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ALLCITY Corporate Housing, 187 Van Winkle Ave, Jersey City NJ 07306 Client Name Contact Guest Name Email Phone Address
Tracy Roach

Property Location Unit

2400 M 2400 M Street,NW Washington. DC 20037 DC-2400M-526

Tracy Roach troachdcrootedbyliteracy@gmail.co 202-460-8417


* Taxes / Charges as Applicable

Check IN Check OUT Type

8/17/2013 2/12/2014 1BR

Rate* / Day Total Days

$144.00 180

- Basic Cable / High Speed Internet * - House Keeping Services * - Electric / Gas $0.00 included per 30 Days

Note: After 12 noon will result in additional charges. Security Deposit $500.00 Refundable within 14 days of Departure Departure Cleaning Fee $0.00

Credit Card Fees : A 3% Credit card transaction Fee will be charged for Credit Card Payments. Notice to Extend: Minimum 0 Days

Mandatory Credit Card Authorization

I _____________________________, hereby authorize Allcity Corporate Housing LLC to charge Master Visa Amex credit card Number _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Expiration Date _ _/ _ _ _ _
Required Information: Name as appear on card ___________________________ Social Security # / Tax ID _ _ _- _ _ -_ _ _ _ Date of birth __/__/____

Issuing bank ______________________ Bank Phone ______________________ Billing Address (must included zip-code) _____________________________________________ CVV code on front or back of card _ _ _ _

International residents are required to provide a photocopy of their passport Please check the applicable boxes [ ] All monthly invoices (rent, incidentals, security deposit) to be automatically charged to this credit card on the due date of the invoice [ ] Rent / Security Deposit [ ] Incidental invoices only
I hereby authorize ACCH to automatically charge my credit card for all unpaid invoices on my account that are 5 days or greater past due.

* 18% late fee will be charged on all rent invoices for payments received 5 days after the due date. After payment has been processed, any changes in payment method requested by guest will be subject to a 3% administrative fee. * I agree to allow Allcity Corporate Housing LLC to verify my back ground / credit history. Applicant has read and agrees to all of the above provisions.

Client Signature X______________

Date __________________

Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Terms and Conditions

ALLCITY Corporate Housing LLC requires a written/email notice prior to vacating your apartment. Reminder: Check IN Time - 4 PM | Check OUT time is 12pm (Noon) The length of stay (original arrival date through original departure date) shall be the minimum lease term (Minimum Term). Any extension past the Minimum Term will be subject to availability with possible rent increases as per terms and conditions. If Client fails to provide such written notice, Client shall be responsible for all outstanding amounts due, once the required written notice is provided, amounts due will continue to accrue through the notice period. 1.Client agrees that he/she (and any occupant or invitee) will abide by these Terms and Conditions and all rules and regulations of the Property. Allcity and/or the building management reserve the right to remove any Client due to misconduct or violation of these Terms and Conditions or such rules and regulations. 2. ACCH reserves the right to inspect, repair, remodel, maintain and show all apartment units, with advance notice given whenever possible. 3.Client will be liable for loss of keys ($150 charge per key) and/or lock outs 4.Client will be liable for any damage to the apartment and its furnishings or fixtures or the common areas of the property due to negligence, neglect or abuse by client, any occupant or invitee (including any extra cleaning or repairs required, at ACCH discretion). Client shall keep and maintain the apartment and its furniture and fixtures in a clean and sanitary condition at all times, and upon termination of this agreement shall surrender the apartment and its furniture and fixtures in as good a condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear excepted. 5.Client will defend, indemfy and hold ACCH and its employees harmless for any claims, losses or expenses arising from Clients' and occupant's or invitee's use of the apartment or the common areas of the Property. 6.The Client will be responsible for th Utilities over specified limit. The Excess amount would be invoiced to the Client. Additional Cleaning service would be charged at $100 each time. 7.Additional Cable channels (other than bas) would be charged another $75. International Channels would be extr 8.Client may not assign, sublease or transfer the Reservation Confirmation, the apartment or any part thereof or permit the use of the apartment by anyone other than the Client and permitted occupants. 9.Tenant is financially responsible for the entire term of the agreement or extensions after movein or early checkouts 10. Any PET brought into the apartment should be notified to ACCH and will be charged a PET fee.
11. ACCH is not responsible for any item left behind after client has checked out.

12. ACCH reserves the right to EVICT the guest and reposses the property if payments are delayed by 5 Days. 13. Any checkout later than 12 Noon will be charged extra. Our cancellation policy is - Client can cancel 30 days before Move in at no cost to the client. - Client can cancel between 30-15 days before move in at 25% cost of the first 30 days to the client. - Client can cancel between 15-7 days before move in at 50% cost of the first 30 days to the client. - Less than 7 days before move in will be at 100% of cost of the first 30 days to the client. Remarks An ACCH representative will complete an inspection 3 days prior to your departure. Once notice to vacate has been given, I understand that any notice of extension must be provided in writing. The written notice must be received by ACCH and is subject to apartment availability and ACCH approval. Upon receipt of this notice, your apartment will be available for rent to future guests and for showings. Our Sales and Reservations teams will notify you at least one business day prior to the showing of your apartment.

Client Signature X______________ ACCH SIGNATURE

Date __________________ DATE

Tuesday, August 06, 2013