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ALL INDIA MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION Management House, 14 Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003 RMAT May 2013

3 . ADMIT CARD RMAT Form No : 35074 Password : 234ELP

Dear MANOJ KUMAR, you are provisionally permitted to appear for RMAT on 11 May 2013 (Saturday). Reporting Time Mode of the test Roll No : 9:00 AM Test Timing :9:30 AM to 11:00 AM

: Computer Based Test (Online) : 804310063 Test Centre Code : 804

Test Centre Address : Eduquity Career Technologies Pvt Ltd, Shivalik Buildtech, No C 46, 2nd Floor, Sector - 58, Noida - 201 301 Your Date of Birth as in RMAT Form : 29-Jan-1975

Please affix your photograph and get it attested with seal by Gazetted Officer or Principal of your Degree College.

Please affix your photo in the space provided on this Admit Card. Get the photograph attested with seal by Gazetted Officer or Head of the Institute / College from where you have graduated or is graduating. The Admit Card duly completed is to be produced at the test centre for appearing in the test. Admit Card will be verified and signed by the invigilator during the test. The Upper Half of the Admit Card will be collected by the invigilator and the Lower Half will be handed over to you.

Signature of Candidate (To be signed in the presence of Invigilator)

Signature of Invigilator with Centre Seal

(This lower half of Admit Card is to be handed over to the candidate at the Test Centre) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

RMAT Form No

: 35074

Roll No : 804310063

MANOJ KUMAR whose photograph is attested herewith has appeared for RMAT on 11 May 2013 (Saturday)

Password : 234ELP

Affix your photograph and get it attested with seal by Gazetted Officer or Principal of your Degree College.

Signature of Candidate (To be signed in the presence of Invigilator) INSTRUCTIONS 1. 2. 3. 4.

Signature of Invigilator with Centre Seal

Carry this Admit Card duly completed along with Ball Point Pen, HB Pencils, Eraser and Sharpener to the test centre. Mobile, Calculators and other infotech gadgets are not allowed inside test centre campus. In case of any query, contact rmat@aima-ind.org Password provided in this admit card is to be used for logging in to the online test at the center mentioned above.

RMAT May 2013 Computer Based Test -: INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATE :GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS 1 2 3 4 5 6 You are going to take a computer based online Test at a workstation. On reporting to the test centre, produce your admit card and an ID proof. You will be registered, assigned to a particular workstation and guided to the workstation. Do not carry any of your belongings except pencils & pens to the workstation where you are expected to take the test. Calculators, pagers, cellular phones and any other electronic gadgets are not permitted inside the examination hall. For working purpose Scribble pad will be provided at the workstation. The administrator is authorized to dismiss you from the test session for any of the following reasons: a b c d e Creating disturbance. Attempting to take the test on behalf of someone else. Talking to other test taker/s. Attempting to tamper with the computer system either hardware or software. Found using calculators, slide rules, cell phones, concealed microphones, wireless devices or any other material that may aid in answering questions.

TESTING PROCESS : The test you are going to take has four sections as given below and the maximum time allowed will be 90 minutes (9.30 AM to 11.00 AM). Section - 1 Section - 2 Section - 3 Section - 4

: : : :

Language Comprehension : 25 questions of 1 mark each. Data Analysis and sufficiency : 25 questions of 1 mark each. Research Aptitude : 25 questions of 1 mark each. Business Communication : 25 questions of 1 mark each.

INFORMATION ON THE TEST 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 In each of these sections, every question is followed by 4 answer options. Choose the option that is most appropriate. Indicate your answer by clicking on the circle adjacent to the option you think is right. You can go to any question directly by clicking on the question number, which will appear at the left side of the screen. The answered question number will be marked Red and the unanswered/ skipped question number will remain in blue. If you are doubtful of the answer, you can mark a question for review which is indicated with '>' left side of the question number. This will be unmarked automatically, once you come back to the same question at a later time. If you want to change your answer to any question, you may select the question and change the answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. There is no negative marking. Timer display at the top of the screen indicates the time throughout the test. You can move between sections at your will. The test closes automatically once the allotted time of 90 minutes is over. In case you finish your test before allotted time, you will get a confirmation page which will give you two options. Either to go back to the test or to complete the test. In case you want to review the answers in the remaining time you can do so, else, you may complete the test and click on 'I have completed the test'. Ensure that you click on 'I have completed the test' as a sign of completion. Please be sure before clicking I have completed the test that you have completed the test. Once you click on 'I have completed the test', you will not be able to go back to the test. Once you complete the test, you should be able to see the screen indicating completion of test with a thank you note. Raise your hand on completion to handover the used scribble pad to the administrator.

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