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To: Mary Cummings, Senior Vice President FNCB

Due to the nature of the documentation I have provided you regarding the foreclosure of the banking system for cause in profiteering and operating private money systems, profiteering and operating a debt slavery system, and comitting treason against the one people, I would like to establish whether or not by your actions you are NOT upholding a debt slavery system. I would ask that you provide the following: 1. Produce documentation of the history of the origin of funds that your bank purportedly had prior title, ownership and rights to any money allegedly loaned. History and origin of funds must show at least three [3] generations of the origin of funds; Produce documentation of the actual transaction and transfer of said funds [prior title, ownership, and rights] from loaner to borrower [invoicing/receipts]. (All documentation may be redacted to preserve any and all privacy laws) A failure to respond will be considered an admission that all of the requested documentation is not available, because no such documentation exists as all loans have been proven to be fraudulent as outlined in the attached Paradigm Report. We the people have been and remain the creditors in every lending transaction as all "money" and any other representation of value was and is backed by the energy and value of the people. This value has been duly secured under UCC Record No. 2000043135 unrebutted. I have given the bank an opportunity to operate transparently and honestly recognizing my value as the creditor and creator of any and all representations of value also known as "money" by depositing my secured Certificate of Value, a representation of my choice, in a value for value exchange. Failure to honor my value without a valid lawful reason, or failure to rebutt the UCC filings point for point with particularity and sepcificity would implicate you continuing to uphold a debt slavery system fully liable and responsible. 2.