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Evaporation Rates in Saudi Arabia

I am designing Evaporation Pond of Power plant in Saudi Arabia. For this, I need evaporation rate. Some knows evaporation rates in Saudi Arabia? Or Where can I find this value? 7 days ago

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SamiullahUnfollow Follow Samiullah Samiullah Chaudhry Dear Won Keun, See the link ( http://www.academicjournals.org/sre/pdf/pdf2011/4Jul/Al-Othman.pdf ) it is some study about a central KSA Dam i.e.at Hautat Bani Tamim Dam. Another useful link is : ( http://www.csem-uae.com/pdfs/Water%20Evaporation%20rate%20%20in%20Ras-AlKhaimah,%20UAE.pdf ) This is about the evaporation rates in Ras Al Khaima UAE. It is notable that the evaporation rates in both the links vary from maximum of 16 mm/day to minimum of ~ 5-6 mm/day during the year. Monthly averages are also similar. It may be as both are located at the Arabian peninsula and the meteorological conditions are also more or less similar. For calculating it by yourself, (its a function of Solar radiation at the location, ambient temperature, humidity and wind speed etc) i would refer you to Perry's Chemical Engineers Handbook.

But my gut feel is that the results would not be very different and you will almost be calculating similar results as in above two links. Hope this is helpful for you. 6 days ago Unlike Like

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Won KeunUnfollow Follow Won Keun Won Keun Yoon Thank you for your kind reply. It was very helpful to me. When I have another question, please let me contact with you again. 6 days ago Unlike Like

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omerUnfollow Follow omer omer zidan my friend It depends upon major facts which the location of area in Saudi Arabia.to determine (The average annual rainfall+solar radiation as a main parameters for your calculation) 3 days ago Unlike Like

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