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In-line Rotary Separator


The IRISunit is a horizontal, compact, gas-liquid separator for in-line pipe installations. There are three models: 3-inch (80 DN) 600 #CL; 6-inch (150 DN) 600 #CL; and 6-inch (150 DN) 900 #CL. Each contains a rotary drum that uses the gas energy to spin liquids out of a wet gas stream. Its compact design allows it to be installed quickly, with minimal changes required to the existing installation to achieve immediate results. The IRIS separator can be as little as one-tenth the size and weight of a conventional static separator and requires less instrumentation. Separation efficiency meets or exceeds that of static separators and provides a gas outlet quality that is suitable for compressors or metering duty. Liquids can be separated and extracted ahead of flow meters in gas transmission lines. IRIS rotary separators can also clean up gases at compressor inlets and provide liquid and gas separation for most applications where liquids need removal from the process gas. The IRIS unit offers a smaller, lighter and lower total installed cost separation system compared to traditional systems. Its unique design facilitates easy retrofit installation into nearly all process piping. The unit is ideally suited for service in applications with limited space. It requires no operator intervention and minimal maintenance.

The IRIS in-line rotary separator is a compact, gas-liquid separator designed to separate liquids from a gas stream in applications where even small amounts of liquid can cause extensive damage.

The IRIS separator uses inlet gas pressure directed through static nozzles to create a high-velocity swirling flow inside a rotating drum. As the gas flows through the inlet swirl generator, it creates a vortex at the inlet section of the rotor. Inside

Bringing energy and the environment into harmony.


Liquid Collection Rotor Blades Liquid Discharge Rotor Drum

Stator Vanes



Swirl Generator Liquid Drain

Separation Zone


The IRIS separator uses inlet gas pressure directed through static nozzles to create a high-velocity swirling flow inside a rotating drum. the rotor drum, the swirling gas imparts energy to the drum and vanes causing the rotor to spin at a high rotational speed. The free vortex inside the rotor applies a high centrifugal force to the wet gas particles and throws them onto the rotating drum. The tapered surface of the rotor pumps the attached liquid to the large end of the drum where it is discharged to the drain collector. The liquid is then discharged to a drain system for disposal. The IRIS separator is designed to handle wet gas streams with up to 30 percent liquid mass fraction and nominal gas velocities at the inlet in the range of 15 to 60 ft/sec. It has a turn down ratio of 66 percent from the design condition, and flow capacity increases linearly with pressure. Trim plates are used to size the IRIS unit for site flow conditions and allow it to be re-rated for future conditions.


In-line installation

Service applications include:

Reciprocating inlet and

(easy retrofit) ANSI flange connections Low maintenance bearings Self-powered, free spinning Self-clearing of liquids and solids Simple, robust design Simple, minimal maintenance Direct reading tachometer Configurable standard models

discharge gas cleanup Well head gas cleanup Gas turbine fuel gas conditioning Downstream of existing scrubber / separator Metering station gas cleanup Plant air systems


The IRIS unit has exhibited separation efficiencies of 99.9 percent in field installations on raw gas service. It operates reliably over a wide range of flows and transient conditions. Pressure differentials will typically range from 0.5 to 5 percent of inlet pressure. The compact size and selfpowered operating characteristics of the IRIS separator enable it to be used for new and retrofit applications.


A 3-inch (80 DN), 600 #CL IRIS unit (shown below) was installed on the sales gas line for a gas gathering plant. The IRIS unit received gas through a 4-inch

Figure A

(100 mm), 600 #CL line, and B delivered the clean gas to the sales gas line upstream of the sales compressors. The unit operated at approximately 300 psig (20.7 bar) inlet pressure, APPLICATIONS AND OPERATING RANGE with a flow rate up to 5 3 MMSCFD (5,900 Sm /hr). Inlet Liquid Exit Drain Flange Pressure A B Weight The gas was sweet and atFlange Flange Pressure Configuration Rating in in lbs Figure near ambient temperature. Size in Size in Class psi (bar) (mm) (mm) (kg) Liquid loading was 0.1 (DN) (DN) Rating 0.5 BPD and comprised 13.4 12.8 175 1350 A 3 (80) 1 (25) 600 #CL Horizontal 75 percent condensate (340) (325) (80) (93) and 25 percent water/ 26.3 24.5 1300 1350 A 6 (150) 2 (50) 600 #CL Horizontal (93) glycol mix. The unit (668) (629) (590) operated at a 5 - 8 psi 26.3 24.5 1300 2025 A 6 (150) 2 (50) 900 #CL Horizontal (140) (.34 - .55 bar) pressure (668) (629) (590) drop, with greater than 99.99 percent total liquid separation efficiency. Outlet gas approximately 40 service centers MANUFACTURING contained less than 0.1 gallon/ located throughout the world. IRIS units are manufactured MMSCF (<0.04L/thousand Sm3). Replacement parts are stocked at Dresser-Rands facility in in Houston to support quick Houston, TX, USA, which also Typical operating speed for the repair and turnaround of units manufactures commercial 3-inch IRIS model is 4,000 removed from the field for Gimpel valves. In-service 12,000 RPM using advanced service. units can be rebuilt at the hybrid ball bearings. Houston facility or at one of the

Three- and 6-inch IRIS units are manufactured from castings made from CA6NM ss material to provide superior corrosion resistance and long-term service in all applications. The castings meet the stringent requirements of NACE MR0175 Material Standard.


IRIS Components Casings Bearing housing, laby seal Rotor (drum / shaft)* Seals Fasteners Ball bearings (ball / race) Fittings and tubing *wc coating at seal areas Accessories

Original Design 316 ss Aluminum 316 / 304 ss Teflon / ss Coated cs Ceramic / 440 ss 316 ss

New Design CA6NM ss CA6NM ss CA6NM ss / CA6NM ss Same Same Same Same

Tachometer (enclosure / probe) Aluminum / ss Drain system (drain / fittings) Painted cs / ss

Same Same, ni plated as needed

pecifications & Accessories


Operating Parameters Inlet pressure Temperature Inlet pipe velocity Pressure drop Liquid capacity Separation efficiency 10 to 1350 psig (0.7 to 93 bar) 600 #CL / 2025 psig (140 bar) 900 #CL -20 F to 200 F (-29 C to 93 C) 15 to 60 ft/s (4.6 to 18.3 m/s) 0.5 to 5 percent of inlet pressure typical 0 to 30 percent by mass 99.9 percent of liquid droplets > 5 microns typical

Tachometer (standard) Low-flow drain system

(optional) High-flow drain system (optional) Remote speed signal conditioning for remote monitoring of speed in control rooms (optional) High flow drain. Tachometer. Low flow drain.

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