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Understanding India's Pakistanophobia

January 16, 2013 at 10:49am By Koshur Mazloom Koshur is a Kashmiri and a resident of Indian Occupied Kashmir Pakistanophobia is a habit (or I must say a disease) which has taken a heavy toll on the Indian mindset. Everyday there are countless discussions on Indian TV and lenghty articles written by Indian "intellectuals" about Pakistan. This everyday dose of anti Pakistan vitriol on national media has hypnotised Indian minds. Intellectuals like Parthasarthy, GC Singh and Swappan Dasgupta are always seen repeating their gospels of Pakistan bashing. This everyday "Pakistan is evil" brainwashing in Indian media has made the common Indian so arrogant, that they are not ready to listen to any other argument other than the one which has been implanted into their brains.

Things like a lone Indian hero beating and killing thousands of Pakistani villains singlehandedly in a bollywood film make the ordinary Indian viewer feel high with the narcotic injection of imaginary patriotism. A lone Indian soldier with a single stun gun in his hands is often seen killing battalions after battalions of Pakistani soldiers in viewer cheering scenes. This has resulted in a loss of logic and reasoning among Indians.

Most of them think Pakistan is a country made up of wax. They often dream about an Indian war against Pakistan and want to see that wax melting with their own eyes. They think that this wax melting dream is not coming true because the Indian nation is so high in morality that it would never attack Pakistan unilaterally. They're even made to believe in this high morality and

are made to feel proud about this at the same time. Hypnotised minds do not accept the reality and accept everything which is thrown at them by Indian media and its paid political analysts.

Even visits by foreign diplomats are judged by their anti Pakistan rants. Barack Obama's recent visit to India was considered as a "big failure" because he did not condemn or criticise Pakistan in any of his speeches while Nicholas Sarkozy's visit was considered a "big success" by Indian media because he condemned Pakistan during his press conference. Words of Pakistan bashing are perhaps sweet music to Indian ears. It clearly highlights the obsession with Pakistan, even within the corridors of Indian politics.

Often this "Pakistan is evil" deliberation are heard in non political gatherings as well. I recently happened to be at one such gathering where white collared anti Pakistani guests were in majority and were ruling the roost without any disturbance. I am not using the word Indian patriots here, instead I am emphasizing on the word "anti-Pakistan Indians" as I believe that a true Indian patriot can never be an anti Pakistani. Anti Pakistan Indians have always been on there toes and shall remain on there toes, always preparing for a war. They will not allow both of these neighbours to breathe freely without any fear of each other. This is altogether a different subject, so I am coming back to the main topic.

They were talking to each other and helping each other to hate Pakistan more and more. As I was stuck in that rare and unpleasant company of indoctrinated white collared zombies, I had to behave a bit subdued in the gang as I was an unwelcome minority in the gathering of clowns who were suffering from a rarest forms of delusion of grandeur. Their focus was on Pakistan and that too the "evil part" of Pakistan. I however could not escape the clutches of the argument.

One of my old acquaintances whom I unfortunately met there incidentally after a gap of 15 years initiated the discourse along with his other friends. Considering me as the one among the persons of his like, he started with this: " Pakistan is in mess". I replied, "Yea, of course". He then added, "I pity the people of that country. There is so much of violence, corruption, inflation and mismanagement in that land. Their President is called Mr. 10% and he takes commission on everything. Their army is corrupt, their bureaucrats, their sportsmen everyone is corrupt. Their country is falling apart because of this." After he lowered his pitch of voice, I got a chance to reply. I said, "Yes, but what about India? Is not corruption more rampant in India than in Pakistan? Thousands of billions of Indian Rupees are being siphoned off every now and then by India's top most elite. Kalmadi Commonwealth, Raja 2G, Chavan Adarsh, Modi IPL and Kargil coffins are most talked about scams everyday one after another in a single news bulletin". He seemed to be a bit annoyed by my reply. He started to raise his pitch of voice again and said, " Oh Ho! Who says there is no corruption in India. But India is such a big economy that this corruption is hardly making any impact on us but corruption in Pakistan is eating up that country." I had to keep his delusional point of view intact and not to hurt his fake sensibilities and replied, "OK, I understood" though I replied back to him sarcastically. I think he was drunk with the hatred of Pakistan to such a level that he did not understand my sarcasm. He continued further. "And see the inflation there. Everything is so expensive there. Food stuff, medicines, petrol, gas, electricity and everything which matters is expensive. Common people there are finding it too difficult to make their two ends meet." I had just earlier in the day read about the onions of India and suicides by farmers due to poverty in one of their poorest states. This time I preferred to keep quite as I knew that the man I am talking to is filthy rich and how come he experience the inflation in his pocket as everything which he buys seems so extremely cheap to him in comparison to his fat income. He was talking about the inflation in Pakistan because of his predominantly programmed mind, otherwise things like inflation and poverty would hardly find a place in his brain box.

Then he went further ahead, "Pakistan is home to extremism. Jamait e Islami, Jamaat u Dawaa, LeT, Taliban and Al Qaida are controlling that country. Suicide bombings, target killings and gun running is order of the day in that country". I could not stay quiet this time. So I replied,

"What about RSS, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and VHP are they not terrorising people? What about Babri Masjid demolition, Gujrat pogrom, Malegoan blasts and the Mumbai riots? What about Raj Thakerey and his bunch of thugs? What about injustices against minorities and Dalits? What about burning alive of Christian missionaries and raping of Christian nuns by Hindu zealots? What about Maoism, Naxalism and North-Eastern insurgencies? Don't you think that India is bound together only because of a huge army and ruthless as well as faceless paramilitary and above all abject poverty of common masses? Minus army and paramilitary, India will not sustain for a day."

This outburst of mine triggered an hysterical reaction from them. They said, " You are brainwashed anti-Indian bigot. You cannot digest Indian greatness". I said, " Did I say something wrong or is it that I did not utter anything against Pakistan which made you to feel that I am an anti-Indian? Your parameter of patriotism is inversely proportional to the hate against Pakistan. Let me tell you I am not an Indian but a Kashmiri and let me add more, I do not care whether India is great or not. To me India is an occupier of my nation and that is it." He in his hysteria cried at me and subsequently was supported by others in the group all in a one go, " Pakistan is Khatam" (Pakistan has come to an end)! It is in tatters and you are still banking upon that failed nation, come out of this illusion. Pakistan is Khattam accept this".

I replied, "Pakistan is Khattam", OK I accept it for your sake. But me accepting this will not make that country vanish. It's your wishful thinking. I first heard this sentence "Pakistan is Khattam'" in 1978 when Bhutto was hanged, and then in 1988 when Gen. Zia died and since then I've been hearing this every now and then. But to my surprise and to your dismay, Pakistan is still there. It has become a nuclear power instead of vanishing into the wilderness. It has become an indispensable power for the stability of South Asia. How can you say it is at the verge of vanishing? Is it some ship which will drown into the ocean? It is a country with more than 170 million people living in it. It cannot just dissolve into thin air." One of them said, "It will not drown in the ocean but will disintegrate into smaller countries. This will be the End of Pakistan".

I replied, "By the way, my father too had heard this sentence that "Pakistan is finished" in 1971 at the time of creation of Bangladesh, but now I can see two Pakistan's neighbouring you. One in the East and other in the West. Your wishful thinking cannot give you tangible happiness. This state of mind is going to shatter your mental balance. Better wake up! The sooner the better!" Since things were heating up there and I did not want to invite the blind wrath of others in that get together, I simply asked my acquaintance to reply to some of my arguments through an email. I promised him that if he gives a convincing reply to my arguments, I will also join his "Hate Pakistan Campaign".

So I sent him the following mail. I wrote:

Dear Friend, Please read this:

TYPICAL INDIAN SELF-ADULATION AND 'WE ARE GREAT' ARGUMENT: Did we just see Portuguese from Europe occupy our land when there was a clear cut case that they do not belong to the subcontinent. Did we not support the Mukti Bahini when Millions of Bengalis were being slaughtered by Pak army. Did we not liberate Hyderabad when the Razakars of the Nawab were slaughtering the Hindus and trying to declare an Islamic state out of a Hindu Majority kingdom?

TRUE INDIAN REALITY: (1) Supporting and arming a militant group BEFORE the East Pakistan conflict that had become violent is acceptable to Indians BUT Pakistan's support of internationally disputed Kashmir even AFTER Indian army's countless atrocities on Kashmiris, is an unforgivable sin?

(2) The Muslim Nizam's declaration of an Islamic state over its majority Hindu subjects was so abhorrent that Hyderabad was invaded by India. So why were these heroics not extended to the majority Muslim Kashmiris and their movement for self-determination?

(3) Instead, the Hindu Mahraja's wishes were implemented irrespective of the rebellious majority. A series of legalities were produced that were ultimately denied in all

international forums. As a result, Kashmir is still disputed territory according to 150+ countries.

(4) On the other hand, where were the violent Portuguese Razakars? No legal documentation required? No conditional composite dialogues dragging for 60 years? Are the army men from South India not as alien to Kashmir as 5th generation Portuguese are to Goans? What happened to India's litigious stand and noble preference for diplomacy?

(7) Finally, Where were the Razakars in Junagadh? Why was the Nawab's accession to Pakistan not honored? What happened to India's self-declared supreme morality and evenhandedness? Who made India (itself an amalgamation of nations consolidated by the British and conquered by the Muslims) the arbitrator of South Asia's destiny? Of course it is us biased, madrassah-educated Muslims that are the aggressors.

And all the morality in the world is India's monopoly. This is your morality: * India swallowed Junagarh on the basis of Hindu majority against the wishes of the Nawab * India swallowed Hyderabad on the basis of Hindu majority against the wishes of the Nizam * India conveniently swallowed Kashmir on the basis of the Hindu Maharaja wishes irrespective of the Muslim majoritys wishes * India swallowed the princely state of Bantva-Manavadar and it 26 Muslim villages. * India overran Goan 4,000 Portugese outpost with 30,000 soldiers

* India annexed Sikkim * India rampaged through the sacred Sikh Golden temple and Harminder Sahib of Amritsar with Russian made tanks, murdered Sikh minorty and humiliated its followers * India's 'secular' government watched while Hindu terrorists desecrated and destroyed Babri Mosque * India committed a state-sponsored pogrom in Gujrat murdering 3000+ Muslims including Ehsan Jafri (a Muslim ex-Member of Indian Parliament) - arms chopped off and then lit on fire. Hindu mobs cut opened the wombs of pregnant Muslim women, took out the fetuses and hoisted them on Hindu trishuls.

* India sent her military to Sri Lanka and massacred both the Sinhalese and the Tamils in Velvettiturai and Trincomalee and named its contingent as IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force) * India armed and supported Mukhti Bahini in East Pakistan. * India has always supported Baluchistan Liberation Army and related terror outfits to destablise Pakistan. * India invaded peaceful Siachen Glacier * India started the South Asian nuclear arms race * India swallowed Minicoy Islands * India current concerns for Afghanistan are so genuine that it supported the illegal, immoral and brutal Soviet invasion. The entire free world protested while the India 'nonaligned' 'democracy' supported the wholesale murder of 2 million Afghans.

* India supported the Northern Alliance against the Pashtuns majority but condemns Pakistan for interference * India started the nuclear provocation by testing nuclear weapons on Pakistans border * India has slaughtered 130,000 innocent civilians in Kashmir * India financed anti-Pakistan Northern Alliance * India continues to stall resolutions with Bangladesh over river boundaries, hundreds of enclaves. * India border forces have killed hundreds of Bangladeshi border guards. * India continues to fence the disputed borders with Bangladesh regardless of the Bangladeshi protests. * India maintains contested boundary sections with Nepal including 400 sq. km over the Kalapani River. * India continues to stall negotiations on disputed territory in Sir Creek with Pakistan * India continues to support the Dalai Lama to instigate the Chinese * India has had a war with China and make bellicose statements about cold start wars with both China and Pakistan * India respected the McMahon line with China but disagreed with the Durand Line with Pakistan * India maintains an army 0f 700,000 soldiers 5 for each civilian in the Kashmiri valley * India arrested the PRIME MINISTER of Kashmir in 1953 * India abolished Kashmirs 'Sadre-Riyasat'.

* India rejected UN proposals to keep 16000 troops until plebiscite is held. * Indian forces have raped 9900 women in Kashmir * India imposed an economic blockade on land-locked Nepal in 1989 * India has encroached on Nepali land on multiple occassions * India overtly and covertly supported the insurgency against the state by LTTE, a nationalist Tamil group in the northern Jaffna region of this small island country of Sri Lanka, which kept it politically and economically destabilized for decades * India interferes in Nepal's internal affairs much to the latters discontent * India murders millions of innocent, helpless female infants * India suppresses a 150 million of its OWN citizens with the world most vicious form of discrimination: CASTE SYSTEM I have not received the reply to my mail. I am still awaiting a reply and I know I will not receive that reply in my lifetime.

Koshur Mazloom 2011