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A long-term leftie-friend claims these blasts are insufficiently secular, but there is no shortage of meaningful motivators [vet-shares-photos-shot-at-nazi-camp and Ohio man accused of antiSemitic vandalism on mausoleum]; indeed, even among political allies, problems exist [republicans-anddemocrats-ignore-irs-abuse-of-pro-israel-group, Z-STREET]. BHO-Redux. The level of corruption in BHOs-administration is massive, even as he now portrays himself as the-post-national-geographic-president accusing Russia of Cold War thinking; meanwhile, rush-limbaugh-claims-democrats-need-uneducated hopeless unskilled-voters and using certain words may prompt the NSA to determine if an individual is a terrorist. ObamaCare. Senators-are-Building-a-Grassroots-Army-to-Pressure-McConnell-and-GOP-Leadership-toDefund ObamaCare, Angry bluegrass roots and strong rivals spell trouble for Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, and conservatives-slam-paul-ryan-for-fighting-government-shutdown-plan, as TEA-Partypushes-back-on-Mitt-Romneys-anti-ObamaCare-defunding-remarks; illustrating the intellectualbankruptcy of those who oppose this Constitutionally-consistent effort is the fact that Romney said I think there are better ways to remove ObamaCare but failed to offer an alternative solution to stopping ObamaCare. Immigration Reform. BLACK LEADERS PRESSURE PAUL RYAN ON ECONOMIC IMPACT OF AMNESTY, as GAPING-HOLES [BUT NO-SECURITY] EXIST AT ABANDONED US/MEXICO BORDER.

Politics. Christie is worried he cant raise big bucks from financial firms based in New Jersey (due to pay to play laws); meanwhile, PALIN TOLD DONORS NOT TO BE INTIMIDATED BY MEDIA-HARASSMENT, as a list of top-republican-donors-in-pennsylvania has been compiled and handicapping has started regarding which-pennsylvania-cities-could-be-the-next-detroit. Reverse-Racism. Noting that Dr. Thomas Sowell claims The word racism is like ketchup, for it can be put on practically anything, many feel 'OPRAH DIMINISHED HER BRAND' WITH TRAYVON COMMENTS and when oprah-ascribed-bad-customer-serviceto-racism; meanwhile, OBAMA TALKED TRAYVON ON LENO and lib-logic suggests-blackboys-wear-saggy-pants-to-reject-society-that-rejects-them. Islamism. Although BHO feels America has emerged victorious, efforts to create a worldwide-caliphate are manifest in America [fort-hood-massacre claimed 14 lives of unarmed military, which had ignored warnings due to political-correctness], Israel [discrimination against non-Muslims, manifest as prolonged closure of Temple Mount, with such events prompting a Christian Leader to 'Want to Defend the State'], elsewhere in the middle east [mass-jailing-of-turkish-secularists], and elsewhere in the world [in Germany, Muslims broke into a couple's home and beat pregnant womankilling her unborn childto punish them for violating Sharia]. Syria. 62 SYRIA REBELS 'DEAD IN ARMY AMBUSH' NEAR DAMASCUS, as many signs suggest stalemates abound [us-bombs-yemen-syrian-rebels-capture-airfield-update-onbenghazi] as it is advised that observers follow-the-violence; meanwhile, Jewish Leader [AFSI Chairman Mark Langfan] feels Iran is Likely Culprit in Benghazi because al-Qaeda would not have struck a CIA operation running guns to Syria. Peace Talks. A majority of ISRAELI JEWS SAY TALKS WILL FAIL, perhaps due to growing sentiment that israelis-sacrifices-for-peace-must-end enhanced by disgust regarding growing EU pressure on settlements {*}; meanwhile, the future of the Israeli Military has been scrutinized, as 4 IDF soldiers were wounded in a blast along Lebanon border and southern Tel Avivs neighborhoods have been
literally taken-over by illegal infiltrators from Africa. In follow-up of the laudatory-piece of stone-throwing Palestinian-Youth, such articles have been characterized as swoon-journalism approaching radicalsheikh. {*- One wonders why the JTA uses this term, instead of Judea/Samaria.}


Fellow Conservatives: Thank you for helping us launch the "Don't Fund ObamaCare" petition.

Pressure is now building to stop the implementation of ObamaCare before enrollment begins on October 1st. People are calling their senators and showing up at town hall meetings across the nation. In an early show of strength, over 250,000 Americans have now signed the national petition to defund ObamaCare. And we're just getting started.

NATIONAL AD CAMPAIGN U.S. Senators Mike Lee (R-UT) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) are working hard to grow our numbers. In fact, these two conservative champions will appear in radio and TV ads all across the country. Watch the TV ads here.

Mike Lee says the law is unfair because President Obama has exempted big businesses while middle class Americans will be forced to comply. And Ted Cruz highlights how even the Democrats are running away from ObamaCare. We can win this, but we must force Republicans to take a stand.

WINNING THE BATTLE The Republican-controlled House should pass legislation to fund the entire government EXCEPT for ObamaCare. Then, Senate Republicans MUST hold the line with 41 votes and defeat any bill that funds ObamaCare. If Republicans do this, President Obama will falsely accuse them of threatening a government shutdown. But truthfully, only he controls whether to shut down the government just to implement his failed law. We must go straight to the American people and win the argument in order to sustain the willpower to stop ObamaCare funding. This is where you can make a big difference. Help us grow this movement from the ground up by encouraging your family and friends to sign the petition to defund ObamaCare. We also need you to keep contacting the Republican senators who have not pledged to oppose funding for ObamaCare -- even if they aren't from your state. And don't let them mislead you. If they haven't signed Mike Lee's letter, they haven't pledged to do anything meaningful to stop ObamaCare. Republicans in Washington need to know this: If they vote to FUND ObamaCare, they're FOR ObamaCare. And if they're FOR ObamaCare, they're AGAINST us!

THE CLOCK IS TICKING If we don't stop this law NOW, millions of Americans will lose their health coverage, many will be forced to pay higher taxes, and hundreds of thousands will lose their jobs. There are fewer than 60 days left before enrollment begins. Please help us send a message to Washington it can't ignore. The message is simple: Fund the government. Don't fund ObamaCare. Best regards,

Matt Hoskins Executive Director Senate Conservatives Fund