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Name: Jessie Richardson Date: 5/18/09

Lesson: 8, Grammar

Time Interaction Stage & Aim Procedure Trainer’s Comments

4-5 T-S Lead-in / To raise interest T will ask Ss if they like watching movies, and
in topic and set the who their favorite celebrities are, leading the
context for the lesson discussion into “The Oscars”

T-S T will post 4 pictures on the board (of Kate

Winslet, Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, and
Angelina Jolie) and ask Ss to quickly discuss
with a partner about which one won the Oscar
this year

S-S Ss discuss

T-S WCFB- T acknowledges that it was Kate

Winslet who won the Oscar

5 T-S Presentation / To aid Ss in T writes sentence on board “Nicole Kidman

guided discovery of TL won” and waits for Ss to correct her, then
underneath that sentence writes “It was Kate
Winslet who won” setting the context for cleft
sentences, then teaching meaning and form

6-7 T-S Controlled practice / To T instructs Ss to complete matching game

convey and check the activity wherein they must match the incorrect
meaning, form, and sentence with the corrected sentence (a cleft)
pronunciation of TL

Ss Ss complete activity alone

S-S Pair check

T-S WCFB- T nominates 2 Ss to write answers on

the board and discusses them

T-S T explains pseudo-cleft to Ss, using the

5 example “What Kate Winslet won was The
Oscar” and explaining meaning and form

10 T-S T elicits discussion about best actor winner,

Sean Penn, and instructs Ss to work in
partners and complete multiple choice
worksheet about him, making predictions

S-S Ss complete activity

T-S WCFB- T passes around an answer key and

asks Ss to compare their answers to the key
and discuss with their partner

T-S T instructs Ss to form pseudo-cleft sentences

using the answer key and provides demo

Ss Ss complete activity alone

S-S Pair check

T-S WCFB- T nominates 2 Ss to write their

answers on the board and discusses them

2 T-S T notes sentence stresses in both structures

and conducts choral drilling activity

6-7 T-S Freer form practice / To T hands out piece of paper that has five
help Ss integrate TL into questions on it (e.g. “What makes you happy?)
their everyday speech and have Ss ask each other the questions, in
pairs, and respond with cleft and pseudo-cleft

S-S Ss complete activity in pairs

T-S WCFB- T elicits responses from Ss about the

partner they worked with

20 T-S Fluency / To activate all of T instructs Ss that they have all just won an
the language that Ss Oscar and now need to write an acceptance
know, in order to express speech trying to use as many cleft and
themselves fluently pseudo-cleft sentences as possible

Ss Ss complete activity

S-S Partner check

T-S WCFB- T nominates Ss to present their

speech, counting and making note of the
amount of cleft-sentences and pseudo-clefts

2 T-S Error correction slot / To If time allows, T will address some of the errors
upgrade Ss language overheard in class, and correct them