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Cuda's Deflasking... UPDATE WK #1 Ok got 3 more flasks today they were surprise flasks from someone in Florida.

I couldnt really figure out the writing good enough on the tops so Im posting pics of those to if anyone can ready um please let me know what each one is by number.. Thanks!! Now everyone has there own way of working while deflasking, this is what I do, I get all my supplies out I need and fill bowls with rain water room temp, I empty and wash 1 flask of babies at a time, first into one bowl, then drain and put into another bowl, then I dump the first bowl and wash it out with soap water and then fill with more rain water and put the babies in there and wash a 3rd time, then onto newspaper to air dry for 10 mins and then one washed set of babies at a time goes into a rain water vita mix to soak for 15 mins, then onto paper again where I am sitting at the table to work, next I take and trim and clean any dead leafs, roots, damaged roots and anything roots I feel the plant dont need at this time, with me I feel alot of roots is a GREAT thing but a lot of roots and hardly any leaf/plant growth is not, we want good roots and GOOD plant/leaf growth to happen, so I trim any overload of roots as you will see in the pics. Next after thats done they get put back into my rain water mix to soak for 5 mins, then its on to potting up, you will also see in the pics the way I place the babies in the pot, some roots touch and over lap, but babies feel and grow better when crammed together in the pot for the first 4 to 6 weeks. You will also see in the pics my finger to size comparison for the pin dot babies. Then in the pots in the neo grow chamber and neo chamber closed with pots in. They then get placed under lights. In one of the flasks the root growth was crazy but there was very very little plant/leaf growth so they got trimmed ALOT and we will see how those few babies do over the next 4 weeks. I have not changed anything I did when I got my very first flask and grew those that I had posted pics of in another thread I started here in the propagation section. We will see how well these do if I get the same results as I did with the first flask well I guess I am doing something right.. ENJOY!!! the flasks

work area


First air drying before rain water vita soak

First presoak mix

trimmed and cleaned befour second presoak

second presoak befour air drying then potting up.

then placement and potting up

to much root and not enough plant/leaf growth for me in my book per say..

now trimmed and clean for a better start and growth

my version of pin dot babies

potted up and bagged, there was another pot with pin dot babies placed in the bag to but that was after this pic was taken.

the rest are now potted up and in the neo grow chamber

and the neo grow chamber.

after the first 10 days I open the air holes more and after that each 4 days I open more as the days go by till all air holes are uncovered, most were covered with clear tape, but theres plenty of open ones for air and also the humidity stays up high while the babies adjust and recoup from there ordeal. Day 1 babies Deflasked!! ENJOY!!! Ok heres WK #1 update outa flask babies.. I was a little worried about them at first when they came in we were at zero temps and the heat packs in the box had expired so they were very cold when I took the flasks out of the box, I figured I would lose some or have a lot of leaf root damage. But im happy to report only 3 to 4 had leaf tip damage and or whole leaf damage, none the less they all are doing great no losses. WOOT.. There getting real good color from being under the lights. Week #1 outa flask. These are my medium to large babies

And the pin dot babies.

There doing very well and growing great will update again in another week or 2..

Now 2 wks outa flask. Just got done watering them. Put my hand down there for size reference, you can tell there getting strong light.

and heres the pin dot babies, growing quickly.

GROW BABIES GROW!!! Just wanted to show you the growth and repotting I did of some baby Catt's 4 wks outa the flask, they got moved out of the neo grow chamber to larger grow chamber. Needed to make room for more flasks coming in. These babies have done very well since I deflasked 4 wks ago, some of the roots have bark and pea gravel stuck to them I dont dare try to peel it off, as you can see in a few pics the tons of new larger fat root growth compared to the thin small flask agar root growth on the very bottom, some random pics of my classification, larger babies, medium babies in hand and then pin dot babies on paper towel the ones some folks dont dare trying to grow out they were sooooooooo tiny in the flask, now putting on good size and new roots. Not all the flask babies are in these pics as my cam batteries took a dump on me.. But ya get the idea on how well there all doing. Also a pic of the potting mix I make up and use and then pics of some in one of the larger grow chambers where they will stay for the next 6 wks before moving to open grow rack.. I had 130 babies right from flask and culled 8 pin dot babies and then few others that I just didnt like the way there leafs/whole plant was growing, so now im at 111 babies. I have had NO LOSES since deflasking, I just have a habit of culling what I think will not grow right. Now comes the real test if they continue to grow like this and do well with no loses from this repotting and moving for the next 6wks, well I guess I did something right.. LOL!! Couldnt get all the pics in will reply with more pics.. Thanks everyone.. The potting mix I make up and use I dont measure out or anything as I always seem to know how much of this and that to add to get the total mix.. I use standard orchid bark mix with the charcoal, pumice, different types bark chunks, I toss it into a old blender I use just for this purpose and run it just for a sec to make everything a little smaller, then I add some topsoil, perlite, peat, handful of pea gravel and some Zoo Med Repti Bark which is a nice clean fur bark, mix all this

together and moisten lightly and pop it into the nuke for 8 mins on high, it kills all bugs and bacteria, then pour into a larger BIG plastic bowl and keep doing the same thing till I have the bowl filled, which I make a lot up before hand of the nuking, and then let cool down before using. What I dont use right away I zip lock baggie the rest, when I need it later I pull it out and renuke/cool down again before filling pots.. It keeps moisture long enough to nourish the roots, but also is light airy and drains fast plus dries quickly. Apparently they love this mix from just looking at the size and health of the roots and the plant there getting some nutrients from the mix. Im not a big on of fertilizing I would rather find a way for the plant to get more nutrients and what it needs from the potting mix its in... I have 3 flasks coming in tomorrow and those babies are going right into the same mix I start these babies out in right out of the flask.. I will post pics of those and also their growth process.. Update.. 6 wks outa flask, I just got done watering them.. Since there in a grow chamber they only get watered once a wk. first pic my hand is by them for size ref..

And these pin dot babies arent pin dots no more, they are quickly catching up in size..