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CWTS: My Thoughts and Realizations One one-million dollar question during the Freshmen General Orientation was what

to option to take in National Service Training Program (NSTP): Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS) or Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC). Well, I chose to take CWTS because I prefer writing things than taking up sports. Sports for me is really scary because I do not have the proper body and determination in doing it. But taking this CWTS has also been a challenge. It tested my sociability, my patience, my vitality, my nationalistic spirit, my confidence, and my discipline. It also helped me become a better follower, both to my leader and the NSTP Coordinator. CWTS also made me realized a lot of things. CWTS made me see clearer where my stand is on different issues regarding national issues. It made me hate drugs more especially since I had learn more on what their effects are to people who use them physically and also its effects to the users family and friends relations. I would definitely hate to see my family and friends lured by these dangerous drugs. I really hate it when another person is greatly affected because of ones wrong decision. I hope other students all over the country would know how harmful these drugs are both physically, mentally, socially, and financially in order for them to warn of the possible consequences they might suffer when they become a drug addict. Another one is my stand on terrorism. I have always hated news about bombings made by terrorists. It affects so many lives not only the victims, but also their families. One might say how bias I am against them. But really, theyre harming people all over the world no matter what their nationalities are! The Islamic communities are most of the time branded and stereotype to be the number terrorist in the world. They were famous for their videos of cutting the throats of their kidnaps. It was so bad. But they were not really the only one to blame because even the Americans are terrorists. They were invading the Islamic community because these countries were rich in oil. And as the world knows, those who control the supply of oil, controls the world since nowadays, we depend so much on it. They did so many ugly things to them such as branding them to the world as dangers to the worlds peace. For who would not believe the Americans? So t hese Islamic terrorists retaliate to take revenge.

Because of CWTS, I was also able to experience the crazy, scary, and fun zip lining. It was my first time and I was so scared when it was my turn already. Even if I enjoyed it, I was not completely able to achieve the goal which is to gain confidence since I did not jump from the table. Because I want to do it already in order to meet my family and because we did not take our lunch yet, I ask one officer to push me. While on air, though it was fast, there is that feeling of Waahhhhh. It was a Wow feeling. I was also very nervous when doing the rappelling. It was very scary because I was really the one who controlled the way the land. I remember sweating so much during that anxious time. I was also thankful for this program because I was able to go to a new place. I was able to go to Barangay Dita in Julita, Leyte. It was my first there. I hope that I would be able to visit that peaceful and quiet place again. It was a very nice place for someone who likes to take a nap or sleep. The people there were also friendly. One time, as we were doing interviews, we came to a house where they were observing the death anniversary of the head of the family. We were invited in and offered food and drinks. It was a very nice feeling knowing that people really in the Philippines, even the poor were indeed hospitable. That act of kindness made me smile. Through CWTS, I was able to meet new people: my batchmates, upper level schoolmates, and locals of Barangay Dita in Julita, Leyte. I was able to be friendly with my group mates, one thing I would not be able to do just by myself because of my shyness and because of our different degree programs. I am now able to greet them hi and hello when we meet on the hallways. I was also able to talk to people I meet for the first time during interviews though when I was doing it, I was kind of nervous if I would say the right things and convey our purpose well in coming to their place. But it ended quite well. Also, because of NSTP, I was able to jog-run-jog-walk-run-walk-jog five kilometers during the Fun Run called Kahit Isang Araw Lang Unity Run. I never know that I would be able to do that. It was a wonderful experience for me because I was not the last one to arrive the finish line. It was a big deal to me since I am used to being last when it comes to activities that requires physical fitness. While running/jogging/walking, I was determined to finish the run and not be part of the last groups. I made myself not to look back so that I would not be able to see how well the other runners were behind me. I do not want to see how many people were behind me and be too complacent that I would not do better and harder anymore. I also did not stay with my companions because of the fear of not being able to finish the run immediately for they were chatting most of the time. I think that they were merely doing it in order to pass the course and not for the whole package one would get from the event. But when they saw me on the other side of the road, they were cheering for me. I also think that it made me competitive too. In order to compensate our absences, we were task to clean the Haysod Garden. I was kind of laughing in my head during that time because our batches were doing something for the benefits of our degree program, BS Biology since the Haysod Garden is the project of our Botany10 class. We pull the weeds out. We grab and took the santan plants which are being an eyesore in the area of the garden. We put so much effort in taking them out. The insides of our fingernails were full of dirt. It was really dirty. Some of us also hurt our skin. We had mild scratches from the thorns of the makahiya plant. Though in the end, it was worth it since we saw clearly the difference we made from the look before we clean it and after we clean it. This program also made me realized at some point how I should give back to my countrymen to whom I owe the gift of my education, being a scholar during high school. I was in some way disappointed with myself how little we were really able to help our assigned barangay. I do not really think that our maximum potential to help these people was not reached likewise with the other groups. It made me guilty because it was as if we were merely using them to have a good grade. Though we were able to learn what their major problems are, we were not able to make an action about it. I do not know if our batch was the only one who was not able to do what we ought to: serve our people by knowing the barangays problem and know how to solve it but I do wish that we were able to make an action. I hope that the other groups in the succeeding batches would do better than us. I wish that we were able to conduct the program Red Cross 143.It would have been a good way for us students to offer our service. One thing I gain from my NSTP-CWTS experience is being more discipline. I gained it from the strict instructions of the NSTP Coordinator. It is a good way for students to be a lot better not only

academically but also as a training and preparation for our lives after we graduate. It is better to train now so that in the future, we would not find it hard when it comes to meticulous bosses. It would definitely be useful. Also, I have been the type who comes on/before the time. With the different time and day(s) scheduling and the strictness of the Coordinator, my discipline in time management is tested. Luckily, for me, I was able to catch up and continue what I am currently practicing. As a recommendation, I think that it would be better if during the last meeting before the finals, we would answer a checklist of what we were able to achieve while taking NSTP. It would made us know how effective we were in doing our tasks not just as Iskolars ng Bayan but also as Filipino students who want to serve our country and countrymen. If ask if I would take the program again, I would say that I would rather not. It was hard to cope with the rigorous instructions and was challenging. But even we made so many sacrifices to pass this course; it was for a good cause: helping the needy. I am happy to say that I had gained something out of my National Service Training Program-Civic Welfare Training Service experience. I had experience so many firsts. It would definitely be memorable.

Jorgeatte Eleanor B. Rostata 2011-21136

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