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VSAF Football Championship 2014

Mini-soccer Rules

The rules used in this tournament are slightly modified from the standard mini-soccer rules. One can
reference to the original rules at http://goo.gl/eH0ZWu.

Rule 1: Playing Field
1.1- The championship uses indoor artificial grass fields as accommodated by A-Link Arena football
hall (http://www.jalkapalloarena.fi/).

Rule 2: The Ball
2.1- The balls used in the tournament are prepared by the organizing committee.
2.2- Participating teams can bring their own balls.
2.3- The referee makes decision on which balls should be used in a match.
2.4- Each team can request to change the ball once in a match.

Rule 3: Number of Players
3.1- The game is played with 7 persons on each team, including the goalkeeper.
3.2- The max size of the team is 18 persons.
3.3- The minimum number of players for a match to start is 5 persons. The game can be started with
fewer than 7 players on each side (but not fewer than 5).
3.4- If one team does not have enough players as required to start the match, it will automatically lose
the current game with the score 0-3.
3.5- If both teams do not have enough players as required to start their match, both will be considered
to lose 0-3

Rule 4: Playing Equipment
4.1- Players must wear shin guards and goalkeepers must wear a distinguishing playing strip.
4.2- Shin guards must be covered entirely by the stockings.

Rule 5: Referee
5.1- The referees enforce the rules in the game as written in this document
5.2- The referees can stop, suspend or terminate the game on infringements of the rules, because of
external interference or to remove/take care of an injured player.
5.3- The referee can take actions against non-players and reserve players who fail to conduct
themselves in a responsible manner.
5.4- Ensures that no unauthorized persons enter the field of play
5.5- Restarts the match after it has been stopped

Rule 6: Assistant Referee
6.1- Record goals scores and carry out other duties as agreed with the main referee

Rule 7: Duration of the Game
7.1- Group stage: two 10min halves and 5min break
7.2- Semi-finals and Final: two 15min halves and 5min break

Rule 8: Start and Restart of Play
8.1- A kick-off is taken at the center of the playing area to start the game and after a goal has been
scored, opponents must be 4.5m (5 yards) away from the ball, and in their own half of the field. The
ball must be played forward.
8.2- In Mini Soccer a goal cannot be scored directly from a start or restart of play

8.3- Special Circumstances: a dropped ball to restart the match after play has been temporarily
stopped inside the penalty area takes place on the penalty area line parallel to the goal line at that
point nearest to where the ball was located when the play stopped.

Rule 9: Ball In and Out of Play
9.1- The ball is out of play when:
- It has wholly crossed the goal line or touch line whether on the ground or in the air
- Play has been stopped by the referee
9.2- The ball is in play at all other times, including when:
- It rebounds from a goal or post, crossbar or corner flag post and remains in the field of play
- It rebounds from either the referee or an assistant referee when they are on the field of play

Rule 10: Method of Scoring
10.1- Goal Scored: a goal is scored when the whole of the ball passes over the goal line, between the
goalposts and under the crossbar, provided that no infringement of the Laws of the Game has been
committed previously by the team scoring the goal.
10.2- Winning Team: the team scoring the greater number of goals during a match is the winner. If
both teams score an equal number of goals, or if no goals are scored, the match is drawn.
10.3- Competition Rules:
- Order of ranking in group stage: direct match result, goals difference, winning goals
- If a semi-finals or final game is a draw, two teams will take the penalty shootout. Rules on the
shootout will be announced and agreed before the shootout starts.

Rule 11: Offside
11.1- There is no offside

On behalf of the Organizing Team
VSAF Football Championship 2014