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European Day of Languages Quiz


If a Frenchman tells you to keep your sang-froid (cold blood), what does he mean? Keep your hat on Stay calm Mind your own business In which European country are there twice as many pigs as people? Germany Denmark Ireland Vino is the Spanish word for wine. What word is used in Spanish to define red wine? Tinto Rojo Roso How do Germans refer to the tube/underground? Metro U-bahn Bahnhof Which country uses the internet code SE? (e.g. www.website.se) Sweden Switzerland Singapore Who is the patron saint of Portugal? St Andrew St George St Patrick

7. a. b. c. 8. a. b. c. 9. a. b. c. 10.

What country calls itself 'Magyar'? Turkey Macedonia Hungary Which company is Italy's largest employer? Fiat Dolce & Gabbana Alitalia The word 'shati' in Arabic means? Beach Town Shipwreck How many people are injured in wildlife-related accidents in Sweden each year? 8 80 800 In which country is Pidgin English an official language? China Papua New Guinea Jamaica How many clogs are produced in Holland each year? 1 million 2 million 3 million

a. b. c. 2.

a. b. c. 3.

a. b. c. 4. a. b. c. 5. a. b. c. 6. a. b. c.

a. b. c. 11. a. b. c. 12. a. b. c.


What percentage of UK companies is losing business because of language barriers? 20% 40% 60% Which of the following languages is not spoken in India? Punjabi Evenki Marathi Not including Russia, what language is the mother tongue of the greatest percentage of Europeans? Spanish German English Who created Esperanto in 1887? Zamenhof Hamenzof Zahmenof How many deaf people in the UK use British Sign Language (BSL) as their first or preferred means of communication? 7,000 70,000 700,000 What does Beth ydy dy enw di? mean in English? How old is Beth? Where is the bathroom? What is your name? Which European language gave us the words cookie, nitwit and sleigh? Norwegian Dutch Czech

20. a. b. c. 21.

How many languages are spoken in London? Just over 100 Just over 200 Just over 300 What does 'Real' mean in the football team name Real Madrid? Great Real Royal Brassica is the Latin name for which spice? Mustard Cinammon Cumin Which countrys calendar includes such days as Tooth-hardening Day, Anti-gravity Day and Full-moon Gruel Festival? China Japan Thailand What percentage of the worlds population live in a country where English is not the mother tongue? 30% 60% 90% To whom did Charles V say he spoke Spanish? His wife His horse God Pinocchio is Italian for? Pine eyes Pine nose Pine ears

a. b. c. 14. a. b. c. 15.

a. b. c. 22. a. b. c. 23.

a. b. c. 16. a. b. c. 17.

a. b. c. 24.

a. b. c. 18. a. b. c. 19.

a. b. c. 25. a. b. c. 26. a. b. c.

a. b. c.

1b; 2b; 3a; 4b; 5a; 6b; 7c; 8a; 9a; 10c; 11b; 12c; 13a; 14b; 15b; 16a; 17b; 18c; 19b; 20c; 21c; 22a; 23b; 24c; 25c; 26a