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Young Leader Scholarship 2012

Closing Date:
Family name:Trn .. Date of birth: 05/12/1997 Mobile: 01687719596.................

5:00pm, 17th Sep 2012

Given name: Qun Home tel: 02113822369.. Email: Quanvip9e@gmail.com City: Vnh Phc

Home address: Khu 2 Ngha Hng Vnh Tng Vnh Phc Class: 10a8..................

School:Thpt Chuyn Vnh Phc..

What do you want to study after you finish high school: As a knowledgeable student, I am always aware of the importance of determining which subject I should study after I finish high school. Because of being a student studying English most of the time I have in school, I think the subject I should choose is sociology. Nowadays, the society is getting more and more developing so there are many complicated problems every hour. Studying English means approaching to the knowledge of society. Our society is needing the energetic people as us today. We ought to do the best things to save our society from many serious evils. Are you considering studying somewhere overseas in the future: Studying abroad is a dream of many high school students. If I reach this fortune in the near future, the place I consider studying in first is Australia. There are many reason why I choose this place. As we know, Australia is a multicutural country so when I come here, I will be able to get access to many diferrent cultures in the world and my knowlegde about society will be improved a lot. Moreover, the tertiary education in Australia comes up to the standard of the high education which the whole world is needing with many qualified teachers and modern facilities, after studying abroad I can get a good job and have a high position in society. Last but not least, Australia has a reasonable geographical postion, the climate is very comfortable and the distance is not much far for me to go back to my home in Vietnam. In general, Australia is an ideal place where I can study the most effectively. 3 adjectives that your friends would use to describe YOU: I always try to become a friendly person. My friends usually evaluate me with three words: enthusiastic, self-confident and the last is self-reliant. I cant be proud of myself only by these words, I think I have to try more and more.

I agree that the essay that I submit is my own work and I understand the conditions of entry as stated below: Name: Trn Qun Date:


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Student must be Y10 -11 of the school year 2012-13 100% scholarship is worth 3,700AUD and is not transferable nor can be redeemed for cash Scholarship includes all food, accommodation and program expenses including tours & excursion for the duration of the program only Prize includes 50% return air-ticket (taxes excluded). The ticket is supplied by IDP Vietnam. Prize does NOT include personal spending money, visa service and health insurance Scholarship must be used for either Dec 2012 (2-16/12) or July 2013 (first 2 weeks) Young Leader School Program in Melbourne Winners will be notified during the University of Melbourne Open Days in Mid October 2012 in HCM & Hanoi


IDP Vietnam Young Leader Award 2011

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