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NO. : TO, M/s Dt :

Sub.: Design, Supply, Installation, testing, commissioning and handing over of Plumbing and Fire Fighting work at Aster Court Project, Sector-85, IMT Manesar, Gurgaon. Ref.: Your offer no. : Dear Sir, With reference to the above, we are pleased to issue this work order to you for the above mentioned work as per the following terms and conditions : 1. Scope of Work : As per enclosed priced schedule of quantity, Technical specification etc. The work will be carried out in accordance with the drawings, specification, modification, description of items as per activity sheet to match the time schedule for completion of the entire project. It will the obligatory on the part of the contractor to fully inform himself of all local conditions and factors which may have any effect the execution of the work. The sub-contractor may visit the site and acquaint himself with the site condition and the scope of work for the Plumbing and Fire Protection System. Measurement of Pipes and other equipment shall be consider complete installation like welding/threading work of each floor. Incomplete work of each floor will not acceptable/consider for measurement. Minor civil works like cutting of floors/wall for pipes and making it good are in your work of scope. If any work is not acceptable by the client, the sub-contractor shall re-install/re-fix upto the satisfaction of the client and nothing will be paid extra on this regard. Tests to clients/consultant/HFS will be carried out as and when desired and nothing extra will be payable on the account.

: 2 : The sub-contractor will not undertake similar type of work from other agency or our clients without written consent particularly at of this site during the currency of this contract. You are requested to collect the Price Schedule (Annexure-I) and detailed drawings and submit the work schedule within three days. 2. Final Price : Your final price will stand at Rs. 55276391/- (Rupees Five Crores Fifty Two Lacs Seventy six Thousand Three Hundred & Ninety one only). You shall complete the work on firm price basis throughout the contract period irrespective of revision of rates for minimum wages, any statutory taxes, duties, levies etc. and your rates shall be inclusive of all statutory taxes, duties, levies, WCT, Service Tax, Labour Cess etc. Escalation: Escalation shall be payable for this work during contract period not for extended completion period as below terms & conditions i) 4. After 6 (Six) months completion of Work Order 5% of balance bill value.


Extra Work : Any extra work for which rates are not approved should only be taken up on written approval of Project Manager. Rate analysis for extra work will be provided by the sub-contractor. Period of Contract : The total period of this contract is 10 (Ten) months from the date of intimation for commencement of the total work (Tower No. 3A,3B,3D,3E,3F,3G, internal basement and external work at Astra Court and Astra Court Premier Project. Time is the essence of this contract, In case there is a delay in completion of the work within the agreed time schedule due to the default of the sub-contractor penalty @0.5% of the incomplete contract value per week of delay subject to a maximum of 10% of contract value shall be charged from the sub-contractor. MAEL/OIPL has a right to terminate the contract with a written notice. MAEPL/OIPL reserves the right to reduce or increase the scope of works based on performance of contract. Contd..3..



: 3 : Labour Laws : You shall have to abide by all statutory provisions and labour rules as applicable in Delhi/Haryana, P.F. Rules, Payment of wage Act, Employees state Insurance Act, Workmen Compensation Act, Insurance Act etc. in force. In addition you shall have valid labour license, if applicable, during the contract period. Compliance of all the provisions to the satisfaction of concerned statutory authorities shall be your responsibility. The sub-contractor shall indemnify and keep indemnified the company against any claim arising form failure of the contractor to comply such labour laws. After disbursement of salary/wages, the sub-contractor shall submit certified copy of the wage sheet and PF/ESI challans latest by 15 th of every calendar month to the Project Manager for determination of statutory obligations.


Man Power and Equipments : The contractor shall have to keep a team of manpower having adequate qualifications and experience, depending upon site requirement. Man Power : i. Project Manager ii Site Engineer iii. Site Supervisor iv. Foreman v. Welders vi. Pipe Fitters vii. Plumbers viii. Tackers ix. Riggers x. Khalasis xi. Helpers xi. Electrician Equipments : i. Welding Sets (Transformer/Rectifiers) ii. Cutting sets and cylinder sets i. Fitting Tools/Tackles kits ii. Welders Tools/Kits iii. Scaffolding/Ladders iv. Miscellaneous Tools v. Threading/Leth M/Cs vi. Wire Cables vii. Plumber Tools/Kit viii. Hydraulic M/Cs ix. Grinders AG7 x. Baby Grinders xi. Hammer Drill M/Cs 1 2 4 2 8 10 10 6 4 2 12 1 8 Nos. 2 Nos. 10 Nos. 2 Nos. 4 Sets 10 Kits 2 No. LS 10 Nos. 5 Nos. 2 Nos. 4 Nos. 10 Nos.

: 4 : 8. Defect Liability Period : Defect liability period shall start after the date of issuance of virtual completion certificate by the competent authority of MAEPL/OIPL and shall be valid till 12 (Twelve) months. Sub-Contractor shall be responsible to carry out the Maintenance (including replacement/rectification of all defective parts, spares, consumables, Labour, Overhead etc) of the system during the Defect Liability Period without any extra cost to the entire satisfaction of the client. Sub-contractor shall receive calls for any and all problems experienced in the work under this contract, attend to these within 2 (Two) hours of receiving the complaints and shall take steps to immediately correct any deficiencies that may exist. Taxes & Duties : Rates are inclusive of all taxes & duties like WCT, IT, Services Tax and Labour Cess etc. as applicable at present at prevailing rate. Security Deposit : Retention Money @ 5% will be deducted from the sub-contractors running bills and shall be released 2.5 % after clearance of Final bill and 2.5% shall be released expiry of the defect liability period i.e. one year from the date of issuing of completion certificate by the client. Sub-contractor shall be submit undated Cheque for the amount of 5% of contract value to the supported Performance Guarantee. In case your performance is not upto the satisfaction of MAEPL, MAEPL has a right to incash the same and complete the work on your risk & cost 11. Payment Terms : Payment of sub-contractor should be paid on back to back basis only, submission of running bills of the sub-contractor subject to maintaining the work schedule and verification by the company's site incharge will be made after deduction of Taxes and Security Deposit. a. 65% against supply of materials in good condition alongwith TC at site b. 10% after installation of pipes and other materials and equipments as per drawing/direction with proper support, fittings, saddles, bases etc. c. 10% after testing/hydraulic pressure testing. d. 05% after successfully commissioning. e. 10% after approval by local authority/HFS and handing over the site to the complete satisfaction of the client. contd..5..



: 5 : 12. Termination of Contract : If the contractor's work is found unsatisfactory or he commits defaults in complying with any of the terms and condition of contract, the company reserves the right to terminate the contract at any stage with 7 (seven) days notice and can got the work done by another agency at the risk and cost of the contractor. Water, Electricity and Scaffolding : Water, electricity and scaffolding shall be in your scope, however for commissioning work, electricity shall be provided by client. Final Bill Payment: Final bill shall be paid within 90 days after submission of all necessary documents and their due verification at site and submission of As Built drawings. Safety and Security Arrangement: All adequate safety and security arrangements shall be done by the contractor at his own cost as per clients requirement for the safety of yours staff working at site and security of materials supplied by Sub-contract/Contract and Client. Liquidated Damages : The Sub-contractor shall study & monitor the mutually agreed construction schedule submitted by them and adhere the milestones. If the milestones are not achieved by the sub-contractor, sub-contractor shall pay the Client 1% (One Percent) of the total contract price per week of delay, limited to 10% (Ten Percent) of the total contract price (inclusive of amount, increases or decreases, in respect of change orders), by way of liquidated damages for each week that the milestones work. However, release of interim Liquidated Damages can be considered in case the very next Milestone is achieved on time. Time is the essence of this contract, if the subcontractor does not perform on given schedule; MAEPL has a right to terminate the contract with a written notice. Extension of time for any milestone if allowed has to be obtained by sub-contractor in writing from the MAEPL well in advance of completion dates. Field Test : As specified in technical specification/BOQ/Special conditions, all Field tests shall be conducted by sub-contractor at his cost. No Objection Certificate (NOC) : Clearance from Local Statuary Department/HFS for Pluming and Fire Fighting work shall be in your scope of work, nothing shall be paid extra. Contd..6







: 6:


Approved Makes of material: You will take prior approval in writing before procurement of any materials. The preference must be given to the first make in the approved makes mentioned in the attached List of Approved makes. Any changes in make will have to be approved before procurement. All the materials brought to the site for incorporation in works must be got approved by MAEPL/OIPL/Consultant in writing before dispatch. Pre-dispatch inspection at factory/manufacturers location must be arranged by you at no extra coat. Manufacturer shall provide necessary facilities for conducting all tests at factory as per relevant Indian Standard/specified in technical specification. Cost of performance witness test at factory and cost of conveyance, ticket, boarding and lodging etc. for three personal from MAEPL/OIPL/Consultant shall be borne by you.


Site Organisation : You shall deploy full time one Project Manager having minimum 10 years experience of relevant field. For set of every 4 towers, minimum 1 Engineers having minimum 5 years experience for such work shall be deployed. Other staff and labour as per para no.7. CV of all staffs shall be submitted to MAEPL/OIPLs Project Manager for approval. Penalty of minimum of Rs. 50000/- Per month shall be imposed for unsatisfactorily staff deployment.


All other Terms and condition : As per BOQ, GOC & SOC.

The company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred and injuries whether minor or fetal sustained by the sub-contractor/his agent and other persons engaged by him to carry out the contract. You are requested to return the duplicate copy of this work order duly signed and stamped by you as a token of your unconditional and total acceptance and confirmation of the same. Thanking you, Yours faithfully for

[ ] Managing Director for M/s

Accepted by

[ ] Managing Director

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