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Background In Bangladesh, mobile telephone was opened to private sector for more than a decade during which four mobile operators came up to serve the people in this sector. But they could not fulfill the public demand as anticipated, nor could they cover the whole geographical area of the country. Moreover, the quality of service being provided by them was not satisfactory and, above all, their call charges were too high. Under these circumstances, the idea of establishing mobile telephone project (the Project) in the public sector was conceived. Title of the Project was 10 (Ten) Lakh T&T Mobile Telephone Project (1st Phase - 2.5 Lakh) at an estimated cost of Tk.7.96 billion.

Company Overview Teletalk Bangladesh Limited is a public limited company, registered under the Registrar of the Joint stock companies of Bangladesh. Total shares owned by the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.

We continue to grow and engage our customers through our clear commitment to offering high quality products and services as well as leading customer retention and loyalty programmers. Teletalk continues to be a part of the revolution thats connecting millions of Bangladeshi people and around the world.

Teletalk Bangladesh limited was established keeping a specific role in mind. Teletalk has forged ahead and strengthened its path over the years and achieved some feats truly to be proud of, as the only Bangladeshi mobile operator and the only operator with 100% native

technical and engineering human resource base, Teletalk thrives to become the true peoples phone Amader Phone.

Basic objectives for which the Company was formed are highlighted here under: To provide mobile telephone service to the people from the public sector To ensure fair competition between public and private sectors and thereby to safeguard public interest To meet a portion of unmitigated high demand of mobile telephone To create a new source of revenue for the government. 26 December, 2004 29 December, 2004 31 March, 2005 23 June, 2005 27 August, 2005 2 24 September, 2005 12 October, 2005 23 December, 2006

Formation of Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. The Prime Minister inaugurated the telephone line talking with the President Commercial launching of operation Number of subscribers reached at 100,000 Distribution of SIM cards outside Dhaka Participation in the Telecom Fair 2 Commencement of SMS operation Number of subscribers reached 400,000

Table 1: Some major events of Teletalk

Incorporation of Teletalk:

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited (the Company) was incorporated on 26 December, 2004 as a public limited company under the Companies Act, 1994 with an authorized capital of Tk.20, 000,000,000 being the only government sponsored mobile telephone Company in the country. On the same day the Company obtained Certificate of Commencement of Business.

Companys Network Expansion:

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited has continually expanded its network, to better accommodate its growing customer base as well as to keep the promise of providing better service. As of now, Teletalk has already established its network foothold in 64 Districts, 402 Upazilas, and most of the highways. Teletalk is continuing its network expansion to reach more corners of Bangladesh. Scope to be explored:

m-Governance is derived from e-governance refers to governments use of information and communication technology to exchange information and services with citizens, businesses, and other arms of government. Teletalk is ready to provide with the help of third party software, mobile interactivity for the citizens of Bangladesh with m-Governance. This may includes, but not limited to Mobile based Live Citizen Reporting Solution Mobile User Info bank (Database of Mobile Users of Bangladesh) Agriculture information services for the farmers and also for the end users, like product price in different parts of the country. Product ID for all consumer products/ Organization. Interactivity between Government and the Citizens.

Possible departments who will be directly benefited from the above services are:

Police. Rapid Action Battalion Fire Service NBR Agriculture Department. BRTA BSTI BTRC Election Commission Health Services.

Company logo:
The company logo is shown below.

The Objectives:
The objectives of the report are divided into two parts, primary objective and specific objective.

The primary objective of this research is to fulfill the academic purpose of our term project.

To figure out the departments, mission & vision and strategy of Teletalk Bangladesh Limited.
Comparing the SWOT of Teletalk Bangladesh Limited.

To recommend about the departments, mission & vision and strategies.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The research was an exploratory in nature. The relevant issues regarding the research were briefly presented below:

SOURCE OF DATA Both primary and secondary sources were used for the research purpose. Secondary data were used for providing the theoretical background to the research. Primary data were collected through face to face survey of the employees.

METHODS OF DATA COLLECTION The primary data for the research has been collected through face to face conversation with the employees. The secondary data has been collected from companys internal newsletter, journals, web pages, annual reports, various books, and other internal publications

SAMPLING TECHNIQUE The Non-Probability Convenience sampling technique has been used to collect the desired data for the research as there will be no structured sampling frame.

As the information will be used here for qualitative analysis and some judgmental decision so the samples are taken only for getting some information and also get some clear perception about some problem. DATA COLLECTION/FIELD WORK The data collection procedure for the survey took 20 days.


Limitation, which I have faced while doing my report are discussed below: Since the Teletalk at its early stage in Bangladesh, not all even are well-known with the service of the mobile company. One of the major limitations faced while conducting the study was to communicate with the selected respondents because they were very busy with their regular jobs. As, we have more dependence on the primary sources, so there might be some level of inaccuracy with those collected information. Many of the analysis on the obtained data are based upon our sole interpretation. This in result might bring some biases, as lack of knowledge and depth of understanding might hinder ous to produce an absolute authentic and meaningful report. Time constraint was another limitation restricting this report from being more detailed or analytical. The relationship managers at the operation or strategic level of the concerned department are terrible busy with meeting their targets. So, it was very difficult for us to get them free and obtain some practical ideas regarding their expectation and opportunities regarding my topic.

Departments of the Teletalk: Among the organizational strategy, Teletalk mainly concentrates on functional departmentalization, which Grouping activities by functions performed. Here activities are grouped according to function to pursue economies of scale by placing employees with shared skills and knowledge into departments. Telatalk has the following departments according to which the different tasks are divided. Departments are the entities organizations form to organize people, reporting relationships, and work in a way that best supports the accomplishment of the organization's goals. Departments are usually organized by functions. They are :

Human Resource Marketing Customer Service Finance Operations: Network Planning Billing and IT

Human Resource Management :

Teletalk has always paid high attention to the human resources management and development and taken this as the most important resource of the corporation. For many years, this company has continuously handled the system reform and innovation for the human resources, enhanced the talents cultivation and optimized the human resources structure so as to provide strong support to the corporate reform and development with guaranteed human resources. The main tasks of this department is to decide what are the different types of staff we need in the company and also to recruit and train the best employees to fulfill these needs . This

department also needs to ensure that all the workers are high in their performance. This HRM department also include compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training.employee records and make policies for the personnel these policies are often in the form of employee manuals.

Marketing :
There is tremendous potential for Wireless Internet in Bangladesh despite of Bangladesh Telephony infrastructure is relatively poor compare to any other developing countries like India, Malaysia etc. Previously telecommunications has not been on the Bangladesh governments priority and available resources were not directed to basic infrastructure requirements for wireless technology. However, from the last decade there are signs that Bangladesh Govt. are in the planning to increasingly motivated to support telecommunications as they view this as a necessity rather than a luxury for economic growth and as well as potential job opportunities. This is the most important department of the company as we all know the marketers are the ones who do the job of increasing the subscribers. Nowadays, the telecom companies are having a tough competition all over the country. And teletalk has a some very tough competitors who are doing great by holding a large amount of market share .