reasonable Price Clarity and Performance Out look Design After Sale No. of Percentag Responden e ts 6 12 30 6 2

60 12 4

5. 6.

Service More function Other Total

6 0 50

12 0 100

Source: Field Survey


60 50


Graph 14 Graph Showing the Factors Considered 30 While Purchasing Sony Car Audio System
40 20 10 0
Reasonable P rice Clarity and P erformance Out look Design


12 4

12 0
M ore function Other


A fter Sale Service


From the above table and chart it is clear that 60% of the respondents considered clarity and performance, 12% of respondent concerned reasonability of price out look and features. Only 4% of respondent considered after Sales Service.


Dear Respondents I am a student of B.B.M studying in 6 th semester Govt., Arts College. Chitradurga. Kuvempu University. Doing a project report on A

Case study on sales marketing of SONY CAR AUDIO SYSTEM with regards to SONY EXCLUSIVE . Murugha complex, Opp., Jayadeva petrol bunk. Davangere.
I would be grateful if you would give me some of your valuable time and answer these questions.

Thanking you, Yours faithfully,

(Shivaraj .T)


Name of the Respondent Address Contact No

: :

__________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________

2. 3.

Sex Age in years

: a) Male :

b) Female


a) Below 20 years c) 31 - 40 years 4. Marital Status a) Married 5. Education a) Up to SSLC c) Graduate 6. Occupation : a) Business man c) Employee :

b) 21 30 years d) 41 & above : b) Unmarried

b) PUC d) Post Graduate b) Profession d) Agriculturist

e) If other Specify ______________________ 7. Monthly Income: a) Below Rs. 10,000 c) Rs. 15,000 to 20,000 8. Do you enjoy music with driving? a) Yes 9. b) No b) Rs. 10,000 15,000 d) Rs. 20,000 and above

Which music player do you own? a) Cassette Player b) CD Player c) If any other specify ____________________________


Which brand of car audio system do you own? b) Pioneer d) Others _______________

a) Sony c) Kenwood 11.

Are you satisfied with your existing car audio system? b) No

a) Yes


If No, please give reasons __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ 12. Are you aware of Sony car audio systems? b) No a) Yes 13.

If you have to be a car audio system which brand do you plan to buy in your purchase? b) Pioneer d) Others __________________________

a) Sony c) Kenwood 14.

What factor do you consider while purchasing car audio system? b) Clarity e) Out look and design c) Brand image f) Financial facility

a) Price d) Local Service

g) If any other __________________________________________________ 15. Name the media where you have seen Sony car audio system. a) News Paper c) Television b) Magazine d) Others ___________________________

16. How do you feel about the advertisement of Sony car audio system? a) Attractive c) Informative e) No impact b) Not attractive d) Not Informative


What is your opinion about the price of Sony car audio system? b) Reasonable / Worth c) Low

a) High 18.

According to you which product of your Sony car audio system is superior to others? a) Reasonable Price b) Clarity and performance c) Out look design d) After sales Service


e) More function 19.

e) other ________________________

Do you enjoy the music with your Sony car audio system? b) No

a) Yes

20. How is the service of the authorized dealer of Sony car audio system? a) Friendly c) Prompt b) Not friendly d) No response

21. If Sony offers various schemes would you like to replace your existing car audio system? a) If yes/No given the reason for answering ____________________________ _______________________________ 22. Please mention your points of purchase a) Name of dealers c) Yours of purchase b) Model Name / No d) out put power

23. Your opinion about the Sony car audio system? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Date: Place: Thank you for your co-operation, Signature

Marketing Management : Philips Kotler


Marketing Research ,principles, application and aces: D.D.SHARMA Websites






News Papers Company Booklets and Catalogues



During the course of the project, companys website and manuals provided by the trainer and operations head were used most of the times. Also, visited other sites on the website to get information about Consumer Durable Industry Article on Efficiency, Technology and Risk Management edited by Donald S Tull and Dell I Hawkins was also referred.