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Title: management of information and technology Submitted by Saju kumar saha LSC student id: 0022ototo212 BA (Hons)

Prepared for London school of commerce Present to: Irfanuzzman khan Submitted on: 18/12/2012 Sub: Management of information and technology

I would like to express my thankful to major (reta) Abdul mannan, Executive director of Banglalion communications LTD. Without his help the topics of this assignment would not have been possible.

Contract to: Banglalion communications LTD. House: 25.Road no: 8 Block: F, Banani, Dhaka 1206 Bangladesh. Contract number: 01921057111/028546425

Executive summary: Banglalion Wireless internet have influence all aspects of

the official workplace. The assignment investigates the revaluation effect of spread out information and information technology in a business field. This paper will show the external and internal force that goes to Banglalion communications LTD. That is standing on Michael Porters value chain model, as well as this paper will analyzes the value chain of banglalion communication LTD. This study will also explain how the internet will effect on the organization. Finally get some recommendation that would help the chosen organization to improve of their strategies and gain by using five porters/ value chain.

Table of contents

introduction background of the case company analysis porters five force threats of new entrants threats of substitute products 4.3 Bargaining power of consumers 4.4 Bargaining power of suppliers
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5.0 competitive rivalry industry 5,1 inbound logistics 5.2 operation 5.3 outbound logistics 5.4 marketing and sales 6.0 customers service 6.1 company infrastructure



6.2 human resource management 6.3 technology development 6.4 procurement 7.0 competitive advantages 8.o critical assessment 9.0conclusion 10.0 recommendation 11.0 list of reference

1.0 Introduction:
Information and technology has changed the way business is administrated all over the Bangladesh. Technologies have greater influence on supply chain process where people can contract with each and other very quickly. The changes in indoor and outdoor situation of business have impact on value chain model of any business. Surviving and improving in the candidate becomes a challenge for the business. Banglalion must rebuild their value chain to adopt the new technologies. It could help the firm to develop and improve their internal advantages. Management of information and technology is the root of the success of companies in a superbly comparative market. Now the existing systems of Banglalion wireless internet connection are explored to develop the quality and competitiveness of their operation.

2.0 Background of the case:

According to the Banglalion website, Banglalion communications Ltd (Banglalion) is a public limited company which is established in 2009.banglalion able to increase access information all over the world. It is the first internet company to build a wireless connection in Bangladesh. Only Banglalion providing data and telecommunications service when they came to the market. Banglalion communications LTD is one of the largest 4G wireless broadband operators in Bangladesh which is using WIMAX technology and at present there are try to sustain nationwide license from BTRC to spread out of their broadband wireless connection all over side in Bangladesh. Existing system would not possible to provide strong internet connection. Now they are committed to build a wireless connection of Bangladesh around wireless telecom solution and able to build new contact on our business

3.0 Company analysis:

Banglalion is the mentor in the field of internet technology with 4g wireless connectivity in Bangladesh. Banglalinon covers 7 division areas of the country but only 30 major districts out of the 64, no hesitation to add .the supreme internet provider of the country only shows its movement in the urban areas has not reached rural areas yet. Banglalion , the sailor of home broadband in Bangladesh is servicing over 200k customers since May 2012 and it has announced by the operator .this key internet provider of the country start their business in 2009 and after that they did not look at the back. Banglalion , the loin in the internet market has established 550 base station over 30 districts, their plan to increase number of base station up to 1200 by end of 2013 and 5000 by the calendar year 2015.

Banglalion , my own internet provider at home, is spreading its business through IP telephony ,IP PBX, IP aurveillance, e-health and e-entrainment over the next few years. The main stream business process is their marketing strategy, it is very visible if we open our eyes over corners of every private university in Dhaka that there are waiting Banglalion band to attract the customers for their band, service, along with customer subscribe com. Never the less there are offering every customer a free t-shirt sealed up with Banglalion band which market value worthy and this business policy is really appricatiable indeed. As a really subscriber of Banglalion I argue that there are still far behind from the standard speed regular communication and customer service agent. I have to mention that there are maximum speeds 100 to 200 kbs per second during the pick time and 500 to 600 kbs during the off pick time specially after mid night while most of the subscribers is in bed rather than stay online.

4.0 Porters five forces:

The five porters forces was invented by Michael E porter in 1979 which is the ideal theory for all business owner since last few ears in inside of the business and field marketing as well. In here I would like to explain his five unlimited modern and unique theories. 4.1 Threats of new entrants: to establish a business is a comparable way. It should be in business planners mind. That the new companies and the upcoming organization in the market in always an obstratical to continue s business without worries. So the administration should check the new competitors, band quality, price list, distribution capability and industrial profit. If the new company came into the market Banglalion will loss of their consumers. In this case the consumers bargaining power will be less. 4.2 Threats of substitute products: business management authority should be accesses substitute productive and service. They found plan about buyers demand, buyers costing, productive quality, and productive standardization.

4.3 Bargaining power of customers: it is one of the most important think in marketing what ends up with the output of a certain product. It is always paramount that the business planer should think about customers concentration, dependency, leverage, switching cost relative, information ability, and availability of existing substitute products.

4.4 Bargaining power of suppliers: every output depends on the

nature of input and the quality of the input products. Nevertheless to establish a ideal business we should consider costing of switching, costing differentiation, condition of substation input, distribution channel, concentration.

4.5 Competitive rivalry within an industry: the successful business companies always determine about competitive advantage, standard of adverting expense, competitive of online and offline companies.

5.0 Value chain analysis

Figure: value chain diagram, Laudon& Laudon (2007) p.93

Michael porter developed the value chain model of industrial business management. The internal and external activities of his chain model provide the value of that exceeds the cost of the activities. The primary activities of value chain include:

5.1 Inbound logistics:

Banglalion itall uses the broadband connection BTCL since the beginning of their establishment. Up to date Banglalion they do not have own base source of internet. Either they do not have internet satellite tower. But now they are tried to establish of their own satellite tower which is cover all the sector of Bangladesh. 5.2 Operation: Banglalion, the premier internet provider of Bangladesh operates their internet connectivity throw wireless process so called WIMAX. To active Banglalion internet connection, the subscribers need an USB modem installed Banglalion Software in it and a laptop or desktop computer with USB port to connect the internet. There is an obstacle to observe easily that there is no any other connectivity system of Banglalion to connect with Ipad or notebook with wired connection rather than the USP port.

5.3 Outbound logistics:

This activity refers to involve distributing the internet connection to direct the final consumers. Banglalion has adequate customer relationship where they can receive the orders directly or based on their web site. Sometimes they can use telecommunication or directly sell to their internet connection of the consumers hand. Banglalion has some internal employee they are always communicated with the consumers and distribution directly of their product.

5.4 Marketing and sales:

These activities are done to introduce the potential consumers about the product and its benefits. Banglalion has established of their own theory for using their marketing activates which is made their transaction faster. Sometimes Banglalion are sponsored to the big events and they are attached of their picture front of the building which is behind the road. Banglalion gives to the consumers free T-shirt for their marketing. They spent huge amount of money of their marketing which is shown on the TV channel. Banglalion has so many branches to sell of their product. Now they are using car to sell of their product on the road and customers can buy from the Banglalion internet website.

6.0 Customer service:

Banglalion are providing highly customer service in Bangladesh over the phone call and email. They have established customer call center which is supporting to the customer 24 hours in 7 days. Sometimes if anyone wants to contract with email in this case Banglalion has one special team to solve their problem that was send the email. Moreover they have a lot of customer service point where people can tell to the customer manger physically .promotionally, when one customer take the new internet connection after if they are facing any problem in this time specially team will come to their house to solve the problem. They have online pay system as a result customer can pay their bill by online by this time they can save their time

The supporting activities:

6.1 Company infrastructure:

The infrastructure of the company includes chairman, general management, legal finance/accounting, public affairs, system

engineers, quality management, organizational structure, controls system, company culture, etc. For firm test the software STATISTICA is used by Banglalion communication Ltd (2010)

6.2 Human resource management:

Human resource management works like recruiting the employee, training, rewards, compensation, hiring, developing and evaluation. To keep their image in the market Banglalion recruits are best employee and sustain motivating them for their good work. Banglalion gives of their employees early awards that are the best provide service for their customer. However, Banglalion do not have any information management department to manage. Banglalion communication LTD. (2009)

6.3 Technology development: It carries all sorts of technologies used by the Banglalion to make value chain activities. They use largest WIMAX technology for their research and development which is helps their design and process of operations more automated and efficient to improve marketing activities. Now Banglalion try to set up one the latest technology which is never use any internet company in Bangladesh that is 5g.

6.4 Procurement:
Procurement always act of the buying good and service with raw materials for the company .it includes preparation and processing of a demand as well as the end of the receiving and agreement of payment . The process of procurement is the part of a company strategy because the ability to purchase certain materials will determine if operations will continue. A business cannot sustain if the

procurement price is high is more than profit because it makes product and selling by own way.

7.0 Competitive advantage:

A company can achieve advantages when their profits are across overall industry profit. Banglalion provides a same internet connection at much cheaper price than its competitors then they can make superior value for its customers. If we can see in the market, only Banglalion gives free internet connection besides the another company takes 3000 taka (BD).Moreover Banglalion takes 14gb internet only 1000 taka(BD) comparatively ollo takes the same internet connection 2000 taka. By this time Banglalion are getting more customers and make more profits. Competitive advantages cannot be understood by looking at firm as a whole. It stems from the many discrete activities a firm performing in designing .producing, marketing, delivering and supporting its products. Each of these activities can contribute to a firms relative cost position and create a basis o for differentiation (porter 1985:33) Pearson (1999) states that a competitive strategy is focused on the top- level strategic objectives of a company with purposes gain competitive advantages .hence, if a company wishes to achieve a competitive strategy must encompass every aspect of the business so that every manager and employee knows the objectives of the strategy is and as a result every decision and action is consistent with it and serves to put in practice (Pearson, 1999).

8.0 Critical assessment:

According to a recent report which is published by the daily newspaper in Bangladesh the daily star, Bangladesh has a bright future for internet software in international market to provide in new connection. Banglalion cannot cover the entire district in Bangladesh. First, they had to create new networks to cover all over Bangladesh and they had to establish their own towers as well which helped them eventually to cover various sites. Banglalion do not have any own internet materials they just borrow from BTRCL. In this case, Banglalion has to create their internet materials which will be more speed better than BTRCL. Nowadays, their internet connection is very down because of their low materials. In the point of view, Banglalion has to input some special materials for their machine. Banglalion still do not establish any satalight tower around the Bangladesh. If they establish every 1 kg metro one tower their internet will more speed more than other companies internet connection. Banglaion should take everything under one umbrella then they can use properly porters five forces. For example, Banglalion could not establish that much customers service point thats why customers do not contact with their help line when they need to talk with them. As a result, Banglalion are losing of their permanent customers by this time treats of substitute products of Banglalion are getting high.

9.0 Conclusion:

Banglalion has a good reputation in the internet market of Bangladesh. There are wireless connection help to improve of the communicating with each and other specially business people. However, Banglalion has to develop of their network where people can get off there are easily. Information technology can be important role for Banglalion to modernize their network system which will lead to developments in their internet connection. Banglalion has to follow the porters five forces and value chain analysis in the modern market as a result they can improve of their wireless connection. Banglalion can running to improve in their information technology infrastructure which will able to make technological upgrades and policy changes to improve its information base for research.

10.0 Recommendation:
Since the communication with the customer is poor, and service centers are not that much CRM (customer relationship management) may be used, it can used to collect customer data for research and analysis such as surveys can be taken in order to know how customers are feeling about the service or about the products. Then Banglalion can act accordingly and make changes to improve their quality. HRMS (human resource management system ) can be an efficient too this information system has also helped businesses to make better decisions such as evaluating the employee performance by keeping track of time and attendance , performance record , etc .SCM (supply chain management) can be used in order to help in gathering the raw materials and give a better connection between suppliers , distributors and manufacturers etc. finally if Banglalion bring the latest technology such as 4g internet connection this would certainly give them competitive advantage over other rivals such qubee , and also this would bring in lots of customers and also help them retain their customers back .

11.0 List of references:

1) Frenzel , W, Carroll, (1999),management of information technology, 3rd edition, prentice hall 2) Porter .M. Millar (1986).Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance, N.Y Free Press 3) http://www.btrc.gov.bd/licensing/operators/bwa/bwa_service_provider.php