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1. Designing RPD is determined after surveying primary cast. Tooth alteration follows designing process. Ans: both sentences are true 2. regarding interims RPD constructed for distal extension cases, all of the following are true except: a)secondary impression might be needed b)record block might be needed for interocclusal registration c)border moulding can be performed for distal extension area d)patients satisfaction is more than RPD constructed for bounded edentulous area 3. Material of choice for primary impression for partial edentulous patient is Ans: irreversible hydrocolloid 4. In metal framework RPD,internal finish line is created during Ans: relief of edentulous area on master cast 5. Main different in interim and metal RPD is in a)support b)bracing c)retention d)stability 6. During try-in of metal RPD ,the following is(are) check 7. A)occlusion b) retention c)thickness of metal d)two are correct D)all choice are correct 8. All can be done in second dental visit for metal RPD except: a)tooth modification b)impression c)interocclusal registration d)border molding Ans: none of the choice 9. Using face bow is mandatory for metal RPD .Try-in with teeth in wax is mandatory for interim RPD. Ans: both statements are false 10. In RPD construction, teeth shade is selected chair side. Shape and size can be left for laboratory in most cases. Ans: both statements are true 11. The following can be used for duplication of master cast in metal framework RPD a)reversible hydrocolloid b)irreversible hydrocolloid c)silicone ruber d)phosphate-bonded Ans:2 of the choices

12. If metal framework fit on the master cast but not in patient mouth, this might be caused by all of the following EXCEPT a)inaccurate secondary impression b)inaccurate refractory cast c)improper pour of secondary impression d)patient left for long period of time after secondary impression e)technician abraded the teeth in master cast to enable fitting of metal framework 13. Satisfaction for patient who wear RPD can be confirmed at insertion visit. Review visit is an optional and single visit is enough, if needed. Ans: both statements are false 14. Dental cast on framework wax-up is performed in Ans: refractory cast made of investment 15. Duplication of master cast, waxing framework onto duplicated cast, spruing the framework, investing the duplicate cast, and wax burnout, all are steps in order that precede casting process (statement is true) 16. Unlike its role in complete denture construction, facebow have no clinical value in constructing metal RPD .Semiadjustable articulator is not recommended for constructing metal RPD Ans: both statements are false 17. Metal RPD eliminate the need for teeth-in wax try-in.Long period between secondary impression and try-in metal can be the cause of poor framework fitting. Ans: statement 1 is false ,statement 2 is true 18. The first clinical step in jaw relationship registration in complete denture is Ans: establishing upper labial support 19. To measure interocclusal distance for edentulous patient, the following can be use a)facebow b)wills gauge c) foxs plane gauge d) a n b e)a n c 20. Upon setting alginate impression material, Ans: sol convert to gel irreversibly 21. Alginate impression can be used for a) partially dentate patient b)edentulous patient c)edentulous patient d)all of the choices 22. Stock tray that are recommended for alginate impression a)perforated plastic tray

b)perforated metal tray c)unperforated plastic tray d)unperforated metal tray e)two of the choice f)all of the choices 23. Pouring alginate impression should ideally be Ans: immediately after taking 24. Accurate alginate can be achieved with meticulous moisture control Ans: FALSE 25. When taking mandibular impresson,right-handed operator in relation to patient should standing at Ans:7-8 oclock 26. To increase alginate impression setting time, a)using cold water for mixing b)decrese powder:liquid ratio c)use rubber bowl with remnants of already set alginate Ans:two of the choices 27. Alginate impression with significant moisture and voids should always be repeated and cannot be corrected (TRUE) 28. Alginate impression is mainly used for making .......(mucostatic impression) 29. Facebows have no clinical value in metal framework RPD. Semi-adjustable articulators is used in metal framework RPD. ans: both false. 30. Accurate alginate impression can only be achieved with meticulous moisture control. ans: false. 31. Alginate impression material is considered..? ans: hydrophilic 32. Alginate impression material need to be supported by tray flanges: ans: true.