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IS 800-1984

Table For. K2


IS 800-1984
Chimney Given : terrain category , Topography, Height of steel stock = H m, Dia meth of steel stock= d m, Thickness of brick lining = tl mm, Corrosion allowance = c mm Step=I Design of flare ,Height of flare= ,Dia of flare =1.6Xd m Wind load : basic wind speed vb= 39 m/sec (Bhopal) assume height of each section =8 or 10 m Segment:1.1, Height H m, diameter= d m ,K1=1, k3=1 ,K2= from table on page 24 of code ,VZ = k1.k2.k3 kN/m2 ,PZ= 0.6VZ2 kn/m2 ,P1 =0.7 PZ (segment height x dia) kn ,Repeat for last segment ,Stress calculation , M=4 n/mm2 , s= 0.079 h n/m2, L= 0.002( ) n/m2 min thickness t= = mm ,calculate for different section for section 1-1, h=10m, d=-m 2 ,Take c from table on page 28 ,Then at = 0.85x 0.6x250= 127.5 n/mm ,Calculate Mw1= {P1 kNm , m= n/mm2, s= 0.079 x h n/mm2 s= 0.002x n/mm2 t1,cal= m- s < 127.5 n/mm2 ..(1) Calculate t from 1 , C1cal = m+ s + L < 58 .(2) ,Calculate t from (2) ,Add C mm to amount for corrosion ,T req = t(from(2)) + 3 = ---- mm 6 mm ,Provide 6 mm ,Repeat for all section ,Check for seismic forcest ,te = mm wt of steel ws= x d x te x h x 10-3 wt of lining = w2= x d x tl x x10-3 Total wt (wt =(ws+ wl) x 1.05=?? kN area of cross- section base, a= Radius of gyration = 105 g = 9810 An= ,Z=0.1, I=1.5, R =2.0, =0.562 ,k= ,ct =1.8 k ,Time period t=ct sec ,Es= 2x

An = 0.021 shear at base= v= cv x An wt x Dv cv=1.5, dv=1 Breech Opening: May width of opening = x d x 1000=mm, Let us provide a 1600 mm wide opening area of steel removed= A1 = 1600t mm2 ,R/f required for area of steel removed= 1.2 x A1 mm2 ,R/f required for each of Vertical side= ,mm2 Towers 1. Procedure: 25

IS 800-1984
Given:- ht(H); terrain category, top width, wt. Step: selection of tower configuration (a) Let base width b= to (b) Height of vertical portion= (c) Height of middle portion= (d) Height of lower portion= H Inclination of base leys= tan [

(e) Width of tower at various height from base Top dia + ( ) (Base Width top dia) Put y= o,& more height according to the Divided section height from base Addopt k-bracy with different width (f) inclination at each height Q= tant1( ) (g) if lies b/w 400 to 600 then ok 2. computation of gravity loads at base W1= wt of railing = given wt x topdia x 4 kN W2= wt of platform= given wt x (top dia)2 kN W3= live load on platform @ 750N/m=(topdia)2 x 0.75kN W4= wt. of ladder, case etc= given wt x H kN W5= self wt. of truss @ 4.5 kN/m height= 4.5 x H kN W = total wt= w1+w2+w3+w4+w5 w6= wt on each leg = w7=wt. of antenna, born by two legs only= = F= Area x x Cf x Pz kN =Kn w8= total gravity load on a leg = w6+w7 kn FT= Total load = kN 3 computation of wind load Moment of each part vb=given or 47 m/s (for agra) M = force on part x c.g KN-m vz = k1 k2 k3 vb Total moment (M ) k1= given or 1 or 1.07 Force in each leg = FL = KN k3= given or 1 for tower Force on each segment k2 from table 1.7 on page 12 Max. compressive force in each leg = FL+w8


IS 800-1984
vz = ?? m/sec. at each part Max. uplift at the base = FL - w8 k n wind pressure Max. transverse shear = FT kN pz=0.6 (vz)2 x 10-3 kn/m2 at each part Average gross area A=[= ]x height of part C.G from base 1) for upper vertical part=(H - )+ for other parts= remaining height + height of part x [ = Assume solidity ratio ( ) = 0.15 to 0.30 Calculate Cf for each part from table shown below (a) Cf for hemi spherical disn antenna = 1.4 ( table shown below (b) ]




IS 800-1984