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Dreams Trade Ideas by Dreamytrader

Stock Name
last Close Price Status Key Levels Desired Set-up Entry &Stop Trade Ideas Note


Current Watch-list
S&P500 Index ETF (SPY) $168.59 Sideway under pressure Postearning Near-term resistance $170 SPYs price action showing weakness, but too early to say we are at top. Topping is a process. AAPLs received buying interest when people betting the upcoming AAPL product lines. It would be interest to see how it deal $460. Not a short target for now. LNKDs buyers are not fully engaged into pushing higher and test water along the way. Price action in favor of Bulls but not aggressive. BA became another stock got dumbed after a fairly well earning. Stock lost some steam like many other key companies in current market condition. GPS long entry was on 45.50, mentioned before, many times. Delayed follow-through on upside since last brokenout. Market shifting the focus away from the earning when most important companies had reported while few more to go. This week is about Marco policy and data. AAPLs investor are waking up and started to bet on the possible new products and cheap version of iPhone. Cheap iPhone could help AAPL for the short term but not enough to lift giant to another high. LNKD could go higher and well above $200 with a firm earning report. I am bullish into the earning.



$435 area near-term support.

LinkedIn (LNKD)


Choppy $200ish support zone

Boeing (BA)


Pulling back

$100ish support



Breaking out

$45ish support

Boeings earning was good and strong. The thing is BA really needs to fix their Dreamliner to another level. Endless issues around the global. All these events are good for BA, early discovery benefits the future. GPS is expect another quarter of solid earning growth. Good for stock. A bullish stock.

Discover Financial. (DFS)


Failed to hold

Power leaking

DFSs long trade failed to impress as DFS beat on both EPS and REV as expected stock faded away. Not a successful and stock not showing what it deserved to be. breaking out.

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Visa (V)


Breaking out pull back Breakingout

$190ish support

Visas price resumed to be bullish after another earning beat. Hopefully it could kill the weak action shown recently. TSLA went higher and mentioned it could go higher before.

V beat its earning and rev again on strong growth. A strong stock and worth to hold.



New High

TSLAs earning is coming and see how people deal with it would be interesting. I am Bullish into the earning. AMZN reported fairly in-line rev and better EPS. As usual, stock traded lower and Fridays price-action was usual, open-lower and traded-higher to close at high. NFLX beat on EPS and reported in-line Rev, and Street was expecting more from it and standard was high. Still not a bad report.

Amazon (AMZN)



Paused rally

AMZN had a wonderful Friday, stock rallied but failed to continue on this Monday. NFLX shown weakness after the earning. Bullish faded away.

Netflix (NFLX)



Rally paused

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Current Watch-list Featured Chart: N/A Earning season coming to the end. Most companies reported with good result. Many quality and strong stocks are fading after the earning. Market Bulls are resting but Bears are not confident to take the control. Sentiment swings. We had some choppy days and not showing aggressive buying yet. HLF under spotlight and so far Ackmans monster short position is not looking good as HLF posted a strong earning and raised full year expectation. CF surged on news that Third Point has a position on it.

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