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UNE AN PG eens Dolores G. Hiskes Clear Steps to Easy Reading And Perfect Spelling ““A classical education relies heavily on the written word and is language-intensive, not image-focused. It demands that students use and understand words. A good, systematic phonics program is the best way to teach reading, and the best primer we could find is Phonics Pathways. simple, and yet complete. The entire curriculum and everything you need for the lessons is included in one $30 book. Instructions are concise, clear, and free of professional vocabulary. If simplicity and affordability are at the top of your Ii Phonics Pathways is easy to use and effective. It continues to be our favorite book! '—vessie Wise and Susan Wisa Bavor ‘The Wel-Trainog Mind: A Guilds to Classical Education At Home “Within seven weeks, all thirty-two first graders in my classroom of various ability levels became readers. The phonics rules and blending instruction in Phonics Path- ways empower my students to drive through words with ease. Reversals with the slower students have diminished considerably. Extensive practice with decodable text cements the rules and skills they have already learned. “Now my students are diving into marvelous literature with confidence and pride. In March we had a literature evening for parents, and all of my students took turns reading selections from The Book of Virtues"! "Pamela M. Bare, Fs.Grade Teacher Tovashal Elemertary School, Mrota, CA INRA “Teacher ofthe Year 1908 “We all love Phonics Pathways? It has helped mect the needs of both children and adults in our vision and academic program. It readily fits in with all of our existing ‘material without having to change our teaching methods or purchase a lot of extras. “The basic rules are presented in a way that is understandable and interesting to all ages and learning styles. The riddles, proverbs, and drawings add visual and auditory aids to each lesson, and frequent reviews provide quick assessment and confidence as each skill is built upon, We would recommend its use with any reading program— with or without special needs.” —Karen Spel, B.A., Academic Thorapst "fichard Glonek, 0.0. ‘Advanced Achievement Gonlers, Aizona “Our elementary instructors are inserviced in the use of Phonics Pathways. They have experienced great success.in using it with a wide variety of students: English as a Second Language, remedial, beginning reading, dyslexic, and even adulls. “Itis clear and well organized, has large print, the skills sequenced correctly, the sketches humorous, the proverbs encouraging, and the hints very useful. Combining the reading and spelling of sounds and applying the skill in words and sentences is most helpful. “This outstanding resource has helped many students learn to read and spell, and given teachers confidence in teaching phonics, spelling, and reading. | highly recommend it for all students who are learning to read.” —Cinitine Kright, Faculty Factor : ‘Schodkrlt Catoge, Michigan Please return to Fort Vancouver Regional Library 372.4145 HISKES 2000 Hiskes, Dolores G. * Phonics pathways : clear steps to easy reading and perfect 3264018814817 This completely redesigned 8th edition has the same content as before, with many added features: a new spelling rule index, additional spelling charts, more proverbs, a new cover, and all-new greatly enhanced graphics. ponies Pati To my dearly beloved family, and to all my special students who have shown me the path I needed to take. My heart sings! orb: Weitten & Illustrated by Dolores G. Hiskes P.O. Box 2588~Livermore CA 94551 Phone: 925-449-6983 ~Fax: 447-6983, ‘(Confirm area code) -utptwww.dorbooks.com, ‘dor @dorbooks.com Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 98-93072 Publisher's Cataloging-in-Publication (Prepared by Quality Books ne.) Hiskes, Dolores G. Phonics Pathways/wriien and illustrated by Dolores G. Hiskes. —8th edition, second printing, pen. ‘Audience: K-Adult. ISBN 0-9620967-3-3 1. Reading (Elementary)—Phonetic method. Title. LBIST3.HSB 1996 3724°145 (QB193-20088 © 2000, 1996, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1990 Dolores C. Hiskes All ight reserved. Printed in the United States of America [No par of this book may be reproduced by any means without writen permission fiom the author, withthe following two exceptions: A teacher who has purchased this book may eproduce pages expressly and exclusively or hisher own class, and reviewers may quote from this book for review purposes.