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Christopher White

19 Litton Way - Whinmoor - Leeds - 07590267260 - ChrisUK263@googlemail.com

Utilizing my skills & experience to acquire a position as a camera operator in a successful production company

Education & Qualifications

2010 - 2013 Leeds Metropolitan University BSc (Hons) Broadcast Media Technologies First Class Honors - Relevant modules included: Studio Management, Project Implementation & Motion Graphics - Primarily working with Canon DSLRs - Paid professional client work between semesters Boston Spa Comprehensive A-Levels: Media Studies (B), ICT (C) 7 GCSEs including Maths, English, ICT & Media

2006 - 2008

Work History
2013 (March) Live At Leeds - Camera Operator - Universities first live broadcast outside campus - Part of a 5 person team covering a panel talk Buckley Jewellery - Producer/Director/Camera/ Editor - Clients first venture into delivering video content - Responsible for booking venue and video planning - Delivered twelve 30 second films within 48 hours. William G Search - Photographer/Videographer - Clients first venture into delivering video content - Images used to relaunch the company website - Left to work independently at events around the UK - All content praised by company board members Leeds Festival - Sole Camera Operator - Leeds Met University volunteer program - Working alongside other students to produce 3 films - All content was shot exclusively by myself

2013 (February)

2012 (March-Sept)

2011 (Aug)

Skills & Achievements

Software Skills Final Cut Pro 7 Adobe After Effects Adobe Photoshop Microsoft Office Suite Microsoft Project Effective Communication: Able to effectively communicate with a wide range of clients by showing interest and carefully listening to needs and appropriately refining projects, as demonstrated by my time working for both Buckley Jewelley and William G Search. Confident in demonstrating and presenting ideas confirmed by delivering several successful pitches to University lecturers. Teamwork Demonstrated teamwork skills in several University modules, listening to other members ideas, delegating roles and supporting my peers, resulting in a professional standard finished product. Administration & Organization Excellent ability to manage time and plan ahead effectively, for example, managing entire 12 week documentary project during year 3 at University. Gathering research using academic journals during my Project Research module, whilst also balancing my other modules, resulting in an average grade in all of 70%+ Initiative Produced 2 broadcast quality documentaries, created entirely by myself during a 12 week process resulting in a score of 90%, demonstrate my ability to plan ahead and take control of my module. Working with several clients over my three years of study, all in different industries i.e. Jewellery, industrial hire, live event & weddings show that I can creatively develop my skills and adapt to new environments

Reference available on request