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Motivation - Need for sustainable forms of energy is extremely high and growing with the rapidly increasing world population. Most of the developing countries are experiencing an energy shortage, mainly in providing electricity. Energy poverty Countries are trying to develop power plants and different mechanisms to supply this exploding demand for electricity. Most of the time the people who get affected are the ones who live in rural areas due to the fact of less transmitting facilities and outdated infrastructure.

Project Details: For the rural villages in Sri Lanka that are not connected to the grid electricity are still using other means of lighting their houses using kerosene lamps, charging car batteries, etc. Even though it seems that they have other means to get power, they are not feasible in a long run. Charging the batteries cannot be done everywhere, it has to be taken to the specific charging stations which are only in towns. These are usually a long walk for the ladies in the village to carry the batteries once in every three days to interchangeably charge the batteries. And kerosene lamps are not very helpful when it comes to the lighting when the children are studying. Similar problems continue to stack on as they do not have a proper mode of getting continuous power. Our smart solution is to use the geological benefit of the wind flow and get the electricity required. The community wind project is aim to benefit each houses in the rural area separately. The houses without the connection to the grid line will be identified and their electrical energy requirement will be identified and this data will be analysed against the wind flow pattern for the village across a year. Using the analysis the possibility of setting up a wind turbine will be assessed. If the requirements become sufficient the process follows to the next step, the preparation of the wind turbine. The wind turbine will be designed and installed in the houses according the consumption requirement. This will provide them with a sustainable form energy usage for the life time, with only an initiation charge at a concessional rate. The innovative element of this turbine is that it includes a surprise element of a cycling mechanism, with could be used additionally to charge the battery. This could be used even when the turbine is functioning. Not only the cycling gives the villagers electricity, it also offers them the bonus health benefit.

Introduce the problem the project is proposing to address and its solution Should also say how following aspects are taken care in the suggested solution 1 2 3 4 5 Analytics - Here we are gathering lot of data regarding weather patterns (wind) population , throughput etc. and analysing the potential places as the target Security - how we gonna ensure this gonna sustain throughout the year even in rainy seasons Resilience - Will discuss Social Business - Will discuss Sustainability - This is what this is about