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29-30 August 2013, Johannesburg, South Africa


The current climate change and rising temperatures is posing a threat to the environment as well as businesses around the world. Companies are looking for alternatives to increase their Energy Efficiency to avoid wastage of energy in buildings, plants and factories to help preserve the environment and sustain their businesses. In doing so, these companies and building operators experience lucrative returns as investment in Energy Management leads to increased business efficiency which translates into increased profits. The Energy Efficiency workshop presents a vital opportunity for persons involved in Energy Management to learn effective and decisive ways to enhance and improvise the energy usage of buildings, plants and factories. This highly interactive workshop is a must to discover the latest practical and systems approach for assessing energy enduse efficiency of all concerned systems and equipment. This training workshop will offer practitioners the opportunity to learn more on the latest methods for improving efficiency, identifying promising new solutions and evaluating their feasibility while estimating actual savings.

Rising electricity costs and national energy conservation policies by Government have forced all electricity consumers to become more energy efficient. Energy usage can no longer be seen as merely an overhead cost, but rather as an input cost. Managing energy costs and usage is therefore a key factor for businesses to remain sustainable and operate responsibly by protecting the environment. The savings through Energy Efficiency has brought direct profits to these businesses. Apart from helping companies to become cost effective, Energy Efficiency has been proven to be effective in saving the environment and improving human comfort, health and safety. Since, many industries are not energy efficient, there are several opportunities for employees, operators, engineers, etc. to identify and implement more efficient system designs, operational practices and newer equipment. This workshop will provide practical methods of conducting energy audits for effectively identifying energy efficiency opportunities. Delegates will learn systematic yet flexible approaches for auditing existing operations/buildings in order to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. This workshop will also expose delegates to sound economic analysis to assess the cost effectiveness of energy efficiency measures as well as calculations based real examples in day to day operations.

DAY 1 08h30 to 17h00
1. Introduction to Energy Management - Why Energy Management is important? - Fundamentals of Energy - Energy Policies, Rules, incentives, etc - Existing electricity supply - Baseline determination 2. Energy auditing a. Steps involved b. Developing and Energy Distribution Map 3. Energy Accounting a. energy consumption & costs b. Understanding electricity tariffs c. Power factor and load factor


Energy Managers Property Investors Property Managers Facility Managers Consumer Groups Architects and Planners Government Departments (DME, DPE, etc.) Municipalities Environmental Regulators Utility Companies

Applicable Industries:

DAY 2 08h30 to 17h00

4. System Energy Efficiency a. What is system efficiency b. Lean six sigma tools 5. Lighting a. Understanding lighting applications b. Efficiency & energy calculations 6. Motors, Compressors, Pumps a. Types of equipment b. Understanding operation of equipment and how energy is wasted c. Energy saving calculations 7. HVAC a. Introduction into HVAC systems b. Opportunities for savings c. Heat pumps energy saving design and calculation 8. Financial Evaluation

Commercial Industry Mining Property Companies Energy Intensive users

All delegates will receive:

Date Venue course notes software modelling tools Meals & refreshments : 29-30 August 2013 : Johannesburg, South Africa

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29 30 August, 2013 @ Johannesburg, South Africa
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