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Customer Release Notes WorkCentre 6400 Firmware Release 061.070.100.

Release Date: September 29, 2010 WC6400

Software Release Details

C om pone nt Firmware V e r s ion

This release provides the following enhancements: Ability to hide the default Workflow Scanning template Ability to set the first template in the Workflow Scanning templates list Added support for additional scan-to destinations Added ability to set Mixed Size Originals as default in Copy service Support for service authorization via SMB Corrected POP3 polling interval issue Corrected timestamp for SMTP CentreWare IS SMTP configuration page displays current settings correctly Added support for 256-bit disk encryption MFP now prints PCL correctly from QuickPress AS/400 application Several issues related to authentication via Kerberos have been addressed Added support for Brazilian Portugese to CentreWare IS Waste toner cartridge status now reports correctly via SNMP Several security-related patches have been incorporated Server Fax service now correctly populates the From: field with Xerox Secure Access or Kerberos authentication

Improved accuracy of toner capacity reporting via SNMP Wake on receipt of USB print jobs Added ability to restrict destination email address by domain Document Path text displays correctly in CentreWare IS distribution template Filing Destination page WC6400 now passes HPOS certification Device no longer pauses when producing 50-page copy jobs from the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Reprint Saved Job service no longer reappears after poser cycle Automatic Information Forwarding lifetime engine jams value now reports correctly Scanner fault message no longer displays on wakeup Foreign Device Interface (FDI) color signal is now reported on correct pin Corrected issue with Shift and Caps Lock keys on QWERTZ keyboard for German language Booklet creation now restricts choices to supported sizes only Corrected several translation issues for Russian language Added several reliability enhancements to facsimile service Addressed issue with LDAP mappings on WorkCentre 6400S configuration

Installation Instructions
Re ad be for e be ginning the fir m w ar e update : * Do not interrupt system once download is in process. Interruptions or loss of power may corrupt the engine firmware and render the system temporary unusable. (Service repair may be required to return the system to a working condition.) * Some of the devices settings may be changed from their present value back to the factory default values by the firmware update. It is recommended customers save the configuration page and use it as a reference to restore the devices settings after the firmware update is complete. To pr int the configur ation page : 1. Press the Machine Status button on the device control panel. 2. Press the Information Pages button. 3. Select Configuration Report and press Print. Note: The firmware versions currently installed are displayed on the left column on the first page, under the Software Versions heading.

Updati ng the F W over a networ k connecti on

To dow nl oad a fil e to the de vice us ing C e ntr e War e Inte r ne t S e r vice s (Window s and M ac): NOTE: CWIS can only be accessed if the device is connected to a network that utilizes the TCP/IP protocol. The device must also contain a valid IP Address. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. From a computer, open an Internet web browser. Enter the Phaser device's IP Address in the Address field, and then press Enter. Click on the Properties tab. You may be prompted to login. Default account = admin, password = 1111. Click General Setup | Machine Software | Manual Upgrade in the list of options on the left side of the window. Depending on the browser being used, click the Browse button, and then browse to and select the WorkCentre_6400-system-sw#06107010024201#.DLM file. Click the Install Software button to send the file to the device. The browser will display a dialog once the file has been transferred to the device. A progress indicator is displayed on the front panel. Upon completion, the device will reboot.

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